These Incredible Funds

Make Money 99% of the

Time (and Yield 6%+!)

  • New research proves it: these ignored funds are the key to a lifetime of strong gains and HUGE dividends.
  • Your income stream will be 5 TIMES bigger than most other investors get. In fact, with these funds, most of your profits come to you IN CASH!
  • I’ll tell you the whole story and give you my top 5 picks from these “lifetime profit plays” FREE. They’ll pay $39,000 in yearly dividend CASH on a modest nest egg.

Dear Fellow Investor,

If you’d asked me a few months ago, I’d have laughed … and said it was impossible. Ridiculous even.

But the numbers don’t lie.

When I first discovered what I’m going to show you today, I checked the figures again and again—and came to the same conclusion every time.

And that conclusion was this: the group of overlooked funds I’m about to show you have only lost money 1% of the time over the last decade.

You read that right: 1%!

That’s basically never. It’s certainly as close to a “no-lose” proposition as you’ll find in investing.

As shocking as that is, it’s just the start.

5X the Dividends Regular Stocks Pay,

With Much Less Volatility

These amazing funds (which are hiding in plain sight) pay you a huge slice of their profits in CASH. The average fund from this unique asset class pays a life-changing 6% dividend! Some pay even more than that: the five I’ll show you below yield 6.5%, on average, and one even pays an outsized 7.8%!

Think about that for a second: a 6.5% payout is 5 TIMES the meager 1.3% payout the typical S&P 500 investor is forced to scrape by on.

And when most of your return is in CASH, rather than here-today, gone-tomorrow paper gains, you’ll automatically dial back your portfolio’s volatility, too.

In other words, you could buy just a few of these funds and get what every investor craves these days: a less volatile portfolio and a massive income stream you can use to pay your bills, reinvest or just set aside in case we’re hit by another virus, political instability—or just about any other calamity you can think of.

Because at times like that, you and I both know that dividend cash is king!

What I’m about to show you is far from exotic. It’s a group of funds that trade on the public markets, just like stocks. You can buy and sell them during regular trading hours.

Savvy investors (including billionaires like Bill Gates, Bill Ackman and Jeffrey Gundlach) have personally profited from these low-key income plays. And today I’m going to give you a chance to join them.

Your Entire Investment Returned—

in Dividend CASH Alone

When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see why, once people discover these “lifetime profit plays,” they tend to hold on to them for the long haul.

Drop, say, $350K into the highest payer of the 5 picks I’ll show you in a second and it’ll send you back a cool $27,300 in dividends, year in and year out.

In a little more than a decade, you’ll have recouped your entire upfront investment in dividend cash alone! Everything else is gravy.

That’s the very definition of safety! And it’s what you get from just one of these 5 picks!

And the odds are you’ll recoup your initial buy a LOT faster than that, because all 5 of these picks are cheap now. In fact, they’re trading so far below their true value that I’ve got each of them pegged for 20%+ price upside, on average, in the next 12 months.

So, to wheel back on the $350K example above, you could be looking at $27,300 in income next year, plus another $70,000 in price gains. That’s $97,300 in gains and dividends—or about 28% of your initial investment—back in your pocket in ONE YEAR ALONE!

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer: I’m talking about closed-end funds (CEFs).

If you’ve never heard of CEFs, there’s a good reason why: the CEF market is tiny—just 500 of these unique funds are out there today.

But their wealth-building power is proven: they’ve handed their owners lifesaving dividends through two world wars, the Great Depression, the 2008 financial crisis and a whole host of other crises. No wonder some folks hold them forever, and pass them down from generation to generation.

Hitting the Profit Mark

99% of the Time

As I said off the top, my research has led me to some startling conclusions on CEFs that back up what their happy owners already know: these funds are the perfect tool for racking up strong dividends and price gains for decades to come.

Here’s what I discovered: of the 324 CEFs that are a decade old (or older), only 13 have lost money in the last 10 years.

That’s a 96% win rate!

