This Has Jay Powell Terrified…

He’s running scared, and it’s our cue to bag BIG dividends and gains with predictable, short-term Dividend Swing Trades.

(This simple strategy has nothing to do with options. Just fast gains from our favorite dividend stocks.)

Dear Reader,

We contrarians knew something was up when we made our Bond Bounce trades in Contrarian Income Report a few months back…

Those moves flipped us fast, safe profits averaging 66% annualized:

Our Bond Bounce “Swing Trade”…

Those spectacular gains came as stocks and bonds were sinking together—to the tune of 18% and 31% losses in a calendar year, respectively!

… Brought Us Profits Amidst a Brutal Backdrop!

There was a secret behind these swift, secure returns: the Federal Reserve was quietly pivoting—back toward “party on” territory.

And no one noticed, least of all the mainstream media.

Here in CIR and in my regular columns on Contrarian Outlook, I’ve been yapping about the Fed ad nauseam.

The upshot? As long as the Fed was tightening monetary liquidity (i.e., chopping the money supply), it wasn’t worth buying anything.

But this changed in late September, when events “across the pond” were quietly turning Jay Powell’s “tough” stance inside out.

I wrote the following to readers in my Dividend Swing Trader service:

Yeah, markets sure did rip! The S&P 500 is up 12% since I wrote those words in DST.

My research indicates even more upside ahead, but with a lot of chop. Volatility. Wild swings.

Us buy-and-hold investors are going to use these rough seas to our advantage. We’ll methodically load up our CIR and Hidden Yields portfolios in the months ahead.

The ebbs and flows will naturally work in our favor, and years from now we’ll be thankful we acted as cautiously as we did in 2022 and as smartly as we did in 2023.

But there are even more gains (and dividends!) available that a buy-and-hold approach simply can’t reach. I’m talking about more bond bounces! And more opportunities to tap stocks for 66%+ annualized total returns!

We’ll make this extra bank by playing the inevitable swings that are on the way.

Why a “Scared Fed” Is Bullish for Contrarians

And when I say “inevitable,” I’m not kidding.

To get a better picture of the profit opportunity I’m talking about here, let’s rewind to September again. The event that scared the BOE and our Federal Reserve was a crisis in UK government bonds (known as “gilts”).

For a brief moment in time, gilts had no buyers. Their prices crashed, and they threatened to take down the whole UK financial system with them.

The crisis was averted, of course, because the UK’s central bank did what central banks always do when push comes to shove: act as a buyer of last resort. Even if it means printing money to get through the crisis.

The Fed watched this whole situation go down very closely. And Jay Powell was rattled to his core. He didn’t admit this to Wall Street. He kept talking tough—and raising rates.

But look at what Jay actually did with the money supply. He quietly calmed things down and made sure that bank reserves didn’t drop any lower.

Powell may be content to keep rates high for a bit longer, but he isn’t going to risk a financial crisis! Check out the solid line below, courtesy of CrossBorder Capital:

The UK Gilt Crisis was “the moment” for Jay. Liquidity would go no lower.

This put the Fed itself back on “liquidity offense,” which has been its modus operandi since 2008. The Fed printed lots of money and kept interest rates really low for 15 years. This created wild inflation.

As income investors, we care what the Fed is doing because stock (and bond) prices are directly correlated with the liquidity the Fed is providing.

It wasn’t always this way, but it has been since 2009. The Fed provided easy financial conditions and stocks went straight up.

Think back to April 2020. We were all stuck at home, yet the stock market was soaring. It made no sense—until we consider what the Fed was doing: printing money like crazy.

In September and October of 2020, we saw another sharp pullback. Was it a reason for us dividend fans to be nervous? Nah. The Fed was still printing. Jay Powell had our backs!

We bought two high-paying dividend funds for CIR in October ’20 and enjoyed 43% average returns in the 14 months that followed. Another sweet example of a Fed swing trade!

2 Rare “Swing Trade” Opportunities in CIR!

Normally we like to buy dividend funds and hold them forever. But why give back profits when the Fed is tightening? Better to swing trade and step aside with a 43% average return, rather than just 13% after they came back down again.

