A Special Invitation For Investors Looking For Maximum Income, Minimum Risk

Dividend Swing


For a Limited Time Only, I’m Sharing My Dividend

Swing Trading Secret for Safe 20% Returns Every

Single Year… Even In An Uncertain Market

(It has NOTHING to do with buying options, day trading, or any other complicated, high-risk strategies)

Hi, Brett Owens here.

The last three years have been a wild ride.

We witnessed a historic collapse.

Markets plunged, wiping out trillions of dollars in wealth.

Thousands of small businesses shut their doors, many forever.

Cities lay deserted as people were forced to shelter in place.

Unemployment surged to over 33 million, the highest since the Great Depression.

And then, to the surprise of millions, stocks experienced a historic recovery…

Almost as quickly as the markets collapsed, they surged, with the NASDAQ and S&P 500 hitting new all-time highs while the global economy was still reeling from and dealing with a pandemic of unparalleled proportions.

Then the inevitable happened: inflation soared as Fed money printing caused asset bubbles everywhere you looked.

And the market’s since plunged AGAIN. Leaving us in the early days of a very uncertain 2023.

So saying the investing landscape has changed

would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century

The whole world has changed.

Whether stocks soar or crash from here is anyone’s guess.

As investors you and I need to be able to adjust — fast.

We need to react to the world as it is, not how we wish it was or hope it will be.

Which is why I’m writing to you today.

You see, for years, I kept my #1 investment strategy hidden away. A strategy which I believe is absolutely PERFECT for safely, securely and sensibly navigating today’s unprecedented investment landscape.

And although it’s a unique way to lock in $200,000 per year — every year…

Although it pays you whether the market is soaring, crashing or limping along…

Although it’s a tried and tested system for at least DOUBLING your retirement savings…

Until recently, I’ve been forced to keep it under lock and key.

Now don’t get me wrong…

I’ve always wanted to share this with you.

After all, it’s the single most powerful approach to building wealth I’ve ever come across.

Our targets dominate the S&P 500…

… and trump the majority of hedge funds…

… and even come within striking distance of Warren Buffett’s unmatched returns…

However, this is a strategy ANYONE can use.

You DON’T need millions of dollars in the bank.

You DON’T need to pay a money manager’s outrageous fees.

You DON’T need to waste your day watching the markets like a hawk.

And — perhaps most importantly — it has NOTHING to do with options trading… buying on margin… ‘investing’ in penny stocks, cryptocurrencies or any other highly-speculative play that puts your retirement at risk.

Yet despite all this…

If you follow this system, I believe you could collect a safe, secure and steady income of $4,000+ per month… while simultaneously enjoying a 6-figure increase in your portfolio’s value… no matter what market chaos unfolds over the coming weeks, months and years.

That’s right, with this closely-guarded strategy you can increase your wealth year after year while collecting steady dividend payouts… AND… market-beating stock performance…

It’s a totally unique method that I call:

Dividend Swing Trading

What I believe to be the Holy Grail of investing.

And it’s time for me to share it with you.

Because now more than ever before, it’s crucially important to focus on SAFE returns that also give you maximum upside potential.

That’s why I’m sharing it with you today, right here on this page.

Listen, this is one of my most closely guarded secrets.

Through good times and bad, it has helped make me a small fortune.

It’s helped create a life of financial freedom and security for my family and me.

We DON’T fly around on private jets… buy sports cars on a whim… or own multiple beach homes… BUT we do enjoy predictable investment income covering all our expenses… an ever-growing portfolio… and protection from market crashes and crises.

And to me, this is true financial freedom.

Now I want the same for you.

Why? It’s simple…

It’s the #1 strategy for maximizing profits

while minimizing risk in this uncertain market

In my opinion, nothing comes close to it.

You see, it’s a unique investment approach that lets you “swing” from dividend to dividend for MAXIMUM returns in MINIMUM time with MINIMUM risk.

  • You’ll uncover the inner workings of Dividend Swing Trading.
  • You’ll see how to identify stocks that could hand you a 20% return.
  • You’ll discover how you could take home $200,000 per year — every year — no matter what.
  • You’ll get the secret behind stocks that pay you even with the markets crashing.
  • You’ll even get my top 3 keys to quick double-digit dividend gains.

