“A Once-in- 50-Year

Retirement Storm

Is Here!”

Take these urgent steps NOW, before it’s too late …

In this exclusive update:

How the Federal Reserve’s failure to wrestle inflation to the ground has set up the biggest retirement disaster in history …

Why traditional inflation (and volatility) hedges like gold and silver are NOT the right answer for baby boomers — or anyone else planning for retirement …

Plus, how to start collecting monthly income of 8%, 9%, 10% or more every year while truly protecting your nest egg against high prices of daily necessities and the all-but-inevitable recession ahead.

Dear Reader,

Let’s say you own a house right near the bank of a large river.

It’s been raining for seven days straight, and the forecast shows heavy downpours for another week.

And the last time a storm like this happened, the water broke through the dike and leveled everything within half a mile of where you’re sitting.

Now, as you’re sitting there scared out of your mind, something really crazy happens …

Your insurance agent calls and offers you a flood policy that will fully insure your property at the lowest rate his company has ever offered.

Would you buy it?

I sure hope so!

Yet as I’ll show you in this urgent letter, millions of baby boomers are essentially facing the very same type of scenario right now … and they are doing absolutely nothing at all!

Their investment portfolios tanked in the 2022 market mess, causing many to sell, locking in those losses (and missing out on the 2023 rebound) …

Their streams of retirement income are shrinking …

Just as healthcare costs, food prices and other major living expenses continue to soar (even though “official” numbers show inflation declining, you and I both know that’s not the case in the real world).

In essence, we’re looking at a once-in-50-year retirement storm that everyone ignored until the water was sweeping away their homes.

The good news is that you can still avoid the worst of what lies ahead with a few simple moves.

By acting today, you could save yourself from almost-certain calamity and set yourself up for very solid profits.

I speak from experience here, because the environment many folks face today reminds me of when I was young and just getting started in investing.

You see, my first experience in the markets was brutal …

It was 2003, I’d recently graduated from Cornell University and was designing computer systems for Fortune 500 companies. For the first time in my life, I was making money. So I decided to hire a broker to help grow my savings.

This guy had countless credentials and certifications, years of experience, and he talked a great game.

Without hesitation, I hired him.

The result?

Just one year later, this so-called expert had literally lost ALL my money.

Everything. Years of saving and investing, gone.

As you can imagine, I was furious. However, thanks to this experience, I came to a huge breakthrough. I realized nobody is EVER going to care about MY money, MY future, MY retirement and MY family as much as I do.

Anyway, with this realization, I decided to learn everything I could about investing. I was absolutely relentless. And, after a few speed bumps, it paid off …

I turned a modest $2,000 into as much as $154,000 in just 48 months!

So if you’ve been trying to collect solid income without suffering big losses as the reality of the Fed’s massive money-printing experiment continues to play out, I get it. And I feel your frustration.

That’s why I’ve put together this exclusive Investor Report. Over the next few pages, I will explain how to get the income stream, and upside potential, you need in plain English.

You see …

As a Cornell-Educated Engineer, I Know Exactly How and Why Systems Fail

My name is Brett Owens.

You probably know me as a retirement expert and investment analyst, but I’m an engineer by education.

And while I was earning my degree at Cornell, I studied all types of different systems and structures — including the various ways math, science and the real world intersect.

This is precisely what has allowed me to have so much success in the markets.

They operate very much like any other system — certain inputs cause fairly predictable results.

If corporate earnings are going up, stocks usually do, too …

If a company’s cash flows are rising, its dividends are likely to keep growing in lockstep …

And when interest rates are falling, solid income investments usually become more valuable.

Likewise, it’s very easy to see trouble brewing well ahead of time.

Take my flood analogy.

It doesn’t take an engineer to tell you that the minute water levels crest above the top of a dike, things can go wrong very quickly.

But you might be surprised to learn that it’s a little more complicated than that.

Indeed, a whole range of factors go into IF the levee breaks and HOW any ensuing flood plays out.

I won’t bore you with all of the details. Suffice it to say that preceding weather conditions … the engineering and construction of the dike … exactly how any breach unfolds … and a whole range of other variables all come into play.

My point is simple: When you see conditions setting up for a possible flood, it’s vital to sit up and pay attention.

Which brings me to the investment calamity brewing right before our very eyes …

The Federal Reserve’s Bungling Created the Biggest Flood of Money in Recorded History—and We’re Still Paying the Price

The United States Federal Reserve — our nation’s central bank — is in charge of American monetary policy.

And if you’ve been saving and investing over the last two decades, you’re painfully aware of how unfriendly the Fed’s policies have been for retirees and conservative investors.