We Sold Close to the Top

It really is this simple for stocks and bonds these days. When the Fed is tightening, it’s bad. Check out this 5-year view of the M2 money supply versus the S&P 500. Both turned down nearly in tandem:

Don’t Fight the Fed!

But now that liquidity has bottomed and rates are near their eventual peaks, it’s time for us contrarians to swing into action.

And if you want even more action and profits than we’re going to enjoy via our buy-and-hold strategies in the months ahead, I want to personally invite you to “swing trade” alongside me for secure, and steady, profits.

Our 3 Steps to “Swing Trade” for Secure Profits

Our first rule of trading—don’t lose money.

Which is why cash is the first part of our swing trading formula:

  1. When we have no clear advantage, we sit on cash.
  2. We buy great dividend stocks and bond funds when the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor.
  3. We sell early, rather than later, to lock in maximum profits.

We sat on cash early and often last year and traded lightly. It’s the only thing to do when the Fed is sucking up liquidity and M2 is dropping.

We play defense.

But now that the Fed is quietly turning the money spigots on again, it’s time for us to focus on steps 2 and 3.

Buy right and sit tight—but not for too long! Book profits before we give them back.

I can’t do this in buy-and-hold services like CIR and HY. Once in a while, sure, we can grab some sweet, fast profits. But you hear the questions I get on my webcasts! Many investors want to move slowly, enjoy their juicy dividends and not worry about daily market gyrations.

That’s fine, I respect it. But you know me—I like to talk fast, write fast and trade fast. Because doing so is the key to some truly spectacular profits (and dividends!).

Let me walk you through a recent trade that my elite “inner circle” of DST members profited from.

Energy is a great sector to swing trade. Oil balloons and swoons. A dream for us contrarian traders.

In September we smartly identified Chevron (CVX) as a dirt-cheap dividend-growth stock in DST. At the time, I wrote:

CVX popped, as predicted. We secured 15% profits in just a few weeks, good for 90% annualized gains.

The stock would eventually give back most of those gains. Buy-and-hold investors didn’t enjoy our swing trade profits, But at DST, we’re NOT afraid to sell high.

Valero (VLO) is another swing trade special. We bought the refiner last March for a song and sold it in May for 44% total returns in less than three months.

This annualizes to 238% total returns.

VLO would eventually give back many of those profits. We didn’t, though. We booked the gains and moved to our next swing trade.

That’s what makes Dividend Swing Trader different: instead of riding along with a stock’s ups and downs (which works fine for many folks), we go one step further and sell when the time is right. That way, we keep more of our money!

Heck, if you like more active trading, DST could be the perfect “add on” to your CIR membership, nicely complementing those services’ longer-term recommendations with the odd short-term profit “pop.”

DST “works” just like CIR. I write you a note with each trade, explaining clearly what to buy, what to hold and what to sell.

Since we’re moving faster, you’ll hear from me more often—twice a month at least. When there’s a dividend trade to make, my DST subscribers are the first to know.

I’ll explain the mechanics of DST more in a moment.

First, though, let me tell you what’s new in my own personal trading approach.

My Emphasis: Turning Points

As the bear market unfolded last year, I had to make some quick changes for us all to profit from the new market that was suddenly before us.

A simple contrarian approach, while effective enough to keep our capital safe, won’t make big money in choppy markets like these.

The contrarian angle must also be used to identify turning points in markets. This is where the real money is.

Fortunately we already had the tools in place here at Contrarian Outlook to identify out-of-favor investments ready to turn. We just needed to pinpoint when that was going to happen.

Check out our recent trade of the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT). Talk about making money out of nothing! The fund mostly went nowhere since October 1. But at CIR, we bought near the lows and sold high:

TLT Swing Trade: Buy Low, Sell High

Did we nail the exact bottom and top? No. But nobody does. We did well enough to earn a fast 12.3%, which annualized to 100% gains.

Now I have my eye on another high-paying fund. It’s an unbelievable value, almost too good to be true.

It’s exactly the type of deal I’d love to let all of my CIR subscribers know about.

But I can’t because the fund is too small. Thousands of buyers would move the price.

