The Simple (and Safe) Way to

15%+ Returns Every Year

From Dividend Stocks

While most people are chasing big dividend payers right now, a small group of “hidden yield” stocks are quietly handing smart investors growing income streams PLUS annual returns of 15%, 17%, 21% and more.

So if you’re ready to grab fast dividend growth that could triple your retirement income and drive fast price gains in almost any economy, here are the 5 investments to buy right away …

Dear Reader,

If you’re trying to figure out which way this market is going to swing next …

If you’re worried the S&P 500 might take another leg down, just like it did in 2022 …

Or if you’re worried that Jay Powell’s ongoing attempts to contain inflation will send us into a deep recession …

Then I have good news: I recently uncovered 5 “hidden yield” investments that are poised to soar while dishing out solid income.

For example, there’s the insurer that’s delivered an eye-popping 721% total return over the past decade …

And another company that pays an incredible 7% dividend, yet boasts a P/E ratio just under 4 …

Plus, a cell-tower landlord that’s raised its dividend 49% in the last 5 years, and there’s much more to come!

Together, these five dividend-paying stocks could almost serve as a standalone portfolio – one that you can look to for steady payments … growing retirement income … and solid capital gains year in and year out.

But before I get deeper into the specifics of each of these companies, I want to explain why …

These Particular Stocks Could

Grow Your Money 15% a Year FOREVER …

Doubling Your Portfolio Every 5 Years

You probably already know that dividends are responsible for a very large chunk of the stock market’s historical returns.

In fact, dividends have accounted for more than 40% of the gains produced by US shares since the 1930s.

But it actually goes much deeper than that.

My research indicates a certain group of dividend stocks can give you A LOT more than just steady quarterly payments.

I’ve discovered a relationship between dividends and price gains that holds the key to 15%+ returns per year from very conservative investments – enough to double your portfolio in 5 years, and it could provide 3 TIMES MORE INCOME THAN MOST RETIREMENT EXPERTS SAY YOU NEED.

See, everyone wants dividend stocks with good current yields.

It’s easy to scan a newspaper or financial website and pick out the stocks that are paying 3%, 4%, 8% or whatever number you might consider “good.”

It even provides some instant gratification.

But that’s NOT the right way to pick dividend stocks.

You have to pull back the veil and find out if those yields are actually supported by the company’s cash flow, earnings power, long-term prospects and other signs of dividend, and business, health.

You have to sift through the same company’s history to determine how long it’s been paying those dividends …

How consistently it’s been paying those dividends …

And especially the trajectory of those payouts …

Over time, has the dividend increased, decreased or remained flat?

In Short, You Need to Understand This Simple Fact to

Make SERIOUS Money from Dividend Stocks …

My research has found selecting companies with long histories of dividend hikes IS one of the safest and most reliable ways to get rich investing in stocks.

But it might not be for the reason you think.

Yes, every time a company raises its dividend, you start earning even more money from your original investment.

For example, $30 in annual dividends equals a 3% return on your original $1,000 investment.

Later, if the dividends go up to $40 a year, you are effectively earning 4% on your original $1,000 investment.

And if the trend continues over time, you could easily end up earning 10% or even 20% a year just from rising dividends … because your original amount of invested money never changes!

This explains why some savvy investors are able to collect “hidden yields” – regular payments that are MANY TIMES MORE than the dividend numbers you see reported by major media outlets.

But that’s only part of the story …

The Market Quickly Covers Up These “Hidden Yields”

Handing You One Potential Windfall After Another!

For example, if a stock pays a 3% current yield and then hikes its payout by 10%, investors will typically see the new 3.3% yield and buy more shares.

In the process, they’ll drive the price up and push the yield back down towards 3% again.

I call this the “Dividend Magnet” because, over the long term, the rising payout pulls the share price higher.

Let me show you how this works in the real world with a well-known income stock like Coca-Cola (KO).

Coke typically pays about 3% to 4% a year, so as the firm has been growing its dividend every year, investors have been bidding the stock up to keep its yield in line with that level.

You can see this very clearly in this chart of Coca-Cola’s stock. The purple line shows the stock’s price over the last 10 years. The orange line shows the stock’s dividend going up each of those years.

As the chart shows, despite some ups and downs, Coke’s stock rose more or less as fast as the company’s dividend payments.