Just take a look at this chart of the Fed’s interest rate target up until the pandemic hit…

As you can see, for most of the last two decades, the Fed has kept interest rates under 2% … and pegged them near ZERO for roughly one-third of that time.

That starves anyone looking to earn reasonable returns without taking big risks!

But the Fed’s interest-rate targets are just the beginning of the story.

As the Fed’s lower interest rate policies forced investors into riskier and riskier assets just to earn decent returns, they created a series of rolling bubbles — in tech stocks … then real estate … and then in several different areas all at the same time.

Every time a bubble pops, the Fed has pushed its interest rate target right back down to zero.

Then it’s gone further and tried to solve the problems with additional monetary manipulations … and it’s been growing bolder and bolder with each new crisis!

You no doubt remember all of its different programs in the wake of the 2008/’09 financial crisis — things like two different phases of so-called “quantitative easing.”

You might also remember how the U.S. Treasury was working alongside the Fed with programs like its Troubled Asset Relief Program — a.k.a. “TARP” — and myriad other bailout efforts.

Just in the two years following the financial crisis, the Fed’s balance sheet — which gives a basic estimate of how much money has been injected into the U.S. financial system — had swollen by $1.4 trillion … a record increase to a new record high.

But that was still just the beginning of an unprecedented run.

Even mainstream media sources like Time clearly outlined the problem way back in the very beginning:

“Back in 2010, the Fed launched the second round of a controversial stimulus program called quantitative easing (QE), under which it bought $600 billion worth of U.S. debt over several months. In March [of 2020], the Fed bought roughly $543 billion in a week through similar programs.

“In 2015, the Fed’s balance sheet hit $4.5 trillion. Analysts expect it to hit roughly $8 trillion or more by the end of this year. [It actually peaked just shy of $9-trillion as of October 2022.]

“Perhaps most significantly, the Fed is now operating several programs in direct partnership with the U.S. Treasury by buying up corporate debt and small-business loans …

“It is entirely plausible that the Fed will be grappling a decade from now to undo the emergency actions of today.” [Time was a little off here. They’re grappling with this very thing, amid continued high inflation, right now!]

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let me summarize everything with a simple chart showing the Fed’s weekly balance-sheet growth over the decade preceding the onset of COVID-19 … with the last week shown being the initial COVID-related response in the final week of March 2020 …

As you can see, the change was absolutely astronomical … maybe 60 TIMES the usual shift!

Crazy, right?

Now here’s the total balance sheet increase from the financial crisis through early October 2023 …

That’s a MASSIVE increase in the amount of money printed by our central bank!

Anyone who thinks a country can print money like that without causing a prolonged inflationary spike is delusional!

And of course, inflation showed up right on cue, starting in the spring of 2021 and arcing as high as 9.1% by mid-2022.

Up till the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Jerome Powell was swimming hard against the current, hiking rates and shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet, as you can see on the right-hand side of the chart above!

Except his own aggressive rate hikes caused the failure of SVB and other banks and are now choking off lending. You can see on the right above that this caused the Fed’s balance sheet to briefly head in the wrong direction as the central bank sought (again) to head off a full-blown crisis.

It has since restarted trimming the balance sheet, but the damage is done.

And with continued concern surrounding the stability of the financial system, there’s a real risk that the Fed’s own policies will trigger a recession within a few months.

I know: none of this is encouraging.

But we can still save ourselves if we buy the right “insurance” right now.

But Here’s Why Gold, Silver or (Heaven Forbid) Bitcoin Are NOT the Answer for Your Retirement Portfolio

As I’ve just shown you, the Fed pumped more money into the U.S. financial system than at any other time in history. And inflation followed right along with that tidal wave of fiat cash.

The resulting rate hikes caused investors to do what they always do: bid up prices for some of the most time-tested assets to protect against inflation and economic downturns — including precious metals like gold and silver.

This, by the way, is precisely why we saw the yellow metal hit new all-time highs during the pandemic. And why it moved up again this year. Same with silver.

And it’s why even Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies took off like rockets, even though crypto has never been a reliable hedge against inflation, recession or pretty well anything else — a lesson many folks learned (quite painfully!) in the last couple of years.

Bitcoin: The World’s Worst Portfolio Hedge

However, I am NOT telling you to move your money into gold … or silver … and certainly not Bitcoin! I would even tell you to consider cashing out any profits you’ve already racked up in investments like these (and I use the word “investment” loosely in the case of Bitcoin!).

After all, price gains are great.

But there are two major problems with hedges like gold and silver.

First, they don’t produce any income while you hold them.

Second, even if they rise quickly, you have to sell them to actually use any of the gains … which puts you right back at square one.