Which is why it’s reserved for my Dividend Swing Trader subscribers.

With a membership that’s kept small and agile (on purpose) our subscribers can move into (and out of) a fund like this without eliminating the discount ourselves.

I believe my Dividend Swing Trader system is the fastest, most reliable way to multiply BOTH your wealth and your income.

And if you want to achieve true financial independence… it could be your best path forward.

You don’t need to buy risky options, use margin or day trade.

You don’t need to gamble on any speculative plays like marijuana stocks or cryptos.

And I want to give you, a valued subscriber, VIP access to this unique service with no risk and no obligation whatsoever.

I’ll show you how to kick-start your trial in just a moment, but first, I know this is a way of trading dividends that’s, shall we say, a bit unorthodox to most investors. (Believe me, I know many members hate to sell—I hear it all the time!)

I want to make sure you’re comfortable, so let me pull the curtain back a bit farther and show you exactly what you can expect with Dividend Swing Trader.

How We “Swing Trade” Safe Dividends

for Quick 20%+ Returns

One reason why “swing trading” dividends like the ones we just discussed works in all markets is because we’re banking high income the entire time.

And we’re building, and growing, our portfolios as we “swing trade” from high yielder to high yielder. We then ride the next one to big gains, bank our profits and “swing” to the next dividend.

If you follow this system, you could collect yearly returns of 20%+, which breaks down to about 5% from dividend payouts and 15% (or more) from stock-price appreciation.

Truth is, 20% is very conservative—but conservative sort that I am, I always aim to underpromise and overdeliver.

Plenty of our picks turn out like our Valero trade, which as I just mentioned, delivered a 44% total return in just two months–good for 238% on an annualized basis.

I know what you’re thinking: “Sure, Brett, but what exactly will our typical holding period be?”

Great question.

As you can see from the trades I showed you above, we’re holding our stocks for a few weeks or months, maybe a year in some cases. And we’re sleeping soundly at night the entire time.

When it is time to trade, I’ll let you know through an email Flash Alert right away.

You don’t have to do any work (aside from logging into your investment account and making the recommended buys and sells, of course)!

But you will typically bag a 5% yield from these plays while setting yourself up for 15%+ price gains (or more!) per trade.

The whole thing is set up to deliver you maximum growth and a cash income stream with minimal risk.

And then, when we’ve reaped maximum profits from an individual stock, we swing to another with GREATER upside potential in the short term and a healthy dividend payout.

In fact, I’ve put the whole plan in a new FREE report I want to give you right now …

My 3 Simple Keys to Quick

Dividend-Powered Gains

My strategy rests on 3 easy steps that together aim to unlock an average 5% in real, secure income while seeing a potential 15% surge in price … for a combined 20% per year return.

You’ll find all three pillars of this unique dividend-investing plan in “3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains,” the Special Report I want to send you today. I’d normally sell it for $99 a copy, but I’m sending it your way absolutely FREE.

Inside you’ll get…

  • The 3 incredible strategies to uncover fast gains from dividend-paying stocks and funds

    You’ll be able to use these proven tactics to discover high-income investments with fast upside, along with…

  • My private insights on each trade strategy

    After reading this report, you’ll know exactly how these Dividend Swing Trades are so profitable and how you can uncover similar opportunities over and over.

  • A full breakdown of my system

    You’ll get a detailed dissection of the whole system … the three timing indicators it rests on … and much more.

Simply put, what’s in this report could be worth thousands to you, but I’m sending it your way absolutely free.

If you uncover just one Dividend Swing Trade that plays out as I expect, it could hand you a secure $2,000 for every $10,000 invested.

Join Us as We Bank Fast 20%+ Returns

in the Next 12 Months

Your FREE copy of “3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains” comes your way when you take me up on my invitation to “test drive” Dividend Swing Trader for 60 days.

This no-risk trial means you’ll be one of the few folks on earth getting my most profitable trades.

Because Dividend Swing Trader was specifically designed to deliver 20%+ returns per year—every year—through a combination of stock-appreciation AND cash dividends.