That’s incredible enough on its own, but there’s another twist to this story: of the 13 CEFs that did lose money, all but 3 were in the energy sector. Dump those 10 laggards and these CEFs’ win rate jumps to an incredible 99%!

And because these statistics include dividends, as I said above, you’re getting much of your return in cash here. And with the average CEF yielding 6% as I write this, these funds can pay your bills through a crisis. Thanks to those payouts, you may not have to sell a single share to generate the income you need.

Because with a payout like that, you could fund your lifestyle on dividends alone, even on a reasonable nest egg. I know I don’t have to tell you what a lifesaver this is when we roll through a market brushfire like the one we saw in the spring of 2020:

The Peril of a Low-Yield Portfolio

Imagine being forced to sell into this disaster to make ends meet (maybe you don’t have to imagine).

If you were selling the typical S&P 500 stock in late March 2020, you’d have done so at 35% below its value just a month earlier.

Worse, you’d have locked in a big loss (and shriveled your dividend income!) right when the market bounced back up. It’s plain to see that this is a one-way ticket to outliving your nest egg.

It’s also a calamity CEF investors have the ability to steer clear of. I’ll give you the 5 CEF picks I’ve uncovered in a moment (your average yield: 6.5%; your forecast price upside: 20%+).

Here’s something else I think you’ll love: you can likely switch over to CEFs—and grab their huge income streams—without having to sell the familiar S&P 500 stocks you own now.

Let me tell you how one group of investors have done just that, taking a true-blue American company everyone knows (but pays no dividend) and squeezing a massive payout from it, with an “assist” from a CEF.

The Inside Story on Buffett’s

“Secret” 8.7% Dividend

Berkshire Hathaway needs no introduction.

It’s the company Warren Buffett built from a humble Rhode Island textile maker into a $648-billion behemoth. It owns American-as-apple-pie names like Geico Insurance, Dairy Queen, Duracell, Fruit of the Loom and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad.

You probably also know that Berkshire doesn’t pay a dividend—and it never will as long as Buffett runs the show. He’s said many times that he feels Berkshire’s cash is best reinvested in the company, even though he’s a huge fan of collecting dividends from stocks he buys!

We can argue about whether this makes Buffett a hypocrite, but you can’t argue with his success—Berkshire has run the table on the S&P 500 over the last two decades, on a price basis.

Berkshire: Big Gains … But No Dividend

It’s a tremendous performance, to be sure, but there’s one hitch: with no dividend, Berkshire shareholders must take all their winnings in “paper gains,” not cash.

This is where things get interesting, because most people don’t realize there’s a way for you to tap into Buffett’s investing savvy and take away most of your profits in dividends. That road runs straight through CEFs.

Let me take a moment here to introduce you to the Gabelli Equity Trust (GAB).

Many folks who’ve never heard of CEFs know about GAB, whose manager, famed value investor (and Buffett disciple) Mario Gabelli, shows up on the cable news shows on the regular.

GAB holds big-name stocks that no doubt populate your portfolio now—legendary companies like Mastercard, Buffett favorite American Express, Texas Instruments and, yes, Berkshire Hathaway itself.

But there’s one key difference: instead of paying you the 1.3% the typical S&P 500 stock pays (or the 0% Berkshire does!), Mario’s fund pumps out a massive 8.7% dividend as I write this. That’s nearly 7 TIMES more than the typical S&P 500 stock pays!

Imagine that—at an 8.7% yield, with $350K invested in this fund, you’d be raking in a cool $30,450 a year in dividend income.

Forget about market volatility! I think you’ll agree that day-to-day swings in the value of your shares aren’t much of a worry when you’re getting 8.7% of your original investment back every year in cash.

The massive dividend is just the start, because GAB has also returned an incredible 589% in dividend cash and gains in the last two decades.

The only snag with GAB now is that everybody knows Mario—and that means his fund often trades at a premium to net asset value (NAV). That’s CEF-speak saying it trades for more than its portfolio is actually worth. And GAB’s premium is particularly high today, on a historical basis: as I write this, investors are paying more than $1.02 for every dollar of its assets.

