Use The Current Crisis

to Build Your

Dream Retirement

One retiree from Alaska has already gone from paying his advisor

$16,000 a year to earning $110,000 a year in dividends…

Fellow Investor,

After a decade of raging bull market gains, things are unravelling quickly.

So if you’re concerned about keeping the money you’ve already made…

And you’re worried about generating the kind of income you need for an enjoyable retirement…

Then this briefing could be the most important thing you read for 2021.

In it, I’m going to tell you why your current investment portfolio is almost certainly going to keep going down without changes…

I’ll tell you about 12 very popular dividend stocks that are far more dangerous than most retirees currently believe …

And I’ll give you four “contrarian income investments” that can turn this crisis into a massive opportunity… handing you safe payments worth as much as 10% a year.

Those payments alone are enough to double your nest egg in less than five years.

Or, if you’re already relying on your portfolio for retirement income, they could give you an immediate pay raise of 300% or 400%.

All without requiring you to withdraw one single dollar of your original investment at any point in time!

But don’t take my word for it.

One reader from Alaska recently told me:

I’ll tell you exactly what “contrarian income” investments he’s using in a minute.

But first, I want to introduce myself.

Ivy League Engineer Turned

Retirement Income Expert

My name is Brett Owens.

I originally earned a degree in engineering from Cornell University. And when I first graduated, I put my knowledge to good use designing systems for Fortune 500 companies that streamlined their operations and predicted upcoming business risks.

Of course, while I was doing that – and earning a great living – I had left my investment portfolio in someone else’s hands.

I kept contributing more money, but almost every time I checked my account the balance was going DOWN!

I’ll never forget that sickening feeling of watching my money just disappear because of some other idiot’s decisions.

Finally, I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I decided to take control of my own financial destiny once and for all.

So I took everything I knew as an engineer and applied it to my investments, even designing my own system that identified the best companies to buy at any given time.

I’m proud to say that I not only got back everything that lousy stock broker lost me, but I turned a meager $2,000 into $154,000 in less than 48 months!

Man, it felt so good!

Regaining control.

Knowing exactly what I was investing in and why.

Watching my balance start GROWING AGAIN.

Needless to say, I was hooked.

More than that, I knew I could start helping other people experience the same level of control.

Today I’m going to show you how to start doing the same thing.

After all …

The Current Crisis Is Exposing Wall Street’s

Biggest Retirement Lie: The So-Called

4% Withdrawal Rule

Most financial planners and advisors tell retirees that it’s totally fine to withdraw about 4% of any portfolio’s value each and every year.

So if you have a million dollars, you can take out $40,000 and still have enough money to last the rest of your lifetime.

Add that $40,000 to the $40,000 a year in income from your dividends, and you’re cruising on $80,000 a year.

Or at least that’s the theory.

Too bad things don’t always go as expected.

When the market goes down, you’re forced to withdraw money at precisely the wrong time.

Rather than buying more shares as prices go lower, you are SELLING more shares just to make ends meet.

It’s dollar-cost averaging in reverse …

Your portfolio gets gutted at a rapid rate as your withdrawals compound on top of an overall shrinking value!

That’s a recipe for running out of money.

Plus, you have no chance of riding any rebound higher!

This Is Why Blue Chip Dividend Stocks

Are NOT the Answer

Look, I love dividend stocks as much as the next guy. Once in a while, I’ll even find an undervalued blue chip and tell people to buy it.

But there’s a simple problem with the same-old blue chip dividend stocks that every Wall Street advisor has been pushing since time immemorial…

They don’t produce enough income to offset the huge risks you’re taking.

How can some of the biggest names in corporate America — especially so-called “Dividend Aristocrats” with many decades of steady payments under their belts — be risky?

Just consider a stock like General Mills (GIS).

On the surface, its 3.4% yield looks pretty good.

But even putting aside the fact that I can show you better investments yielding two, three or even four times as much, here’s the hidden problem …

An annual yield of 3.4% doesn’t do much for you when the stock drops as much as 34% in a year!

That’s exactly how much GIS dropped in 2018.

Remember, that was during a raging bull market!

And General Mills is hardly an isolated example.