For anyone looking to live off of a portfolio, this creates a double whammy!

By definition, these are not investments you can retire on.

In my opinion, you can only retire on investments that:

  1. Rise with prices for other things we want and need, often at much faster rates than their peers …
  2. Kick out regular income streams that start flowing the minute you commit your money and can also continue growing over time.

A lot of Americans think this is precisely what they’re holding right now — whether you’re talking about certain dividend stocks, bonds or other popular income investments.

Unfortunately, these folks are also mistaken.

The Interest-Rate Spike and the Fed’s Lousy Management of Previous Crises Show That a Reckoning Is Coming!

Given the Fed’s crazy money printing … and with markets — and indeed the financial system — under pressure due to Powell’s aggressive rate hikes, one thing you don’t want to do is hold profitless tech shares or blue chip dividend stocks.

Indeed, as elevated inflation sticks around and investors hang on every word out of Powell’s mouth, most of today’s popular investments could sink … handing retirement portfolios big losses at the absolute worst time.

And rather than wait until that happens, you should take action today …

Sell These 12 Popular Income Investments Before They Get Absolutely Crushed…

Buying and holding stocks — especially high-yield ones — can be a huge mistake … especially with high inflation sticking around.

For starters, high yields can be a warning sign of a stock in trouble.

Take for example, Lumen Technologies (LUMN), a poster child for what happens to stocks with unusually high dividends and obsolete business models. It’s a regional telecom operator that used to go by the name CenturyLink.

The stock has boasted a dividend yield as high as 19.3%, but it couldn’t muster the scale and stability of a big player like AT&T (T) does.

Scale equals cash flow, which is where dividends come from. Lumen lacked it and couldn’t compete with its big brother telcos. So management did the only thing it could do to keep the dividend — pile up a mountain of debt!

After a few hopeless acquisitions in the late aughts and early tens, Lumen, then going by its old moniker, finally cried “uncle” in 2013 and slashed its dividend by roughly a quarter, from 72.5 cents to 54 cents …

Then slashed again in early 2019, to 25 cents …

And finally eliminated its dividend entirely in November 2022.

As the dividend went into a death spiral, LUMN’s share price followed right on pace, shedding 96% by early 2023 …

Lumen hasn’t declared bankruptcy yet, but the writing on the wall is clear.

It’s easy to spot this kind of tragedy in hindsight. But when it’s happening, people have their blinders on. They keep sticking to the same stocks because they believe the dividends are safe or they will somehow magically turn around.

And remember, LUMN’s troubles started before the COVID crash and the market dumpster fire of 2022 … when the U.S. economy was still in good shape.

Right now, the climate is much worse.

Despite the recent recovery, major sectors of the economy are still deealing with supply chain problems, while inflation stokes their input costs …

That’s why I just put together a report that highlights 12 popular income stocks that could easily end up just like Lumen.

Like a well-known retailer that’s paying out more in dividends than it generates in cash flow. That’s obviously not sustainable, especially as we head into a likely economic slowdown.

And a real estate play that’s been caught up in the work-from-home trend. Even though many people have returned to the office, this one is still vulnerable to a wave of lease terminations as companies and governments look to cut costs …

Its offices are rented out to government agencies, which sounds pretty safe. But with many government employees still working from home, it’s vulnerable to a wave of lease terminations as state and national authorities look to cut costs …

I also have several more REITs on my “soon-to-fail” radar …

One is a mall landlord that looked like a big winner from COVID reopenings but is now competing with even more muscular online retailers as high inflation has consumers rethinking discretionary buys.

Really, the dangers are spread all over the market right now — from a high-yielding food maker to a major media conglomerate.

If you own any of these investments, I strongly suggest getting rid of them now.

So it’s critical that you read my report — “The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now” — immediately.

I’ll tell you how to download a copy of this report in just a minute.

Of course, I know you also need investments you can rely on for steady income.

And luckily, I’ve found a few bargains even in today’s overheated market, including …

The Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Obviously, I see a lot of danger out there.

After all, the Fed’s insane money printing created huge bubbles. And now that we’re teetering on the edge of another pullback, blue chips (and overbought tech names) are in line to get pummeled!

But that doesn’t mean every single stock should be avoided.

If anything, this unprecedented time has created a classic stock picker’s market — where you can find some businesses that are being completely mispriced and completely misunderstood.