And much, much more.

So please take a few moments to read every word on this page carefully.

Because the secret of Dividend Swing Trading you’re about to discover could easily add tens — if not hundreds — of thousands of dollars to your retirement.

But that’s not all, it’ll also help protect your wealth and your financial security.

That’s right, by implementing the system revealed below, you can lock in as much as $200,000 per year — every year — even if stocks and bonds suffer another massive drop like many economists fear.

Case in point, look at what happened in 2007-2008…

As the S&P 500 plummeted…

As the entire financial system teetered on the edge of a cliff…

As investors lost billions and billions of dollars at the drop of a hat…

… you could’ve not just survived, but THRIVED.

However, this system doesn’t just make money during a crisis.

As I said, it was built to maximize returns during good times AND bad.

And, with my Dividend Swing Trading secret, you could’ve banked up to 20% EVERY YEAR!

That’s enough to DOUBLE your nest egg every 3.8 years.

Without taking on any excess risk that puts your retirement in jeopardy.

Plus, because my system maximizes BOTH stock-price appreciation AND dividend income… you’ll be watching your net worth skyrocket WHILE you simultaneously pocket thousands of dollars in real, spendable cash every month.

Now, I know this may sound too good to be true.

But, as you’re about to see, it’s the raw, unfiltered truth.

And, it’s why I call this the most powerful investment system I’ve ever developed.

However, I want to be crystal-clear about one thing…

What I’m about to share with you is NOT some magical investing method for overnight riches… it’s NOT going to deliver returns of 5,000%+… it’s NOT about profiting from the latest “sure-thing” penny stock.

And it’s sure as hell got NOTHING to do with fake government “loopholes,” “Congress Checks” or whatever B.S the supposed gurus are slinging these days.


It’s a simple, proven trading system.

Instead of holding our stocks forever… we “swing” from dividend to dividend, maximizing our profits in the short term. And if you follow my system, you could collect a yearly return of 20%…

That’s about 5% from dividend payouts.

And 15% (or more) from stock price appreciation.

That’s right, in a world of pathetically low yields, I’ve engineered a system for maximizing BOTH income and upside. By swooping in and out of a small selection of stocks and funds, you could enjoy safe, secure returns of 20% per year — every year.

But this isn’t day trading…

You might hold the stock for a few months, even a year.

It all depends on the individual investment.

One thing does remain constant, though…

Trades are selected to deliver 15% growth while also paying an average 5% yield.

Sure, this approach isn’t as sexy as investing in the latest tech breakthrough… new cryptocurrency… or secret day-trading software… but I’ll take my Dividend Swing Trading over these every day of the week.

Because while those folks are gambling with their family’s future… while they’re blindly throwing darts at the dartboard… while they’re tortured by the daily ups and downs of the market.

You could be kicking back collecting 20% total returns year after year… even if you NEVER add another penny to your portfolio.

That’s $50,000 on every $250,000…

$100,000 on every $500,000…

$200,000 on every $1,000,000…

Imagine what you could do with this sort of money…

You could pay off any debts.

Lavishly spoil your loved ones.

Travel all around the world in luxury.

Buy the vacation home of your dreams.

Give it to your local community or church.

Pay your grandkids’ exorbitant college bills.

Or just enjoy the feeling of total financial security.

Whatever it is you want, I believe Dividend Swing Trading can help you achieve it.

And here’s my solemn promise to you.

If you follow the steps outlined on this page…

You shouldn’t be scared about running out of money.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your nest egg drying up.

You shouldn’t have to get a part-time retirement job.

In short, you might never have any money worries again.


I totally understand.

But over the years, I’ve helped thousands of folks take control of their money… double, triple, even quadruple their returns… and live the safe, secure, and rich retirement of their dreams.

Just take a look at what some of my readers are saying about my Dividend Swing Trading system:

“I started with CIR and HY portfolios, and I love reading your newsletters, and your recommendations are all great buys! You earned my trust!”