That’s an obvious drag on GAB’s share price, meaning it’s tapped out—for now.

But there are plenty of other CEFs that still trade at attractive valuations and have plenty of upside ahead, like the 5 we’ll get to in just a few seconds more.

CEFs: Your “1-Click” Ticket to Financial Freedom

At this point, you’re probably wondering who I am and why you should listen to me.

My name is Michael Foster and I’m one of the only analysts in the world who is 100% devoted to CEFs with market caps under $1 billion.

Why less than $1 billion?

Because this is the most ignored corner of the already ignored CEF space. These funds are too small for institutional players to bother with, but they’re still plenty liquid for you and me.

With the Federal Reserve promising to keep interest rates at zero until the COVID crisis is finally in the rearview, we’re bound to see more income-starved investors find their way into these “small fry” funds, especially with the 6.5%+ dividends on offer here. That makes now the perfect time to get in.

I can speak personally about the financial freedom these smaller funds can give you. CEFs literally changed my life. Back in 2011, they gave me the income stream I needed to quit my job as a university professor—and the grinding 80-hour workweeks that went with it.

Since then, they’ve given me the capital gains I’ve needed to boost my net worth and grow my income stream, too.

For nearly a decade now, I haven’t needed to report to a boss at 9 every morning (I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like!). Or worry about paying the bills. Or, in recent months, lose a moment of sleep over a pandemic ruining my retirement dreams.

But I’m not sitting back and whiling away the days on a beach in some sunny clime. I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do since leaving my daily gig: spreading the word about the profit-making power of CEFs (especially smaller CEFs!) through my CEF Insider research service.

I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to see regular folks discover that, despite what most advisors say, they can retire both earlier than they think and on a lot less than they think, too!

That’s the kind of power these funds have. So let’s go ahead and dive into the 5 CEFs that can give these same freedoms to you.

5 “Lifetime Profit” CEFs to Buy NOW: 6.5% Dividends, 20%+ Upside Ahead

Here’s a snapshot of the 5 high-paying CEFs (average yield: 6.5%) I’m pounding the table on today. Invest, say, $600K into these 5 funds (far less than most analysts say you need to retire) and you’ll get a very liveable $39,000 dividend stream).

“Lifetime Profit” CEF No. 1: A 7.3% Dividend

to Power You Through the Recovery

Did you hear about the utilities that lost money in the pandemic? Of course not! Because none did. Everyone staying at home went through more power, water, electricity, natural gas and, of course, Internet bandwidth than ever. And demand for utilities’ services will only increase as reopenings continue.

That all adds up to a boon for our first pick—which pays a rich 7.3% dividend. Check out its portfolio of always-in-demand industries:

A True Crisis-Proof Portfolio

This fund is a great pickup for stability and income. And thanks to its ridiculous 6.9% discount to NAV , you’re paying less than these stocks are really worth. This is one of the best dividend opportunities out there today—and no one’s talking about it.

That’s our cue to dive in.

“Lifetime Profit” CEF No. 2: This 7.2%

Dividend Won’t Be This Cheap Again

Our second pick holds high-yielding real estate investment trusts (REITs) primed for big profits in a post-COVID world. Its whip-smart management team has made some timely moves into critical warehouse, communication-tower, data-center and healthcare plays.

All of these stocks profited in the lockdown and will keep doing so now that we’ve moved more of our lives online—and are more concerned about our health, too.

Even so, this fund trades at a 1.3% discount to NAV. That may not sound like much, but this fund has traded at a premium just south of 3% within the last year, and I fully expect it to hit that level (and higher) in short order, handing us some strong upside as it does. AND we’re getting a 7.2% dividend “thrown in” too!

“Lifetime Profit” CEF No. 3: Big Pharma at a Big Discount (and a 7.8% Dividend!)

Our third pick is run by an all-star team of doctors and researchers who know how to spot winning drugs. They’re backed up by a “second line” in the form of some of the smartest analysts on Wall Street.

