A “Dividends Only”

Retirement Plan

(Just $500K Needed)

The simple and safe way to live off investment income alone… Without drawing down your nest egg

or worrying about daily market gyrations.

Dear Reader,

I was waiting in line at the California DMV recently, idly flipping through my phone, when I ran across a news story saying there are roughly 422,000 “401(k) millionaires” out there.

That’s how many seven-figure accounts are managed by Fidelity Investments — which is apparently happy to share its customers’ financial info anonymously.

A chunk of money like that is great, especially when we can leave it untouched and let it grow.

That was no doubt the “secret” of 99%+ of these retirement millionaires.

They socked away for decades and rode the market higher.

(They certainly didn’t bet the farm on penny stocks or swing for the fences with the latest crypto du jour!)

But there comes a time when we need to convert that pile of cash into cash flow that can pay the bills.

And many of these patient retirees will buy stocks and “hope” they’ll go up in price. There’s just one problem…

Hope is not a retirement strategy.

Especially after a dumpster fire year like 2022, when stocks posted double-digit losses.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t sleep well at night knowing my future (and my family’s future) was riding solely on share price trends.

Of course you could opt for what I call…

The Share Selling “Death Spiral”

Also known as the 4% Rule, this so-called “proven” theory says you can draw down some arbitrary amount out of your portfolio — typically 4% — every year for decades on end…

Think about this for a moment.

It was dollar-cost averaging that built these Fidelity fortunes in the first place.

These diligent savers bought a set amount of stocks and funds every two weeks, every month, every year.

Most even did it on autopilot, which secured them more shares when prices were low and fewer when they were dear!

And now this traditional retirement “advice” says they can live comfortably doing the exact opposite.

Wait, what?

No. No. No.

This is the same dollar-cost averaging, but in reverse!

Problem is, in reality, every few years you’re faced with a chart that looks like this.

Apple’s Dividend Was Fine – Its Stock Wasn’t

As you can see, the dividend (orange line above) is fine — growing, even — but you’re selling at a 27% loss!

In other words, you’re forced to sell more shares to supplement your income when prices are low.

When shares rebound (assuming they eventually do), you need an even bigger gain just to get back to your original value.

A disaster in the making!

The Only Reliable Retirement Solution

Instead of ever selling your stocks, you should instead make sure you live on dividends alone so that you never have to touch your capital.

This is easier said than done, and obviously the more money you have, the better off you are. But with yields still pretty low, even rich folks are having a tough time living off of interest today.

And you can actually live better than they can off of a (much) more modest nest egg if you know where to look for lesser-known, meaningful and secure yield.

I’m talking about annual income of 8%, 9% or even 10%+ so that you’re banking up to $50,000 each year for every $500,000 you invest.

And you’ll never have to touch your nest-egg capital – which means you won’t have to worry about or running out of money in retirement, or even the day-to-day ups and downs of the stock market.

The only thing you need to concern yourself with is the security of your dividends.

As long as your payouts are safe, who cares if your stock prices swing up or down on a given day?

Most investors know this is the right approach to retirement.

Problem is, they don’t know how to find 8%, and 10% yields to fund their lives.

And when they do find high yields, they’re not sure if these payouts are safe. Will the company or fund have enough cash flow to pay the dividends into the future?

And how sensitive are these payouts to the latest headline, Fed policy changes or unrest on the other side of the globe?

We’ll talk specific stocks, funds and yields in a moment.

But first, a bit about myself.

My name is Brett Owens. I first started trading stocks in college, between classes at Cornell.

I graduated cum laude with an industrial engineering degree — which is actually pretty popular with Wall Street recruiters.

But I couldn’t stand the thought of grinding it out in a cubicle for 80 hours a week. So I moved to San Francisco and got into the tech scene.

A buddy and I started up two software companies that serve more than 26,000 business users.

The result was a nice chunk of change coming in … and I had to decide what to do with my money.

I had seen plenty of young “techies” come into sudden cash and burn through their windfall in a year, ending up right back where they started.

