This Life-Changing 12%

Dividend Is About to

Drop Its Next Big Payout

The deadline for grabbing this top income play’s next

massive distribution is days away.

You do NOT want to miss this.

Dear Reader,

Imagine what a 12% dividend could do for you in this volatile market…

A $1,000 payout—every month—on a $100k investment …

$24,000 in yearly dividends on $200k …

Invest half a million and you’re looking at 60 grand per year.

That’s a decent middle-class income in many parts of the US!

Got more? Great!

A $1 million buy-in would land you $120,000+ in dividends every single year!

I’m sure you can see where this is going …

No more grinding down your principal by withdrawing some “magic” percentage year after year …

No more worrying about running out of money in retirement …

No more sleepless nights wondering which way the market winds will blow next.

Heck, a lot of my readers could start living off dividends alone, without any of these concerns!

If you think this sort massive dividend might be right for you, then I need to urgently warn you:

You don’t have much time.

You need to move now if you want to be among the select few who will claim their share, which will be determined in just a few days from now.

If you miss the deadline to get on the list now, you’ll be leaving money on the table, and you may not have the chance to lock in at 12% when the next distribution comes around!

But that’s not the only reason I’m writing to you today, because …

This 12% Yielder Is Poised for Stock-Like Gains

I’m also imploring readers to grab this fund now because it’s set up for big capital gains as the Fed moves from its current pause on rate hikes to actual rate cuts.

You see, one of the major asset classes this fund holds is “hard wired” for upside as rates roll over.

I’m talking about high-yield credit, a.k.a. corporate bonds.

Because when Jay Powell steps to the sidelines and shifts toward rate cuts, it’ll be bullish for bonds.

And that will set a fire under the share price.

When that happens, our high-yielding pick will JUMP from relative obscurity to the top of many “first-level” investors’ buy lists.

The bottom line:

We’ve got a 12% dividend here and a shot at “Powell-powered” price upside, too!

And even if rate cuts take a bit longer to materialize than most folks think, that’s okay. We’ll still happily collect this fund’s rich 12% payout while we wait!

Even better, there’s something else you should know …

In addition to its monster 12% yield, this fund has a history of actually growing its payout: since its inception just two years ago, it has already increased its regular dividend by 8% and has paid two special dividends, too!

A Dividend Hike Plus 2 Big “Specials”

Sure, these special dividends and raises are great news for current investors in the fund. But there’s something else few people realize about them …

They don’t typically show up in the yield calculations on the free stock screeners, like Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance. This simply means that the fund’s 12% stated yield could turn out to be an undercount.

Now I’m not going to claim this is the norm for the fund. Fact is, no one can say for certain what management will do when it comes to dividend hikes or special payouts in the future.

But this track record shows this management team isn’t afraid to drop a nice bundle of extra dividend cash on shareholders when the time is right. So we can assume our buy now locks in a 12% “starter yield” with plenty of potential to move higher.

Why This 12% Payer Is a “Must-Buy” Right Now

Before I tell you more about this breakthrough fund, I should take a second to introduce myself. My name is Brett Owens, and I’m the chief strategist of the Contrarian Income Report high-yield investing service.

My colleague Tom Jacobs and I literally wrote the book on how to build an income portfolio that throws off cash payouts big enough to live on.

In How to Retire on Dividends: Earn a Safe 8%, Leave Your Principal Intact, we outline our “no withdrawal” approach to retirement:

  1. Save a bunch of money.
  2. Buy safe dividend stocks with big yields.
  3. Enjoy the income while keeping the original principal intact.

To make our investments give us enough dividend cash to live on without having to invest seven figures, we really need yields in the 8% to 10% range, and even higher.

Which brings me back to the incredible 12% payer I’m pounding the table on today. Its high yield, dividend growth and periodic special dividends all make now the time to buy in.

But there’s more.

You see, the key to our opportunity here is the fact that this isn’t just your typical mutual fund or ETF — it’s a special kind of fund called a closed-end fund (CEF).

CEFs are like “regular” stocks and ETFs in that they trade openly on the public markets. You can buy and sell them easily from almost any standard brokerage account. And CEFs hold the same assets that ETFs hold.

You can buy CEFs that hold blue chip stocks, corporate bonds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), you name it.

The key difference? Dividends! Right now, for example, the average CEF yields around 8%.

So simply by “swapping out” your ETFs and individual stocks for CEFs, you could go from, say, the 1.5% average dividend the typical S&P 500 stock pays to north of 8% — a nearly sixfold increase!