— Alexander M. from California

“I started with Hidden Yields a couple of years back… When I read about Dividend Swing Trader I immediately got on the waiting list. Been here for about a year now.”

“Very good. You have definitely earned my trust… I love your in depth analysis and feel like you are really trying to help me the little guy instead of profit off of me. Love the sense of humor too.”

— Scott D. from Florida

“Thank you Brett. I have several investing services. You are always my go to guy. Your analysis has proven to be succinct and spot on. I greatly appreciate your delivery and expertise.”

—Jeff D. from Texas

“I’m spending more time generating income from my principal but part of my port is still about building more principal. DST fits nicely into that space.”

— Peter B. from New Hampshire

Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll see the same results as Alexander, Scott, Jeff, or any of the countless others who’ve shared their incredible experiences.

And please remember, all investing comes with a degree of risk.

But here’s what I can guarantee…

The Dividend Swing Trading secret you’re about to discover is the most powerful investing strategy I’ve EVER developed

It allows you to take home potential returns of 20% per year… WITHOUT day trading, buying options or making any retirement-ruining moves.

And I firmly believe…

It’s the fastest way to double — even triple — your retirement savings and income.

Now I want to share it with you…

But first, let me tell you how I developed this breakthrough system…

Hi, I’m Brett Owens.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at Contrarian Outlook.

You may have seen me on CNBC, Yahoo Finance or NASDAQ sharing my methodology for collecting consistent, predictable and reliable income — without making any wild speculative bets that keep you up at night.

You see, I take a uniquely contrarian approach to investing.

Over the past several years, I’ve helped thousands of readers grow their monthly income and savings. I do this by obsessively focusing on uncovering those ‘perfect’ stocks other gurus and investors miss.

Contrarian investments that fly under the radar yet have ever-growing dividends… great upside potential… rock-solid fundamentals… and recession-proof foundations.

For example:

We Banked a 26% Total Return From CCD in 4 Months

37.7% From BSTZ in 4 months

22.8% From BMEZ In 4 Months

15.5% From CVX in 2 Months

43.7% From VLO in Less than 3 Months

17.9% on SAH in Only 5 Weeks

And We Traded DEA For A 10.5% Return in Just 6 Days!

Of course, we’re talking about some of our most exciting winners and not all recommendations play out as well as these. Investing in the stock market is inherently risky and some of our recommendations have lost money.

And I know these aren’t the huge 500%… 1,000%… or 5,000% overnight windfalls you hear other ‘gurus’ CLAIMING they can get you. But—as you’ve probably guessed—these are nothing more than over-hyped promises designed to separate YOU from your money.

Well, I don’t promise something I can’t deliver.

Because I know firsthand how devastating this sort of reckless advice can be.

You see, my first investing experience was absolutely brutal…

It was 2003, I’d recently graduated from Cornell University and was designing computer systems for Fortune 500 companies. For the first time in my life, I was making money. So I decided to hire a broker to help grow my savings.

This guy had countless credentials, years of experience, and he talked a great game.

Without hesitation, I hired him.

The result?

Just ONE year later, this so-called expert had literally lost ALL my money.


Years of careful savings GONE, thanks to one guy’s disastrous investments.

I was livid.

I also found myself up a creek without a paddle.

Yet it’s thanks to this financially devastating experience that I’m here today.

You see, after this crook burned all my money, the truth hit me like a ton of bricks… I realized NOBODY is ever going to care about my money, my future, my retirement and my family as much as I do.

And I finally understood one simple fact…

If I wanted to retire early and rich, I needed to take control of my own money.

So I decided to learn everything I could about investing.

I was absolutely relentless.

And, after learning from a few mistakes along the way, it paid off…

Starting with a paltry $2,000 I transformed it into $154,000 in just 48 months.

Since then, I’ve been helping tens of thousands of readers at Contrarian Outlook fund their dream retirement with the little-known, often ‘boring’ investments that predictably grow year after year and pay you a great income whether we’re in a bull or bear market.

All without making any highly speculative bets you can’t tell your spouse about… without the can’t-sleep-at-night worries… and without putting your retirement at risk.

But throughout all these years, I’ve only ever shared my Dividend Swing Trading system with a handful of investors.