That was NOT going to be me. I already had dreams of living off my wealth one day, decades before I retired.

I got plenty of cold calls from brokers wanting to “help” me. But I knew that nobody would care as much about my money as me.

So I went out on my own and invested my startup profits in dividend-paying stocks.

I’ve been hunting down safe, stable and generous yields ever since, growing my wealth with vehicles paying me 8%, 9%, even 10%+ dividends.

In recent years, I started writing about the methods I use to generate these high levels of income.

Today I serve as chief investment strategist for Contrarian Income Report — a publication that uncovers secure, high-yielding investments for thousands of investors.

Since inception, my subscribers have enjoyed dividends 4 times (and more!) the S&P 500 average, plus big annualized gains!

And that brings me to a crucial piece of advice…

The ONE Thing You Must Remember

If I could leave you with just one nugget of investing wisdom today, it would be to NEVER overlook the incredible wealth-building power of dividends.

Few investors realize how important these unglamorous workhorses actually are.

Here’s a perfect example…

If you put $1,000 in the dividend-paying stocks of the S&P 500 back in 1973, you would have had $87,560 by the end of 2023, or 87x your money.

But the same $1,000 in the non-dividend payers would have grown to just $8,430 — 90% less.

That’s why I’m a dividend fan.

The stock market is a fantastic wealth-building machine, but it doesn’t always go straight up!

There have been plenty of 10-year periods where the only money investors made was in dividends.

And that’s what gives us dividend investors such an edge.

When you lock in an 8%+ yield, you’re booking an income stream that’s bigger than the stock market’s long-term average return right off the bat.

Of course you can’t just buy every ticker symbol out there with a flashy yield, or you’ll get burned pretty fast.

So let’s wipe the false promises of mainstream finance from our minds and start thinking the “No Withdrawal” way…

Step 1: Forget “Buy and Hope” Investing

Most half-million-dollar stashes are piled into “America’s ticker” SPY.

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) is the most popular symbol in the land. For many 401(K)’s, this is all there is.

And that’s sad for two reasons.

First, SPY yields just 1.3%. That’s $6,500 per year on $500K… poverty level stuff.

Second, SPY was down nearly 20% in 2022. That is no bueno, because that $500K would have been reduced to $400K.

The last thing we want to do is lose the money we’re getting (and more) in dividends to losses in the share price. Which is why we must protect our capital at all costs.

Step 2: Ditch 60/40, Too

The 60/40 portfolio has been exposed as senseless.

Retirees were sold a bill of goods when promised that a 60% slice of stocks and 40% of bonds would somehow be a “safe mix” that would not drop together.


Inflation — plus an aggressive Federal Reserve, plus a (thus far) persistently steady economy — drop-kicked both equities and fixed income in 2022.

The result is that bonds have not been the haven guaranteed by the 60/40 high priests.

In a way, 2022 was a worse dumpster fire than 2008. Granted almost everything crashed in the Financial Crisis. But US Treasuries rallied, which resulted in iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) delivering a 28% gain for calendar ’08:

In 2008, Bonds Did Great

In 2022, however, TLT was tagged. Sure, it still paid its dividend. But even including payouts, the fund was down 31% — worse than the S&P 500. Ouch!

When stocks and bonds are dicey, where do we turn? To a better bet.

A strategy to retire on dividends alone that leaves that beautiful pile of cash untouched.

Step 3: Create a “No Withdrawal” Portfolio

My colleague Tom Jacobs and I literally wrote the book on a dividend-powered retirement.

In How to Retire on Dividends: Earn a Safe 8%, Leave Your Principal Intact, we outline our “no withdrawal” approach to retirement:

  1. Save a bunch of money. (“Check.”)
  2. Buy safe dividend stocks with big yields
  3. Enjoy the income while keeping the original principal intact.

To make that nest egg last, and our working life worthwhile, we really need yields in the 7% to 10% range. We typically don’t see these stocks touted on Bloomberg or CNBC, but they are around.

Of course, there are plenty of landmines in the high-yield space. Some of these stocks are cheap for a reason. Which is why we need to be contrarian when looking for income.

