These 8%-Paying Laggards Are Set to Bounce (Time to Buy)

Michael Foster, Investment Strategist
Updated: November 9, 2023

We’ve got clear proof that our favorite income funds—closed-end funds (CEFs), which yield 8% and up—are still well behind the rise we’ve seen in the S&P 500, and set to make up that ground.

While I can’t tell you exactly when that bounce will happen, we’re going to dive into the reasons why it’s very likely today. And, anyway, timing doesn’t matter too much to us at CEF Insider because we’re happy to use this time to buy our portfolio’s high dividends, which yield up to 13.7% as I write this.

The “Scared Retail Investor Lag Effect” and Our CEFs

Sadly “SRILE” doesn’t sound too appealing as an acronym, so I don’t think I’ll become famous for inventing it.… Read more

Did You Miss the Rally? 5 Still-Cheap Dividends Up to 12.3%

Brett Owens, Chief Investment Strategist
Updated: November 8, 2023

Mr. and Ms. Market are manic. Always have been, always will be. My fellow contrarian, they reminded us of this fact yet again.

Fortunately we were zigging while the broader crowd was zagging.

The herd’s “FOMO panic” last week pushed many of our stocks higher. Vanilla investors covered their ill-timed short positions and scrambled to buy bargains. Like the dividend deals we bought in October!

Did you miss out? Have cash suddenly burning a hole in your pocket? If so, no worries, a few select dividend deals remain.

I’m talking about yields up to 12.3% and discounts up to—get this—46%.… Read more

Why 2024 Will Be a Terrific Year for Dividends (and 3 Ways to Play It)

Brett Owens, Chief Investment Strategist
Updated: November 7, 2023

2024 is setting up to be a great year for us contrarian dividend investors—but to take full advantage, we need to buy now—while fear is still in the air.

Because that terror is totally unjustified. 

Here’s how I see the current state of play: Fed rate hikes are toast, and a Santa Claus Rally is on tap. In fact, the more Jay Powell tries to persuade us he’s going to keep bringing the hurt (as he did again last week), the hollower it rings.

Look, inflation is on the wane, and the last thing Jay wants is a repeat of the March banking mess.… Read more

The Incredible 12.8% Dividend That Actually Pays You to Own It

Michael Foster, Investment Strategist
Updated: November 7, 2023

Not many people realize it, but there’s a way you can actually get paid to own stocks.

I’m not talking pennies, either. The fund I’m about to show you is capable of generating $64,000 in dividends per year on a $500,000 investment, thanks to its 12.8% yield, as of this writing.

This gives us three things:

  1. A large, reliable income stream with a lower risk of principal loss (unlike many annuity products and other income funds out there, where loss of principal is guaranteed).
  2. Diversification across over a hundred companies in one of the most oversold sectors today: technology—including firms driving the AI revolution, like Nvidia (NVDA).
Read more

Big Yields, Little Stocks: 5 Small-Caps Paying up to 14.7%

Brett Owens, Chief Investment Strategist
Updated: November 3, 2023

Small dividend stocks are dirt cheap right now. I’m talking about stocks trading for less than one year’s worth of sales. Yields up to 14.7%. And single-digit P/E ratios.

Why such deals? Well, because they’ve been pummeled into bargain territory of late. A number of high-yield bargains are staring us right in the face.

Small firms, straight up, are the cheapest stocks on the planet right now:

Value is great but show us the money! We’ll do so with five small-caps averaging a stellar 12% in yield among them. Are these deals or are these equities cheap for a reason?… Read more

A 16.2% “Forever” Dividend? It’s Here (and It’s Cheap)

Michael Foster, Investment Strategist
Updated: November 2, 2023

Imagine a fund yielding 16.2% that’s likely to keep that high payout steady for years and years. I know it sounds unthinkable, yet we have just such a fund sitting in front of us today—ripe for buying at a discount, no less.

That would be the PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund (PDI), a bond fund throwing off that 16.2% payout, as of this writing. PDI uses a variety of credit investments to produce that outsized income stream. Thanks to high interest rates that look set to stay high for some time, and thanks to a sudden drop in the fund’s valuation, that income stream is sustainable.… Read more

This 11.1% Dividend is a Sucker’s Bet

Brett Owens, Chief Investment Strategist
Updated: November 1, 2023

Closed-end funds (CEFs) are ready to climb after a two-month decline. In preparation for this pop, select vanilla investors are buying this 11.1% dividend with its 14% downside.

Wait, what?!

Everyone hates bonds today. Yet, somehow, these bonds are selling for $1.14 on the dollar.

I sure wouldn’t do it. I’d favor the fixed income that everyone hates. (More on these discounted dividends in a moment.)

Who is this “I’ll pay a premium” belle of the basic income ball? Convertible bonds. Convertibles pay regular interest. In this way, they act like bonds. You buy them and “lock in” regular coupon payments.… Read more

1 Megatrend That Will Power Our Dividends for Decades (2 Tickers Below)

Brett Owens, Chief Investment Strategist
Updated: October 31, 2023

Look, this deglobalization trend is hitting high gear—and if you miss your chance to tap it for surging dividend payouts, you will regret it down the road.

After all, it’s megatrends like this one that we contrarian income-seekers live for. Let the “basic” investors sweat headline-driven fears like rising rates and recessions. We’ll happily lock in our “megatrend” dividends and ride along for years, and even decades, as our payouts soar triple-digits!

Really, terms like “deglobalization,” “onshoring” and “friendshoring” are just fancy ways of talking about the flow of manufacturing jobs back to the US, or to US neighbors like Canada and Mexico, from basket cases like Xi’s China.… Read more

Ignore This Stupid Investing Rule (Look to These 3 Reliable Dividends Instead)

Michael Foster, Investment Strategist
Updated: October 30, 2023

I hate to see investors get snared by so-called “rules of thumb” like the 4% rule (which we’ve debunked here on Contrarian Outlook many times before).

The trouble is, these rules only “work” until they don’t. And blindly following them through an unexpected market turn could lead you to investment losses, or to run out of money in retirement.

Heck, some don’t even have a germ of truth to them, like the “100 minus your age” rule, which says you should subtract your age from 100, and that’s how much of your portfolio you should dedicate to stocks. So if you’re 30 years old, 70% should go into stocks and 30% into bonds.… Read more

How to Squeeze Yields up to 12% … From Tech Stocks

Brett Owens, Chief Investment Strategist
Updated: October 27, 2023

This entire market meltdown has been based off of a flawed premise. We income investors must take advantage of it, before sanity returns to the markets.

The 10-year Treasury yield soared above 5%. On its journey to the stars the higher 10-year has clipped equities severely along the way. A high benchmark rate upsets every applecart in finance.

But here’s the thing. This is not a sustainable move.

Inflation isn’t really in a spiral higher. In fact, it’s the opposite. Core PCE (personal consumer expenditures)—the Federal Reserve’s preferred measure of inflation—is dropping like a rock:

Fed’s Preferred Inflation Measure is Dropping Fast

Note, this excludes food and energy prices.… Read more