It’s a potent combo that’s delivered an astounding 385% in gains and dividends in the last decade:

Pharma All-Stars Deliver Life-Changing Gains

But that’s the past. Let’s look to the future.

Our crew has set up this fund perfectly, with companies leading in COVID vaccine and treatment research, like Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

This team also has an eye on the post-COVID world, having bought stocks like Amgen, which has a rich pipeline of development drugs and an important treatment for lung cancer that was recently approved by the FDA.

This fund’s combo of medical and financial expertise is a recipe for further upside. The 7.8% dividend? Consider it a bonus!

“Lifetime Profit” CEF No. 4: A “Chameleon” 7% Dividend Disguised as a 5.2% Payout

Our fourth pick holds municipal bonds, which are issued by states and local governments to fund infrastructure. These are some of the safest investments you can buy because their default rates are basically nonexistent, usually in the 0.01% range.

Better still, munis’ dividends are tax-free for most Americans, so our fourth pick’s 5.2% dividend could really amount to 7%+ to you, depending on your tax bracket.

Pick No. 4 is run by a muni-bond pro with $5.3 billion of buying power, so he gets the first call when new munis hit the market.

And he’s deftly used his “first mover” advantage to double up the muni-bond index, with our fund’s portfolio returning 14% since his fund was founded two years ago, a strong performance in a placid asset class like this. It’s also nearly double the performance of the muni-bond market as a whole.

This one does trade at a slight premium to NAV today, but that’s no worry for us, because a huge, tax-free dividend like this is sure to attract more investors in light of today’s zero-point-nothing interest rates. That’ll further boost its share price and its premium along with it. Let’s grab our position before that happens!

“Lifetime Profit” CEF No. 5: A 5% Tech Dividend With a $7-Trillion Edge

Let’s wrap our portfolio with a fund that holds the tech stocks that are best positioned to rack up big profits in the post-COVID world. I’m talking about firms like payment-processor Square (SQ), social-media and camera firm Snap (SNAP) and communications platform Twilio (TWLO).

Pick No. 5 also gives us something unique among CEFs: access to private tech companies that haven’t yet been made available through the markets!

We also get the best and brightest talent to manage our tech investments through this fund: it’s run by BlackRock, the biggest investment firm in the world, with $7 trillion in assets under management! As a result, BlackRock attracts management talent that no other company can match, and it’s why Pick No. 5 has trounced the NASDAQ since inception a couple years ago:

Pick No. 5 Rides Its Research Advantage to Strong Gains

Yet few people are aware of this fund’s many benefits, largely because it’s relatively new. That’s giving us a rare opportunity to buy in and get its growing 5% dividend at a 6% discount!

I’ve put everything you need to know about these 5 CEFs in a new FREE report called “5 ‘Lifetime Profit’ CEFs Paying 6.5% Dividends (with 20% upside).”

Here’s what you get in this groundbreaking FREE report:

  • Names, ticker symbols, buy-under prices and every other critical detail you need to know about each of these 5 funds before you buy.
  • My in-depth analysis of how each fund makes its money, what’s behind its discount and why that deal is set to disappear, propelling us to a forecast 20%+ in price gains in the next 12 months!
  • My take of the people behind each fund. This is something too many investors overlook but is vital for safe CEF profits. Since CEFs are all I cover, I spend my days studying the moves of these investment pros. And yes, that includes phoning them up and putting them on the hot seat.

Normally I’d charge $99 for this report, but I’m handing it over to you FREE today!

There’s more, too, because this in-depth investment report comes with a second volume called “The Ultimate Guide to CEFs.”

The Ultimate Guide (also a $99 value) is essential reading for any CEF investor. I’ve written it to answer any question you have about these funds. This in-depth volume really is my life’s work packed between two covers. I consider it a living document—I’m constantly adding to it as the CEF market evolves.

There simply isn’t another guide on CEF investing out there that gives you this much research and hands-on guidance (believe me, I’ve read them all!). And you’re getting it for free—even though I’d sell it for $99 as a standalone book.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this second FREE report:

  • How CEFs can pay outsized dividends—and a simple way to make sure your fund’s payout is sustainable.
  • The simple trick CEF managers use to limit their funds’ downside (this unique “insurance” doesn’t exist in stocks, bonds or ETFs).
  • The surprising reason why the liquidation of a CEF is actually good news for investors.