You’ll be joining members like Peter B. from New Hampshire:

“I’m spending more time generating income from my principal but part of my port is still about building more principal. DST fits nicely into that space.”

Or Scott D. from Florida:

“I started with Hidden Yields a couple of years back… When I read about Dividend Swing Trader I immediately got on the waiting list. Been here for about a year now.”

“Very good. You have definitely earned my trust… I love your in depth analysis and feel like you are really trying to help me the little guy instead of profit off of me. Love the sense of humor too.”

Or Jeff D. from Texas:

“Thank you, Brett. I have several investing services. You are always my go to guy. Your analysis has proven to be succinct and spot on. I greatly appreciate your delivery and expertise.”

Now, every individual’s experience is different, and please remember that all investing does come with a degree of risk, so I can’t promise you will see the same results as Jeny, Scott or Jeff.

But here’s what I can tell you: over the coming months, we’ll be laser-focused on digging up stocks yielding 5%+, with potential upside of 15% a year.

Then, when these stocks get overvalued, we’ll simply cash in and swing to our next undervalued dividend payer!

And the really good news is that this system works best in choppy markets—just the kind of market I expect we’ll see as a rattled Jay Powell tries to have his cake and eat it too—increasing liquidity on the one hand while talking tough on rates and inflation on the other.

Here’s exactly what these readers have been getting, month in and month out, from Dividend Swing Trader—and what you’ll get as part of your risk-free trial.

A Proven System for Banking Big Gains

From Steady Dividend Stocks

Your trial membership to Dividend Swing Trader includes:

  • Full access to our entire DST portfolio: The heart of our service, the Dividend Swing Trader portfolio gives you all of our open trades at a glance. You can instantly see key stats like current yields, our total return to date and our latest recommendations on each stock and fund we hold.

    Consider it your dividend “base camp”—the starting point from which you access all of your other Dividend Swing Trader benefits!

  • My latest Dividend Swing Trader trades: I typically deliver about 2 trades a month aimed at handing you a steady 20%+ in total returns!
  • Instant Email Alerts: When it’s time to buy a new stock or roll our gains over into new dividend payers, I’ll let you know immediately by email. You don’t have to spend hours staring at a computer screen—I do all the digging! All you need to do is log into your brokerage account and buy and sell as per my recommendations.
  • Exclusive access to me and my team: Just email your questions to me and my team and we’ll get you answers ASAP. Each individual’s financial situation is unique, so I can’t give out personal investment advice, but I’ll happily answer any questions you have on our recommendations.
  • A complete archive of back issues so you can see everything I’ve ever written about a particular stock, and any changes in my opinion on it.

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you think Dividend Swing Trader might be for you—but you might still be just a bit unsure. I get it. And that’s exactly why I want to make sure you can test drive the service with zero risk whatsoever. I’ll do that through my “100% money-back guarantee.”

Here’s How My Ironclad 60-Day No-Risk Guarantee Works:

Sign up for Dividend Swing Trader today and you get full access to the service for 60 days. Browse our library of Special Reports, check out the latest issue, take a look at our portfolio … pick up a couple of recommendations that catch your eye and watch how they progress. Then, if you’re not completely satisfied, simply let me know and I’ll refund every penny of your subscription.

No questions asked!

That really makes trying Dividend Swing Trader a no-brainer. I’ve taken on all the risk!

To get access, all you’ve got to do is

accept today’s risk-free invitation

to join Dividend Swing Trader

In a moment, I’ll give you all the details of this risk-free invitation.

But before I do, I want to give you two more FREE gifts.

Those would be 2 other bonus reports that reveal the inner workings of my Dividend Swing Trader system and clearly show you the steps we took to bank big, fast gains like a 37.7% return on the BlackRock Science & Technology Trust II (BSTZ) in just 4 months:

A 37.7% GAIN From BSTZ in 4 Months

Or our lightning-fast 17.9% return on Sonic Automotive (SAH) in just 5 weeks!

A 17.9% Return on SAH in Only 5 Weeks!

Combined, these 2 additional volumes are valued at $198, but they’re all yours for FREE today.

