Better Than Bitcoin—

These Dividend Stocks

Are Set to Soar

Speculations like tech and crypto are so 2021—the new hot stock for 2022 (and beyond) is the secure payer. These “dividend darlings” are primed for big gains. Here’s why.

Fellow Income Investor,

My buddy—a well-to-do business owner—paused to shove another crostini into his mouth. Then he resumed shaking his head in disbelief.

“I’ve got friends who made millions off crypto. Literally millions.”

He chewed and stared at me.

“Millions,” he added one more time. “And I feel like I’ve missed out. It’s all stupid. And it’s probably a bubble,” he conceded.

“But just in case it keeps going, I gotta start doing it.”

We wrapped up our pregame meal and headed to our seats. Two hours later, our hometown Sacramento Kings would be down by 30 points at the end of the third quarter. (Two days later, head coach Luke Walton would be relieved of his duties hours after a courtside fan, fittingly, vomited on the court.)

The World Has Shifted

(But Crypto Is Still a Casino)

That weekend was just months ago, but it feels like years ago. The world is a different place now.

Russia’s dictator upchucked his military into a sovereign, democratic nation. Russian goods are now no good, though Putin doesn’t really care.

The end result is that globalization is under pressure. In the years ahead, the world is likely to split further between East and West.

Putin does care, however, that his central bank’s assets were frozen. He had been building a pile of money for years to backstop his bad-decision moment. It was all gone with a few keystrokes.

China’s President Xi Jinping, who gazes across the Taiwan Strait daily, was smart enough to let Putin move first. And now he sits on his $1 trillion pile of Treasuries and probably wishes he had diversified years ago.

His cost to take Taiwan recently increased by a trillion.

Sure, Xi will stash China’s savings into other vehicles. Gold is an obvious play, but there’s only so much of it.

Will China buy Bitcoin? Will Russia? The crypto fanboys would love that.

Problem is, crypto prices are not exactly a store of value. Trust me, I traded these coins and can tell you this is a giant casino.

I recently woke up to this message on my smartphone from Coinbase:

And this was on a Saturday morning.

Think the stock market is stressful? Try trading a 24/7/365 casino like the crypto markets. Imagine being long Bitcoin on a Friday night and waking up to a 10% plunge overnight. A stomach-punch start to the weekend for anyone hoping to “retire on Bitcoin.”

The carnage was worse downstream. “Altcoins”—which sound like they were produced in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, with names like Polkadot and Polygon—were down about 15% in the previous 24 hours.

On CNBC, the talking heads say that:

“Crypto isn’t an investment, it’s a trade.

Fine. I agree with that. But if we’re going to trade, why not pick something with positive (or any!) fundamentals?

Because again, it’s a different world today than it was just months ago. Globalization is on life support, and inflation is running hot, hot, hot.

To be fair, top cryptos like Bitcoin and its sidekick Ethereum probably do have a more important place in the world today. As fringe actors diversify away from the US dollar, these alternatives should grind higher.

But you and I don’t need the heartburn associated with them. Not when we have dividend payers with solid fundamentals that are ready to roll.

The Ultimate 2022 Trade:

“Risk Off” Assets

(With Fundamentals!)

The big gains in Bitcoin may be a thing of the past. That’s fine with me because there are still plenty of trades on the board with serious profit potential.

They just happen to be assets that benefit from a risk-off environment.

I’m talking about safe stocks that, believe it or not, pay dividends!

Sure, investors yawn at yield when the world is awash in cash, but that’s already starting to change with the Fed raising interest rates.

And don’t forget about the Fed’s feared balance sheet, a $9-trillion stash of Treasuries Jay Powell is letting “roll off,” driving the yield on the 10-year (and rates on the personal loans it’s tied to) higher as he does.

That’ll put an extra squeeze on our crypto degenerates, driving them out of their “coins” with dogs on the front and toward secure investments that pay them in cash. I’m talking about dividend stocks, paragons of security and growth.

Fads Come and Go—

Dividend Stocks Always Win

This is a good time for me to introduce myself.

My name is Brett Owens and I’m an unabashed dividend investor. Ever since my days at Cornell University and all through my years as a startup founder in Silicon Valley, I’ve hunted down safe, stable, meaningful yields.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been investing my start-up profits and finding 5%, 7%, even 9%+ dividends with plenty of double- and triple-digit gains along the way. In recent years, I started writing about the methods I use to generate these high levels of income.

Today I serve as chief investment strategist for Contrarian Outlook, a research firm focused on uncovering secure, high-yielding investments for thousands of investors.

If you’re a member of my Contrarian Income Report premium service, you know the kinds of returns an overlooked high-yield stock can deliver.

