Jay Powell’s printing press has unlocked a

series of unprecedented investment

threats and opportunities

In this urgent special report, you’ll discover:

  • 7 Fed-Fueled Stocks to Buy Immediately – these little-known stocks are set to pay safe, rock-steady dividends up to 7.4% per year, with much more room to grow.
  • 12 Stocks to SELL Immediately – these ticking time bombs are the Fed’s biggest victims. They could plunge 20% or more, and almost every investor’s portfolio is exposed to them.
  • Starved for Yield? Here’s how to pocket an extra $2,750 per month, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s printing press …

There’s no other way to say it …

We income investors have hit the jackpot!

With the Fed flooding the market with money …

With President Biden already printing another $1.9 trillion …

And with modern monetary theory now the “in” thing …

Yield hounds are about to make more money than ever.

I know that may seem counterintuitive.

After all, most investors are scared their income will plunge.

And, technically they’re not wrong.

Bonds, treasuries and CDs will become a pittance.

But as you’ll discover today, the Federal Reserve’s money printing has actually created an extraordinary income opportunity for a small group of savvy investors. You see, a unique group of stocks is actually benefiting from all this chaos.

I’m talking about …

Stocks That Are Directly—and Indirectly—Fueled By the Fed’s Printing Presses

In this special report, I’m going to show you how these “Fed-Fueled” stocks could help you earn an extra $2,750 per month in income – with double-digit price appreciation, to boot.

Take a look at this little-known stock …

Fueled in large part by the Fed’s action, share prices surged 151.3% in a year …

And investors who bought early locked in a rock-solid 6%-per-year dividend on their original investment.

Or how about this one …

Only a year after the Fed cranked up the printing presses, its share price soared nearly 51%. It also pays investors a safe, secure 5% per year today.

And then there’s one of my favorites …

Not only did it soar a massive 54% in the first year of unbridled money printing, but as I write, it’s paying an astounding 7.8% dividend that goes out every single month!

Best of all, these returns are just a taste of what’s to come.

Because if there’s one thing you can guarantee, it’s that …

The Money Ain’t Stopping

The printing presses are staying on.

Central banks are going to keep on printing.

Governments are officially addicted to “free” cash.

And while many investors worry that this will kill their income …

As you’re about to see, it actually unlocks a remarkable opportunity.

I’m talking about safe and secure dividends of 5%, 6% … even as much as 9%.

With the potential for double-digit price appreciation, to boot!

All with very little risk.

That’s right.

In today’s income-starved world …

In a topsy-turvy market where up is down and left is right …

You can turn all the chaos, uncertainty and volatility to your advantage.

Because while no one knows what the future holds, one thing is certain: the Fed will print A LOT more money.

And the results of all this are easily predictable:

  • Interest rates will remain historically low.
  • Investors will avoid CDs, bonds and Treasuries.
  • Looking for greater returns, they’ll seek out riskier stocks.
  • Drunk on cheap money, companies will buy up their stock in droves.

All of which will continue driving stocks higher and higher.

Making the next crash – when it inevitably comes, because it inevitably will – all the more devastating.

Fortunately, there is a solution. There’s a way for you to reap all of the upside as the market continues roaring to new heights, while also protecting your downside from any major crashes or corrections.


The answer lies in what I call Fed-Fueled dividends.

And if you know how to identify these Fed-Fueled dividends, you can bank a safe and secure yield of 6%, 7% … even 9% per year, with the potential for double-digit price appreciation as well. All with very little risk.

As these fellow Fed-Fueled investors can attest …

In just a moment, I’ll show you how you could see similar results.

I’ll show you how my Fed-Fueled dividend strategy could finally give you the peace of mind, security and predictable income you deserve – in almost any market – without having to gamble on risky, overpriced stocks.

Better yet, I’ll even give you …

7 Stocks to Buy – and 12 Stocks to Sell

These are the dividend stocks and high-yield funds that will benefit most from the Fed’s actions …

The 7 stocks and funds to buy have huge upside potential, thanks to all the new cash rushing into the market … while the 12 stocks to sell are going to see their value plunge as a result of all this unfettered money printing or other unfortunate developments within their own company or sector.

In just a moment, we’ll get to all this and more. But first, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Brett Owens.

I’m the bestselling author of How to Retire on Dividends and the Chief Investment Strategist at Contrarian Outlook.

You may know me from CNBC, Yahoo! Finance or NASDAQ, where I’m frequently asked to share my strategies on how to collect consistent and reliable retirement income with very little risk.

For over a decade, I’ve helped tens of thousands of investors maximize their income while minimizing their risk through my simple contrarian approach to the markets.

I’m talking about investments that fly under the radar yet have ever-growing dividends… great upside potential… rock-solid fundamentals… and recession-proof foundations.