Of course, I am NOT saying Coke is a stock you should buy right now.

After all, it’s only growing its payout by a cent or two per share annually. That’s just not enough to drive any more meaningful price appreciation, particularly as rising rates drive up the company’s borrowing costs.

The important thing here is that although investors tend to fixate on stocks’ current yields – which are widely published and available – meaningful dividend growth can be a valuable source of “hidden yields.”

Let’s look at two more popular dividend stocks—AbbVie (ABBV) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)—to see the same thing in action. Both of these stocks have had nearly constant yields over the last 10 years.


Because their price returns have also closely tracked their dividend growth.

As you can see:

AbbVie increased its dividends 270% and its stock rose 253% …

And JPMorgan’s dividends jumped an impressive 163%, while the company’s shares jumped 182%!

So the very best dividend stocks almost never show high yields because the Dividend Magnet pulls their prices higher with the increasing payments!

Most people never realize any of this.

But those of us who DO stand to profit handsomely and almost automatically!

It’s a simple three-step process:

Step 1. You invest a set amount of money into one of these “hidden yield” stocks and immediately start getting regular returns on the order of 3%, 4% or maybe more.

Step 2. Over time, your dividend payments go up, so you’re eventually earning 8%, 9% or 10% a year on your original investment.

Step 3. As your income is rising, other investors are also bidding up the price of your shares to keep pace with the increasing yields.

This combination of rising dividends and capital appreciation is what gives you the potential to earn 15% or more, on average, with almost no active trading at all.

So with “hidden yield” stocks, you just get into the right investments and let a proven system take your wealth higher and higher without much fuss at all. However …


Look for One More Thing to Add Extra

Upside to Your Dividend Stocks!

I imagine you’d be pretty darn happy to watch your portfolio grow roughly 15% every year … doubling in value every five years … and creating bigger and bigger potential income streams along the way.

And as I’ve just explained, picking the right “hidden yield” stocks can do that without exposing you to outsized risks or can’t-sleep-at-night worries.

But what I’ve found is that adding in one additional criteria can point you to even bigger, faster upside from dividend stocks.

Stock repurchases.

Whenever a company buys back its own stock, it is basically improving every single “per share” metric that investors watch – earnings … free cash flow … book value … etc.

After all, if a company reduces the number of its shares by 50%, its earnings per share will automatically DOUBLE without any actual increase in profits.

I probably don’t need to tell you what should happen next …

Investors will quickly bid up the stock’s price to bring it back in line with the value it was trading at before.

Indeed, my research shows that simply investing in the right stocks that are reducing their share counts can help you beat the broad market’s performance.

Best of all, analysts expect record buybacks this year, as companies invest money they squirreled away during the pandemic into their own stocks.

But even now, there are plenty of firms buying back shares, and getting a nice upside kick in return.

You can see this by looking at the shares of Walmart (WMT), which has taken an impressive 17% of its stock off the market in the last 10 years, helping drive a 118% gain in the share price!

And that’s just one example. By targeting cash-rich companies that either continue to buy back shares now or have a long record of doing so you can set yourself up for HUGE price gains.

And you’ll do even better if you …

Combine “Hidden Yield” Stocks With

Buyback Programs—the Gains Can Be Truly Explosive!

For example, back in June 2017, I recommended chipmaker Texas Instruments (TXN) because it was quickly growing its dividend payments and management was aggressively buying back shares.


  • Texas Instruments had reduced its outstanding shares by an amazing 12% in the preceding five years and had plans in place to keep up those fast repurchases.

  • Plus, the stock was still yielding around 2.4%, even after it had just boosted the payout a massive 32%!

All those things told me the stock could take off as the company continued growing its dividends and buying back more shares.

Sure enough, it played out just that way.

The company reduced its share count by 5.3% over the next two years. The market quickly responded as that happened and the stock delivered a 37% total return in that span.

That’s a 37% return in just two years from a relatively boring (at the time!) nearly 100-year-old blue chip stock.

From there, shares continued going up – producing a 148% total return in just under five years, until we sold Texas Instruments in early 2022. Over our total holding period, Texas Instruments grew its dividend another 130%, to boot!

Dividends and Buybacks Ignite TXN

Of course not all of my recommendations work out exactly like this one … some better, some not quite as well… but this example shows that there’s no need to invest in things you don’t understand … or guess about how some new product rollout or business development is unfolding.