However, today you’re about to discover what I call the Holy Grail of Investing.

A unique approach that lets you “swing” from dividend to dividend for MAXIMUM returns in MINIMUM time with MINIMUM risk. I’m talking about…

  • 5% cash-in-hand from predictable dividend income.
  • 15% stock price appreciation — whether it’s a bull or bear market.

For a TOTAL annualized return of up to 20% every single year…

That’s an EXTRA $200,000 per year on a $1-million portfolio.

So while others are struggling to make ends meet…

Counting down the years until their money runs dry.

Scaling back expenses and living like paupers in retirement.

While their broker is convincing them to settle for a pathetic 4-5% per year (something they would NEVER do with their own money). You’ll have a proven system for earning up to 20% per year — every year.

That’s 20-times what you’d make from a bank’s measly 1% interest rates…

It’s better than you’d see from the majority of the world’s top hedge funds…

And it even comes close to matching Warren Buffett’s legendary returns…

Except with Dividend Swing Trading, you DON’T need to be a financial savant… you DON’T need to sit glued to your computer all day… you DON’T need to constantly trade in and out of stocks… and you DON’T need to pay tens of thousands of dollars in management fees.

All you need to do is buy and sell when my system tells you.

Let me show you how it works.

It was born from my own frustrations…

You see, when I first started investing, it seemed like all financial experts agreed on one thing… you could have EITHER a high-yielding stock or a high-growth stock.

Never both.

It was always one or the other.

No matter how hard I looked, this seemed to be the rule.

Buy a big name dividend payer (like an Aristocrat)… expect their stock to inch along.

Buy a hot new growth stock (like a tech company)… expect zero in dividend payments.

When I first learned this “rule,” it didn’t sit well with me.

Because I knew the secret to growing wealth — in good times and bad — was to combine both.

And whether you want to call it stubbornness or stupidity, I refused to accept the entrenched wisdom stating you had to choose one or the other. So I set out on a mission to blend the best of both worlds…

Now I don’t want to spend too long telling you about all the ups and downs of this journey. Because let’s face facts… all you really want to know is how the system can help you make more money.

But suffice to say, it took YEARS of trial and error.

And although I eventually cracked the code, there were many times when I almost quit.

You see, for many years, I used to think it was impossible to anticipate market moves.

Not that this stopped me from trying.

I read countless books on technical analysis… studied history… pored over endless charts… and tested countless “systems” from other traders. Unfortunately, I had to disregard 99% of the advice I came across.

Which brought me to a realization…

Why was I looking for someone else’s system, anyway?

After all, I’m the one with the Operations Research and Information Engineering degree. A degree I’ve used to win my Fantasy Football league and crack the code on Las Vegas’s basketball-gambling lines.

The stock market couldn’t be tougher than sports betting, right?

Because let’s face it, the stock market is indeed a “market of stocks.” This means it is much easier to master if you track the behavior of its constituents. Which boils market timing down to ONE simple question:

“Are more stocks breaking out to new highs, or breaking down to new lows?”

Answer this and you can accurately anticipate market moves.

Let me show you a few examples:

In early February 2020, the stock market indexes hit new highs…

… but the number of stocks hitting new highs was rolling over as health concerns grew and lockdowns ensued.

This was an ominous signal.

Fast forward to September, after a four-month rally, and we saw the exact same behavior.

The S&P was once again roaring higher, but quietly — under the surface — fewer stocks were hitting highs.

This led to yet another pullback.

And now we see behavior rhyming once again.

However, identifying the general market direction is not enough.

Because you can’t just jump into any stock…

If you want 20% yearly returns, you need to sprinkle in three more strategies:

  1. Deploy “Smart Timing” for entry and exit points.
  2. Identify and buy lower-volatility plays for risk mitigation.
  3. Swing to a new stock with greater upside potential.

These three strategies — plus my market-positioning analysis — is the crux of my “Dividend Swing Trading” system.

A system I’m going to show you how to implement so you can potentially collect returns of 20% every single year… no matter what the economy does. That’s a life-changing income of $200,000 per year on a $1-million portfolio.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Smart Timing

Most individual investors are bad market timers.