We must identify why a yield is incorrectly allowed to be so high. (In other words, we need to figure out why the stock is priced so cheaply!)

As I write, the top 10 payers in my Contrarian Income Report portfolio yield about 10.7% on average.

On every million dollars invested, this dividend collection is spinning off an incredible $107,000 every single year!

And you don’t have to be a millionaire to take advantage of this strategy.

A $750k nest egg will generate $80,250 annually…

$500K could hand you $53,500…

You get the idea.

The important thing is that these yields are safe, which creates stability for the stock (and fund) prices attached to them.

We want our income, with our principal intact.

It’s really the only way to retire comfortably, without having to stare at stock tickers all day, every day.

Now, many blue-chip yields are safe. They just need to hit the gym and bulk up a bit. Here’s how we take perfectly good, yet modest, dividends and make them into braggarts.

Step 4: Supersize Those Yields

Mastercard (MA) is a near-perfect dividend stock. Its payout is always climbing, having doubled over the last five years. (MA shareholders, you can thank every business that accepts Mastercard for your “pennies on every dollar” rake.)

Tap, tap, tap. Remember cash? Me neither. Another 2020 casualty, with Mastercard making a few dimes or dollars on every plastic transaction.

The cashless trend has been in motion for years. But international growth prospects remain huge. Just a few years ago, 80%+ of transactions in Spain, Italy and even tech-savvy Japan were in cash.

More future dividend hikes are in store as they turn to plastic.

The only chink in MA’s armor? Everyone knows it is a dynamic dividend stock. So it only yields 0.6%. Investors keep bidding it higher, knowing that the next dividend raise is just around the corner.

So, the compounding of those hikes makes MA a great stock for our kids and grandkids. You and I, however, don’t have the time to wait for 0.6% to grow. And $3,000 on our $500K nest egg simply won’t get it done.

Let’s instead consider top-notch closed-end fund (CEF) Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust (GDV), managed by legendary value investor Mario Gabelli.

Mastercard is Gabelli’s largest holding. But we income investors would prefer GDV because it boasts a healthy dividend right around 6%, paid monthly.

And today, thanks to the conservative folks who buy CEFs (who’ve been slow to buy back in following the ’22 mess), we have a rare opportunity to buy Mario’s portfolio for just 84 cents on the dollar.

Yup, GDV trades at a 16% discount to its net asset value, or NAV. It’s a way to boost MA’s payout and snag a discount, too.

Where does this discount come from?

CEFs are like their mutual fund cousins, with one exception: they have fixed pools of shares, so they can (and do) trade higher and lower than their NAVs, or “fair” values (the value of their holdings minus any debt).

As contrarians, we can step in when they are temporarily out of favor, like after a pullback, when liquidity is low, and buy them at generous discounts.

GDV holds more blue-chip dividend payers alongside MA, such as Microsoft (MSFT) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM). And with GDV, we have an opportunity to purchase them at a 16% discount.

These high-quality stocks wouldn’t normally qualify for our “retire on $500K” portfolio because everyone in the world knows they are strong long-term investments.

Even though these companies are constantly raising their dividends, constant demand for their shares keeps their prices high (and current yields low). So they never meet our current-yield requirement.

GDV does. The fund pays a monthly dividend that adds up to a sweet 6% annual yield.

Let me give you one more idea: the Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity (EXG) is another CEF with a similar blue-chip dividend portfolio.

But EXG generates even more income than GDV by selling covered calls on the shares it owns.

More cash flow means a bigger dividend — and EXG pays an already terrific 8%!

So we buy and hold EXG and GDV forever, collecting their monthly dividends merrily along the way? Not quite.

In bull markets, these funds are great. But in bear markets, they’ll chew you up.

Step 5: Protect That Principal!

My CIR readers will fondly recall the 15 months we held GDV and EXG together, collecting monthly dividends plus price gains that added up to 43% total returns.

What was happening in that period from October 2020 until February 2022? The Federal Reserve was printing money like crazy. Not only did the Fed stoke inflation, but we also enjoyed an asset-price lift.