If you find companies that are consistently raising their dividends at solid rates PLUS consistently buying back their own shares, you have the recipe for annual total returns of 15% or more.

That’s WAY better than what you can expect from a broad stock market mutual fund or ETF …

And it’s far more than what you’d get from most bonds or other fixed-income investments right now, even with recent rate hikes …

And it’s more than triple what the very best certificates of deposit are paying at the moment.

In fact, since most experts recommend withdrawing 4% of your nest egg each year during retirement, it means your portfolio could actually be growing three times faster than you’d be withdrawing money.

Put another way, simply investing in the right “hidden yield” stocks at the right time could triple the amount of money you have to enjoy in your golden years.

Best of all, it can do so without taking on unnecessary risk!

So Here Are the 5 Stocks to Buy Right Now

For Massive Income Streams and 100%+ Gains …

I’ve scoured thousands of stocks out there right now, looking for the very best companies that have both rising dividends and strong buyback programs in place … the kind of stocks that could easily spin off annual total returns of 15%, 17%, even 25% or more … doubling your money in very short order.

Right now, at this very moment, there are 5 in particular that I think you should consider buying.

They stand to do well no matter what the broader market does … regardless of what happens in Washington … and irrespective of interest-rate trends.

Here’s why I’m so bullish on these stocks, even in these uncertain times …

“Hidden Yield” Stock #1:

A Great Deal on a “Megatrend” Dividend

Our first stock is one of the major cell-tower landlords in America and a real estate investment trust (REIT). It collects rent via its 40,000 towers from carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. Think of it as a “toll bridge” for cell phone traffic.

It’s popular, so it was never quite cheap enough to include on our shortlist. But the recent interest rate earthquake sure took care of that!

Higher rates are the reason this stock—and really all REITs—are undervalued as I write this. As they receive more “rate competition” from bonds, investors move their money elsewhere.

Today it appears quite cheap and yields 6.1%, as much as it ever pays. The company has hiked its dividend by a fit 49% over the past five years, but the market still treated it like a bond, selling it off as rates rose.

Now, with rates nearing their ultimate top, is the time to scoop up megatrend-powered cell tower REITs like Hidden Yield stock #1. This stock is always expensive. Today, it’s finally cheap.

Plus, it’s unlikely the Fed will hike interest rates much more.

Long-term rates have dropped, and they should continue lower as we head into a recession. Not a cheery view, I know, unless you control the cell-phone towers. Because no matter what happens in the economy, Americans are NOT giving up their phones.

“Hidden Yield” Stock #2:

A 7%-Payer With a P/E Under 4

Our second pick is a life insurer that’s about as cheap a stock as we’ll ever see.

The company is on track to earn over $7.00 per share in 2023. But as I write this, the stock trades for about $26.

Which means we’re looking at a P/E ratio of about three-and-a-half!

Why so cheap?

In November 2022, the company issued preferred shares with a 9.25% rate — generous from an investment-grade company like this — and bought a bunch of US Treasuries. Problem is, Treasuries plunged.

Scary, I know. But that’s why this deal is available.

And remember, this is all reflected in the company’s current lower book value.

We’re looking at a sale here, not a spiral.

Even better, its bond portfolio will bounce back in value as rates decline. Which means its selloff is overdone.

From a “Dividend Magnet” standpoint, the stock is a screaming deal.

As you can see below, this stock is incredibly oversold and, given the change in trend in interest rates, is unfairly cheap:

This Dividend Magnet is Due

As contrarians, if we don’t buy now, then when would we buy?

Vanilla investors buy high, but we buy low—and this stock is about as low as they go.

It’s time to lock in this 7% initial yield and potential for a “Dividend Magnet double” now.

“Hidden Yield” Stock #3:

Double-Digit Gains per Year, Every Year

Our next stock is one of the largest health-insurance carriers in the US, and its business is beautifully recession resistant.

As a result, Stock #3 is one of the most consistent growth stocks out there.

Mark it down for double-digit gains, per year, every year.

Gains in what? Every metric that matters. Sales soared 16% year-over-year in its latest quarter. Profits popped, too. And the company recently raised its dividend by 14%.

This is a formula for 15.3% returns per year, every year, just by owning it.

Really, it’s the type of stock we want to own forever.