Early last year, our top two ideas for CIR readers involved high-quality regional banks. They not only paid generous dividends, but their profits were about to “pop” along with rising long rates. And that’s exactly how it played out:

Big Returns From “Boring” Dividend Stocks

Our contrarian trades aren’t limited to finance. We also recommended industrial-chemical maker Chemours Co. (CC) in the June 2020 edition of CIR.

“Basic” investors worried that a COVID-19 depression would hit the company hard. But we knew Chemours was sitting on a huge cash pile—more than enough to see it through to better days, while keeping its massive 7.4% dividend intact.

So we bought, grabbed its hefty payout and, 16 months later, walked off with a 90% total return:

Unloved Dividend Machine Nearly Doubles

We did the same with pipeline play ONEOK (OKE), which I urged Contrarian Income Report readers to buy in the teeth of the crisis, in April 2020, when oil prices actually turned negative.

OKE was yielding an unheard-of 11.8% at the time, and just two years later, we’re up a staggering 180%:

A 180% Gain and an 11.8% Dividend—in 1 Buy

That’s proof that dividend stocks don’t have to be boring, even in a conservative, income-focused service like Contrarian Income Report.

And I expect the trades we’ll make through CIR’s sister service, Dividend Swing Trader, in the coming months to be even more exciting. We’re talking double-digit gains in much shorter time spans! Plus cash dividend payouts that are far bigger than those most stocks offer.

How We Grabbed “Bitcoin-Beating” Gains Without the Risk (and With Big Dividends!)

You see, Dividend Swing Trader was specifically designed so we could time our buys with laser-like precision, allowing us to secure quick gains that beat the crypto casino, with much more stability, too.

Let me show you exactly how with a real-life example.

The year 2020 set in motion a megatrend called “The Donut Effect.” It’s what economic researchers Arjun Ramani and Nicholas Bloom have labeled the emptying out of city centers. People are moving to the suburbs, as well as to smaller cities.

After all, why cram into a shoebox near the office if the office is not going to reopen? Or if, in the case of many folks, remote work has gone from a pandemic-only to a full-time setup.

Preferred Apartment Communities (APTS) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns 100 properties across 13 states. Most of them are in the Sun Belt, an area that’s benefiting from “work from anywhere” America.

APTS used to raise its dividend not once but twice every year. The company found itself on the wrong side of 2020, however, with too much exposure to retail buildings.

(As fundamental investors, we generally frown on dividend cuts. But as traders, we actually want to embrace recent cuts because these stocks have often been excessively punished. Sometimes they’re so cheap they’re poised for crypto-like gains.)

In June 2021, I noted to Dividend Swing Trader members that APTS was taking measures to secure its payout. The firm corrected its 2020 transgressions by selling underperforming properties. It was poised to regain its footing and start growing its dividend again.

Shares, as I mentioned, were pummeled in 2020 after the dividend cut. But jeez, the stock still yielded 7% … and now its fundamentals were on the mend!

Income investors were beginning to realize this. Mr. and Ms. Market had punished APTS excessively. Meanwhile, the stock’s “dividend magnet”—or the tendency of share-price gains to match up with dividend hikes—was beginning to pull its share price higher.

You can see that pattern, clear as day, in this chart:

APTS’s “Dividend Magnet” Begins to Pull Again

This is what I’m talking about when I say fundamentals!

Worst case, the stock was going to dish us 7% per year in dividends. Best case, it would reward us with “Bitcoin-like” gains!

So we added APTS to our Dividend Swing Trader portfolio in June 2021. And by the time we sold in early February 2022:

  • We received three dividend payments…
  • We enjoyed total returns of 73%…
  • And APTS CLOBBERED Bitcoin (73% to -2%).

We can expect money managers who lost their minds about crypto in 2021 to find their way to income stocks like this as 2022 grinds on.

The big money is just starting to realize that risk is back. Which means total-return plays like this “dividend swing trade” are going to be where the profits are.

And APTS wasn’t our only apartment REIT that has beaten Bitcoin.

Apartment Income REIT (AIRC) was a textbook play for us Dividend Swing Traders. We added it to the service’s portfolio in May 2021, and it simply paid its dividend—a respectable 3.8% when we bought it—and grinded higher.

When we sold it in early February 2022, it had rewarded us with a nice 20% total return (including dividends). Meanwhile, Bitcoin gave its gamblers heart palpitations—and ended up losing their money!

AIRC dusted crypto as Powell started shutting down his printing press and tensions between Russia and Ukraine ramped up. We were happy to ride along for smooth and steady “better than Bitcoin” gains—and a near-4% payout, too!