Ask anyone who’s been holding General Electric (GE), Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), Ford (F), Macy’s (M), or plenty of other well-known dividend payers.

Even companies like Johnson and Johnson (JNJ), which actually did okay during the massive bull market, are risks right now. Here’s why …

If you check out the chart of Johnson and Johnson’s dividends on the left below, everything looks good …

And even though the stock price has bounced around like crazy in the chart on the right, traditional wisdom says that doesn’t really matter to an income investor.

After all, “paper” stock price drops don’t cancel the dividend checks you’re receiving.

Of course, plenty of “solid” companies DID cut their dividends during the 2020 crash and I expect more are likely to follow.

On top of that, Johnson and Johnson’s current yield of 2.6% is not enough to produce adequate retirement income for anyone but a multi-millionaire.

Think about it:

Even if you put a million dollars into Johnson and Johnson right now, you’re only going to earn $26,000 a year!

Yes, the dividends can go up over time.

But not nearly fast enough to get you the income you actually need to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

And again, this is all if you have a million dollars to invest!

So if you stick to blue chip dividend stocks right now, you will almost certainly watch your portfolio go down in value… your dividend streams will be at risk… and you will be forced to sell low just to maintain a mediocre retirement lifestyle.

That’s if you stick to the BEST names.

If you own the worst ones, you could easily see your entire investment get wiped out overnight.

Here Are Twelve Popular Income Stocks

to SELL Immediately …

Buying and holding stocks — especially high-yield ones — can be a huge mistake.

In fact, high yields can be a warning sign of a stock in trouble.

Just ask the investors who rushed into RadioShack because of its outsized payments.

As the stock’s dividend yield jumped to 6%… then 8%… and even into double-digit territory, income-starved people piled in.

Then July 2012 rolled around and the company stopped making payments.

Next, their stock got caught in a death spiral.

Finally, RadioShack declared bankruptcy — completely wiping out its stock investors in the process.

It’s easy to spot this kind of tragedy in hindsight. But when it’s happening, people have their blinders on. They keep sticking to the same stocks because they believe the dividends are safe.

And remember, this RadioShack example happened in the summer of 2012… when the U.S. economy was growing rapidly.

So imagine how much greater the danger is right now!

That’s why I just put together a report that highlights 12 popular income stocks that could easily end up just like RadioShack.

Like a household name in packaged-foods whose antiquated brands were way out of step with consumers well before lockdowns began.

Now, with vaccines rolling out, customers will soon be eating out again and demand for its products will inevitably plummet… bad news for shareholders.

Or what about a popular telecom company that other investors might consider rock solid?

This company has piled up a mountain of debt in recent years; it has the high yield of the telecom industry but none of the stability!

I also have a major oil play on my “no-go” radar …

This highly-regarded company was dealt a one-two punch that no one saw coming. First the outbreak hit demand, then OPEC pulled the rug out from under the entire energy industry by discounting oil sales. Sadly, this dividend could be the next to get cut!

I’ve even uncovered hugely dangerous companies in the “steady” utilities sector!

If you own any of these stocks, I strongly suggest getting rid of them now.

And these are just a few of the dangerous names I see out there at the moment.

So it’s critical that you read my report — “The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now” — immediately.

I’ll tell you how to download a copy of this report in just a minute.

Of course, I don’t want you to think that it’s all danger out there, either.

So let’s also talk about some of the big opportunities I’m seeing — investments that can not only give you two or three times as much income as blue chip dividend stocks but also set you up for truly life-changing gains along the way!

Buy These Three Contrarian Income Investments

for Immediate Yields As High As 10% a Year

A lot of people say they’re contrarians.

Very few actually meet the definition.

To be a true contrarian you often have to go against the herd.

On a macro level, that means you’re buying when everyone else is selling… when the headlines are full of panic and there’s no way to know when the market pain will actually stop.

But it’s more than just putting some money into an index fund when things are going down, even though that’s hard enough for most people to do.

Income contrarians buy the handful of investments that are being completely misunderstood and shunned by almost everyone… investments that have big yields and safe dividend streams.

And based on what’s happening right now, I see two major areas of opportunity.

I’m calling the first area “monthly dividend funds” and you could start receiving immediate payments worth as much as 10% a year… with dividends flowing to you every single month!

