Closed-End Funds: The Secret to
High-Yields & Double-Digit Gains
An exclusive interview with Brett Owens & Michael Foster

Fellow Investor,

I hope you enjoy this exclusive discussion between Chief Investment Strategist Brett Owens and “CEF Professor” Michael Foster. It’s jam-packed with great information on the extraordinary profit potential of closed-end funds from two of my favorite experts. Click the play button above and you’ll quickly learn how to:

  • Leverage the unique benefits of closed-end funds for maximum profits,
  • Secure rock-solid yields of 7%, 8% or more,
  • Easily spot mispricings that can deliver big capital gains, and
  • Avoid the single biggest mistake beginners make when investing in CEFs.

Once you’ve finished, learn more about Michael’s CEF investing strategy and his top 4 funds for 7.6% yields right now!

Yours in profits and safety,

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