Bestselling Author & Top Retirement Income Expert Reveals:

“The #1 Income

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Family & Friends To Buy”

With the stock market crashing, THIS is my #1 income investment

to buy right now. It’s pullback-proof, set to hand you 15.1% per year

and is currently trading for pennies on the dollar

Fellow Dividend Investor,

Today, I’m giving you my #1 investment for this bear market.

Right here on this page, I’ll tell you about this little-known, recession-resistant stock that is set to return a safe, secure 15.1% per year – bare minimum – whether the market rebounds, crashes into a recession, or limps along sideways.

This is a stock I’m urging my friends, family, and premium subscribers to buy right now.

Because as we move deeper and deeper into this bear market, as the risk of a recession looms larger every day, as fear sends the stock market bouncing around… millions of investors are going to suffer catastrophic losses they can’t recover from.

The recent crash has already wiped out almost all growth since Trump took office.

What’s more both the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 recently experienced their biggest one day declines since 1987’s Black Monday crash.

And while the current COVID-19 pandemic was the “trigger” that caused this collapse, there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. It’s NOT just the virus fears that are putting the markets into freefall…

  • After all, the average expansion lasts 4.5 years, this rally went on for 11.

  • While the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and NASDAQ were all continuing to hit new highs, they had many underlying, hidden problems… such as excess debt, zero profits, and over-hyped valuations.

  • Both personal and Government debt has been mounting at an unprecedented rate. The average American now owes $38,000 – excluding mortgage debt – according to CNBC and the Government owes an unpayable 22 trillion dollars.

  • Recessions loom in many European countries as GDP, manufacturing, and jobs grind halt, putting pressure on the global economy.

  • Gold and other safe-haven assets surged higher as investors looked for stability amidst the turmoil.

  • The yield curve, which is widely considered the best indicator of a coming crash, has inverted twice in the past year.

As all these forces converge, it’s no surprise that this recent crash was brutal.

Because history teaches us time and time again that when a market gets too big, it eventually pops. And, when it does, the losses can be crushing, even life-ruining, for most investors. Just take a look at what happened in two recent crashes…

In the early 2000’s after surging 400%, the Dot Com Bubble burst and prices crashed…

Late-Cycle Markets Always Plummet

Then again in 2008, after years of growth, optimism, and massive wealth building, the housing market collapsed, ushering in a global recession that wiped out TRILLIONS of dollars.

Investors Who Held on Too Long Got Crushed

As you can see in each of these examples, if you’d suspected a collapse was coming… you could’ve pulled out of the market or moved to recession-resistant investments.

Unfortunately, most investors can’t spot a crash coming…

So, instead of making some simple money moves… instead of locking-in their gains of the past decade… instead of protecting their wealth, security, and stability… they keep trying to ride the rally until it’s too late.

Now, if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s this is fine as you can wait for the market to recover. But, if you’re retired or nearing retirement, you simply cannot afford to risk getting crushed by the devastating impact of a crash.

But with all this uncertainty, it begs the question of what to do with your money in this turbulent market

Do you pull out and sit on the sidelines?

Do you then try to time the bottom?

Do you keep investing, hoping the market recovers and recoups its losses?

For the past year, I’ve been getting questions like this almost every day.

And, it’s a tough one to answer.

On one hand, if you followed the advice of the perma-bears… you’d have sat on the sidelines and missed out on what has been the most epic bull run in America’s history. A rally that’s returned 400.5% since the 2009 low.

Perma-bears Missed This Historic Growth

On the other hand, if you stay in the market… you could see years of returns VANISH in the blink of an eye. This is exactly what happened during the dot-com crash…

So, what do you do now?

Well, some experts will tell you to buy Government bonds and Dividend Aristocrats but these are only going to pay you a measly 2-3% per year. That’s just $30,000 of income for every $1 million invested.

I don’t know about you, but that’s nowhere near enough for me to live on.

Others might suggest you try your hand at riskier income strategies such as options trading. But here’s the thing, more than 80% of option traders LOSE money. And, I’m not willing to risk my retirement security on speculative gambles.

Well, if you’re unsure where to invest in this chaotic market…

If you’ve been struggling to find safe, secure high yield investments…

And if you’re looking for maximum income and upside – while minimizing risk – keep reading…

Because you’re about to discover a simple way to get massive upside while protecting your income from any further pullbacks, corrections or crashes.