While most American retirees are starving themselves with meager yields of just 3% or 4% from well-known dividend stocks, there’s a completely different type of investment that can hand you at least twice as much income… on a more frequent basis.

Just to illustrate the difference:

A lot of people buy a stock like JP Morgan Chase, attracted to its big name and quarterly dividends that add up to 3% a year.

In contrast, they could be buying a “monthly dividend fund” that would give them the same type of exposure to the financial sector but pay them bigger dividends on a MONTHLY basis.

Total pay raise? All the way from 3% a year to 10% a year… instantly!

How can this be possible? Simple.

These investments rely on two important things to boost your income — some of the biggest brains on Wall Street and a special form of borrowing power that I call “LIBOR leverage.”

Without getting into all the nitty-gritty details, the basic idea is that a group of Wall Street insiders have figured out a way to tap ultra-cheap sources of money to invest in their very favorite income investments.

And unlike hedge funds, which some of these very same people also run, even regular investors like you can participate… without needing large amounts of money… and they’re as easy to buy as any regular stock or fund through a standard brokerage account.

Perhaps the best part right now is that their LIBOR leverage — what it costs to actually borrow money — has been improving.

Yet investors are completely missing that point right now.

In fact, they are even discounting the value of the underlying investments inside my favorite “monthly dividend funds.”

So by choosing the right ones, you not only get outsized income payments every month but also have the chance to capture the difference when you sell — big capital gain potential on top of the 10% annual yields!

Add it all up and you have the chance to earn way more income… paid on a monthly basis… with downside protection… and the possibility of walking a way with a big capital gain kicker if you ever decide to cash out.

For example, one of my favorite funds will start handing you 6.8% a year and looks to be undervalued by nearly 5% right now…

A second one yields 10% and gives you exposure to a part of the economy that is being unnecessarily ignored right now…

And a third is run by one of the smartest people on Wall Street. Its annual yield is a staggering 8%!

I’ve put details on all three of these into a special report called “Monthly Dividend Superstars: Yields Up to 10% With Double-Digit Upside.”

In it, I tell you how to buy these investments… what prices you should pay… and all the reasons they’re my favorites right now.

And in just a minute I’ll tell you how to get a copy of the report (along with the “Dirty Dozen” report) for free.

But first there’s one more opportunity to cover… something I’m calling “Warren Buffett Bonds.”

As I’ve already said, most investors just buy common dividend stocks for income.

If they’re really brave, they might buy a few bonds — either individually or through a mutual fund.

But there’s another type of investment that splits the difference between these two categories, carrying some of the advantages of each.

In a nutshell, these investments:

  • Can be bought and sold like regular common stocks,
  • But typically carry higher yields than their common counterparts,
  • Plus, provide holders with more safety in the event of future market shifts or pullbacks.

You can see why these investments have been a Warren Buffett favorite over the years.

In fact, he was buying them like crazy during the last major downturn and his returns ended up being absolutely amazing!

Just one example proves how profitable these deals can be…

Buffett struck a deal with Bank of America during the last downturn, investing $5 billion and got guaranteed yields of 6% a year in return along with a special provision that allowed him to get nearly 700,000,000 shares of BAC stock at a fixed price of $7.14.

Between that original “Buffett bond” deal and some additional investments Warren has made in the years since, his total profits have exceeded $22.75 billion.

On a percentage basis, Buffett earned a total return of 181%!

Obviously, there’s no guarantee his favorite type of investment will produce similar gains this time around.

But I think the very best chance of doing it is by enlisting the help of another Wall Street legend who actively manages a portfolio of these “Buffett bonds.”

I believe his approach eliminates a lot of unnecessary credit risk that comes with the handful of passive funds investing in these “Buffett bonds.”

On average, this particular group of “Buffett bonds” has already been handing investors more than 10% a year since it became available in 2013… more than TRIPLING the returns of a broad market bond index over the same time period.

And given the environment right now, I think the biggest profit potential is right there for the taking!

So I’ve put together a third report that tells you who this manager is… how to get access to his portfolio… and all the details on “Buffett bonds” themselves (including why they act somewhat like bonds but are technically different).