They buy stocks when they are high and sell when they are low.

Like a herd of sheep, they blindly follow the crowd — even if it leads them to the slaughterhouse.

This is known on Wall Street as “Dumb Money.”

And, by tracking what the MAJORITY of the mindless masses are doing, you can identify what NOT to do.

For example, check out this “Money Confidence Index” below from SentimenTrader…

Notice how the “Dumb Money Confidence” (red line) rises and falls with the S&P 500 (black), while the “Smart Money Confidence” (blue) moves in a roughly inverse pattern:

Simply put, when the dumb money is confident… it’s a bad time to buy blue-chip stocks as they’ll sink with the broader market.

A better idea?

Buy big dividends.

And, buy a lot of them when the odds are in your favor.

Step #2: Buy “Dividend Magnet” Plays

My readers often ask for safe income ideas.

They want stocks that pay dividends and never drop in price.

But as we all learned from the 2022 crash, it’s nearly impossible to find such unicorns when almost every sector across the board is in freefall.

For most long-term investors who want big dividends — I’m talking 6%, 7% and even 8%+ current yields — I recommend a combination of a contrarian and “dividend magnet” approach.

This consists of buying safe — often rising — dividend payers when they are out of favor and holding them through periods of market turbulence.

You see, safe, rising dividends are like magnets to the investing world.

Wall Street hysteria may push share prices down for weeks at a time, but as the months and years pass, these stocks bounce back to the surface.

Take, for example, American Tower (AMT), a real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on cellphone towers… (and a long-time favorite among readers of my Hidden Yields dividend-growth service).

AMT’s performance since its IPO shows this hysteria — and bounce back — in action…

The steadily rising payout (orange line below) is up an incredible 346%, and the share price (purple line) has followed in lockstep, packing on a 196% gain over the same period.

AMT’s Magnetic Dividend Pulls Share Price Higher

This is the secret behind “Dividend Magnet” plays…

Yes, they might experience a short-term pullback, but if you’ve picked the correct stocks, they’ll almost always shoot right back up… plus even when they’re pulling back, they’ll still pay you a healthy dividend profit.

However, this upward momentum is eventually going to stagnate…

And that leaves you with two choices:

  1. Sit on your hands and keep banking the big dividend… without the price growth.


  2. Book the gains on these shares and “swing” to the next income horse with double-digit upside.

The secret of Dividend Swing Trading’s 20% return comes from focusing on #2.

Simply put, when we’ve sucked the MAXIMUM profits out of an individual stock… we’re going to swing to another stock with GREATER upside potential in the short-term AND a healthy dividend payout.

Step #3: Swing to a New Stock for Maximum Profits

Listen, we can talk about yields, cash flow, profits and business growth all day long…

… but, to be brutally honest, it matters very little in the short term.

Ever buy a stock with great fundamentals, only to see its price languish for many months?

Of course you have. We all have.

We got the big picture story right, but our timing was off.

This is why, for lack of a better word, we want to focus on “momentum income” buys.

When our stocks run out of steam, we’ll simply swing to another stock with a larger dividend.

Now you might be wondering how you swing from dividend to dividend.

Well, I’ve been trading stocks, bonds, commodities and even foreign currencies successfully for almost two decades. And I have dozens of tricks up my sleeve to successfully swing from one big payer to another.

But I don’t want to bore you to tears with all the details. So let me give you a quick example of how it works:

Texas Instruments (TXN) had been on the rise for nearly a decade when we rolled into its dividend party (and added the stock to our Hidden Yields portfolio).

Did it care that we were late? Not one bit.

Don’t Be Afraid of New Highs

Most investors hesitate to buy a stock when its price looks “high.”

But these levels are relative, and TXN’s business performance actually warranted an even higher price.

In other words, we focused on where the business was going, NOT where the stock had been.

This, by the way, is the part of momentum investing that works. Stock prices are often “too slow” in moving from point A to point B, especially when new highs are involved. Investors hesitate to pay more and more.

In this case, their hesitation gave us the opportunity to roll into the festivities late and we enjoyed a 148% total return.

The upward price motion of Texas Instruments we saw is what the quants call “momentum.”

