“Get Ready NOW …

A 50-Year Retirement

Storm Is Coming!”

In this urgent update:

How the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented money printing has set up the biggest retirement disaster in history …

Why traditional inflation hedges like gold and silver are NOT the right answer for baby boomers or anyone else planning for retirement …

Plus, how to start collecting monthly income of 6%, 8% or more every year while truly protecting your nest egg against soaring prices for food, healthcare, and other daily necessities.

Dear Investor,

Let’s say you own a house right near the bank of a large river.

It’s been raining for seven days straight and the forecast shows heavy downpours for another week.

And the last time a storm like this happened, the water broke through the dike and leveled everything within half a mile of where you’re sitting.

Now, as you’re sitting there scared out of your mind, something really crazy happens …

Your insurance agent calls and offers you a flood policy that will fully insure your property at the lowest rate his company has ever offered.

Would you buy it?

I sure hope so!

Yet as I’ll show you in this urgent letter, millions of baby boomers are essentially facing the very same type of scenario right now … and they are doing absolutely nothing at all!

If history is any guide, most of them will wait until it’s too late to get any type of protection at all.

Their investment portfolios will start tanking …

Their streams of retirement income will shrink or disappear entirely …

Just as healthcare costs, food prices, and other major living expenses start rising at faster rates than anyone currently believes possible.

In essence, it will be the 50-year retirement storm that everyone ignored until the water was sweeping away their homes.

The good news is that you can completely avoid the carnage with a few simple moves.

By acting today you can easily avoid almost-certain calamity and set yourself up for very solid profits from what has to be the most obvious bubble of all time.

Indeed, the last time something like this happened, I turned a modest $2,000 into as much as $154,000 in just 48 months!

So if you’ve been wondering how the Federal Reserve has been able to print money without any negative consequences …

If you’ve been scratching your head as stocks and other riskier assets have mostly shrugged off the obvious problems all around us right now …

Or you’ve simply been trying to collect solid income without suffering big losses when reality finally sets in …

The next couple of pages will explain everything in plain English.

You see …

As a Cornell-Educated Engineer, I Know Exactly How and Why Systems Fail

My name is Brett Owens.

You probably know me as a retirement expert and investment analyst, but I’m an engineer by education.

And while I was earning my degree at Cornell, I studied all types of different systems and structures — including the various ways math, science and the real world intersect.

This is precisely what has allowed me to have so much success in the markets.

They operate very much like any other system — certain inputs cause fairly predictable results.

If corporate earnings are going up, stocks usually do, too …

If a company’s cash flows are rising, its dividends are likely to keep growing in lockstep …

And when interest rates are falling, solid income investments usually become more valuable.

Likewise, it’s very easy to see trouble brewing well ahead of time.

Take my flood analogy.

It doesn’t take an engineer to tell you that the minute water levels crest above the top of a dike, things can go wrong very quickly.

But you might be surprised to learn that it’s a little more complicated than that.

Indeed, a whole range of factors go into IF the levee breaks and HOW any ensuing flood plays out.

I won’t bore you with all of the details. Suffice it to say that preceding weather conditions … the engineering and construction of the dike … exactly how any breach unfolds … and a whole range of other variables all come into play.

My point is simple: When you see conditions setting up for a possible flood, it pays to sit up and pay attention.

Which brings me to the investment calamity brewing right before our very eyes …

The U.S. Federal Reserve Has Created the Biggest Flood of Money in Recorded History

The United States Federal Reserve — our nation’s central bank — is in charge of American monetary policy.

And if you’ve been saving and investing over the last two decades, you’re painfully aware of how unfriendly the Fed’s policies have been for retirees and conservative investors.

Just take a look at this chart of the Fed’s interest rate target …

As you can see, for the last two decades, the Fed has kept interest rates under 2% for the vast majority of the time … and pegged them near ZERO for roughly one third of that time.

That starves anyone looking to earn reasonable returns without taking big risks!

But the Fed’s interest rate targets are just the beginning of the story.

As the Fed’s lower interest rate policies have forced investors into riskier and riskier assets just to earn decent returns, they have created a series of rolling bubbles — in tech stocks … then real estate … and now in several different areas all at the same time.

Every time a bubble pops, the Fed has pushed its interest rate target right back down to zero.

Then it’s gone further and tried to solve the problems with additional monetary manipulations … and it’s been growing bolder and bolder with each new crisis!

