5 Monthly Dividend Payers

“Spring Loaded” to Soar

(and Throw Off Life-Changing 7.9% Payouts)

  • These 5 ignored funds could drop a cool $3,292 into your portfolio every month! AND they’re primed for FAST 20%+ upside, too.
  • They’re just the start: I’m going to show you a whole world of 7%+ monthly dividends most people don’t know about.
  • PLUS these off-the-radar monthly dividend plays are bargains, so they’re primed to soar, in the months ahead!

Fellow Investor,

I’ve zeroed in on 5 unique funds that pay dividends 7 TIMES what S&P 500 stocks pay … and that payout rolls your way every single month.

And with the bargains on offer here, we could be looking at quick potential price gains of 20%+, in as little as 12 months.

I expect the leading edge of these gains could be upon us in no time … and I want to make sure you’re in well before then.

I’ll give you more details on these 7.9%-yielding cash machines (and why they’re the PERFECT investments to hold in a crisis) in a moment.

First, let’s talk more about the power of monthly payouts, because they’re something most people almost never get to enjoy …

A Regular Monthly “Paycheck”

Without the Work (20%+ Gain

Potential on the Side)

It’s easy to see why folks love monthly payers: after all, it’s a lot easier to manage your dividends when they drop into your account as your monthly bills arrive.

Trouble is, monthly payers are thin on the ground for mainstream investors.

That leaves them stuck with quarterly payers—which make up all the dividend stocks on the S&P 500. And when you combine a bunch of them, you get a “lumpy” income stream like this:

Monthly Payouts Shift Your Income Stream From This …

What you’re looking at above is a $500K portfolio split up among Procter & Gamble (PG), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Bank of America (BAC), Kimberly Clark (KMB) and 3M Corp. (MMM).

These 5 companies are staples in just about every income investor’s portfolio …

… but their income stream is a mess! Your dividends range from just $608 all the way up to $2,207. Worst of all, you’re still only getting a 3% dividend yield on your $500K.

That’s $15,220 a year on $500K. Poverty-level wages!

What most people don’t realize is that they don’t have to live like this. By going just a step beyond the “popular kids” of the S&P 500, you can find high, safe dividends yielding 7% or more and paying you every single month, too.

One of those corners of the market is a unique type of investment called a closed-end fund (CEF).

These funds hold all the stocks you know well, but with a twist (two, actually): first, more than 300 of the roughly 500 CEFs out there pay dividends monthly. AND their dividends are through the roof! As an asset class, CEFs yield an average of 7% as I write this.

So, with the 5 low-key closed-end funds (CEFs) I’ll show you in a moment, we can shift the rocky income stream we see above to a smooth-as-silk payout stream we can rely on:

… To This:

That’s more like it!

We’ve now transformed our “lumpy” income stream to a like-clockwork $3,292 in monthly income. That’s $39,500 a year, or a retirement-changing 7.9% dividend yield.

Plus, the 5 picks I’m going to show you in a moment come with a twist: they’re smaller CEFs trading at huge discounts. So when the crowd discovers them, they’re nicely set up to soar.

That’s where our call of 20%+ price gains in the next 12 months comes in. And that’s on top of the 7.9% dividend yield these funds throw off!

In other words, we’ve got potential for a solid 27.9% in gains and dividends by this time next year.

We’ve Ridden Our “Monthlies” to

Big Gains (and Income) and

There’s More to Come!

This is a good time for me to introduce myself: I’m Kevin Wallen, publisher of Contrarian Income Report, an investing service built for investors looking for the high, safe yields they need to fund their retirement.

We’ve had some great success with monthly payers at CIR. Because here’s what most people don’t realize: investments that pay monthly tend to outperform as regular folks discover the power of their high monthly payouts and pile in!

Take the Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust (GDV), a CEF run by famed value investor Mario Gabelli.

When we bought GDV in our Contrarian Income Report service in October 2020, it was throwing off a monthly dividend that added up to a sweet 7.3% annualized yield.

It was also cheap, trading at a 16% discount to net asset value (NAV, or the value of the investments in GDV’s portfolio): that’s CEF-speak for saying the fund’s market price trades for 16% less than the value of its portfolio.

These discounts only exist with CEFs, and GDV’s discount lets us buy its assets—elite US companies like Mastercard (MA), Honeywell (HON) and Microsoft (MSFT)—for 84 cents on the dollar.

So we jumped in and started collecting GDV’s rich monthly payout, which drip, drip, dripped into our accounts every month (in addition to a nice “bonus” special dividend in January 2022):

GDV’s “Steady as She Goes” Monthly Payout

By the time we clocked out in February 2022—a mere 16 months later, our man Mario had guided us to a fast 44% total return!

