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Dear Reader,

Let me know if this morning routine sounds familiar, in no particular order…

  1. Stumble out of bed…
  2. Pour a glass of water…
  3. Measure out our “wake up” dose of pills and/or supplements…
  4. Check the financial markets.

I’m currently taking heaping doses of Vitamin C and turmeric to help with my Achilles tendon rehab. But I don’t take those until breakfast–with food.

Which consists of a measured portion of oatmeal (½ cup), frozen blueberries, chia seeds and two scoops of creatine. (Which, after two decades of being maligned, now has a body of favorable research. But I digress…)

My point here is that no matter your routine, you and I have enough to keep track of. Which is why we designed the Income Calendar tool as a way to automatically track and project our future dividends.

Spreadsheets are too manual. One more thing we have to do. But no more!

Income Calendar is a one-stop shop for all of your dividend tracking and projecting needs. Goodbye spreadsheets, hello IC.

It’s an easy-to-use tool that tracks dividend declarations and payments as they are made. I’m talking email notifications and an easy-to-read dashboard.

Income Calendar is like having a personal assistant tracking each and every dividend payment we’re owed, from declaration to ex date to receipt. Or, in 2024-speak, an “AI assistant” that is here to help you manage your payout collection program.

It’s a dividend dream!

Check out the dividend portfolio I created from a dozen high-paying tickers that we have discussed at Contrarian Outlook in recent months.

It took me about five minutes to set up… and that includes time chatting with my daughter, who was doing her math homework next to me at the time! (She’s crushed her subtraction assignment, by the way.)

Here are the 12 stocks I added to Income Calendar that will deliver $42,895.16 in dividend payments over the next 12 months. This is based on a hypothetical $500,000 portfolio. Which of course we can scale down or up as we buy, sell and build more wealth.

12-Month Projected Dividend Income

That 8.58% projected yield is pretty sweet, right?

Here are our dividend projections through summer:

Projected Dividend Income Through Summer

But why stop there? Income Calendar has us covered.

Show us the next 12 months’ worth of dividends, IC!

12-Month Projected Dividend Income

Now let’s take a look at that 12-pack dividend portfolio I typed in. As you can see it’s easy to add new stocks and funds and to edit share counts:

It’s Easy to Edit an Income Calendar Portfolio

I hit Edit Share Count to change a position size. Or Remove if I sell something.

There’s even a “DRIP mode” that smartly adjusts share counts for reinvested dividends!

Import Entire Portfolios from

Contrarian Outlook Services

It’s easy to import an entire portfolio from any of your Contrarian Outlook services, too, including Contrarian Income Report, Hidden Yields, Dividend Swing Trader and CEF Insider.

Your Income Calendar account will automatically include shortcut links to all of the services you subscribe to. It’s literally one click to pull in the active roster from any of our publications:

But that’s not all. Now you can even…

Import Directly From Your Brokerage Account!

That’s right, our talented development team didn’t slow down after IC’s initial launch.

They’ve integrated it with Plaid, a service that safely and securely links up to your brokerage account and imports all your tickers and share counts—so you don’t have to do any inputting at all.

When the guys asked me to test out the new integration, I was blown away with how easy it was. I had my Charles Schwab account connected to Income Calendar with just a few clicks. It was really easy to import the tickers and share counts of my current holdings into IC.

I could go on and on but honestly this tool is really easy to use. I set up the 12-pack demo portfolio I mentioned in a few minutes, and my Schwab holdings in a few minutes more. You’ll have this tool setup in no time, too.

Real-Time Email Alerts, Too

Each time we collect a dividend, IC can send us an email heads up. For example, Alerian MLP ETF (AMLP) recently declared our monthly dividend in early May. So I received this email heads up from IC:

Dividend “Heads Up” Email via IC

I can also see that AMLP’s implied annualized yield is 8%. Nice.

I’ve got the ex date and the actual payment date. Everything I need to know about GDV’s dividend in one concise email.

“Week Ahead” summaries from IC are my favorite way to kick off the week. We see how much we are getting paid, and when! In this summary, we have two “pay dates” and two “projected pay dates” for this portfolio. Nice.

“Week Ahead” Summary

If you’re nodding your head thinking: Did you guys build this tool just for me?

Well yeah, we really did. And others, of course. It’s a tool designed by income investors, for income investors.

Dividend Projections Built for You

Income Calendar is the brainchild of Ben and his talented development team. These guys heard from readers like you through the years. “Give me a tool to track my dividends!”

Done. Sync Income Calendar up with your stocks and you’ll get a nice, useful projection of future payouts:

Projected Dividend Income, by Month

I don’t know about you, but my bills come every single month. And I’m not cutting checks any longer. Most of my expenses are on autopay.

Which makes income tracking more important than ever before. I need to make sure I have the money in the account before it gets dinged. That’s where Income Calendar comes in.

What makes up a month’s worth of projections? Here are the specifics. Let’s look ahead to a month in which we’re getting paid by eleven out of our twelve holdings:

Of course, as we discussed earlier, there’s more income action in a given month than just payments. There are declarations, ex dates and so on. Income Calendar forecasts it all! (And yes, those dates below are color coded based on the income event.)

Dividend Details for August 2024

We can also use Income Calendar to slice and dice our projected income by stock. With a single click (or tap) we can pop over to our projected income summary by position.

12-Month Projected Dividend Summary, by Position

This is a lot of information to keep track of! How does Income Calendar manage it all? Let’s talk about the smartest system this side of ChatGPT…

Why Income Calendar is So “Smart”

While Income Calendar can’t exactly predict the future, it can infer likely dividend outcomes quite well. IC’s secret is some pretty serious horsepower that we have under the hood of this incredible tool.

Through an exclusive partnership with our sister company, TickerTech, we’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that’s constantly crunching current & past dividends for the entire universe of US stocks. It scours every press release that comes out from every publicly traded company (including preferreds stocks) and records new dividends as they’re announced.

From there, Income Calendar annualizes the most recent payouts for forward assumptions, with estimated payout dates based on historical trends.

In other words, we’re hoovering up as much data as almost anyone can on every ticker available, then we overlay the most recent dividend payments on historical payment timeframes.

But explaining “how” Income Calendar works doesn’t really do it justice until you “see” for yourself.

So let’s talk about how you can take it out for a test drive —100% risk-free — with no obligation whatsoever…

How to Get Income Calendar

Let’s go! as the kids say. To activate and personalize your own Income Calendar simply click the button below:

Income Calendar is only $79 for the first year. And as with all of our products, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the tool doesn’t work out for whatever reason, we’ll happily and quickly refund you.

But I’m sure you’ll love IC as much as I do. Again, please click here to get rolling with Income Calendar.

Video Demo: Income Calendar

Please check out this video where I review how I set up and use Income Calendar. I’ll be producing “how to” walk throughs like these from time to time to help you get ramped up with IC.





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