Free Bonus Report #1:

How to Identify Market Tops (and Buy Dividends

on the Dip)

Buying low and selling high is what most investors try to do. But buying high and selling low is what most actually do!

You’ve probably heard that there’s no way to time the market, but that’s bunk.

Truth is, there are plenty of useful indicators out there, including seasonal trends and–of course–changes in the money supply, that we can absolutely use to make sure we’re getting in and out at the right times.

And when we apply these strategies to dividend stocks, we can nicely put ourselves in position for 5% dividends and double-digit price gains every year!

We did it with BSTZ, SAH and Valero—some of the successful trades I’ve shown you today. This report breaks down exactly how we’re going to do it again and again in the coming year—and beyond.

Free Bonus Report #2:

The Secret to Banking 20%+ Per Year with CEFs

Closed-end funds are perfect targets for Dividend Swing Trader for two reasons:

  1. Big yields: CEFs yield 7% on average and many yield a lot more—well into double-digits.
  2. Big discounts: CEFs also have an indicator of coming gains that no other investment has: the discount to net asset value (NAV).

Buying when a discount is wide and then “riding along” as it closes—propelling the fund’s price higher as it does—is a strategy we’ve used for years in DST and Contrarian Income Report.

This breakthrough report explains the ins and outs of timing your CEF buys for maximum dividends and upside.

These 2 Bonus Gifts Are Waiting For You

They’re yours for FREE when you accept today’s invitation to join Dividend Swing Trader.

Normally membership alone would cost $1,499 per year. That on its own is a heck of a deal. You’ll likely pick up just one trade during your trial period that’ll cover it.

Not to mention the fact you’re getting $297 worth of free bonus reports.

However, you won’t pay anywhere near that much because I’m currently offering a HUGE 45% discount to Dividend Swing Trader.

So, instead of investing $1,499.00, you’ll pay just $799, effectively “locking in” a $700 discount on your first year.

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You must act fast, though, as I’m only accepting a limited number of new members inside Dividend Swing Trader.

That’s right—only a limited number can join us right now. We really must keep our membership small, for two very specific reasons:

First, this strategy typically focuses on smaller funds and companies.

If I recommended them to the tens of thousands of readers of Contrarian Outlook, we’d move the market with our buying volume. Even recommending these under-the-radar plays to our thousands of Contrarian Income Report or Hidden Yields subscribers would move the market.

Second, when we’re trading more often, as we are with Dividend Swing Trader, it’s just much easier to do with a small, nimble group.

So, to quickly recap, you’ll get:

  • 12 Months of Full Access to Dividend Swing Trader
  • “3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains”
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A total value of $1,796.00…

All for just ONE payment of $799.

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And don’t forget, you’re always covered by my …

Ironclad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My Dividend Swing Trader recommendations aim to return 20%+ per year in dividends and capital appreciation. My Dividend Swing Trader stocks will all be chosen to help you achieve maximum total returns in as little time as possible with a high margin of safety.

If for any reason—or no reason at all—you decide Dividend Swing Trader is not for you in the first 60 days, let me know and I will refund 100% of your money.

It doesn’t get any better than this. If you’re on the hunt for stable dividends and double-digit gains (and who isn’t?), there’s simply no reason not to give it a try.

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Everything Dividend Swing Trader has to offer you—a portfolio full of live trades waiting to be capitalized on, your free special reports and my next fast-moving dividend swing trade (due out in just days)—is waiting for you now.

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And if you act now, you can get all of this for 45% off the cover price.

Plus you’ll ensure your spot is locked in, so you won’t be left out when I (inevitably) have to close the rolls again to keep the service small and nimble.

I can’t wait to start putting my latest dividend swing trades to work for you. I hope you’ll take me up on this risk-free invitation.

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Yours in profits,

Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Dividend Swing Trader

P.S. We’re expecting more upside as Jay Powell quietly juices the markets with extra liquidity, but there will be a lot of “chop,” too. This is the dream sequence for us Dividend Swing Traders. While “buy and holders” hang on through the ups and downs, we’ll ride up, take our profits and then “swing” to our next trade! We’re targeting 5%+ yields here and 15%+ annualized price gains, for potential 20%+ returns!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

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