Your No-Risk Trial to Dividend Swing Trader Is Waiting for You Now

The Gilt Crisis has scared Jay Powell into quietly opening the money spigots (again!).

Our time to buy has finally arrived.

We’re going to beat the crowd through a series of quick, smartly timed buys in my Dividend Swing Trader service.

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When you do, you’ll get instant access to our full DST portfolio, including our open Dividend Swing Trades. They all aim to deliver 5%+ yields and 20%+ annualized returns.

To be honest, plenty of our DST picks do better, like our buy of refiner Valero Inc. (VLO), which soared 43.7% in just 10 weeks!

43.7% From VLO in Less than 3 Months

Or a 17.9% return from Sonic Automotive (SAH) in only 5 weeks:

17.9% on SAH in Only 5 Weeks

But as you can tell, these are faster trades than most folks are used to: we’re talking holding periods of weeks and months here, rather than years.

That makes Dividend Swing Trader a perfect “add-on” to your Contrarian Income Report service, “tacking on” a nice profit pop to your steady CIR payers.

And of course, just like when you joined CIR, you’re always covered by our “ironclad” 60-day money-back guarantee, which lets you road test the service for nearly two months risk-free. If you feel DST isn’t for you, simply let us know in the first 60 days of your trial and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked!

Here’s what else you get in this exclusive offer, available only to Contrarian Income Report subscribers right now:

Free Special Report:

3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains

You’ll find all three pillars of our Dividend Swing Trader strategy in “3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains.” I’d normally sell it for $99 a copy, but I’m sending it your way FREE.

Inside you’ll get…

  • The 3 incredible strategies to uncover fast gains from dividend-paying stocks and funds

    You’ll be able to use these proven tactics to discover high-income investments with fast upside, along with…

  • My private insights on each trade strategy

    After reading this report, you’ll know exactly how these Dividend Swing Trades are so profitable and how you can uncover similar opportunities over and over.

  • A full breakdown of my system

    You’ll get a detailed dissection of the whole system … the three timing indicators it rests on … and much more.

What’s in this report could be worth thousands to you, but I’m sending it your way absolutely free.

Your Dividend Swing Trader trial also includes:

  • Full access to our entire DST portfolio: The Dividend Swing Trader portfolio gives you all of our open trades at a glance. You can instantly see key stats like current yields, our total return to date and our latest recommendations on each stock and fund we hold.
  • My latest Dividend Swing Trader trades: I typically deliver about 2 trades a month aimed at handing you a steady 20%+ in total returns!
  • Instant Email Alerts: When it’s time to buy a new stock or roll our gains over into new dividend payers, I’ll let you know immediately by email.
  • Exclusive access to me and my team: Just email your questions and we’ll get you answers ASAP. Each individual’s financial situation is unique, so I can’t give out personal investment advice, but I’ll happily answer any questions you have on our recommendations.
  • A complete archive of back issues so you can see everything I’ve ever written about a particular stock, and any changes in my opinion on it.

But wait, there’s more …

I also want to give you two additional bonus reports that reveal the inner workings of my Dividend Swing Trader system:

Free Bonus Report #1:

How to Identify Market Tops (and Buy

Dividends on the Dip)

You’ve probably heard that there’s no way to time the market, but that’s bunk.

Truth is, there are plenty of useful indicators out there, including seasonal trends and–of course–changes in the money supply, that we can use to make sure we’re getting in and out at the right times.

When we apply these strategies to dividend stocks, we can put ourselves in position for 5% dividends and double-digit price gains every year!

Free Bonus Report #2:

The Secret to Banking 20%+

Per Year with CEFs

Closed-end funds are perfect targets for Dividend Swing Trader for two reasons:

  1. Big yields: CEFs yield 7% on average and many yield a lot more—well into double-digits.
  2. Big discounts: CEFs also have an indicator of coming gains that no other investment has: the discount to net asset value (NAV).

Buying when a discount is wide and then “riding along” as it closes—propelling the fund’s price higher as it does—is a strategy we’ve used for years in DST and Contrarian Income Report.

This breakthrough report explains the ins and outs of timing your CEF buys for maximum dividends and upside.

Sign Up for Your Next “Dividend

Swing Trade” Right Here

Normally, membership alone costs $1,499 per year. That on its own is a heck of a deal.

Not to mention the fact you’re getting $297 worth of free bonus reports.

However, you won’t pay anywhere near that much because I’m currently offering a HUGE 45% discount to Dividend Swing Trader.

So instead of investing $1,499.00, you’ll pay just $799, effectively “locking in” a $700 discount on your first year.

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And don’t forget, you’re always covered by our 60-day money-back guarantee. You have no risk and no obligation whatsoever.

You must act fast, though, as I’m only accepting a limited number of new members inside Dividend Swing Trader.

That’s right—only a limited number can join us right now. We really must keep our membership small, for two very specific reasons:

First, this strategy typically focuses on smaller funds and companies.

If I recommended them to the tens of thousands of readers of Contrarian Outlook, we’d move the market with our buying volume.

Even recommending these under-the-radar plays to our thousands of Contrarian Income Report subscribers would move the market.

Second, when we’re trading more often, as we are with Dividend Swing Trader, it’s just much easier to do with a small, nimble group.

So, to recap, you’ll get:

  • 12 Months of Full Access to Dividend Swing Trader
  • “3 Keys to Quick Double-Digit Dividend Gains”
  • Special “Insider Only” Updates
  • Exclusive Q&A Service
  • BONUS #1 — “How to Identify Market Tops (and Buy Dividends on the Dip)”
  • BONUS #2 — “The Secret to Banking 20%+ Per Year with CEFs”

A total value of $1,796.00…

All for just ONE payment of $799.

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And don’t forget, you’re always covered by my …

Ironclad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My Dividend Swing Trader recommendations aim to return 20%+ per year in dividends and capital appreciation. My Dividend Swing Trader stocks will all be chosen to help you achieve maximum total returns in as little time as possible with a high margin of safety.

If for any reason—or no reason at all—you decide Dividend Swing Trader is not for you in the first 60 days, let me know and I will refund 100% of your money.

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If you act now, you can get all of this for 45% off the cover price.

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Yours in profits,

Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Dividend Swing Trader

P.S. We’re expecting more upside as Jay Powell quietly juices the markets with extra liquidity. But there will be a lot of “chop,” too. This is the dream sequence for us Dividend Swing Traders. We’ll ride up, take our profits and then “swing” to our next trade! We’re targeting 5%+ yields here, and 15%+ annualized price gains, for potential 20%+ returns!

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