You no doubt remember all its different programs in the wake of the financial crisis — things like two different phases of so-called “quantitative easing.”

You might also remember how the U.S. Treasury was working alongside the Fed with programs like it’s Troubled Asset Relief Program — a.k.a. “TARP” — and myriad other bailout efforts.

Just in the two years following the financial crisis, the Fed’s balance sheet — which gives a basic estimate of how much money has been injected into the U.S. financial system — had swollen by $1.4 trillion … a record increase to a new record high.

But that was still just the beginning of an unprecedented run.

Even mainstream media sources like Time have clearly outlined the problem:

“Back in 2010, the Fed launched the second round of a controversial stimulus program called quantitative easing (QE), under which it bought $600 billion worth of U.S. debt over several months. In March [of 2020], the Fed bought roughly $543 billion in a week through similar programs.

“In 2015, the Fed’s balance sheet hit $4.5 trillion. Analysts expect it to hit roughly $8 trillion or more by the end of this year.

“Perhaps most significantly, the Fed is now operating several programs in direct partnership with the U.S. Treasury by buying up corporate debt and small-business loans …

“It is entirely plausible that the Fed will be grappling a decade from now to undo the emergency actions of today.”

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let me summarize everything with a simple chart showing the Fed’s weekly balance sheet growth over the last decade … with the last week shown being the initial COVID-related response in the final week of March 2020 …

As you can see, the change was absolutely astronomical … maybe 60 TIMES the usual change!

Crazy, right?

Now here’s the total balance sheet increase from the financial crisis through November 2021 …

That’s a MASSIVE increase in the amount of money printed by our central bank!

Anyone who thinks a country can print money like that without causing a prolonged inflationary spike is delusional!

And make no mistake: the Fed is almost certainly not stopping here.

In fact, even though rates are likely to start rising in the coming months, it’ll take a long time before they get back to pre-COVID levels, and that’s assuming the latest wave of the virus doesn’t stifle growth, setting us up for 1970s-like “stagflation.” Meanwhile, inflation continues to run hot, with a recent read on consumer prices showing them spiking more than 6% year on year!

With inflation hitting America in a major way, the time to buy insurance is right now.

But Here’s Why Gold, Silver or Bitcoin Are NOT the Answer for Your Retirement Portfolio

As I’ve just shown you, the Fed has been pumping more money into the U.S. financial system than at any other time in history. And inflation has followed right along with that tidal wave of fiat cash.

Investors, for their part, have done what investors do: they’ve begun bidding up prices for some of the most time-tested ways to protect against inflation — including precious metals like gold and silver.

As The New York Times explained it early in this stimulus cycle:

“The [pandemic-related] plunge prompted central banks everywhere, most importantly the Federal Reserve, to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into financial markets, with the goal of propping up flailing economies.

“But those billions aren’t coming from a storehouse; rather, central banks are creating fresh currency … And over time, these moves can both increase inflation (lower interest rates typically spur economic activity) and weaken the value of a currency.

“Right now, investors are taking all of that into account and determining that buying gold — which is traditionally considered an investment that holds its value over time — is the best thing they can do to shield themselves from inflation and weakening of so-called fiat, or paper, currencies. As a result, money flows into gold investments have surged in recent months as central banks have stepped up their fight against the downturn.”

This is precisely why we’ve seen the yellow metal hit new all-time highs during the pandemic. And it remains elevated today.

It is also why silver suddenly rose.

And why even Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies took off like a rocket, even though it’s hit an air pocket recently.

Yet these types of investments could clearly surge, given the numbers involved in this latest round of money printing.

However, I am NOT telling you to move your money into gold … or silver … or Bitcoin or anything else like that. I would even tell you to consider cashing out any nice profits you’ve already racked up.

After all, price gains are great.

But there are two major problems with inflation-hedges like gold, silver and Bitcoin.

First, they don’t produce any income while you hold them.

Second, even if they rise quickly, you have to sell them to actually use any of the gains … which puts you right back at square one.

For anyone looking to live off of a portfolio, this creates a double whammy!

By definition, these are not investments you can retire on.

In my opinion, you can only retire on investments that:

  1. Rise with prices for other things we want and need, often at much faster rates …
  2. Kick off regular income streams that start flowing the minute you commit your money and can also continue growing over time.

A lot of Americans think this is precisely what they’re holding right now — whether you’re talking about certain dividend stocks, bonds or other popular income investments.