A big part of that return came from investors bidding up the price after realizing it was a no-brainer to go with Super Mario’s 7.3% payout instead of an S&P 500 index fund’s miserly 1.3% dividend stream.

That wasn’t all, though.

By the time we sold, we’d drawn a fat $1.82 of monthly dividends for every single share we held.

On a $100K investment, that comes out to a total of $9,737 of payouts, which had built up in our accounts every month we held GDV.

Our Top Income Holding Has Already Paid Us Back 53.6% in Dividend Cash

Then there’s the Flaherty & Crumrine Dynamic Preferred & Income Fund (DFP), which has been rolling out monthly dividends for us since we picked it up in CIR in October 2015.

It yielded 7.5% back then and has delivered us a solid 83% return, a big jump for a fund that focuses on steady-as-she goes preferred shares.

Here’s the REAL takeaway, though.

In that time, we’ve collected $11.94 a share in monthly dividends. That’s more than half of the $22.26 a share we paid for DFP in the first place!

Those payouts are a big part of our gain.

And if you’d invested $100K in DFP when we bought, you’d be sitting on $53,634 in monthly dividends today—and counting.

I think you’ll agree that this is a pretty sweet combo of income and growth! It also shows the power of CEFs, particularly monthly paying CEFs, for delivering outsized income and gains—in just one investment!

5 Funds in Our “Dividend Sweet

Spot”: 7.9% Dividends and

20%+ Upside Ahead

Now let’s get on to the 5 funds I want to introduce you today, which I expect could perform even better than GDV and DFP, with MORE of your return coming in the form of monthly dividends.

These 5 overlooked funds have been hand-picked by Michael Foster, our in-house guru on smaller CEFs. Specifically, Michael trolls for CEFs with market caps between $200 million and $1 billion.

What’s so special about CEFs that size?

They’re where the greatest bargains live, because these funds tend to be off the big institutional players’ radar. At the same time, funds in that range are large enough to provide us with the liquidity we need to move in and out of them with ease.

AND when small funds like these get discovered by the mainstream crowd (inevitable, in my view, given the 7%+ dividends on offer here), they tend to rise faster than larger funds).

We want to be sure we’re on board when that happens. And in the meantime, we’re happy to wait—and get paid a rich 7.9%+ a month while we do!

Let’s dive in, starting with:

Monthly Dividend Pick No. 1: A Global

Titan With a 7.6% Dividend

Our first pick is an international CEF boasting a 7.6% dividend (paid monthly, of course), a generous 9% discount to net asset value (NAV, or the value of the stocks in its portfolio) and a management team that gives us global exposure without going near basket cases like Russia.

Our team are masters of spotting overlooked value, too. Consider the UK, which is still wobbling from Brexit. But our pick’s managers have leveraged that uncertainty to pick up some of the best (and most globally oriented) UK firms at big discounts!

I’m talking market dominators like Reckitt Benckiser Group (RBGLY) and Relx plc (RELX).

Reckitt is far from a household name in the US, but its products are: consumer mainstays like Strepsils, Air Wick, Clearasil and Lysol. Reckitt dominates its markets, so it can shrug off inflation and use its brand power to easily pass off price increases to its customers.

It’s the same story at Relx, producer of LexisNexis, a database that’s the standard in the legal profession.

These kinds of overlooked “inflation-proof” opportunities are exactly what we want our CEF managers to dig up! And Pick No. 1’s strong portfolio (and huge payouts) are available at an unusually big discount now.

A Monthly 7.6% Dividend … Going for 91 Cents on the Dollar!

Critically, this fund kept that huge dividend flowing through the toughest market we’ve seen in a generation—the COVID-19 crash—giving investors a much-needed lifeline. That makes it a fund we want anchoring our portfolio, with a 9% discount that won’t last long!

Monthly Dividend Pick No. 2: A

7.4%-Payer With an “Inside Edge”

Our next pick is a 7.4%-yielder with a sterling track record and the backing of one of the world’s largest management firms, with $10 trillion in assets and top talent begging to come work for them.

The proof is in the performance of its portfolio: pick No. 2’s net asset value, or NAV, has jumped 247%, including dividends the fund has collected, since its inception in October 2014!

The key to that gain is in its top-10 holdings: it holds stalwarts like Apple (AAPL) and Amazon.com (AMZN) and privately held companies that haven’t yet gone through an IPO.

These private holdings have been a big part of its success, and they’re something you and I would never be able to access on our own. But because of this fund manager’s deep connections, we get to invest like billionaires ourselves!

This fund does something else that’s supposed to be impossible for a high-yielder: it grows its payout—and by no small amount.