It’s simple.

You’re going to invest in a handful of under-the-radar, recession-resistant plays. But let me warn you… chances are you won’t have heard of these plays. You won’t see them on CNBC or the evening news.

They’re not going to jump 500% overnight. And frankly, they’re boring.

But, if you want safe, secure, predictable AND recession-resistant income – plus great upside potential – these recommendations are the BEST place to invest in today’s volatile market.

Now, just to be clear, when I say recession-resistant… I can’t promise you they’ll never go down… no-one can promise you that. There may be bumps along the road, but these investments are designed to withstand a crash.

And today, for the first-time ever…

I’m going to release the details of

my #1 recession-resistant stock

This is a stock I’m urging my friends and family to buy.

And – right here on this page – I’m going to tell you how to get all of my detailed research on it for FREE.

PLUS, I’ll also give you the chance to get my other recession-resistant recommendations. Each of these investments are pullback proof and absolutely ideal for maximizing income while minimizing risk during this bear market.

Combined, these plays make up a rock-solid portfolio that’ll hand you 8% (or more) in cold hard CASH every year!

That’s $80,000 per year from every $1,000,000 invested.

Without ever touching a high-risk, highly speculative play that puts your future in jeopardy… without ever worrying about any more pullbacks, crashes, or corrections… and without day-trading or spending your days glued to CNBC.

All this and more is coming up.

But first, let me briefly introduce myself…

Hi, my name is Brett Owens.

I’m the bestselling author of How to Retire on Dividends and the Chief Investment Strategist at Contrarian Outlook.

You may have seen me before on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, or NASDAQ where I’m often called on to share my methodology for generating safe, secure, predictable income from under-the-radar investments other analysts miss.

You see, I take a contrarian approach to the markets.

And, for the past several years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of readers safely grow BOTH their income and their nest-egg without investing in high-risk, speculative stocks that keep you up at night.

Instead, we focus on those “boring” pullback-proof, “no withdrawal” stocks you’ll never see on the news. But, I’ll take the boring over high-risk any day of the week. Because when you find these investments and buy them at the RIGHT time… you can rapidly grow your income and nest egg without worry.

While other investors watch their net worth yo-yo up and down with every market fluctuation… while other investors have unpredictable, unreliable income… we contrarians sit back and collect steady, secure income and excellent price appreciation.

Case in point…

In April 2017, my research proved Hannon Armstrong was undervalued.

We bought and in just over 2 years we were looking at a 56.2% total return…

The same happened again with Medical Properties Trust where we booked a 104.3% return…

Back in May 2016 I spotted massive upside potential in PIMCO Dynamic and in the first 12 months we were sitting on a return of 36.5%…

Then, Cohen & Steers Infrastructure handed us a massive 94.6% return between February 2016 and December 2019.

And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are dozens of other home run winners I could show you.

Now, I know these aren’t the huge 500%… 1,000%… or 5,000% overnight gains you hear other experts claiming they can get you. But — as you’ve probably guessed — these are nothing more than over-hyped promises designed to separate you from your money.

Well, I don’t promise something I can’t deliver.

And, I don’t go chasing the latest penny stock, crypto, or ‘breakthrough’ new technology.

You see, I don’t like to recklessly gamble with my family’s future. I don’t just roll the dice with money that took years to accumulate. I don’t believe in betting everything on black. Instead, my readers and I focus on…

Safe, secure, pullback-proof returns that consistently hand you 8% per year in cold, hard cash

Because let’s face facts…

Although paper gains on capital appreciation are great… nothing can beat the feeling of cold, hard, spendable cash flooding into your account every month, quarter, and year.

Money you can actually use…

Not just paper gains you watch wildly fluctuating on your Fidelity or Schwab account.

As Kevin O’Leary, multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur, and host of Shark Tank says…

“Rule one for me is that I’ll never own a stock that doesn’t pay a dividend.”

I couldn’t agree more. Especially when you consider 71% of stock market returns over the past 40-years has come from dividends – not capital appreciation.

And this methodology lies very close to my heart and ethics.

You see, my first experience in the markets was absolutely brutal.

It was 2003, I’d recently graduated from Cornell University and was designing computer systems for Fortune 500 companies. For the first time in my life, I was making money. So, I decided to hire a broker to help grow my savings.

This guy had countless credentials and certifications, years of experience, and he talked a great game.