It’s a real thing, and it can be a useful tool, even to us income investors. The important thing to remember is momentum doesn’t last forever… and… when it starts to fade it’s time to sell and swing into another, higher-paying stock.

By swinging from one dividend to another when the stock’s price momentum slows, you can stack up yearly returns of 20% — without day trading and without touching any high-risk options.

If you use this strategy, you have the same unfair advantage usually reserved for top hedge funds. Except you won’t be forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in management fees.

Instead, all you’ve got to do is implement what you just learned.

Because this Dividend Swing Trading approach tells you EXACTLY what stocks to buy for maximum money in minimum time with minimum risk.

And when you string together multiple trades like these, you’re on the path to returning a life-changing 20% every year.

That’s $200,000 per year on every $1 million invested.

Real money — not just paper gains — you can use to fund your dream retirement… spoil your loved ones… take luxury vacations… or just keep reinvesting to snowball your returns into a small fortune.

Of course, no strategy is correct 100% of the time.

There’s always a degree of risk involved when investing.

That said, I believe my Dividend Swing Trading system is the fastest, most reliable way to multiply BOTH your wealth and your income. And, if you want to achieve true financial independence… it could be your best path forward.

You don’t need to buy risky options, use margin or day trade.

You don’t need to gamble on any speculative plays like marijuana stocks or cryptos.

There’s just one problem…

I can’t share my full system publicly.

As I mentioned earlier…

For years, I’ve been forced to keep this private.

Although I’ve wanted to share it with you, I couldn’t.

There are two reasons for this secrecy…

First, this approach often focuses on smaller companies.

And if I recommended them to the tens of thousands of readers of Contrarian Outlook, we’d move the market with our buying volume. Even recommending these under-the-radar plays to my cherished Contrarian Income Report or Hidden Yields subscribers would move the market.

Second, this is an actively traded portfolio…

I’m buying and selling these stocks a little faster than many of my readers are comfortable with. Instead of buying with the intention of holding for years at a time… I’m swooping in and out for maximum profits, often just a few months at a time.

However, this all changed recently…

You see, the world was rocked by the coronavirus crash… with investors watching their portfolio lose 20% of its value overnight… then came the 2022 mess… and with the markets soaring and crashing day by day… many investors feel lost.

They don’t know what to do with their money.

They don’t know how to grow their wealth in these strange times.

They don’t know how to keep getting richer — whether the market soars or crashes.

But, thanks to my system, all I’m seeing is a massive, untapped opportunity.

So, after much discussion on how to best help our readers, my team and I decided the single BEST thing we could do is finally pull back the curtain and give you…

My 3 simple keys to quick, double-digit dividend gains.

Each of these keys can unlock an average 5% in real, secure income WHILE seeing a potential 15% surge in price… for a combined 20% per year return.

Which is why I want to send you a FREE copy of…

3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains

Inside this exclusive report, you’ll get…

  • The 3 simple strategies to unlock fast gains from income stocks and funds

    You’ll be able to uncover names and ticker symbols, along with…
  • My Private Insights on Each Trade Strategy

    After reading this you’ll know exactly how these trades are so potentially profitable, why they’re recession-proof plays, and how you can even uncover similar opportunities over and over.
  • A Full Breakdown of My System

    What you discovered today just scratches the surface of how this system works. In this free report, you’ll get a detailed dissection on the whole system… the three timing indicators… and much, much more.

Simply put, what’s in this report could be worth thousands to you.

If you uncover just ONE Dividend Swing Trade that plays out as I expect, it could hand you a safe, secure $2,000 for every $10,000 invested.

I’m sending you this report for FREE.

There’s just one catch…

As I explained earlier, I can’t share this with everyone.

If I named trades right here, the buying volume would move the market.

To avoid this, I’m RESTRICTING access to a limited number of investors.

To claim your FREE copy of 3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains, all you’ve got to do is accept an invitation to test-drive my private trading service…

Dividend Swing Trader

I’ve rarely opened up access to this system.

When I first opened it, the demand was so overwhelming we sold out the spots within days. However, right now I’m inviting a handful of new investors to join me inside — 100% risk-free.