I explain exactly why and how in an exclusive special report called “5 ‘All-Weather’ Dividends Paying Up to 11.7%.” It also includes all the details on some of my absolute favorite buys right now, like:

  • A totally overlooked pipeline operator yielding 6.7% a year and whose stock is set to skyrocket as tight supplies (sparked in part by rising geopolitical tensions) keep oil prices elevated …
  • A unique bond fund run by a savvy manager who used the 2020 crash to snap up bonds with high credit quality that throw off 7%+ yields. That, plus a modest amount of leverage and his own savvy bond trades have helped him deliver 10.2% payouts to this fund’s lucky shareholders.
  • A special vehicle that invests outside the United States, has practically zero currency risk, pays 8% a year, and has returned 350% in the last 20 years …
  • Plus, one of the smartest REIT operators out there. The stock pays 11.7% today and management has also made so many brilliant strategic moves over the last 10 years that it has been able to raise its payout by 231%!
  • All of these investments can be bought inside your regular U.S. brokerage account.

    Together they can give your retirement portfolio tremendous diversification and the type of ongoing income that will withstand any amount of inflation we might see.

    However, it is precisely because of the current environment that some of their ultra-high yields are currently available.

    So you shouldn’t wait around.

    That’s why I want you to download a copy of my exclusive special report today.

    I’ll tell you exactly how to do that in a second.

    But first, there are several more income investments I think you should know about …

    Special funds that pay out big checks every single month …

    And can give you the type of steady cash payments you need to keep pace with rising inflation …

    Yields up to 12.5% a Year From My Favorite Volatility-Beating Funds

    While investors have been chasing overhyped inflation and volatility hedges and worrying about the next stock sector to fall, they’ve completely ignored other corners of the market — including several that can help steady their portfolios and provide lifesaving income, too.

    My favorite inflation hedges easily top those options because they hand you immediate payments worth as much as 12.5% a year!

    Essentially, a group of Wall Street insiders have figured out a way to tap ultra-cheap sources of money to invest in their very favorite income investments.

    And unlike hedge funds, which some of these very same people also run, even regular investors like you can participate … without needing large amounts of money.

    Yet investors are completely missing that point right now.

    In fact, they are completely mispricing my favorite high-yield funds. And by choosing the right ones, you not only get outsized income payments (two of these three funds pay you every month), but you also have the chance to capture big capital gains on top of the huge annual yields!

    For example, one of my top high-yield bond funds pays an incredible 12.5% and is run by a guy known as the “Bond God” because of his impeccable credentials and track record of success.

    In fact, he’s more famous for running VERY rich people’s money.

    What’s even better is that you not only get this legend’s expertise … but the fund’s discount to its actual value largely offsets his fees, so you’re getting a sweet deal on his services that’s simply not available to investors who hire him to manage their money directly.

    Another favorite fund yields 7.9% …

    It holds master limited partnerships (MLPs), which are essentially toll bridges, charging their clients a fee for every barrel shipped down their pipelines. MLPs are a bit less sensitive to resource prices than producers, but are still benefiting from today’s tight supply and robust demand.

    And unlike buying MLPs “direct,” you don’t have to deal with the complex K-1 tax form these investments issue, a hassle that often keeps investors from buying in. You get a simple 1099 instead.

    The full story on each of these cash-rich investments is in another special report that I put together.

    It’s called “Best of Both Worlds: 3 High Income Funds That Beat Stocks” and it explains how these unique investment vehicles work and why they’re so attractive in light of today’s high interest rates and worries about a “hard landing” ahead for the economy.

    In addition to telling you about the two funds I just highlighted, it also introduces you to a third one that goes beyond the United States for huge gains.

    Just to show you what I mean: Since its inception in 1993, this monthly income fund has returned an enormous 1,330%!

    My “Best of Both Worlds” report gives you all the details on how to get into these off-the-radar funds and I want to make sure you download your copy … plus the other two reports I’ve already highlighted.

    Here’s How to Download Your 3 FREE Reports

    Normally, the three reports I just told you about — “The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now” … “5 ‘All-Weather’ Dividends Paying Up to 11.7%” … and “Best of Both Worlds: 3 High Income Funds That Beat Stocks” … would sell for $297 on their own.

    But as I’ve been promising, you can download them all for FREE right now.

    Better yet, they’re just the beginning of what I want to send you.

    After all, we have never had a climate like we have right now …

    Where many businesses are racking up considerable profits, but the stock market still hasn’t recovered all of its losses from 2022.

    And inflation is still high, with the Fed insisting on hiking rates further, and keeping them high while letting its vast hoard of government bonds mature, driving rates up even more as it does.

    I want to be able to guide you through this rapidly changing situation the entire time.

    I want to be able to send you follow-ups on the investments outlined in my free reports …

    And I want to keep introducing you to more contrarian income ideas as things continue to evolve.