Without hesitation, I hired him.

The result?

Just 1 year later this so-called expert had literally lost ALL my money.

Everything. Years of saving and investing gone.

As you can imagine, I was furious. However, thanks to this experience, I came to a huge breakthrough. I realized nobody is EVER going to care about MY money, MY future, MY retirement, and MY family as much as I do.

And, I realized, if I wanted to retire rich, I needed to take control of my money. With this realization, I decided to learn everything I could about investing. I was absolutely relentless.

After a few road-bumps, it paid off…

Starting with a measly $2,000 I turned it into $154,000 in just 48 months!

Obviously, this sort of performance doesn’t go unnoticed…

Shortly afterward, I was invited to join a famous financial publication as an editor. At first, it was great. We helped our readers take home huge profits, exponentially grow their portfolio, and finally create the financial freedom they’d been chasing their whole life.

However, as time passed, things started to change…

Instead of focusing on secure, safe stocks with huge upside, they started recommending all sorts of highly-speculative, high-risk ‘investments’ like obscure cryptocurrencies, volatile penny-stocks, and many other questionable opportunities.

I’m sure you know the type of investment advice I’m talking about… It gets you excited with promises of massive overnight wealth, but it has very little — if any — substance!

Anyway, this didn’t sit well with me.

I believe financial analysts like myself have an ethical and moral duty to help our readers SAFELY grow their money – not recklessly gamble it away on some pie-in-the-sky idea. Which is why I decided to set up my own research firm – Contrarian Outlook.

Since inception, the goal of Contrarian Outlook has been simple:

All without making any highly-speculative bets you can’t tell your spouse about… without the can’t-sleep-at-night worries… and without putting your retirement at risk!

And that’s why I’m here today…

You see, as the latest global health concerns force us deeper and deeper into a bear market – even a recession – many folks are unsure what to do with their money. They’re unable to find safe, secure investments that pay a high yield and are underpriced.

So, I want to cut through the confusion.

I want to give you clear, actionable advice.

Which is why I’m publicly sharing – for the first time ever – my #1 recession-resistant investment with you. This is something that’s only ever been shared with my subscribers, but you’re getting it today – free of charge.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

My #1 recession-resistant stock

to buy right now

Now, before we go any further…

It’s important that you understand the criteria that makes a great investment right now.

You see, when you’re looking for stocks that can stand up to a market disaster and protect your income no matter what happens, you really want to see two crucial pillars in place:

Pillar #1: A high, well-covered dividend of at least 6% – but ideally more. This is so that you can keep on collecting a fat, consistent income stream no matter what happens.

Pillar #2: A resilient and ideally rising share price. Because a 6%+ dividend isn’t much good if the underlying stock collapses 15%, essentially taking the next three years of income with it.

Fairly straightforward, right?

Well, the real question is, how do you spot these plays?

Over the years I’ve refined my criteria into a simple disaster-proof checklist… and… with today’s global health worries rocking the markets, it’s the perfect time to share it with you…

  1. A history of outperforming in a crash. You see, how a stock held up in the last wipeout is a strong indicator of how it will perform in the next one.

  2. A bargain valuation. Because an unusual, yet-to-be-spotted discount on a strong stock gives us vital downside protection and a great shot at crushing the market on the next upswing.

  3. Fast (and ideally accelerating) dividend growth. Because there’s no better driver of share prices than a payout that keeps surging higher, no matter what. Simply put, a stout dividend grower that falls during a downturn is a great buying opportunity, ready to snap back up on news of the next hike.

Now, with all this in mind, let me share my #1 income play with you…

As strange as it may seem, my FAVORITE play right now is actually a bank.

However, this isn’t any regular bank. My #1 pick is not some corporate behemoth with offices in every country in the world, hundreds of thousands of employees, overpaid CEOs, and trillions of dollars on the books.

Since 1938 this family owned bank has been the antithesis of Wall Street banks. They put their customers first, they have strict moral and ethical codes, and by following this path they’ve built a strong business with over $12 billion in assets on their books.

Unlike other banks, it pays a huge dividend and is growing rapidly.

And, there’s much, much, much more room to grow.

You see, this bank is overlooked by other investors for a couple of reasons:

First, it “breaks” every stock screen due to its special corporate structure and particularly unique shareholder setup (which we’ll get to in just a moment).

