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The 2022 pullback has created some spectacular opportunities for big cash dividends in CEFs. And now is the time to buy them.

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We Played the “Bond Bounce” for a Cheap

Monthly 12.5% Dividend

In our October 2022 issue, for example, we played the recent bounce in bonds through a CEF called the Nuveen Core Plus Impact Fund (NPCT).

That trade handed us a spectacular 12.5% yield. And because of the fund’s ridiculous 14.5% discount to net asset value (NAV), we bought that massive payout for just 85 cents on the dollar!

Now this fund’s 12.5% dividends are rolling into our portfolios every month:

October Pick’s Monthly Dividends Line Right Up With Our Bills

Source: CEF Connect

NPCT was the second bond-CEF we’ve picked up in the last few months, and both are now dropping 11%+ payouts on CEF Insider members.

My research indicates big returns ahead from these two funds—and all of the CEFs we’ve bought in the last few months, while the market has been on its knees.

I don’t want you to miss your shot at them. Which is why I’m inviting you to restart your subscription now.

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We’ve never offered a discount like this before. Frankly, my publisher hates it when I “bend” the rules on pricing!

But I’m making this offer because I want to welcome back as many members as possible, while we’ve got this pullback-driven buying opportunity in front of us.

I’m betting that when you see the high-yield (and mostly monthly paying) CEFs we’ve added to the portfolio in the last few months, you’ll be more than happy with your decision.

But you don’t have to worry either way because, as always, you’re fully covered by our 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you decide within the first 60 days of rejoining that CEF Insider isn’t for you, no problem. Just drop me a note and we’ll cancel your subscription for a full refund.

PLUS you also get instant access to the full CEF Insider service, including:

  • Our CEF Screener, which lets you sort through the more than 400 funds in the CEF universe worth your consideration at the click of a mouse. The Screener’s CEF “heat map” instantly separates potential winners (green) from dangerous pretenders (red).
  • Our CEF Index Tracker lets you instantly assess the performance of practically any CEF and stack up as many funds as you like against our proprietary CEF Indexes. At a glance, you can see which CEFs have outperformed (and may be overpriced) and which have underperformed (and may be screaming bargains)!
  • Our CEF Watch List: My “shortlist” gives you the top 20+ CEFs I’ve got my eye on. Each one offers outsized yields and bigger-than-average discounts, so they’ve got plenty of built-in upside, too. But they may not yet qualify for our…
  • Members-Only Portfolio: These are the “best of the best”—my top CEF picks for high, safe income and big gains. All of them are laid out in an easy-to-read portfolio that includes my up-to-the minute recommendations, buy-under prices, current yields and much more.
  • Monthly Issues: On the fourth Friday of each month, you’ll get my latest analysis of the ever-changing CEF space in your inbox. I’ll include detailed analysis on new fund recommendations, updates on existing positions and an overview of trends and events that may affect your holdings.
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That’s not all. You also get our complete, freshly updated library of 7 Special Reports, including:

  • “5 Hidden Income Plays the ETF Companies Don’t Want You to Know About” reveals 5 CEFs big-name investment houses actively keep from you. That’s because, if you discovered these 5 funds’ income-producing power, with dividends topping out at 10%, you might never buy another ETF again!
  • “5 ‘Must-Own’ Monthly Dividend Funds Yielding 8.9%.” These are my very best picks among monthly paying CEFs. They include a well-balanced fund with terrific energy, material and telecom holdings throwing off an eye-popping 10% yield today!
  • “5 Toxic CEFs That Could Ruin Your Retirement.” True to its name, this report reveals CEFs that look like their dividends are safe, but the reality is anything but. Hold any of these dividend traps and you’re looking at losses of 50% or more.

And don’t forget that you have nothing to lose by grabbing this $400 savings opportunity because you’re always protected by my …

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To recap, you get another year of CEF Insider issues and weekly updates at our special introductory rate of $399 ($400 off the regular rate), our CEF Screener and Index Tracker (with a value of $99 each), our full library of seven Special Reports (worth $693 in all) and our complete archive of back issues stretching back to 2017.

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Yours in big dividend payouts,

Michael Foster

Investment Strategist

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P.S. I don’t expect the bargains in the CEF Insider portfolio to last—when the recovery really kicks in, their discounts will slam shut, and their yields will fall back to earth as prices rise. By then the best profits (and yields) will be gone. Don’t miss your chance. Click here to restart your membership and book your $400 savings.





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