Unfortunately, they’re also mistaken.

The Current Inflation Spike Explains Why All Stocks Keep Going Up and Up … But a Day of Reckoning Is Coming!

Given the Fed’s crazy money printing … and with markets now stuttering as it belatedly tries to put the inflation genie back in the bottle, one thing you don’t want to do is blindly hold high-flying tech shares or blue chip dividend stocks.

Indeed, as red-hot inflation sticks around, most of today’s popular investments could get absolutely crushed … handing retirement portfolios catastrophic losses at the absolute worst time.

And rather than wait until that happens, you should take action today …

Sell These 12 Popular Income Investments Before They Get Absolutely Crushed…

Buying and holding stocks — especially high-yield ones — can be a huge mistake … especially with inflation kicking.

For starters, high yields can be a warning sign of a stock in trouble.

Just ask the investors who rushed into RadioShack because of its outsized payments.

As the stock’s dividend yield jumped to 6% … then 8% … and even into double-digit territory, income-starved people piled in.

Then July 2012 rolled around and the company stopped making payments.

Next, the stock got caught in a death spiral.

Finally, RadioShack declared bankruptcy — completely wiping out its stock investors in the process.

It’s easy to spot this kind of tragedy in hindsight. But when it’s happening, people have their blinders on. They keep sticking to the same stocks because they believe the dividends are safe.

And remember, this RadioShack example happened in the summer of 2012 … when the U.S. economy was growing rapidly.

Right now, the climate is already much worse.

Despite the recent recovery, major sectors of the economy are still reeling from COVID-related supply chain problems, while inflation stokes their input costs …

That’s why I just put together a report that highlights 12 popular income stocks that could easily end up just like RadioShack.

Like a widely-held real estate investment trust that has massive exposure to the ongoing retail apocalypse.

The company already reduced its payments in June 2020, so a lot of investors think the worst is behind them.

But future payouts are anything but safe!

Or what about a popular telecom name that I’m willing to bet you own right now?

It’s mouthwatering 7%+ dividend is hard to resist …

But it’s piled up a mountain of debt trying to keep up with the Joneses – a major problem as interest rates rise …

And the numbers I’m looking at almost guarantee a massive disappointment for countless retirement portfolios dead ahead.

I also have several more REITs on my “soon-to-fail” radar …

One is a highly-regarded company with huge exposure to New York City …

Another has fooled a lot of people into believing that it’s a red-hot data center play, even though it’s anything but.

Really, the dangers are spread all over the market right now — from a high-yielding telecom company to a major media conglomerate.

I’ve even identified a wildly popular bond ETF that is a terrible choice when compared to several actively managed funds.

If you own any of these investments, I strongly suggest getting rid of them now.

So it’s critical that you read my report — “The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now” — immediately.

I’ll tell you how to download a copy of this report in just a minute.

Of course, I know you also need investments you can rely on for steady income.

And luckily, I’ve found a few bargains even in today’s overheated market, including …

The Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Obviously, I see a lot of danger out there.

After all, the Fed’s insane money printing created huge bubbles at the very same time that many actual businesses are going belly up!

But that doesn’t mean every single stock should be avoided.

If anything, this unprecedented time has created a classic stock picker’s market — where you can find some businesses that are being completely mispriced and completely misunderstood.

I explain exactly why and how in an exclusive special report called “5 ‘All-Weather’ Dividends Paying Up to 9.1%.” It also includes all the details on some of my absolute favorite buys right now, like:

  • A totally overlooked pipeline operator yielding 6.6% a year that’s set to soar as producers race to open shuttered oil wells to meet surging post-lockdown demand …
  • A unique municipal bond investment that kicks off huge dividends that are exempt from federal (and many state) income taxes …
  • A special vehicle that invests 100% outside the United States, has zero currency risk, pays 6.3% a year, and has returned more than 700% in the last 20 years …
  • Plus, an off-the-radar Asian investment that primarily invests in government bonds and is yielding more than 8% right now!
  • All of these investments can be bought inside your regular U.S. brokerage account.

    Together, they can give your retirement portfolio tremendous diversification and the type of ongoing income that will withstand any amount of inflation we might see.

    However, it is precisely because of the current environment that some of their ultra-high yields are currently available.

    So you shouldn’t wait around.

    That’s why I want you to download a copy of my exclusive special report today.

    I’ll tell you exactly how to do that in a second.