    So in addition to offering you all three reports, I’m also including a 100% risk-free trial to my Contrarian Income Report research service.

    As the name suggests, Contrarian Income Report is all about finding the big-paying opportunities everyone else is missing … especially during the kind of situation we have playing out right now.

    You’ll get instant access to every single recommendation in our current portfolio the minute your risk-free trial starts.

    PLUS you’ll get the next two NEW monthly issues I send out, as well.

    Every new investment idea you get in Contrarian Income Report is hand-picked to deliver SAFE dividends worth at least 6% a year … and usually much more than that.

    So just by “swapping out” your blue chips for these high-powered dividend stars, you could double, triple—or even quadruple—your income. And you could do it starting TODAY!

    My Recommendations Are Already Helping Thousands of American Retirees …

    But don’t take my word for it. Here are just a few of the many unsolicited reviews our members have sent in:

    Now not everyone follows my recommendations at the exact same time or in the same way, and each member’s personal financial situation is different. So your experience may be a little different … but I have dozens more stories just like these.

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    I’ll take care of all the hard work so you don’t have to …

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    How much is all that worth?

    Well, the normal membership fee for Contrarian Income Report is $99 a year.

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    And …

    To Make This a Complete No-Brainer, I Want To Give You 2 Extra Reports …

    Just to give you every possible tool to deal with the market we have right now …

    And to give you every possible reason to take me up on today’s risk-free trial offer to Contrarian Income Report

    I want to give you two additional bonus reports as part of this special offer …

    Extra Bonus Report #1: 8 Rules for 8%+ Yields in Closed-End Funds

    Most investors are well-familiar with mutual funds and ETFs, which typically yield between 1% and 3%, give or take. Even at the high end, you’re looking at an annual income stream of just $30,000—and that’s if you have at least a million bucks to play with.

    But closed-end funds (CEFs), their less popular cousin, pay more … a whole lot more.

    We’re talking 8%, 9%, even 10%+.

    And unlike mutual funds and ETFs, closed-end funds have a limited number of shares. That means that when markets panic, they can (and often do) trade at a discount to their net asset value (NAV).

    I’ll reveal my exclusive strategy for how to dig up some of the very best CEF dividends trading at bargain basement prices in an extra bonus report called “8 Rules for 8%+ Yields in Closed-End Funds.”

    Plus, you’ll also get your very own copy of my personal playbook …

    Extra Bonus Report #2: Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine

    It’s one thing to say you’re a contrarian and another to put it into practice.

    I’ve discovered over the years that it gets a lot easier when you have a SYSTEM.

    And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this step-by-step contrarian guide.

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    NOW Is the Time to Be an Income Contrarian

    As I’ve just shown you …

    The Federal Reserve’s massive amount of money printing and subsequent mad dash to hike rates has left us with ongoing high inflation (especially in food, gas and the things we count on the most) and a banking system that’s still struggling to adjust to the warp-speed rate hikes we’ve seen.

    That’s going to threaten the bottom lines of many of the popular stocks everyday investors rely on for income (if it hasn’t already) …

    At the same time, most investors are completely ignoring these risks.

    They are NOT setting themselves up to earn enough income to keep pace with higher prices for food, healthcare, utilities and other daily necessities.

    And they’re not switching to the safe high payers they need to weather a recession, either.

    So you have two choices:

    1. Ignore this situation and continue doing what you’re doing until the dam breaks and it’s too late, or …
    2. Take action now to set yourself up for big, and growing, income streams that can keep pace with rising prices and act as a hedge against a recession — by selling your weak investments at today’s high prices and switching into the unique dividend stocks and funds I’ve been telling you about in this briefing.

    I think it’s an easy decision to make …

    Especially since I’m offering to send you reports that will give you the exact steps to take …

    Plus all the follow-ups you’ll need to continue staying ahead of this constantly changing landscape …

    With absolutely zero risk to you!

    All you have to do is click the button below:

    The grim reality is that millions of Americans could end up watching their retirement dreams get washed away for the third time in a decade, as the Fed fails to bring inflation fully to heel and triggers a recession, to boot.

    But my Contrarian Income Report readers will rest easy, thanks to our “no withdrawal” portfolio built on investments returning 8%, 9%, 10% or more every year.

    I sincerely hope you decide to join us …

    Yours in profits,

    Brett Owens

    Chief Investment Strategist

    Contrarian Income Report

    P.S. Just to repeat a point I made earlier: some of the big yields I told you about are only available because of the current market volatility and investor ignorance.

    That means you need to act quickly.

    P.P.S. Also remember that you aren’t risking one single penny by getting all of my best ideas right now. In fact, you have nearly two full months before you have to make any decision at all!

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