This third report is called “Looking Past Common Dividends for 7% Income.”

By the way, perhaps the best part of this particular investment is the fact that it is NOT correlated to the stock market – meaning it can spit out large payments no matter what the market for common stocks is doing.

Right now, those payments are worth an amazing 7% a year… more than the stock market has typically produced over the last 100 years.

Here’s How to Download Your Three FREE Reports Right Away…

Normally, the three reports I just told you about — my “Dirty Dozen” list of stocks to sell… full details on “Monthly Dividend Superstars” that yield as much as 10% a year… plus information on the portfolio of “Buffett Bonds” that can hand you 7% a year in extra income — are worth $297 on their own.

But as I’ve been promising, you can download them all for free right now and they’re just the beginning of what I want to send you.

After all, this situation we’re facing right now is unprecedented.

I want to be able to warn you about additional landmines I see out there…

I want to be able to send you follow-ups on the investments outlined in my free reports…

And I want to keep introducing you to more contrarian income ideas as things continue to evolve.

So in addition to offering you all three reports, I’m also including a risk-free trial to my Contrarian Income Report research service.

As the name suggests, Contrarian Income Report is all about finding the big-paying opportunities that everyone else is missing… especially during the kind of situation we have playing out right now.

There is a diverse collection of high-yield investments in my model portfolio, and you’ll get instant access to all of them the minute your risk-free trial starts.

PLUS you’ll get the next two NEW monthly issues I send out as well.

Every new investment idea you get in Contrarian Income Report is guaranteed to pay SAFE dividends worth at least 6% a year… and typically much more than that.

So just by “swapping out” your blue chips for these high-powered dividend stars, you could double, triple—or even quadruple—your income. And you could do it starting TODAY!

My recommendations are already helping thousands of Americans just like you.

Of course, as a member of Contrarian Income Report, you’ll get everything straight from the source, including:

  • Immediate access to all of the picks in the members-only portfolio, including my exact buy & sell recommendations and buy-under prices.
  • New income plays I uncover going forward, all of which will hand you a minimum of 6% a year in regular payments (and often much more).
  • Analysis of major market events delivered straight to your inbox every single week, which will help you navigate this extremely tricky and volatile environment.
  • Flash alerts any time you need to take an action on investments in our portfolio.
  • My monthly research bulletins delivered the first Friday of every month, including new portfolio additions, updates on existing positions and an overview of trends and events that may affect our holdings.
  • 24/7 access to our password protected members-only website where you can explore all of our resources, archives, special reports and the full model portfolio.
  • Live, members-only webinars every quarter, where we’ll run through the latest news on current portfolio recommendations and I’ll personally answer member questions.
  • Plus, VIP customer care! If you ever have questions about your subscription, you can email our customer service team anytime, or call our New York office during regular business hours without waiting on hold or navigating those annoying phone menus.

Add it all up and you won’t need to spend hours in front of a computer screen researching the markets.

I’ll take care of all the hard work so don’t have to…

I’ll send you complete details on all the new contrarian income investments I uncover…

And I’ll continually keep you up to date on our existing holdings and all the latest market developments.

How much is all that worth?

Well, the normal membership fee for Contrarian Income Report is $99 a year.

Considering everything that’s included, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s very fair.

Heck, the three reports you’ll get absolutely free are worth three times that much!

And even a small position in any one of the picks mentioned above should easily pay back the membership fee in no time at all.

Imagine 7%, 9%, even 10% a year in dividends rolling in from the picks I just told you about… and then watching them appreciate as mainstream investors realize what they’ve been missing and inevitably pile back in!

Still, I recognize that money might be tight right now even though this is precisely the time to be scouting out new investment opportunities.

So I’ve made a deal with my publisher to bring on 75 new readers today by offering a big discount off the regular annual price.

If you sign up right now, we’ll slash your membership fee all the way down to just $39 for your first full year… a full 60% off the usual rate!

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Better yet, you’re not risking a single penny by acting today…

You Are Fully Covered by

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll enjoy — and profit from! — Contrarian Income Report that I’m going to give you 60 days to try it out absolutely risk-free.

Here’s how it works…

Start your membership today.

