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Big Dividend Hikes Deliver Life-Changing Gains

This is the performance of CoreSite Realty (COR), a stock I recommend in Contrarian Income Report’s sister publication, Hidden Yields.

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Special Report #1:
The 7 Best Dividend-Growth Stocks With 100%+ Upside

My research team sifted through THOUSANDS of stocks from across the globe, then we narrowed our buy list down to these 7 income gushers.

These truly are the “best of the best” dividend growth plays you can buy now. In our report, we give you detailed profiles on each of them, including ticker symbols, buy-up-to prices and MUCH more.

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  • A REIT that harvests growing payouts from 672 properties across the US. The company boosted its dividend twice over the past year and if that pace continues, it’ll be paying you double in no time at all.
  • The 800% Dividend Grower. This unsung company has boosted its dividend eightfold since a new management team took over just 4 years ago! This stock is a complete no-brainer for anyone looking to get bigger and bigger dividend checks from here out.
  • A “double threat” income-and-growth stock that rose more than 252% the last time it was anywhere near as cheap as it is now!

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Special Report #2:
Behind the 8-Ball: Eight Popular Dividends Set for a Cut

To gauge dividend health, you can’t simply look in the rear-view mirror. Many “surprise” cuts come from household names with long streaks of paying—or even raising—their dividends.

That’s why you need to look closely at other vital indicators of dividend health, like cash flow, earnings growth and payout ratios.

Of course, it’s time consuming to give each public company a dividend health checkup—so I’ve done the work for you in this unique special report.

Using my proprietary 7-step test, I’ve identified 8 companies that are very likely to cut their dividends over the next 12 months.

If you’re caught holding these stocks when the inevitable happens, you’ll be facing losses of at least 20%, and likely as high as 50%!

If you own any of these 8 paper tigers now, my advice is simple: sell yesterday!

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Special Report #3:
Shareholder Yield: How to Identify Double-Digit Returns From Buybacks

In your third special report, I show you exactly how buybacks can both light a fire under stock returns and boost dividend payments.

I also give you buyback pitfalls you need to watch out for, like when companies pay out more in buybacks than they bring in through free cash flow, or when management gets caught up in its own story and buys back shares when they’re way overpriced (an all-too-common delusion in corporate boardrooms these days).

This report gives you everything you need to make sure the companies you invest in are repurchasing stock the right way—not just burning up cash that would be better used to hike dividends or crank out the next breakthrough product.

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