Starting in 2022, we had the opposite situation. The stock market was topping, and we didn’t want to fight the Fed. We sold high, and by late 2022, both funds were down sharply:

We Sold EXG and GDV Just Before They Plunged

For whatever reason, “market timing” is a taboo phrase among long-term investors. That’s a shame because it is quite important. By aligning our dividends with the market backdrop, we can protect our principal from bear markets like the one we saw in 2022.

Step 6: Start Here to Retire on $500K

So if the “tried and true” money advice — like the 60/40 portfolio and the 4% rule — has been properly exposed as broken

Where do we go from here?

Well, imagine your portfolio in just a few days or weeks from now spinning off 8%, 9% and even double-digit dividends with the reliability of a Swiss watch… with many of my recommendations paying every single month no less!

No more worrying how much is coming in next month.

No more worrying about the Fed’s next move.

No more worrying about outliving your nest egg.

Let me tell you more about my solution — what I call the 9% “No-Withdrawal Portfolio.”

Better yet, I want to give you the names of my favorite stocks and funds to buy right now…

Yields Up to 10.5%, With Upside

To make it easy to transition into this new way of investing… where you are buying “bird in the hand” cash flows… instead of stocks that you just hope will go up… I’ve prepared two in-depth guides that hone in on the strategies I mentioned above…

Special Report #1:

Monthly Dividend Superstars: Yields Up to 10.5%, With Double-Digit Upside

This is where you’ll find the bargains that investors are leaving on the table in their misplaced fear of the Fed.

Inside you’ll find the ticker symbol, my buy-up-to price and in-depth backstory on my three favorite CEFs:

  • A well-hedged 10.5% payer in one of the most in-demand sectors right now,
  • The brainchild of one of the top fund managers on the planet throwing off an amazing 9% yield,
  • And a rock-steady 7.6% dividend whose managers have guided it to an astonishing 1,530% total return since inception.

Special Report #2:

The Perfect Income Portfolio

In this guide, you’ll get all the details of what I call the “Perfect Income Portfolio.”

Step-by-step, I’ll show you exactly how to set up your portfolio for maximum income without taking on additional unnecessary risk.

And, if you follow the simple steps laid out, I’m confident you’ll be able to enjoy an income stream that far exceeds what most folks who buy the typical S&P 500 stock earn.

This report includes investments that have passed my strict due-diligence process—including one of the smartest REIT operators I’ve ever come across.

The stock pays a whopping 13.3% today, while management has made so many brilliant strategic moves over the last decade that it’s been able to raise its payout by 231%!

I’ll walk you through each recommendation, giving you a clear, concise and easy-to-understand breakdown of exactly why I see these as “perfect” income plays.

How to Get Both Reports Absolutely Free

To access both reports, Monthly Dividend Superstars and The Perfect Income Portfolio, at no cost whatsoever, I simply ask that you take a risk-free trial of my research service, Contrarian Income Report.

I created Contrarian Income Report to help investors uncover overlooked and underappreciated income plays before Wall Street and the mainstream herd bid them up.

People often ask me, “I get the income part, but where does ‘contrarian’ fit in?”

My answer is simple: You’ll never beat the market by following the herd.

If you buy the same investments as everyone else, you’re going to have the same results as other people — which are always mediocre. This is why my advisory is defiantly contrarian.

It all boils down to one simple principle: If you want to make money, really big money, do what nobody else is doing.

Contrarian investing is probably the simplest, sanest, most powerful and reliable money-making technique ever devised to buy low and sell high. It works in any market, from stocks and bonds to gold and real estate — because human nature is the same everywhere.

You don’t need special training. All you need is an independent mind, a bit of patience and an ounce of courage.

If you want to buy low and sell high, you must force yourself to buy when everybody, including yourself, is feeling discouraged — when the news is bad. That’s likely to be the bottom. And you should sell when everybody is excited and the news is good, because that’s likely to be the top.