And that’s just the yield on the average CEF. Many, like this 12% payer, deliver MUCH more — massive dividends yielding 10%+ are readily available in the CEF market.

That’s EXACTLY what makes CEFs such incredible wealth generators.

And they are proven. We’ve ridden these income generators to big gains again and again in my Contrarian Income Report high-yield investing service.

Here are just a few of the returns, including dividends, we’ve posted in CEFs over the years:

A Blue Chip Stock CEF That Returned a Sparkling 44% in 15 Months

This Tech CEF Handed Us 42% Return in Just Over 2 Years

A “Boring” Infrastructure CEF That Popped 95% in Just Under 4 Years

And talk about dividends!

That blue chip fund, the Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust (GDV), paid a healthy 7.3% when we bought.

The Nuveen NASDAQ 100 Dynamic Overwrite Fund (QQQX)? 7.5% at the time.

And the utility-focused Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund (UTF) was throwing off an 8.8% cash stream, nearly triple what the typical utility yielded.

Do all of our calls work out like this? Of course not. I wouldn’t insult your intelligence and suggest they do. Investing involves some risk, even with top-quality funds like these, and you can lose money.

But I think you can see where I’m going here: buying attractively valued CEFs with big dividends and savvy managers is a proven way to build wealth over time.

And the bond-buying pro running the fund we’re targeting today is, hands-down, the savviest of the bunch.

Morningstar previously named him a Fixed Income Manager of the Year, and he has been inducted into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Hall of Fame.

When he took the top job at his management company, he displaced the firm’s founder — a legend who revolutionized bond trading in the ’70s and ’80s. His track record is a matter of public record.

Check out the drubbing he’s laid on the corporate-bond benchmark (orange line) through another CEF he’s been running over the last nine years (in purple):

Our Income Pro Laps Corporate Bonds—TWICE

That’s no fluke. Here’s how one of his company’s most established mutual funds has performed on his watch:

Another Big Win for Our Bond Pro

Our manager also has a team of 4 other bond experts backing him up that, between them, boast 95 years of experience.

So we can be sure we’re getting the cream of the crop working for us here — and that’s particularly critical in the small world of fixed income, which isn’t as “democratic” as stocks.

Well-connected managers get the first call when new issues roll out, and our top-flight manager and his team are at the top of the “to-call” list.

This, by the way, is why we always go with CEFs over ETFs for our bond picks. ETFs are simply tied to a “robotic” bond index — so there’s just no way they can compete.

A One-Time Chance to Buy Into

the “Apple of CEFs”

One more thing we should be clear on is that the company that runs this 12% payer really is the top name in the CEF space — I consider them the “Apple of CEFs,” in fact.

As such, its funds almost always trade at premiums to NAV, or the net asset value of the issues they hold.

Heck, as I write to you today, one of this company’s CEFs trades at a 26% premium!

Twenty. Six. Percent.

That’s not a typo.

Investors have fallen so in love with this company, they’re willing to pay $1.26 for every dollar of its assets!

When you look at the performance charts above, you can see why.

This team is proven.

But because our 12% yielder is only a couple years old, CEF investors, conservative sorts they are, haven’t warmed to it yet. It trades at a premium, too, but at just under 4% that’s really a discount in disguise for this dynamic firm’s usually pricey funds.

The bottom line is that when our pick hits premiums in the same range as its older cousins, it’ll drive the share price up double-digits.

And that’s BEFORE the “baked in” upside we’ll get as Powell shifts toward rate cuts.

Plus, this one, like all of this legendary manager’s funds, has a broad mandate, so we get him completely unchained and working for us.

He’s not limited to investment-grade bonds. Or convertible bonds for that matter. Or municipal bonds.


This bond-trading legend is free to use his proven talents, his firm’s vast research resources and his deep contact book (essential in the cozy world of corporate bonds) to get first crack at the best new issues, whether they’re high-yield corporates, ultra-safe municipals or — a specialty — mortgage-backed securities (MBS).

Yes, these were the investments that touched off the 2008 crisis, but they’ve been regulated (and regulated and re-regulated!) since.

That makes them yet another ultimate contrarian play in this fund’s portfolio now. Especially as many mainstream investors who haven’t taken the time to research them still panic when they hear the name.

That’s our cue to punch our ticket — before our “contrarian-in-chief” makes his next big buy … before Jay Powell’s “rate rollover” arrives, and — most important — before this fund’s next cutoff date arrives.