The Perfect Payout Play for Inflation

It’s clear that Bitcoin and its casino-chip brethren (and here I’m talking about profitless tech companies) have turned into “just another group of investments.” They rise and fall with the market.

Problem is, these are the money-losers that are going to suffer as inflation drives interest rates higher.

The 8% “runaway inflation train” has created a game of “hot potato” with the 10-year Treasury. And inflation isn’t the long rate’s only problem.

As I alluded to earlier, a big reason why long rates are so much lower than inflation is international demand. When countries—even rivals like China —run surpluses, they store them in US Treasuries.

Sovereign buyers have kept Treasury prices higher—and yields lower—than we’d expect with 8% inflation.

Here’s where China’s $1-trillion pile of Treasuries, which I mentioned earlier, comes in.

President Xi will be looking for any opportunity to diversify, and any sales of Treasuries by China will pressure Treasury rates higher still.

That shift (only a matter of time, in my view) will be a disaster for profitless tech and crappy cryptos. But it is downright lucrative for select secure dividends.

Take bank stocks, which are fun to own when long rates bounce, especially when there’s a huge gap between long rates and short-term rates, as there was just over a year ago.

In a climate like that, smaller regional banks with the traditional banking model of “borrowing short and lending long” often see the fastest upside.

Banks have had a rough decade but 2021 and early ’22 were pretty sweet for them, as they were able to:

  • Borrow cheap, with short-term rates nailed to the floor. And
  • Lend for more, with long-term rates way up over that time.

Any “spread” between short-term and long-term rates is pure profit. Which is why we added Comerica (CMA) to our Contrarian Income Report portfolio back in January 2021.

If You Made This Trade, Congrats!

As you can see above, Comerica kicked the snot out of Bitcoin since our buy.

It was a great play, but a rare one because our holding periods in Contrarian Income Report tend to be on the longer side, so we don’t often have opportunities for swift dividend-powered trades like this.

This is why I convinced my publisher to let me launch Dividend Swing Trader.

There are so many great profit opportunities in a given year that I wanted a new way to share them with you. And with Dividend Swing Trader, we can set ourselves up to capture these kinds of fast gains from reliable payers, like the 73% we grabbed from APTS.

How We “Swing Trade” Safe Dividends

for Quick 20%+ Returns

As you can see, “swing trading” dividends like these easily beats crypto because we’re banking high income the entire time.

Unlike the Bitcoin jockeys, we’re building, and growing, our portfolios as we “swing trade” from high yielder to high yielder.

We then ride the next one to big gains, bank our profits and “swing” to the next dividend. Rinse and repeat!

If you follow this system, you could collect yearly returns of 20%+, which breaks down to about 5% from dividend payouts and 15% (or more) from stock-price appreciation.

Truth is, 20% is very conservative—but conservative sort that I am, I always aim to underpromise and overdeliver.

Plenty of our picks turn out like our APTS trade, which soared 73% in much less than a year, outrunning Bitcoin in the process.

I know what you’re thinking: “Sure, Brett, but what exactly is a ‘dividend swing trade’ anyway? What exactly will our holding period be?”

Great question.

Well, you can rest assured that you won’t be sitting in front of your computer at 2 in the morning like our highly caffeinated crypto traders.

We’re holding our stocks for a few weeks or months, maybe a year in some cases. And we’re sleeping soundly at night the entire time.

When it is time to trade, I’ll let you know through an email Flash Alert right away.

You don’t have to do any work (aside from logging into your investment account and making the recommended buys and sells, of course)!

But you will typically bag a 5% yield from these plays while setting yourself up for 15%+ price gains (or more!) per trade. That’s the advantage of selecting stocks with actual fundamentals, not speculations like crypto.

The whole thing is set up to deliver you maximum growth and a cash income stream with minimal risk.

And then, when we’ve reaped maximum profits from an individual stock, we swing to another with GREATER upside potential in the short term and a healthy dividend payout.

In fact, I’ve put the whole plan in a new FREE report I want to give you right now …

My 3 Simple Keys to Quick

Dividend-Powered Gains

My strategy rests on 3 easy steps that together aim to unlock an average 5% in real, secure income while seeing a potential 15% surge in price … for a combined 20% per year return.

You’ll find all three pillars of this unique dividend-investing plan in “3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains,” the Special Report I want to send you today. I’d normally sell it for $99 a copy, but I’m sending it your way absolutely FREE.

Inside you’ll get…

  • The 3 incredible strategies to uncover fast gains from dividend-paying stocks and funds

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  • My private insights on each trade strategy

    After reading this report, you’ll know exactly how these “dividend swing trades” are so profitable, why they’re “inflation-resistant” and how you can uncover similar opportunities over and over.