Right now, we’re holding a diverse collection of these high-yielding stocks and funds, and you’ll get instant access to each one the moment your no-risk trial starts.

And every new investment you get in Contrarian Income Report comes with a simple goal: it will pay a reliable 5% dividend — or better.

In fact, some holdings in our portfolio go way further than that, delivering 11%+ income right now.

So just by “swapping out” your anemic blue chips for these cash cows, you could double, triple — or even quadruple — your income. And you could do it TODAY!

That sort of money can upgrade your lifestyle in a hurry. Take it from my subscribers:

Now not everyone follows my recommendations at the exact same time or in the same way, and each member’s personal financial situation is different. So your experience may be a little different … but I have dozens more stories just like these.

But that’s not all, because …

Safe Yields Are Only the Beginning

In addition to my favorite monthly dividends up to 10.5% and my “Perfect Income Portfolio,” your risk-free trial look at Contrarian Income Report includes a whole lot more …

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    Extra Bonus #1:

    The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now ($99 Value)

    As much as I love a fat payout, I never let myself forget that an extraordinary yield can be a warning sign of a stock in trouble.

    A high yield that was too good to be true is easy to spot in hindsight. But when a cut, and the resulting share price plunge, are unfolding, most “yield junkies” are intoxicated and just can’t let go … and ride the stock to the bottom.

    I’m afraid we’re in for just that scenario with the 12 popular income stocks in this report.

    Like a widely-held “sin stock” whose business is demographically locked in to decline. As that happens, its 9.4% dividend will get snuffed out, too…

    Or a food maker that should be profiting as grocery bills rise. Too bad its input costs are rising even faster — just as its products, which were popular during the pandemic, slide down people’s shopping lists…

    An office landlord caught up in the work-from-home shift. Sure, some folks are returning to the office, but that won’t help this specialty REIT, whose business model is likely to go by the wayside…

    Another “dividend disaster” is a business development company (BDC) that’s been managed too aggressively, leading to a string of dividend cuts. Don’t be fooled by its 13% yield — the next big hack to the payout is likely just around the corner.

    If you hold any of these stocks, I urge you to dump them immediately.

    Next, you’ll get your very own copy of my personal playbook…

    Extra Bonus #2:

    Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine ($99 Value)

    While many investing gurus tout the virtues of contrary thinking, they rarely tell you how they go about finding cheap and out-of-favor stocks.

    So that’s exactly what you’ll get with this step-by-step contrarian guide. It’s the guts of the system I use to pick stocks in Contrarian Income Report.

    • Contrarian Buy Indicator No. 1: My favorite way to “time” a stock buy to cash in on short sellers’ greed.
    • Contrarian Buy Indicator No. 2: How to catch a big windfall by following the analysts — just not in the way most people think.
    • Contrarian Buy Indicator #3: A classic contrarian signal that tells you when a beaten-down stock is about to rebound.

    Now, there’s just one more thing I’d like to include …

    Our Ironclad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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    As I’ve shown you…

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    By following my simple system, you can live off dividends alone, without ever having to draw down your principal to cover expenses.

    The best way to retire on dividends in this market is to dive into the overlooked, underappreciated income plays you won’t hear about in the mainstream press.

    We’re talking stocks and funds that yield 8%, 9%, even 10%+!

    I think it’s an easy decision to make…

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    Don’t struggle to get by on 2% and 3% yielders, crossing your fingers that self-serving politicians, geopolitical disasters, a recession or an unexpected bounce in inflation don’t trigger another market crash.

    In other words, don’t just hope that stocks will rebound and things will work out. It’s up to you to protect yourself. No one else will do it for you.

    Join me and my Contrarian Income Report readers and set yourself up with our secure “No Withdrawal” portfolio… with current dividend yields of 9%+ and upside potential on top of that.

    Yours in profits,

    Brett Owens

    Chief Investment Strategist

    Contrarian Income Report

    P.S. These contrarian plays have been known to rally once the herd catches on to what they’ve been missing. I encourage you to act now so that you can get into our newest recommendation while the price is still low and the yield is high.





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