    But first, there are several more income investments I think you should know about …

    Special funds that pay out big checks every single month …

    And can give you the type of steady cash payments you need to keep pace with rising inflation …

    Yields up to 8.2% a Year from My Favorite “Monthly Income Funds”

    While investors have been chasing everything from gold to tech shares, they’ve completely ignored other corners of the markets — including several that can provide huge protection against a coming wave of inflation.

    Citing research from UBS, MarketWatch’s Mark Hulbert explains:

    “The implication is that now would be a good time to invest in inflation hedges. Think of it as cheap insurance against the possibility that inflation is unexpectedly high in coming years. And it wouldn’t take much for that insurance policy to pay off. Currently, the break-even 10-year inflation rate is just 1.1% annualized; the 30-year break-even rate is 1.5%. In other words, investors collectively are betting that inflation will be really, really low for at least the next 30 years.”

    They go on to name a couple of ways to play the situation, including TIPS bonds and inflation-indexed annuities.

    But I’ve got something even better …

    I call them “monthly income funds” because they can start handing you immediate payments worth as much as 8.2% a year … with checks flowing to you every single month!

    These investments rely on two important things to boost your income — some of the biggest brains on Wall Street and a special form of borrowing power that I call “LIBOR leverage.”

    Essentially, a group of Wall Street insiders have figured out a way to tap ultra-cheap sources of money to invest in their very favorite income investments.

    And unlike hedge funds, which some of these very same people also run, even regular investors like you can participate … without needing large amounts of money.

    Perhaps the best part right now is that their LIBOR leverage — what it costs to actually borrow money — has been improving.

    Yet investors are completely missing that point right now.

    In fact, they are completely mispricing my favorite “monthly income funds.”

    And by choosing the right ones, you not only get outsized income payments every month but you also have the chance to capture big capital gains on top of the huge annual yields!

    For example, one of my favorite monthly income funds is run by a guy known as the “Bond God” because of his impeccable credentials and track record of success.

    In fact, he’s more famous for running VERY rich people’s money.

    What’s even better is that not only do you get this legend’s expertise … but the fund’s discount to its actual value largely offsets his fees, so you’re getting a sweet deal on his services that’s simply not available to investors who hire him to manage their money directly.

    Another favorite monthly income fund yields over 8%…

    It was launched in early 2020 and the unfortunate timing actually ended up being a blessing. The fund managers were able to “buy the dips” in February and March 2020 while the world went into lockdown. They use about 22% leverage, which is manageable and a nice kicker on its already high yields… and, as I write, it trades at an almost unbelievable 8% discount to the true value of its assets.

    The full story on each of these cash-rich investments is in another special report that I put together.

    It’s called “Best of Both Worlds: 5 Fixed Income Funds Set to Soar” and it explains how these unique investment vehicles work and why they’re so attractive with an inflationary spike now upon us.

    In addition to telling you about the two funds I just highlighted, it also introduces you to a third one that goes beyond the United States for huge gains.

    Just to show you what I mean: Since its inception in 1993, this monthly income fund has returned an enormous 1,500%!

    My “Best of Both Worlds” report gives you all the details on how to get into these off-the-radar funds and I want to make sure you download your copy … plus the other two reports I’ve already highlighted.

    Here’s How to Download Your 3 FREE Reports

    Normally, the three reports I just told you about — “The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now” … “5 ‘All-Weather’ Dividends Paying Up to 9.1%” … and “Best of Both Worlds: 5 Fixed Income Funds Set to Soar” … would sell for $297 on their own.

    But as I’ve been promising, you can download them all for FREE right now.

    Better yet, they’re just the beginning of what I want to send you.

    After all, we have never had a climate like we have right now …

    Where many businesses are struggling, despite a reopening economy …

    The stock market is soaring to new heights …

    And the U.S. government continues to print unprecedented amounts of money, even as the Fed starts to wind down its bond-buying program.

    I want to be able to guide you through this rapidly changing situation the entire time.

    I want to be able to send you follow-ups on the investments outlined in my free reports …

    And I want to keep introducing you to more contrarian income ideas as things continue to evolve.

    So in addition to offering you all three reports, I’m also including a risk-free trial to my Contrarian Income Report research service.

    As the name suggests, Contrarian Income Report is all about finding the big-paying opportunities that everyone else is missing … especially during the kind of situation we have playing out right now.