I Want to Give You Full Details on This

Bargain-Priced 12% Payer Now

I’ve put all the details on this life-changing 12% payer into a NEW Special Report I call “The One 12% Dividend to Own Now.”

Inside I’ll give you my full research on this incredible income play, including its name, ticker, updated yield, valuation and — the best part — my complete take on its class-leading manager, who delivered that benchmark-crushing performance I mentioned a second ago.

This well-connected bond-trading pro is, quite frankly, the No. 1 bond investor of his generation.

He came out of nowhere, ably stepping in and cranking out doubles, triples and the odd home run after the founder of his company left in a huff.

Now, with 4 other top managers and the deep resources of his firm — as I said, it’s practically the “Apple of CEFs” — behind him, he’s ready to go to work for us.

You’ll get everything you need to know about this top bond trader, his team and our fund in “The One 12% Dividend to Own Now.”

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The name, ticker and all the vital stats on this breakthrough 12%-paying income generator.
  • The backstory on the seasoned vet who runs the fund and a deeper look at the team in charge.
  • How it beats bond ETFs in every way: dividends, performance history, future gains, you name it.
  • The full scoop on its NAV, a critical forecaster of future gains that most people have overlooked.
  • And most important … the timing of its next “cutoff” date and its next monthly payout.

Now I want to invite you to start profiting from this revolutionary pick — today, while we can still lock in that massive 12% yield, and before it drops its next big payout.

I’m Going to GIVE You This Special Report Naming My Top 12%-Paying CEF — FREE

To access this exclusive Special Report at no cost whatsoever, I simply ask that you take a risk-free 60-day trial of my research service, Contrarian Income Report.

I created Contrarian Income Report to help investors uncover overlooked and underappreciated income plays before Wall Street and the mainstream herd bid them up.

Income plays like our 12%-paying bond play, which fit our playbook perfectly.

People often ask me, “I get the income part, but where does ‘contrarian’ fit in?”

My answer is simple: You’ll never beat the market by following the herd.

If you buy the same investments as everyone else, you’re going to have the same results as other people — which are always mediocre.

This is why my advisory is defiantly contrarian.

It all boils down to one simple principle: If you want to make money, really big money, do what nobody else is doing.

Contrarian investing is probably the simplest, sanest, most powerful and reliable money-making technique ever devised to buy low and sell high.

It works in any market, from stocks and bonds to gold and real estate — because human nature is the same everywhere.

You don’t need special training. All you need is an independent mind, a bit of patience and an ounce of courage.

If you want to buy low and sell high, you must be prepared to buy when everybody, including yourself, is feeling discouraged — when the news is bad. That’s likely to be the bottom. And be prepared to sell when everybody is excited and the news is good, because that’s likely to be the top.

Right now we’re holding a diverse portfolio of 20+ high-yielding stocks and funds with an average yield of 8%, and you’ll get instant access to every single one the moment your no-risk trial starts.

And every new investment you get in Contrarian Income Report comes with a simple goal: it will pay a reliable 5% dividend — or better.

In fact, some holdings in our portfolio go way further than that, including the 12%-paying bond fund you’ll discover in the pages of your FREE report — coming your way in just a second.

So just by “swapping out” your anemic blue chips for these cash cows, you could double, triple — or even quadruple — your income. And you could do it TODAY!

That sort of money can upgrade your lifestyle in a hurry. Take it from my subscribers:

Now not everyone follows my recommendations at the exact same time or in the same way, and each member’s personal financial situation is different. So your experience may be a little different … but I have dozens more stories just like these.

But that’s not all, because …

High, Safe Yields Are Only the Beginning

In addition to full details on my 12%-paying income fund, you’ll get ALL of the high-yield picks in our Contrarian Income Report portfolio, which is packed with payers yielding 8%, 9%, 12% and even a couple yielding 13%+.

Plus your risk-free trial look at Contrarian Income Report includes a whole lot more, such as …

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Now, the regular member price to join Contrarian Income Report is $99 per year.

That’s a modest sum, considering everything that’s included. But I want you to see firsthand exactly how profitable this service can be. And I don’t want the subscription fee to get in the way.

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And to start you off with everything you need to hit the ground running, I’m going to include three more incisive Special Reports, giving you a complete library of high-yield opportunities and strategies to pick from …

Extra Bonus #1: “5 ‘All-Weather’ Dividends

Paying Up to 13.3%”

This unprecedented period in history has created a classic stock picker’s market — where you can find businesses that are being completely mispriced and completely misunderstood.