As an insider, you’ll be one of the only folks on earth getting my most profitable trades. Because Dividend Swing Trader was specifically designed to deliver 20% per year — every year — through a combination of stock-appreciation AND income.

And, let me tell you…

There’s NEVER been a better time to be a Dividend Swing Trader.

The three strategies for market timing (which you saw in action today) are identifying DOZENS of new trades… all of which have the potential for double-digit returns — at the bare minimum.

As an insider to Dividend Swing Trader, I’ll be serving ALL these trades to you on a silver platter.

Instead of you having to do the work…

Instead of you having to analyze thousands of stocks…

Instead of you having to calculate the perfect time to get in and out…

I’ll do everything for you.

I’ll do ALL the heavy lifting so you can simply sit back and profit.

I’ll tell you when to get in and get out for the MOST money and the LEAST risk.

With my step-by-step guidance, stock recommendations, and ongoing support you’ll have everything you need to take home an extra $200,000 per year — every year — whether the market soars or crashes.

But first, I need to make something crystal clear…

Dividend Swing Trader is NOT for everyone

If you’re the type of person who likes to take action, move quickly, and take your profits off the table ASAP so you can stop worrying about the market and actually enjoy your life… then I think you’ll love this new system.


If you’re on the fence about this, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Dividend Swing Trader is NOT a day-trading service.

    Yes, it’s more actively traded than my other services.

    But it’s NOT a day-trading or options trading service. You don’t need to spend your days glued to your computer. You won’t be moving money around all day. You won’t be studying charts. You simply go about your life and when you get a trade alert, make the move I recommend and that’s it.

  2. You WON’T have to sift through a mountain of research to get to the trade.

    When I identify a new trade, I’ll send it to you straight away with a quick update on what action to take. I’m not going to inundate you with mountains of charts, metrics and reports. My #1 goal is to get you in and out for maximum profits as efficiently as possible.

    So, if you prefer a 20-page backstory detailing each stock, this is NOT for you.

  3. This is NOT traditional buy and hold investing.

    This is a trading strategy designed to return 20% per year — every year.

    As an insider, we will move in and out of our positions as and when the system tells us. On average we’ll hold a stock for 6-9 months before pivoting out, but it could be much less than this. It all depends on the specific opportunity.

    So, if you’re looking to buy & hold a basket of stocks you love forever, Dividend Swing Trader is NOT for you.

  4. I CAN’T promise a set number of trades per month.

    As Dividend Swing Trader is driven by the three factors revealed earlier, I can’t guarantee you one or two recommendations per month like clockwork. There may be times when we go weeks without a recommendation.

    The amount and frequency of the trades will be entirely determined by the system. And, when recommendations do come, they may come in clusters. That said, I’m expecting to deliver an average of 2 trades per month.

    But, if you prefer to receive a guaranteed number of trades per month — regardless of their performance — Dividend Swing Trader is not for you.


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This report breaks down exactly how we’ll use my timing indicators to achieve 5%+ income and 20% total returns in the coming year.

Free Bonus Report #2:

The Secret to Banking 20%+ Per Year with CEFs

Closed-end funds are liquidity-driven vehicles that are popular with individual investors. But these “weak hands” tend to sell when the storm clouds roll in, and as a result, CEFs — which have fixed quantities of shares — can actually trade at a discount to their net asset values (NAVs).

Some high-quality CEFs today will sell for just 85% to 90% of their “fair value.” Buying them after a pullback is like slapping a 10% to 15% off coupon on top of another coupon.

This is a simple strategy we’ve profited from for years in our more conservative Contrarian Income Report service. But now, thanks to DST’s much smaller audience, we’re able to magnify that success almost exponentially.

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Option #2: Do it yourself.

You can attempt to identify these trades yourself.

Fair warning, though…

You’ll have to analyze hundreds of stocks every day… pore over their financials… anticipate major market moves… and live glued to your computer screen.

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Option #3: Let me do the heavy lifting for you.

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Brett Owens

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Dividend Swing Trader

P.S. The clock is ticking and the time to act is now. You have no risk and no obligation whatsoever.

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