As a result, I frequently get emails like this …

You see, as a best-selling author and top retirement income expert, my job is to hunt down rock-steady 6%, 8%, even 9% dividend payers (with plenty of double- or even triple-digit price appreciation along the way) that have been overlooked or ignored by 99% of investors.

Case in point …

This obscure healthcare REIT delivered a 104% total return — including an incredible 7% dividend — in just over 3 years.

This little-known infrastructure fund handed us a 94.6% total return while dishing out an incredible 8% monthly dividend …

And another infrastructure fund returned 56.2% in just over 2 years, including a consistent 6.5% payout …

And then there was an actively managed tech fund paying 6.5% that we cashed in for a 41.7% total return in just 15 months!

But these gains are tiny compared to what’s coming next.

You see – despite what the media and financial establishment are saying – my research shows that 2022 is going to be an incredibly profitable year for income investors.

So, I want you to ignore the fear-mongering news.

I want you to ignore anyone who says dividends are dead.

Because if you adjust to this new market environment, the potential is off the charts.

We’re talking about safe payouts of 6 to 9% that are practically immune to the market’s chaos, and they pay you with the predictability of a Swiss watch. Plus you could see your net worth soar with double- and even triple-digit price appreciation … all with low risk.

To truly understand the opportunity here, we need to revisit …

The Fed’s Secret Meeting

At 8 a.m. on March 23rd, 2020…

The Federal Reserve met behind closed doors.

During that meeting, they made a drastic decision.

They would save the economy, no matter what the cost.

So, they announced they were “going nuclear” with money printing.

They sold this to the public as a short-term measure.

A way to stem the bleeding.

A way to get us through the crisis.

However, here we are, well over a year later …

And the printing presses are still in overdrive.


Because the elected officials in Washington know, once the pandemic passes, cooler heads will prevail. They know this free-money party will come to an abrupt end.

So they’re keeping the pressure on the Fed to keep the party going.

They want the printing presses to run at full steam for years to come.

That’s the bad news. The good news is:

It’s not only the politicians who can profit from this. You see, the Fed’s money printing has also unlocked an extraordinary profit opportunity for savvy income investors, too.

In other words, what I’m trying to make clear is …

When Politicians Pump Trillions Into the

Market, Certain Stocks and Funds

Will Surge Disproportionately

I call them Fed-Fueled stocks.

If you identify these obscure plays … if you can figure out where the money is flowing … and if you get in early, before the impact of the Fed’s money sends their shares soaring … you can bag big returns and fat dividends with very little risk.

And ever since the printing presses fired up …

My readers and I have been following the Fed’s trillion-dollar capital flows and enjoying rock-steady dividends while share prices have begun to soar.

For example, we’re looking at 50.53% total return just since October 2020, including a juicy 5.8% monthly dividend …

… or how about a tax-advantaged income fund that’s dishing out a 7.8% dividend (also paid monthly!). It’s sitting on a 53.9% total return since we scooped it up at a discount in late 2020 …

And these positions are all still open, with much, much more room to go.

In fact, by the time we exit these positions, I expect most of them to have delivered at least high double-digit returns – with many showing triple-digit potential. More importantly, though, they’re paying 5%, 6%, even 8% yields.

All we had to do was identify and ride the Fed’s capital flows.

Now I want to show you how to do the same with …

3 Fed-Fueled Sectors to Invest In

These three sectors are red hot right now.

And I’m convinced that, fueled by direct – and even indirect – influxes of cash from the Federal Reserve, they’re the best places to invest for maximum income, maximum upside and minimum risk.

Fed-Fueled Sector #1: Energy

Energy will be the big story of the next few years.

On President Biden’s own website, he outlines a plan for America’s “clean energy revolution.”

His plan aims to turn America into the world’s clean energy superpower. In his own words: “Getting to a 100% clean energy economy is not only an obligation; it’s an opportunity.”

It’s not just an opportunity for America, though.

It’s an incredible investment opportunity for you.

You see, the stocks at the heart of this clean energy revolution will benefit from massive government subsidies, tax breaks and direct federal investment.

Case in point, even after Biden’s $1.9-trillion relief package, his administration is diverting another trillion toward infrastructure, and $3.5 trillion MORE in a budget resolution. All of these unbridled spending gives our Fed-Fueled stocks and funds huge upside potential.

This is why Bank of America sees the energy sector as one of the hottest areas for investors. And although this sector is just starting to heat up, our Fed-Fueled plays are already producing huge returns.

For example, we’re already looking at a 98.1% total return on an obscure natural-gas-service stock …

The price gain is just the cherry on top, though.

The best part is the insane 12.3% yield we secured on our original investment.