Profits, cash flow, payouts, you name it… but it’s the dividend that provides us with a bulletproof catalyst.

It really does act like a magnet over the long term to lift the share price higher.

Check out these three, five and 10-year returns. It’s no coincidence that as the dividend goes, so go this stock’s total returns:

And the perennial growth isn’t simply due to good luck, either.

In 2011, management had the foresight to start its own technology-driven unit providing data analytics and other cutting-edge tech to streamline healthcare.

Revenue backlogs in this division grew a terrific 35% year-over-year in its latest quarter, yet this company’s CEO believes it’s a business “where we know we can do better” and is expanding the platform.

The stock yields about 1.3% today. On paper, that’s peanuts and why it’s overlooked by many vanilla dividend investors.

The yield bounces between 1% and 1.5%, for years on end.

Which is interesting, because we would think that a company with 571% dividend growth over the last decade would pay more.

Well, it’s not for a lack of effort.

These dividend advances are “absorbed” by Mr. and Ms. Market. They see the hike and bid up the shares.

Check out these 20 years’ worth of dividend uplifts that don’t show up in the current yield.


Because the Dividend Magnet pulls the payout higher and higher:

20 Years’ Worth of Dividend Hikes (and Price Gains)

Thanks to the Dividend Magnet, current yield seekers may walk by this stock, but Wall Street’s profit seekers rarely do.

Stock #3’s price is “in line” with its payout and rarely falls behind.

Which is fine.

In fact, it’s more than fine—it’s a formula for 15.3% total returns per year, every year.

Sign us up for 15.3% per year!

Here Are My Specific Instructions on How to Buy These 3 Stocks (Plus 2 More) for Rising Income and 100%+ Profit Potential …

At this point, I’ve given you the highlights on 3 of my favorite “hidden yield” stocks. But you still need the names … the ticker symbols … and my specific instructions on how much to pay for these investments, when to consider taking profits and other important details.

That’s why my team and I prepared an in-depth report on all five of these must-own companies.

It’s called “Hidden Yields – 5 Recession-Proof Dividend Stocks With 100% Upside.”

After sifting through thousands of stocks from across the globe, we narrowed our buy list down to these five particular income gushers … and in our report, we give you detailed profiles on each of them … along with ticker symbols and my buy-up-to prices.

In short, you’ll understand the rationale behind each recommendation and you’ll know exactly how to profit the most from each of them.

On its own, this report could sell for $99, and I actually think it’s worth far more than that … especially since any one of the five stocks I profile could easily hand you many times that amount with your very first dividend check!

But for a limited time, you can get an exclusive copy of this new report free of charge.

Plus, I Want to Send You Two More Urgent Guidebooks …

Free Bonus Report #2:

Behind the 8-Ball: Eight Popular Dividends Set for a Cut

To gauge dividend health, you can’t simply look in the rearview mirror. Many “surprise” payout cuts are issued by companies with long streaks of paying—or even raising—their dividends.

Instead, it’s important to consider leading indicators of dividend health like cash flow, earnings growth and payout ratios.

Of course, it’s time consuming to give each public company a dividend health checkup – so I’ve done the work for you in this special report.

Using a combination of seven fundamental factors, I have identified eight companies that are likely to cut their dividends over the next 12 months.

Investors caught holding these stocks through dividend disappointments will likely suffer losses of at least 20%, and perhaps as high as 50%.

Therefore, if you own any of these eight paper tigers, you’ll want to sell them immediately.

This one-of-a-kind report is another $99 value – and it could easily save you thousands in future losses – but you can get it FREE today along with …

Free Bonus Report #3:

Shareholder Yield: How to Identify

Double-Digit Returns from Buybacks

As we discussed, when done right, share buybacks can light a fire under stock returns.

They also act like a magnifying glass on dividend payments because they cut the number of shares outstanding, leaving fewer for the company to pay out on.

But many companies are going too far, paying out more in buybacks than they’re bringing in through free cash flows.

Worse, many buy back their stock willy-nilly, without making sure it’s a good value first. There’s no better way to destroy shareholder value than by repurchasing overpriced stock.

This report reveals how to make sure the companies you invest in are buying back shares the right way – not simply burning up cash that would be better used as dividends or to develop new products.

How to Claim Your 3 Reports Immediately …

The three reports I just told you about will give you five rock-solid income investments that can keep growing your portfolio … hand you larger and larger income … while also protecting you from suffering dividend cuts or ill-advised buyback programs.