A 7.4% Monthly Dividend That Soared 150%

That dividend is nearly as impressive as our pick’s portfolio gains, and I expect it to keep growing at a similar clip well into the future.

A 7.4% dividend that’s grown triple digits in seven years and is paid monthly? Most folks will tell you that’s impossible. But that’s exactly what we get with this standout tech fund.

Monthly Dividend Pick No. 3: An 8.5% Payer That LOVES a Volatile Market

The 8.5% yield on Pick No. 3 is impressive enough on its own, but go deeper and the story gets even better. The fund’s 8.9% discount to NAV means its managers need to earn less—8.1%, to be exact—to sustain its payout. Even after the war in Ukraine began, they’ve easily topped that.

Portfolio Gains Keep Payouts Flowing in a Crisis

Let’s start with the portfolio, which focuses on companies known for their strong cash flow and dividends, like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Procter & Gamble (PG) and Cisco Systems (CSCO).

The fund then builds on these with a strategy that cuts its volatility while boosting its income stream: it sells call options on its portfolio.

Think of these options as a kind of insurance: whether or not the stocks are eventually sold, our pick gets to keep the cash it gets from the buyers of these contracts!

It then passes those funds, along with dividends and gains it earns from its portfolio of strong blue chips, to us, giving us a reliable income stream that can sustain us through a crash. And that’s why this pick is a prime choice for today’s markets.

Now you’re probably wondering how to get full details on these 5 reliable income plays …

We’ve put everything you need to know in an exclusive report, “5 ‘Must-Own’ Monthly Dividend Funds Yielding 7.9%.” I want to send it to you today for FREE.

These are just three of the funds you’ll read about in Michael’s new investor report, “5 ‘Must-Own’ Monthly Dividend Funds Yielding 7.9%.”

In addition to these 3 CEFs, you’ll discover a bond fund yielding 7.3% that soared the last time rates rose (and is poised to pull off a repeat).

You’ll also read about another fund that’s positioned in energy stocks, materials and telecoms. That’s a good mix of sectors for higher rates, as energy and materials tend to rise, while telecoms tone down our volatility. This deep-discounted cash machine yields a gaudy 8.2% today!

We’d normally sell this unique report, complete with its “mini-portfolio” of monthly payers yielding 7.9% on average, for $99 a copy. But it’s yours free today.

Also YOURS FREE: The “Bible” of CEF Investing (a $99 Value)

There’s more, too, because this in-depth report comes with a second volume called “The Ultimate Guide to CEFs.”

The Ultimate Guide (also a $99 value) is essential reading for any CEF investor. There isn’t another manual on these cash-rich income plays that gives you this much research and hands-on guidance. And you’re getting it for FREE—even though we’d sell it for $99 as a standalone book.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this second FREE report:

  • How CEFs can pay outsized dividends—and a simple way to make sure your fund’s payout is sustainable.
  • The simple trick CEF managers use to limit their funds’ downside (this unique “insurance” doesn’t exist in stocks, bonds or ETFs).
  • The surprising reason why the liquidation of a CEF is actually good news for investors.

How to Get Your 2 FREE Reports (and Kickstart Your 7.9% Monthly Dividend Stream Today)

These two free reports (a $198 value) come your way when you take advantage of another profitable bonus we’re offering you today: a 60-day no-risk trial subscription to Michael’s CEF Insider service.

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We’ve built CEF Insider for investors on the hunt for double-digit price gains in their income portfolios. That’s to say nothing of the outsized yields Michael will bring you in nearly every monthly issue.

But CEF Insider is much more than a monthly publication—it’s a complete service, bringing you a fresh CEF pick almost every month. These picks usually yield 7%, 8% or more and because they’re smaller CEFs, they set you up with double-digit upside potential, too.

We’ve also bulked up the service with a set of unique wealth-building tools you won’t find anywhere else, starting with …

Your Secret Weapon for

BIG Profits in CEFs

These tools start with your CEF Screener, which lets you sort through the nearly 500 funds in the CEF universe worthy of your consideration at the click of a mouse.

Sort by ticker symbol, asset class or discount/premium to NAV and you’ll instantly see how each CEF stacks up to its peers.

This one-of-a-kind CEF-picking tool is backed by a rigorous 6-point assessment that judges each CEF by its current and historical NAV, 10-year return, fees, yield on NAV (the best measure of dividend safety) and more.

The Screener also gives you our one-of-a-kind “CEF Insider Heat Map,” which instantly separates attractive funds (green) from dangerous pretenders (red).

It’s like having Michael personally guide you to the CEFs worth further consideration for your portfolio.

We’d normally charge $99 a month for access to the Screener alone—but you get it absolutely FREE when you try CEF Insider.