That’s right, in today’s yield-starved world of zero percent interest rates, with companies canceling dividends and investors panicking about their retirement income, we locked in a rock-solid yield over 12% on our original investment.

To put that in context, that’s roughly 9-times MORE than both the 10-year Treasury note and the S&P 500 pay!

But this is just the beginning.

As the Biden administration pushes through its green agenda, Washington, D.C., will continue pumping dollars into the sector, unlocking huge profit potential for investors who get in now.

In just a moment, I’ll tell you how to get the name of this stock, along with another windfall opportunity in the energy sector that is already up 14.3% since I recommended it (while also delivering a 6.9% dividend).

But first, let me tell you about …

Fed-Fueled Sector #2: High-Yield Bond Funds

With the Fed expected to keep interest rates on the floor until well into 2022, and Treasuries paying a still-meager 1.4%, high-yielding corporate bonds will continue to attract interest and pay us handsomely.

The best bond deals are those rated below investment grade, because mainstream investors avoid them. As a result, it takes a rare savant to navigate this market.

Case in point, one of my favorite funds pays an incredible 7.4% monthly dividend and is run by one of the sharpest bond minds on the planet. This guru picks his favorite emerging-market buys, corporate issues, mortgage-backed securities, commercial mortgages, collateralized-loan obligations and even municipal bonds.

And his contrarian moves paid off in spades coming out of the March 2020 selloff, delivering an incredible 66.5% return, nearly doubling its benchmark, the SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond ETF (JNK).

This Whip-smart Manager Earns His Keep

Of course, this is just the beginning of the story.

Because as the government continues to spend massive amounts on stimulus, infrastructure, renewable energy …

I expect these under-the-radar funds to continue delivering exceptional price growth – along with safe, secure and stable dividends.

In just a moment, I’ll give you the name of this incredible closed-end fund.

But before I do, let me also tell you about …

Fed-Fueled Sector #3: Banks

Bloomberg says “Bank stocks are back in vogue.”

And the news agency is right. Bank stocks have been on a tear.

That’s because, with the Fed fueling the recovery of the economy, banks are seeing all that money coursing through their systems, due to increases in spending and borrowing.

We’ve already witnessed a 151% total return with one of my favorite Fed-Fueled banks.

That one play alone would have more than DOUBLED your money.

And that’s without counting what my other Fed-Fueled bank stocks have made (plus the attractive dividends they pay).

But don’t worry if you missed those gains.

Because there’s much more room to grow. Here’s why:

Many bank stocks are trading at LESS than 15 times forward earnings estimates, despite improving earnings-growth outlooks. That’s why the financial sector is still one of the most undervalued sectors in the market.

And it’s why each and every one of my Fed-Fueled bank stocks still has huge upside potential if you invest immediately.

But not all bank stocks are created equal.

All the Fed’s stimulus and money printing is only going to benefit certain bank stocks.

And all of these under-the-radar stocks are still incredibly underpriced and undervalued.

Which is why I believe investing in them immediately is one of THE #1 income plays for this year.

With these Fed-Fueled stocks in your portfolio …

You can enjoy safe and secure yields of 5%, 7%, even as much as 9% per year …

With the potential for at least double-digit price appreciation, as well.

All with very little risk.

And to help you with this …

I’m Giving You Free Access to

My Entire Fed-Fueled Portfolio

It’s a carefully constructed portfolio of 7 Fed-Fueled stocks.

These under-the-radar investments will all benefit from the trillions of dollars gushing out of Washington, D.C. They all pay safe, secure and healthy dividends while also delivering great upside potential – no matter what happens to the broader market.

You can get full details of this portfolio – including the name, analysis of each stock and buy-up-to prices – inside my brand-new investment guide: “The Fed-Fueled Portfolio”

And, for a limited-time-only, you can get this new guide for free.


Because I want to put my best foot forward. By freely giving you my entire Fed-Fueled portfolio, I hope you’ll want to continue getting my investment research for years to come.

And let me tell you, there’s no better time than right now …

With trillions about to hit the market, these 7 Fed-Fueled stocks could easily skyrocket.

I expect to see double-, even triple-digit price appreciation, along with fat dividends for years to come.

So, while most income investors are starved for yield, watching in horror as their cash flow dries up, you could be sitting pretty on a safe, secure, Fed-Fueled income of 5% to 9% per year, no matter what direction the market goes.

In just a moment, I’ll tell you how to claim your free Fed-Fueled report.

However, it’s important that we first discuss …

The Dark Side of the Fed

As you learned today …

Certain stocks will respond favorably to money printing.

There’s a flip side to this, however. And for every stock that is fueled by the Fed pouring trillions of dollars into the market, there are dozens of others that are set to crumble.

That’s why I also want to send you another special report: “The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now!”

Inside this urgent report, you’ll discover 12 ticking time bombs that are lurking in the stock market right now.