Second, on paper it looks expensive for a bank. Most websites say it trades at a “nosebleed” 2.6-times book value, while its peers trade between 1 to 1.4-times book.

However, here’s what most analysts are missing and the reason why this little-known bank is the PERFECT income investment right now.

Back in 2007 they “broke” their book value when it minted money by taking advantage of a “conversion.” (This is a financial event available to small banks, it’s similar to an IPO and allows them to put their shares up for sale to the public and get cash back in return).

Because of this, they have more money than they know what to do with.

So, the firm is hiking their dividend as fast as they can AND buying back shares to boot. So, right now, its price-to-book looks out of whack because a holding company is still holding most of the shares.

In other words, it is MASSIVELY undervalued.

The best part, this bank only pays dividends to its minority shareholders like you and me.

In 2019, its earnings per minority share were $1.61, which is MORE THAN ENOUGH to pay out its $1.12 per share dividend.

And get this… their book value per minority share as I write is nearly $29.00. This is significant because we individual investors buy these minority shares, which are trading for $14-something today.

So, this means the stock is trading for about half its book value and yielding 7%.

But wait, because it gets better.

You see, if their business was stagnant, the stock would still deserve a valuation around book value (which would place it at $29.00). But shares have additional upside as the bank continues to grow its loan portfolio, which it’s done by 4.5% per year since 2014:

More Loans, More Income for This Small Bank

What’s more, unlike most big Wall Street banks… they are a VERY conservative lender. So much so that just 0.25% of their outstanding loans are currently marked as late. That’s right, more than 99% of their customers pay on time.

All this makes this bank FLUSH with cash and looking at some spectacular growth in the coming years… no matter what happens to the economy.

And, I expect a dividend hike again this summer.

Their last raise was 8% and that was on the conservative end.

Still, when you consider that stock prices move higher with company payouts over time, we should add their dividend growth of 8% to its current yield of 7.1% for a projected total return of 15.1% per year.

And that’s before we consider that the stock has 50% more upside thanks to its understated book value!

The key to this deal? The bank’s shares, which are still trading for pennies on the dollar compared to their potential value.

Finally, I want to show you how this bank performed during some recent pullbacks and corrections. Because, as I mentioned earlier, how a stock performs during the LAST pullback is a great indicator on future performance.

Soaring Against the S&P in 2018

Holding Strong While S&P Crumbled in 2008-09

Now, after all this, hopefully you can see why this is my #1 income investment.

And I’m urging my friends, family, and subscribers to buy this undervalued stock before other analysts spot how great a buy it is.

No matter what happens to the market, this stock is set to pay you a safe, secure, ever-growing dividend. And you can get my full analysis with all the details inside my brand-new report…

The Recession-Resistant Portfolio

How to earn 8% per year even as the markets crash

Inside this new report, you’ll get critical information like:

  • The best time to buy,

  • Why this is my #1 pick right now, and

  • My research on what to expect in the months ahead.

Plus, in-depth analysis of their business and much, much more. It’s all inside my Recession-Resistant Portfolio and I want to send you a risk-free copy.

But first, I want to share the details of four additional investments you should buy right now.

Four other recession-resistant investments

You need to add to your portfolio right now

To protect yourself and your income from a crash, you can’t just buy this one stock.

Yes, it’s my #1 income recommendation for this turbulent market, but putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. For maximum stability, security, and income you need to diversify across various sectors and markets.

This is why, inside the Recession-Resistant Portfolio, I’m also giving you four other recommendations.

Each of these plays is massively undervalued, off the radar to most investors, very high yielding, and shows zero signs of slowing down – no matter what happens to the markets over the next few years.

In other words, they’re the perfect basket of investments for this crisis.

Let me tell you briefly about each of them.

Recession-Resistant Investment #2: The Dividend Unicorn

This is one of those rare unicorns you may hear people talk about but almost never see for yourself… a rock-steady 7% payer trading at a huge discount to its current asset value.

We’re talking about a closed-end fund (CEF) that devotes at least 80% of its assets to preferred stocks and other income plays, like bonds. And this fund cuts your risk down to the bone with at least 50% of the portfolio in investment-grade debt securities.

Even better, unlike with stock funds, it’s easy for actively managed funds in other areas, like bonds and preferreds, to beat their indexes. That’s because these markets are less “democratic” than the stock market: when new bonds or preferred stocks are issued, big fund companies (like this one managing this fund) are often the first to get the call—and the first pick.