I explain exactly why and how in an exclusive Special Report called “5 ‘All-Weather’ Dividends Paying Up to 13.3%.” It also includes all the details on some of my absolute favorite buys right now, like:

  • A totally overlooked pipeline operator that yields 6.6% a year and boasts strong prospects as tight supplies and ongoing high demand keep oil prices elevated …
  • A unique bond fund run by a savvy manager who used the 2020 crash to snap up bonds with high credit quality that throw off 7%+ yields. That, plus a modest amount of leverage and his own bond trades, have helped him deliver 9% payouts to this fund’s lucky shareholders.
  • A special vehicle that invests outside the United States, has zero currency risk, pays 7.6% a year, and has returned more than 385% in the last 20 years …
  • Plus, one of the smartest REIT operators out there. The stock pays 13.3% today and management has also made so many brilliant strategic moves over the last 10 years that it has been able to raise its payout by 231%!

All of these investments can be bought inside your regular US brokerage account. Together they can give your income portfolio tremendous diversification and the type of ongoing income that will withstand any amount of inflation we might see.

Taken together, these 5 picks line up perfectly with the high yielders in your next bonus report:

Extra Bonus #2: “Best of Both Worlds: 3

High-Income Funds That Beat Stocks”

Inside your second bonus report, you’ll discover three more top-flight high-income funds, including their management profiles and investing strategies.

These funds pay average dividends upwards of 8% today, and they’re among my top picks to beat the market in the years ahead.

Plus, these funds are run by some of the smartest minds on Wall Street — meaning they have what it takes to keep their fat payouts rolling out, no matter what the broader market does.

Finally, no library of Special Reports would be complete without a list of dangerous stocks to avoid at all costs …

Extra Bonus #3: The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend

Stocks to Sell Now

As much as I love a fat payout, I never let myself forget that an extraordinary yield can be a warning sign of a stock in trouble.

A high yield that was too good to be true is easy to spot in hindsight. But when a cut, and the resulting share price plunge, are unfolding, most “yield junkies” are intoxicated and just can’t let go … and ride the stock to the bottom.

I’m afraid we’re in for just that scenario with the 12 popular income stocks in this report.

Like a widely-held electronics retailer that’s suffering after everyone updated their devices during the pandemic … then high interest rates whacked demand even further…

Or a food maker that should be profiting as grocery bills rise. Too bad its input costs are rising even faster — just as its products, which were popular during the pandemic, slide down people’s shopping lists…

An office landlord caught up in the work-from-home shift. Sure, some folks are returning to the office, but that won’t help this specialty REIT, whose business model is likely to go by the wayside…

Another “dividend disaster” is a business development company (BDC) that’s been managed too aggressively, leading to a string of dividend cuts. Don’t be fooled by its 12.5% yield — the next big hack to the payout is likely just around the corner.

If you hold any of these stocks — and it’s likely that you do — I urge you to dump them immediately.

Now, there’s just one more thing I’d like to include …

Our Ironclad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Sure, investing in the stock market comes with some inherent risk and not all recommendations will be winners.

But my long track record of uncovering safe, steady dividends with the potential for serious capital gains (through some of the most vicious market reversals in history) speaks for itself.

The only question is whether this sort of investing is right for you.

Well you can find out without risking a cent … because I’m also going to give you 60 days to try Contrarian Income Report absolutely risk-free.

Here’s how it works …

Start your membership today. Download your special reports, grab a position in our 12%-yielding fund before the deadline, read the current issue and start tracking a few portfolio picks that catch your interest.

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If, after two months, you don’t feel the advice is right for you, for any reason at all, simply let me know and I’ll issue a full refund.

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Here’s a breakdown of everything you get when you join Contrarian Income Report today:

  • Report #1: The One 12% Dividend to Own Now
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  • The One 12% Dividend to Own Now
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Stop struggling to get by on 2% and 3% yielders, hoping that self-serving politicians, geopolitical disasters or the Fed don’t trigger another market crash.

It’s up to you to protect yourself, your family and your hard-won portfolio.

No one else will do it for you.

Join me and my Contrarian Income Report readers and start profiting from my top bond-fund yielding 12% (before the deadline!), along with the 20+ other recommendations in our CIR portfolio with current dividend yields of 8%, 9%, 10% and more—and upside potential on top of that.

Yours in profits,

Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Contrarian Income Report

P.S. These contrarian plays have been known to rally once the herd catches on to what they’ve been missing. I encourage you to act now so that you can get into our newest recommendation while the price is still low and the yield is high.





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