These are well-known, popular dividend plays that seem like great investments on the surface but are actually highly likely to blow up and lose as much as 20% of their value as a result of the Fed’s money printing or other unfortunate economic decisions.

Inside your special report “The Dirty Dozen,” you’ll get the names of these 12 doomed stocks, along with a breakdown of why they could implode any day now, wiping out billions in value.

If you hold any of these stocks — and it’s likely that you do — I urge you to move your money to the investments you’ll discover inside my new Fed-Fueled Portfolio. And you’ll need to do so right now, before they have ANY chance of crushing your retirement dreams.

Now, armed with these two new reports:

  • The Fed-Fueled Portfolio: 7 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now
  • The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now

I believe you’ll have a bulletproof plan for navigating today’s market.

You don’t need to buy or sell options.

You don’t need to gamble on risky, volatile stocks.

You don’t need to worry about your retirement income.

All you need to do is follow the trillions of dollars pouring out of Washington, D.C. Follow the Federal Reserve’s money as it floods into certain sectors. Invest in my top 7 Fed-Fueled dividend payers and SELL what I call “The Dirty Dozen.”

It’s that simple.

Do this and you’ll be set for whatever the market throws at us.

Whether stocks continue surging or come crashing back down, you’ll be set.

You’ll have a steady, predictable and reliable income stream – with double, even triple-digit returns, to boot. And while other investors complain about the lack of bond yields or low interest rates, your dividends and returns will be growing by leaps and bounds.

In fact, for every $500,000 invested in my Fed-Fueled Portfolio …

… I expect you could pocket an extra $2,750 every month in safe retirement income.

Not bad for a hyper-conservative, low-risk portfolio in a world where most income investors are desperate for a paltry 1% or 2% yield. And right now, you can get immediate access to this Fed-Fueled portfolio …

Say the Word and I’ll Rush You

My “Fed-Fueled” Portfolio – Plus the

12 Stocks to Sell Immediately

It’s all yours for free.

All you’ve got to do is accept a risk-free trial to Contrarian Income Report.

This is my private investment-research service that’s dedicated to helping investors like you collect safe, secure and consistent income, no matter what the broader market is doing.

By avoiding hyped-up tech stocks, high-risk penny stocks and speculative investments, our readers are able to collect safe, stable income – along with excellent price appreciation – without worrying about crashes, corrections or pullbacks.

More importantly, we’ve achieved this WITHOUT you needing to risk your retirement on some speculative “10-bagger.” In other words, we’ve helped our readers multiply their wealth, boost their income and retire richer while maximizing security and stability.

Just like we did with the big winners I told you about above, including …

The 104% total return — including an incredible 7% dividend — from an obscure healthcare REIT in just over 3 years …

The infrastructure fund that handed us a 95% total return while dishing out an incredible 8% monthly dividend …

And another infrastructure play with a 6.5% dividend that returned 56% in just over two years …

And the actively managed tech fund paying 6.5% that we cashed in for a 41.7% total return in just 15 months!

However, I believe my new Fed-Fueled portfolio will dwarf anything I’ve done before.

With trillions of dollars flooding into certain sectors and certain companies, some stocks are going to explode in value – delivering huge upside to investors who get in early.

Which is why I’m so excited to invite you to join Contrarian Income Report. It’s also why I’ve put together my most generous offer ever – exclusively for new members who join today.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside:

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    PLUS, in every issue, I’ll include my “Best Buy” list of stocks that are disproportionately favored to deliver the safest dividends with the greatest potential for capital gains, so you can own them precisely when they’re spinning off the greatest profits for you.

    I don’t give a damn about what the stock did yesterday or what analysts say it will do tomorrow. Instead, I focus on current performance. Is it delivering safe, steady profits? Yes? Then I want you to own it.

    If not, I’ll put other stocks in your hands that are. Simple as that. This is the exact same strategy that’s allowed us to enjoy dividends 4 times bigger than the S&P 500 average (plus big annualized gains)!

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    Also …

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You Have the Power to Secure Solid Monthly

Income THANKS to the Fed’s Printing Press …

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All thanks to the unprecedented opportunity the Fed is giving us retail investors.

And with their plans to continue to do so int0 2022 … it’s almost a shoe-in that these stocks will do at least as well as they did last year. That’s why I consider them a no-brainer, slam dunk for income investors.

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Option #2: you do it all yourself.

A perfectly valid way to go about it.

You could attempt to track the best “fed-fueled” companies yourself. You could analyze the financial news, pore over company reports, track D.C. money flows and develop timing systems for when to buy and sell.

But let’s be honest: it’s a heck of a lot of work.

Why would you want to do it, especially when I’m offering to do it for you?

That’s option #3: let me do it all for you.

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