All signals on this fund indicate safe double-digit dividends ahead, which will attract more mainstream investors and keep the share price popping, too.

Recession-Resistant Investment #3: The Tax-Free High-Yielder

Our next pick might actually be even more compelling, depending on your tax bracket.

It pays 5.1% today, but if you find yourself in Uncle Sam’s top tax bracket, then you’re looking at an 7%+ tax-equivalent payout, because municipal bonds’ dividend payouts are tax-free at the federal level (and often at the state level, too).

Municipal bonds are issued by cities and states to pay for infrastructure projects: think roads, airports and public transit. And while the default rate for municipal bonds is very low—0.18%, as of this writing, the truth is, we do have to be discerning, especially in these volatile times.

This is where one of the most respected shops in the investment world, comes in: it’s stocked its top 10 holdings with bonds backed by projects with steady cash flow in all economic conditions, like toll roads, tobacco settlements (steady streams of revenue that tobacco companies must pay to states), education boards and utilities:

A High-Quality Muni-Bond Portfolio for Uncertain Times

Finally, due to the recent selloff, we have an opportunity to buy this recession-resistant play at a rare discount. As you can see from the chart below, the value of the muni bonds has declined less than 1% year to date (an unusual, but still-reasonable decline for munis given the truly extraordinary conditions we’re living through now). But the fund’s price has dropped 5% as panicked investors threw munis out with all the rest of their holdings in their flight to cash:

Our Muni-Buying Opportunity Opens Up

Now is our chance to buy… and benefit as its totally unusual discount snaps back. While we wait, we’ll grab its high (and possibly much higher, depending on your tax bracket) 5.1% yield.

Recession-Resistant Investment #4: The Hidden Gem Paying 8%

In order to truly protect yourself and your family from more crashes or corrections, you need to diversify outside the US, at least to some degree. That’s why my fourth recession-resistant recommendation for you is an international CEF.

I call this one a “Hidden Gem” as many investors ignore it.

Why? Because it has one specific word in its name that spooks them. I kid you not. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Even the smartest investors can be totally irrational at times.

But that’s just good news for you and me…

Because we can swoop in and buy while it’s undervalued.

And, when I say it’s undervalued, I mean it’s REALLY undervalued.

Right now, it’s trading at a 14% discount to net asset value. Which is madness because that means it could sell all of these assets and still walk away with a hefty double-digit profit.

In other words, this is basically free money.

That aside, let’s look at why this 8% dividend is the perfect play.

Just take a look at their well-diversified holdings. As you can see, their top 10 holdings consist of very low-risk bonds from the government of Australia, an Australian province and the government of Indonesia.

Better yet, 60% of the fund’s bonds are investment grade, which gives you a great deal of security and stability even in the most catastrophic market environment.

Now, let’s take a look at their big monthly dividend…

First, as you can see in the top-10 chart above, the average coupon of their 276 bond holdings is 6% – with yields soaring up to 10% as I write. In other words, the management team knows how to rake in high yields in a world awash with negative interest rates!

Now this 6% yield is what the CEF collects…

But we investors do even better because the fund currently trades at a massive discount to its NAV. In other words, they’re earning 5% on its “real” portfolio. But we’re paying the market price, which is heavily discounted from its NAV.

So it’s goodbye 5% and hello 8% for us.

All of this makes this undervalued CEF a great buy for both steady income and further upside.

But, you’ve got to get in before mainstream investors catch on to what they’ve been missing and that discount window slams shut.

Recession-Resistant Investment #5: A 7.3 Yield at a Fire-Sale Price

The fact that we’re even talking about this fire-sale deal, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the lows of December 2018, shows just how inefficient the market can be.

After all, Recession-Resistant Investment #5 has returned more than 800% since inception in 1993, crushing the return on US stocks.

And because of this recommendation’s huge 7.3% dividend (paid monthly) most of that return has been in cash.

If you’re looking to diversify beyond the US—and diversity is a critical defensive strategy in a market like today’s—this is the perfect option.

This outsized 7.3% dividend (with long-term upside) is another recession-resistant play you’ll want to own before it’s too late.

So there you have it, the five urgent

investments that make my

Recession-Resistant Portfolio

Now, I can’t share the names of all these investments publicly, but you can get everything you need to know to grab them right now inside my new report, 5 Recession-Resistant Dividends.