Download your special reports, read the latest issue, and start tracking a few winners in the portfolio that catch your interest.

Then, sit back and enjoy the next couple of issues of Contrarian Income Report…

Read my weekly updates…

Use all of the other member benefits as much as you like…

Then, if after nearly two months, you don’t feel like the information has more than covered your cost…

Or if it’s just not right for you…

Simply let me know and I’ll issue a full refund of every penny you paid to join.

That’s 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Plus you’re welcome to keep everything I’ve sent you just as a thank you for trying Contrarian Income Report out.


To Make This a Complete No-Brainer,

I Want To Give You Two Extra Reports…

Just to give you every possible tool to deal with the market we have right now…

And to give you every possible reason to take me up on today’s risk-free trial offer to Contrarian Income Report…

I want to give you two additional bonus reports as part of this special offer …

Extra Bonus Report #1:

5 “Recession-Resistant” Dividends Paying Up to 8%

Inside you’ll get the names, tickers and in-depth backstory on 5 of my top recession-proof buys, including…

  • An overcapitalized financial institution that has a “secret ATM” it can use to generate even more cash whenever it needs it.
  • The closed-end fund trading at an insane double-digit discount and pays a rock-steady 6.8% dividend!
  • My ultimate “safety-first” play that pays a tax-free 4.8% dividend (that could be worth 7% or more to you, depending on your tax bracket).
  • A totally misunderstood fund paying a steady 7.6%; most investors think it’s tied to the unsteady Chinese economy simply because it has “Asia” in its name. (It isn’t.)
  • A 6.4% monthly payer offering a lower-risk way to safeguard your portfolio in today’s wild markets.

Next, you’ll get your very own copy of my personal playbook…

Extra Bonus Report #2:

Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine

It’s one thing to say you’re a contrarian and another to put it into practice.

One thing I’ve discovered over the years is that it gets a lot easier when you have a SYSTEM.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this step-by-step contrarian guide.

For the past decade I’ve been refining this specific way to identify the top contrarian investment ideas at any point in time.

It couldn’t be easier to follow, either.

I’ll give you the steps and everything else you need to know so that you can start finding bargains right alongside me.

All you have to do is click the button below to claim everything right now:

Add it all up and you get:

  • “The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now”
  • “Monthly Dividend Superstars: Yields Up to 10% With Double-Digit Upside.”
  • “Looking Past Common Dividends for 7% Income”
  • ”5 ‘Recession-Resistant’ Dividends Paying Up to 8%”
  • “Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine”
  • Plus your full-year membership to Contrarian Income Report

That’s a total value of $594 for just $39… and remember, you are fully covered by my 60-day money back guarantee the whole time!

You have nothing to lose and a whole world of new investment ideas to discover.

And all you have to do is click the button below to get started now …

NOW Is the Time to Be an Income Contrarian…

Millions of Americans are already getting hammered right now, and I don’t see the pain letting up anytime soon.

Not when we have an unprecedented situation like this current pandemic… all built on top of the longest stretch of “easy money” policies in world history.

But with every crisis comes opportunity.

So you have two choices:

  1. Keep listening to all the mainstream media fear and “stay the course” financial advice getting pushed by Wall Street only to watch more of your retirement money go up in smoke.
  2. Take swift, decisive action and set yourself up for the next decade of upside by unloading any landmines in your portfolio and buying the once-in-a-lifetime income bargains I’ve been telling you about today.

I think it’s an easy decision to make… especially since I’m offering to send you all of my best research with absolutely zero risk to you.

All you have to do is click the button below:

The grim reality is that millions of Americans could end up watching their retirement dreams go up in smoke.

But my Contrarian Income Report readers and I will rest easy thanks to our super-safe “no withdrawal” portfolio built on investments yielding as much as 10% a year.

I sincerely hope you decide to join us…

Yours in profits,

Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Contrarian Income Report

P.S. The current market volatility means you need to act quickly… especially if you want to grab that one investment currently yielding 10% a year.

P.P.S. Also remember that you aren’t risking one single penny by getting all of my best ideas right now. In fact, you have a full two months to make your final decision.

So just click here to download everything right now and see what you think while the biggest gains are still ahead of us.





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