But there are two things those reports can’t give you – ongoing updates and all my FUTURE income recommendations.

That’s why, in addition to giving you these three reports – worth $297 on their own – I also want to give you a risk-free, 60-day trial to my premium newsletter called Hidden Yields.

My Hidden Yields picks are perfect for savvy investors looking to rack up steady gains in the near term, plus bigger and bigger yields, thanks to soaring dividend payouts.

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I do all the digging for you, recommending only the safest dividend growers and keeping you well clear of companies funding their payouts with borrowed money — or worse, betting the farm on shaky business models that will crumble at the first hint of a downturn.

What’s more, I send out new recommendations whenever they’re worth buying. Plus I give you regular updates on earlier recommendations … all in plain, everyday English.

All told, you’ll get:

  • Monthly Research Bulletins: On the third Friday of each month, you’ll receive my latest investment analysis right in your inbox. I’ll include detailed analysis on new recommendations, updates on existing positions and an overview of trends and events that may affect your portfolio.
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Obviously, this is a serious investment service for serious income investors, and all you have to do is click here to activate your risk-free trial now.

And unlike some other publications that give you risky ideas and let the chips fall where they may …

Your Absolute Safety Is ALWAYS My Number One Priority

I originally earned a degree in engineering from Cornell University. And when I first graduated, I put my knowledge to good use designing systems for Fortune 500 companies to streamline their operations and predict upcoming business risks.

Of course, while I was doing that – and earning a great living – I had left my investment portfolio in someone else’s hands.

I kept contributing more money, but almost every time I checked my account … the balance was going DOWN!

I hope you’ve never experienced it personally, but you can at least imagine the sickening feeling of watching your money just disappear because of some idiot’s decisions.

One day I just woke up and decided to take control of things again.

After all, I specialized in making things safer and more efficient, right?

So I took everything I knew as an engineer and applied it to my investments, even designing my own system that identified the best companies to buy at any given time.

I’m proud to say that I not only got back everything that lousy stock broker lost me, but I turned a meager $2,000 into $154,000 in less than 48 months!

Man, it felt so good. Regaining control. Knowing exactly what I was investing in and why. Watching my balance GROWING AGAIN.

Needless to say, I was hooked. More than that, I knew I could start helping other people experience the same level of control.

That’s how I went from working for Fortune 500 companies to working for investors like YOU.

Today I’m helping individual investors like you generate more income – and get bigger overall gains – while staying as safe as possible.

And I put that care and concern into every issue of Hidden Yields.

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it.

Here’s what just a few of the thousands of satisfied members are saying …

Of course, not everyone follows my recommendations at the exact same time or in the same way. Investing in the stock market does carry some risk, so your experience may differ.

But today I want to invite you to join these happy investors—without risking a single cent.

And I want to protect you in one more critical way …

If You Don’t Think My Ideas Can Double Your Income

And Keep Your Portfolio Growing 15% a Year,

It Won’t Cost You A Single Red Cent!

The regular annual subscription rate to Hidden Yields is $179, and I think that’s more than fair. After all, just a single recommendation like that Texas Instruments trade could have easily covered the membership fee many times over.

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So here’s the deal …

If you join right now, you can get a charter membership for just $59 … a full 67% off the regular retail rate.

Then download your three free reports (worth $297 alone) and enjoy all the other members-only benefits for the next 60 days.

If at any point during that period you don’t think my ideas can help you increase your dividend income and keep your portfolio growing at least 15% a year – or if you’re unhappy for any other reason at all – just give us a call and we’ll gladly refund your entire membership fee with no questions asked.

Plus you can keep everything you’ve received up until that point just for giving my research a shot!

That’s how confident I am that you’ll profit from the ideas and recommendations in your free reports and first few issues of Hidden Yields!

Just to recap, you’ll get:

A free copy of “Hidden Yields – 5 Recession-Proof Dividend Stocks With 100% Upside,” which will introduce you to five different rock-solid companies with quickly growing dividend streams (a $99 value!)

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Double-Digit Returns from Buybacks,” which will help you make sure none of the stocks you own are ticking buyback bombs (a $99 value)

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Obviously, the final decision is all yours.

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I’m really looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

Yours in profits,

Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Hidden Yields

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