PLUS you also get…

A Proven Tool for Sniffing Out

CEF Bargains … and Ripoffs, Too!

Yet another CEF-picking tool, our easy-to-use CEF Index Tracker, lets you instantly compare the performance of practically any CEF to any other CEF and stack up as many funds as you like to our proprietary CEF indexes.

At a glance, you can see which CEFs have outperformed (and may be overpriced) and which have underperformed (and may be screaming bargains).

There isn’t another CEF tracker anywhere on the web—paid or free—that lets you do this, which is why I recently added this revolutionary tool to your CEF Insider trial membership.

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High, Safe Yields and Big Gains

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In addition to the CEF Screener, Index Tracker and your two-part CEF library with Michael’s 5 best picks for huge dividends and fast double-digit upside, your risk-free trial contains a whole lot more, including:

  • Your CEF Watch List: Michael’s “shortlist” gives you the top 20+ CEFs he’s got his eye on—the ones he’s handpicked and personally safety-checked. Each one offers outsized yields and bigger-than-average discounts, so they’ve got plenty of built-in upside, too. But they don’t yet qualify for our…
  • Members-Only Portfolio: These are the “best of the best”—Michael’s top CEF picks for high, safe income and big gains. All of them are laid out in an easy-to-read portfolio that includes my up-to-the minute recommendations, buy-under prices, current yields, dividend frequency and more.
  • Monthly Issues: On the fourth Friday of each month, you’ll get Michael’s latest analysis of the ever-changing CEF space in your inbox. He’ll include detailed analysis on new fund recommendations, updates on existing positions and an overview of trends and events that may affect your holdings.
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If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you think these high-yielding, fast-growing smaller CEFs just might be a good fit for your portfolio.

But I also understand that you may still be hesitant to add a new service, and I want you to be certain this is worth your time, so there’s something else I’d like to give you (2 things, actually) …

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BONUS Special Report #1 (a $99 value):

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The 5 CEFs you get in this report are the perfect companions to the 5 funds you get in your first free report. Here’s a quick sneak peek:

  • This fund is a true dividend unicorn! It yields an amazing 10.1%, holds blue-chip pharma stocks you know well AND trades at a very rare 4.3% discount.
  • A bond fund with an incredible track record. Managed by the biggest firm in the CEF world, it pays a massive 9.3% dividend and has done something no “stodgy” bond fund is supposed to: returned an incredible 319% in dividends and price gains.
  • A century-old fund that’s survived—and thrived—in crisis after crisis. It yields 9.2% and trades at an absurd 14% discount.
  • This CEF owns the best real estate for a post-COVID world, and it’s paying a massive 8.0% income stream. I’m also banking on strong upside (20%+) in the next 12 months from this one.
  • A 9%-payer riding the hottest trend in tech. This unique CEF is cashing in on the surging growth of artificial intelligence, and it has a winning strategy to minimize its volatility, too. This one should trade at a huge premium, but we can buy it for just 91 cents on the dollar.

BONUS Special Report #2 (a $99 value):

Your second Bonus Special Report, “5 Toxic CEFs That Could Ruin Your Retirement,” protects your CEF profits—and income—by highlighting devious traps you need to steer well clear of, such as:

  • Outrageously high fees hidden deep in the fine print (in the case of one fund I’ll name in this report, management has snagged an obscene 44% of the fund’s investment income for itself!).
  • Way too much leverage. Another of these deadly funds uses borrowed cash to fill its portfolio with other CEFs that are propped up by borrowed cash themselves. That’s way too aggressive, and it leaves this fund particularly vulnerable when the next crisis hits.
  • Dangerous dividends, like the 14% yields two of these funds pay. But because these CEFs trade at ridiculous premiums, they need to vastly out-earn their huge yields in the market, year in and year out, just to keep their dividends going. You and I both know that’s impossible.

Combined, the 4 reports you get with this no-obligation “road test” of CEF Insider are worth $396. But they’re yours to keep no matter what you decide.

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Which brings me to my next point.

As I mentioned, because the funds CEF Insider focuses on are small, it’s critical that we also keep our group small and nimble.

Otherwise, we’d move the price as we swing into these income plays—making it harder for everyone to get in at a bargain. (This, by the way, is why Brett Owens can’t recommend these funds to his thousands of Contrarian Income Report subscribers—and why we launched CEF Insider.)

How small?

We’re only letting in 2,000 members to CEF Insider in total.

You read that right: just 2,000 people, and just over 1,700 have already snagged spots.

So once we hit that 2,000-person limit, we may be forced to close the doors. If you try to sign up after that, your name will go on a waiting list and you’ll only be able to get in when another member drops out.

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Yours in profits,

Kevin Wallen


CEF Insider and Contrarian Income Report

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