    There are more than 20 different high-yield investments in my model portfolio, and you’ll get instant access to all of them the minute your risk-free trial starts.

    PLUS you’ll get the next two NEW monthly issues I send out, as well.

    Every new investment idea you get in Contrarian Income Report is guaranteed to pay SAFE dividends worth at least 6% a year … and often much more than that.

    So just by “swapping out” your blue chips for these high-powered dividend stars, you could double, triple—or even quadruple—your income. And you could do it starting TODAY!

    My Recommendations Are Already Helping Thousands of American Retirees …

    But don’t take my word for it. Here are just a few of the many unsolicited reviews our members have sent in:

    Of course, as a member of Contrarian Income Report, you’ll get everything straight from the source, including:

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    And …

    To Make This a Complete No-Brainer, I Want To Give You 2 Extra Reports …

    Just to give you every possible tool to deal with the market we have right now …

    And to give you every possible reason to take me up on today’s risk-free trial offer to Contrarian Income Report

    I want to give you two additional bonus reports as part of this special offer …

    Extra Bonus Report #1: 2 “Preferred” Dividends That Can Triple Your Payouts Immediately

    If you’re not familiar with preferred shares, you’re not alone – most investors only -consider “common” shares of stock when they look for income.

    But some corporations issue preferred shares to raise capital. These issues generally pay BETTER DIVIDENDS than the same company’s common shares.

    As a result, funds like the iShares Preferred and Income Securities ETF (PFF) are attracting interest, and will continue to do so as this low rate environment sticks with us for many years after the Fed eventually gets around to raising rates again.

    Unfortunately, plowing your money into that ETF is a big mistake!

    The way I see it, preferred share ETFs:

    1. Have less upside potential than other preferred share investments, PLUS …
    2. They expose you to unnecessary credit risk.

    Heck, in 2008, PFF lost two-thirds of its value!

    In contrast, I’ve uncovered two off-the-radar preferred share investments paying out over 6% a year in dividend income …

    And they’ve both crushed the PFF ETF over the past 5 years.

    I’ll tell you all about them — including how to buy in and what price to pay — in an extra bonus report called “2 ‘Preferred’ Dividends That Can Triple Your Payouts Immediately.”

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    Extra Bonus Report #2: Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine

    It’s one thing to say you’re a contrarian and another to put it into practice.

    I’ve discovered over the years that it gets a lot easier when you have a SYSTEM.

    And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this step-by-step contrarian guide.

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    NOW Is the Time to Be an Income Contrarian

    As I’ve just shown you …

    The Federal Reserve’s massive amounts of money printing is having its expected effect, with inflation ticking higher, threatening the bottom lines of many of the popular stocks everyday investors rely on for income …

    Proven inflation indicators like gold are trading at elevated levels.

    At the same time, most investors are completely ignoring stock-market risks.

    They are NOT setting themselves up to earn enough income to keep pace with rising prices for food, healthcare, utilities and other daily necessities …

    And for some unknown reason, they are ignoring the fact that many of the very best “inflation insurance policies” are actually trading at some of the lowest valuations in history.

    So you have two choices:

    1. Ignore the torrential downpour of money printing we’ve seen in the last couple years… pretend soaring inflation isn’t a foregone conclusion … and continue doing what you’re doing until the dam breaks and it’s too late …
    2. Take action now to set yourself up for big and growing income streams that can keep pace with rising prices — by selling your weak investments at today’s high prices and switching into the unique stocks and funds I’ve been telling you about today.

    I think it’s an easy decision to make …

    Especially since I’m offering to send you reports that will give you the exact steps to take …

    Plus all the follow-ups you’ll need to continue staying ahead of this constantly changing landscape …

    With absolutely zero risk to you!

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    The grim reality is that millions of Americans could end up watching their retirement dreams get washed away for the third time in a decade, just as their daily living expenses start going through the roof.

    But my Contrarian Income Report readers will rest easy, thanks to our super-safe “no withdrawal” portfolio built on investments returning 6%, 8% or more every year.

    I sincerely hope you decide to join us …

    Yours in profits,

    Brett Owens

    Chief Investment Strategist

    Contrarian Income Report

    P.S. Just to repeat a point I made earlier: some of the big yields I told you about are only available because of the current market volatility and investor ignorance.

    That means you need to act quickly.

    P.P.S. Also remember that you aren’t risking one single penny by getting all of my best ideas right now. In fact, you have a full two months before you have to make any decision at all!

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