Together, these two special reports create a valuable 2-part reference, giving you my best strategies for finding CEFs with the 6.5%+ dividends (and upside) you need to fund a happy retirement, then naming the 5 funds I see as “must-buys” to get you there.

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The Screener also gives you our one-of-a-kind “CEF Insider Heat Map,” which instantly separates attractive funds (green) from dangerous pretenders (red).

It’s like having me personally guide you to the CEFs worth further consideration for your portfolio.

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PLUS you also get…

A Proven Tool for Sniffing Out CEF Bargains … and Ripoffs Too!

Yet another CEF-picking tool, our easy-to-use CEF Index Tracker, lets you instantly compare the performance of practically any CEF to any other CEF and stack up as many funds as you like to our proprietary CEF indexes.

At a glance, you can see which CEFs have outperformed (and may be overpriced) and which have underperformed (and may be screaming bargains)!

There isn’t another CEF tracker anywhere on the Web—paid or free—that lets you do this, which is why I recently added this revolutionary tool to your CEF Insider trial membership.

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High, Safe Yields and Big Gains

Are Just the Start

In addition to the CEF Screener, Index Tracker and your two-part CEF library with my 5 best picks for huge dividends and fast double-digit upside, your risk-free trial contains a whole lot more, including:

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If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you think these high-yield funds just might be a good fit for your portfolio.

But I also understand that you may still be hesitant to try a new service, and I want you to be certain this is worth your time, so there’s something else I’d like to add (2 things, actually) …

2 more FREE BONUS reports!

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Your first Bonus Special Report, “5 Hidden Income Plays the ETF Companies Don’t Want You to Know About,” gives you all the profitable details on 5 CEFs the big-name ETF providers are actively keeping from you. That’s because, if you discovered these 5 amazing funds’ income-producing power, you might never buy another ETF again!

The 5 CEFs you get in this report are the perfect companions to the 5 funds you get in your first free report. Here’s a quick sneak peek:

  • This fund is a true dividend unicorn! It not only yields an amazing 7.9%, it’s also grown its payout 169% in the last decade, too!
  • A bond fund with an incredible track record. Managed by the biggest firm in the CEF world, it pays a massive 7.4% dividend and has done something no “stodgy” bond fund is supposed to: returned an incredible 404% in dividends and price gains!
  • A century-old fund that’s survived—and thrived—in crisis after crisis. It yields 7.3% and trades at an absurd 14% discount.
  • This CEF owns the best real estate for a post-COVID world, and it’s paying a massive 7.5% income stream! I’m also banking on strong upside (20%+) in the next 12 months from this one.
  • A 5.3%-payer riding the hottest trend in tech. This unique CEF is cashing in on the surging growth of artificial intelligence, and its smart approach is paying off. It just boosted its payout double-digits and paid a big special dividend, too! This one should trade at a huge premium, but we can buy it for just 93 cents on the dollar.

BONUS Special Report #2 (a $99 value):

Your second Bonus Special Report, “5 Toxic CEFs That Could Ruin Your Retirement,” protects your CEF profits—and income—by highlighting devious traps you need to steer well clear of, such as:

  • Outrageously high fees hidden deep in the fine print (in the case of one fund I’ll name in this report, management has snagged an obscene 44% of the fund’s investment income for itself!).
  • Way too much leverage. Another fund I’ll expose uses borrowed cash to fill its portfolio with other CEFs that are propped up by borrowed cash themselves. That’s way too aggressive, and it leaves this fund particularly vulnerable when the next crisis hits.
  • Dangerous dividends, like the 15% yields two of these funds pay. But because these CEFs trade at ridiculous premiums, they need to vastly out-earn their huge 15% yields in the market, year in and year out, just to keep their dividends going. You and I both know that’s impossible.

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Michael Foster

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