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The key to this upside isn’t speculation—no pot stocks, crypto or tech start-ups here. Instead, we’re targeting well-established companies sitting on boatloads of cash—and handing it out to investors like us in the form of fast-growing dividend payouts.

Because here’s something almost everyone forgets: where dividends go, share prices soon follow. It’s as sure as night follows day!

Just look at insurer UnitedHealth Group (UNH), a stock I pounded the table on in Hidden Yields in January 2020. The company went on to boost its payout by 34% in just under two years, driving a 51% gain in the share price, crushing the S&P 500’s return of just 41%!

Big Dividend Hikes Deliver Even Bigger Price Gains

Look at that chart. The link between share-price gains and dividend hikes could not be clearer! (And it doesn’t account for the fact that, when you include dividends, our total return jumps to 55%!)

I’ve seen this pattern repeat with stout dividend growers over and over again.

Like with another Hidden Yields pick, insurer Assurant (AIZ), which I recommended in September 2015. When we sold just a little more than four years later, we took 74% in price gains (or a 92% gain including dividends!) with us.

Dividend Buyers Discover AIZ’s Surging Payout

And that gain came as a result of “just” a 26% dividend increase! This is hands-down the most exhilarating part of investing in dividend growers: when investors (finally) catch wind of them, the stock can pop virtually overnight!

And if you really want to see the power of a rising dividend, look at what happened with Texas Instruments (TXN), on which I issued an urgent buy call in June 2017, citing the company’s astonishing free cash flow growth since its brilliant CEO took the helm 5 years earlier.

I fully expected the company’s rising cash tide to send the dividend, and the stock, soaring, so I recommended snapping up TXN shares right away.

Sure enough, over the nearly four years that followed, the chipmaker boosted its payout 130%, sending the share price up in lockstep. We’re now sitting on a market-crushing 137% price gain. Add in dividends and we’ve easily tripled our initial investment, with a 166% total return!

Dividend “Updraft” Sends TXN’s Price Soaring—Hike for Hike

I could do this all day, but the point is this: dividend growth is the No. 1 driver of share prices—bar none.

And here’s the best news: even these days, with interest rates and dividend yields on big-name stocks near historic lows, there’s still a rich bounty of bargain-priced dividend growers out there, just waiting for us to buy.

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Special Report #1:
The 7 Best Dividend-Growth Stocks With 100%+ Upside

These 7 stocks are my top picks for triple-digit gains and double-digit annual dividend hikes in the months and years ahead.

They’re the perfect plays against today’s uncertain markets and worries that high inflation will stick around longer than expected, forcing interest rates higher.


Special Report #2:
Behind the 8-Ball: Eight Popular Dividends Set for a Cut

Using a combination of 7 fundamental factors, I’ve identified 8 companies that are highly likely to slash or freeze their dividends in the months ahead.

If you’re caught holding any of these losers, look out! You could very easily be on the hook for losses of at least 20%, and perhaps as high as 50%. If you own any of these 8 paper tigers, you’ll want to sell them yesterday.


Special Report #3:
Shareholder Yield: How to Identify Double-Digit Returns From Buybacks

This report shows how buybacks can both light a fire under stock returns and boost dividend payments.

But as beneficial as repurchases can be for investors, many companies go too far by paying out more in buybacks than they’re bringing in through free cash flow, for example, or repurchasing shares when they’re pricey.

This report gives you everything you need to make sure the companies you invest in are repurchasing stock the right way—not just burning up cash that would be better used to hike their dividends or develop the next breakthrough product.

In addition to these reports, your membership also includes:

  • Monthly Research Bulletins—On the third Friday of each month, you’ll receive my latest investment analysis in your inbox. Your monthly Hidden Yields issue will include detailed analysis on new recommendations, updates on existing positions and an overview of trends and events that may affect your portfolio.
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