You’ll get their names, ticker symbols, buy up to price, and a thorough breakdown of each opportunity. But, before I tell you how to grab your copy of 5 Recession-Resistant Dividends, there’s one final thing you need to know…

How to buy & sell the right stocks…

at the right time

Let’s face it, timing matters.

So, if you buy in the right asset at the wrong time, you’re screwed. Case in point, Apple and Microsoft are some of the most valuable companies in the world right now… but, if you’d invested back in the early 2000’s… you’d have been crushed.

The same goes for investing in the S&P 500 just before the ‘08 financial crisis…

Yes, most of these investments recovered and more than made up for the losses… but it often took years. So, unless you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, you probably don’t have time to recover from big losers.

And, the same goes for the five recession-resistant investments I’ve shared with you today.

There are no sure things when it comes to investing, so you’ve got to know when to get in and out. You’ve got to know how to adapt to changes in the markets. And you’ve got to know when to let your winners run and when to cut your losers.

That’s why, in addition to my Recession-Resistant Dividends Portfolio, I also want to invite you to a risk-free trial of Contrarian Income Report.

This is my financial research service that’s dedicated to helping investors collect safe, secure, consistent income – no matter what the broader market is doing.

By avoiding over-hyped tech stocks, high-risk penny stocks, and other speculative investments, our readers are able to collect serious income – along with excellent price appreciation – without worrying about crashes, corrections, or pullbacks.

And, by sticking to our guns…

By focusing on finding high-quality, but UNDERVALUED companies and buying them at the right time, for the right price, the Contrarian Income Report has been able to consistently dominate the performance of many other financial research services.

More importantly, we’ve achieved this WITHOUT you needing to risk your retirement on some speculative “10-bagger”. In other words, we’ve helped our readers multiply their wealth, boost their income, and retire richer while maximizing security and stability.

Since inception, Contrarian Income Report subscribers have enjoyed safe, stable dividends averaging 8%, and often more.

And, there are countless more stories just like these.

Now, I want to invite YOU to join this private community of contrarians who’re raking in 8%+ CASH dividends every year… without touching those highly-volatile, highly-risky, and highly-speculative investments you can’t tell your wife about.

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FREE Bonus #1: Monthly Dividend Superstars: 10%+ Yields With Double-Digit Upside

In your first bonus report, you’ll discover a little-known strategy for collecting an EXTRA $4,000 per month in dividends.

That’s right… every month… like clockwork, you’ll receive a fat dividend payment if you follow this simple strategy.

No more infuriating quarterly payouts that don’t line up with your monthly expenses. No more anxiously waiting for the next check to roll in every 3 months.

Instead, you’ll lock-in regular, consistent, predictable paydays of $4,000 or more every month.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because you’ll also get my system for identifying those rare dividend stocks that have a 10% yield and double-digit upside. It’s all revealed inside Monthly Dividend Superstars and it’s surprisingly easy to implement… even if you’re not an analyst.

Free Bonus #2: The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks To Sell Now

Given everything that you’ve read today… given the fact that we’re now in a bear market… given that many experts believe a recession is our next stop…

… you probably won’t be surprised to discover that I’ve identified 12 ticking time bombs that are lurking in the stock market right now.

These are big-name, well-known, and popular stocks that seem like great investments on the surface… but hiding behind the cover of a high-yield are actually ticking time bombs that could detonate any day now.

Inside The Dirty Dozen, you’ll get the names of these twelve doomed stocks along with a breakdown on why they’re about to implode.

And, if you hold any of these stocks – and it’s likely that you do – I urge you to move your money to the recession-resistant stocks you learned about today.

Free Bonus #3: Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to The Contrarian Money Machine

Unlike the other reports you’re getting today, this report isn’t about any specific investment.

However, it is arguably the most valuable of them all. You see, inside Second-Level Investing you’ll discover how to THINK like a contrarian investor… you’ll learn how to view the markets as a contrarian… and you’ll learn to avoid the mistakes that cripple most “first-level” investors.

Once you understand this approach to investing you’ll start spotting highly-lucrative, ‘sure things’ everywhere you look… the type of investments that leave your friends and family in awe at your predictive, money-making prowess.

I’m very proud of this report as it breaks down a complex subject into an easy-to-follow, practical guide that could forever change how you invest and how successful you are.

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