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Syncs with Dividend Swing Trader and

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Dear Dividend Swing Trader subscriber,

Check out my new favorite dividend toy–the Income Calendar. I synced it with our DST portfolio (and put in some position sizes). Here are total dividend projections for the next three months:

3-Month Projected Dividend Income

But why stop there? Income Calendar has us covered. Show us the next 12 months’ worth of dividends from DST, IC!

12-Month Projected Dividend Income

I know, I know. We are after price gains with our DST trades. Still, that 7.09% projected yield is pretty sweet, right?

These dividends count. We’re receiving them while we’re in these trades. It’s a sweet benefit of trading high-yield stocks that pay (versus profitless tech stocks and meme coins that don’t).

So let’s gather up these totals in our Income Calendar. And check this out. Each time we collect a dividend, IC can send us an email heads up. For example, Highland Income Fund (HFRO) declared our monthly dividend on November 1. So I received this email heads up from IC:

Dividend “Heads Up” Email via IC

Our “ex” date was the 22nd, and we got paid on the 30th.

Income Calendar isn’t just for DST. Our cool new tool syncs with all four Contrarian Outlook publications:

  • CEF Insider
  • Contrarian Income Report
  • Dividend Swing Trader
  • Hidden Yields

And will give us that total dividend income for the next month, next 3 months and next 12 months. Across all of our stocks and funds.

(And hey, if you own a dividend stock outside of these four portfolios, bring it to IC. It’s easy to do, and I’ll show you how in a minute.) But first, let me catch my breath and give a shout out to the brains behind Income Calendar.

Introducing Income Calendar

Income Calendar is the brainchild of Ben and his talented development team. These guys heard from subscribers like you through the years. “Give me a tool to track my dividends!”

Done. Sync Income Calendar up with your stocks and you’ll get a nice, useful projection of future payouts:

Projected Dividend Income, by Month

I don’t know about you, but my bills come every single month. And I’m not cutting checks any longer. Most of my expenses are on autopay.

Which makes income tracking more important than the good ol’ days. I need to make sure I have the money in the account before it gets dinged. That’s where Income Calendar comes in.

One-Click Income Calendar Sync

IC gives us two ways we can input our dividend stocks and funds. We can input one ticker at a time:

Or—pro tip!—we can use the sync shortcut to add the current tickers from one of our Contrarian Outlook portfolios:

Then we input our share count, and we’ve got our dividends being tracked. IC is even smart enough to “DRIP” a dividend for more shares.

I could go on and on but honestly this tool is really easy to use. I set up my DST Portfolio in a few minutes, and I’m sure you can too.

So now you’re probably wondering…

How the Sausage Gets Made?

Of course I’m not suggesting Income Calendar can predict the future. In fact, far from it, but we do have some pretty serious horsepower under the hood of this incredible tool.

Through an exclusive partnership with our sister company, TickerTech, we’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that’s constantly crunching current & past dividends for the entire universe of US stocks. It scours every press release that comes out from every publicly traded company (including preferreds stocks) and records new dividends as they’re announced.

From there, Income Calendar annualizes the most recent payouts for forward assumptions, with estimated payout dates based on historical trends.

In other words, we’re hoovering up as much data as almost anyone can on every ticker available, then we overlay the most recent dividend payments on historical payment timeframes.

But explaining “how” Income Calendar works doesn’t really do it justice until you “see” for yourself.

So let’s talk about how you can take it out for a test drive —100% risk-free — with no obligation whatsoever…

How to Get Income Calendar

Let’s go! as the kids say. To activate and personalize your own Income Calendar simply click the button below:

Once you’ve completed the simple sign up form, you can access Income Calendar from the main navigation anywhere inside the membership portal.

Income Calendar is only $79 for the first year. And as with all of our products, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the tool doesn’t work out for whatever reason, we’ll happily and quickly refund you.

But I’m sure you’ll love IC as much as I do. Again, please click here to get rolling with Income Calendar.

Video Demo: Income Calendar

Please check out this video where I review how I set up and use Income Calendar. I’ll be producing “how to” walk throughs like these from time to time to help you get ramped up with IC.





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