  • A full breakdown of my system

    You’ll get a detailed dissection of the whole system … the three timing indicators it rests on … and much more.

Simply put, what’s in this report could be worth thousands to you, but I’m sending it your way absolutely free.

If you uncover just one Dividend Swing Trade that plays out as I expect, it could hand you a secure $2,000 for every $10,000 invested.

Join Us as We Bank Fast 20%+ Gains

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There’s just one “catch” to this gift …

To claim your FREE copy of “3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains,” all you’ve got to do is accept a 60-day invitation to test-drive Dividend Swing Trader.

This no-risk trial means you’ll be one of the few folks on earth getting my most profitable trades. Because Dividend Swing Trader was specifically designed to deliver 20%+ returns per year—every year—through a combination of stock-appreciation AND cash dividends.

You’ll be joining members like Sylvio J. from Massachusetts:

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Here’s exactly what these readers have been getting, month in and month out, from Dividend Swing Trader—and what you’ll get as part of your risk-free trial:

A Proven System for Banking Big Gains From Steady Dividend Stocks

Your trial membership to Dividend Swing Trader includes:

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    Consider it your dividend “base camp”—the starting point from which you access all of your other Dividend Swing Trader benefits!

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If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you think Dividend Swing Trader might be for you—but you might still be just a bit unsure. I get it.

After all, I’m asking you to trade dividend stocks in a much different way than most people do—not buying and holding but “swing trading” these steady payers instead.

Which is why I want to make sure you can test drive the service with zero risk whatsoever. I’ll do that through my “100% money-back guarantee.”

Here’s How My Ironclad 60-Day No-Risk Guarantee Works:

Sign up for Dividend Swing Trader today and you get full access to the service for 60 days. Browse our library of Special Reports, check out the latest issue, take a look at our portfolio … pick up a couple of recommendations that catch your eye and watch how they progress. Then, if you’re not completely satisfied, simply let me know and I’ll refund every penny of your subscription.

No questions asked!

That really makes trying Dividend Swing Trader a no-brainer. I’ve taken on all the risk!

To get access, all you’ve got to do is accept today’s risk-free invitation to

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Combined, these 2 additional volumes are valued at $198, but they’re all yours for FREE today.

Free Bonus Report #1:

How to Identify Market Tops (and Buy Dividends on the Dip)

While it may be hard to believe, it’s simple (though not easy) to time your buys of steady dividend payers to capture significant price gains, too.

We’re talking about 4%, 5% and even 6%+ payers with the ability to return an ADDITIONAL 15% in price upside per year.

In fact, we can turn these trades into 17.9%, 20.1%, even 23.1% gains—in a matter of months (these figures aren’t pulled from the air; they’re actual Dividend Swing Trader results).

This report breaks down exactly how we’ll use my timing indicators to achieve 5%+ income and 20%+ total returns in the coming year.

Free Bonus Report #2:

The Secret to Banking 20%+ Per Year with CEFs

Closed-end funds are liquidity-driven vehicles that are popular with individual investors.

But these nervous Nellies tend to sell when the storm clouds roll in, and as a result, CEFs—which have fixed quantities of shares—can actually trade at a discount to their net asset values (NAVs).

Some high-quality CEFs today will sell for just 85% to 90% of their “fair value.” Buying them after a pullback is like slapping a 10% to 15% off coupon on top of another coupon!

This is a simple strategy we’ve profited from for years in our more conservative Contrarian Income Report service. But now, thanks to DST’s much smaller audience, we’re able to magnify that success almost exponentially because we can more nimbly dip into and out of CEFs for the biggest gains (and dividends!).

As I write, we have two incredible “double-discount CEFs” in our Dividend Swing Trader portfolio, and this report reveals how we spotted these 20%+ opportunities and exactly how we’ll play them in the coming months.

These 2 Bonus Gifts Are Waiting For You

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Second, this is an actively traded portfolio…

We’re buying and selling a little faster than many of our CIR and HY readers are comfortable with. Instead of buying with the intention of holding for years at a time… We’re swooping in and out for maximum profits, often just a few months at a time.

So, to quickly recap, you’ll get:

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Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Dividend Swing Trader

P.S. A choppy year, like 2022 has been so far, is a perfect time to follow my dividend swing trading system. It lets you leap from one dividend to the next, setting yourself up for potential 20%+ returns … while “buy and hold” investors are stuck watching stock after stock fall off track as the market shifts. Our crypto fans? They’re in for even bigger headaches!

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