This “Stamford Secret”

Can Triple Your

Dividends Today

With the “preferred” dividends I’ll reveal below, you can get …

  • TRIPLE the payouts a typical stock pays …
  • Dividends with unique “protection” from being cut, and …
  • Full details on 2 high-yielding funds that “automatically” beat the market — like clockwork!

Fellow Investor,

Most regular days, two portfolio managers roll into their parking spaces at an unassuming cluster of office buildings just off the Merritt Parkway, in Stamford, Connecticut.

If you’re like many folks, you probably haven’t spent much time in Stamford. It’s a bedroom community to New York, home to commuters and boring industries like real estate and insurance.

It’s the polar opposite of the go-go greed of Wall Street, with a slower pace, quiet, green parks, manicured yards and a beautiful historic waterfront on Long Island Sound.

But our two investment pros have all the connections and tools of any Wall Street trader. More, in fact.

They actually have an inside edge that makes their downtown colleagues sick with envy. When new shares come on the market, their cellphones ring first!

And their clients, owners of the high-performing fund this pair manages, reap the rewards!

“Sleepy” Stamford Hides a Stock-Picking Secret

Imagine that for a moment. Say your advisor always got first crack when the next big IPO was being put together and was able to get you an early position. It could be like getting in on the next Microsoft before the rest of the crowd has any clue.

No wonder our “Stamford sharks” ALWAYS beat the market. They get the call, run the stock through their database and then, if all checks out, they BUY …

… and ride their new shares straight past the benchmark!

True Market Wizards

I don’t know if you’ve read the Market Wizards books by Jack Schwager.

In them, Schwager interviews the best investment managers you’ve never heard of: pros who quietly toil away in strip malls and low-rise buildings across America, grinding out huge returns for their lucky clients, far from the din of Wall Street.

Well, this duo could easily be lifted from Schwager’s next volume.

They’re not fly-by-night speculators. Their fund collects big dividends from its holdings, then sends them our way in the form of its big 6.5% payout.

This duo’s consistent market-beating performance and big dividend are thanks to their deep connections within their market and the attention that their firm, which has more than $27 billion under management, can command.

This is exactly how high-flying “accredited investors” — those with a net worth of a million dollars or more — make their money. They hire savvy, well-connected pros like these two to do it for them!

And I’ve found a way for us to hire this pair to bring their magic to our portfolios, too.

So what’s their secret?

First up, they don’t play in the same sandbox as most investors who focus on “regular” S&P 500 stocks.

Instead of buying low- (or no-) dividend payers and hoping for gains, their fund buys what I call “VIP Shares.”

This on its own gives our duo a head-start, because these VIP Shares’ payouts crush those of regular stocks.

Heck, even a “dumb” computer-driven ETF holding VIP Shares, like the one shown in blue below, demolishes the payout on the typical S&P 500 name:

VIP Shares Triple Stock Payouts …

And bonds? They’re not in the same league! Here’s how a “plain vanilla” ETF holding VIP Shares stacks up against benchmark bond yields:

… And Put Bond Dividends to Shame, Too

But our VIP Shares really take off when you add the stock-picking prowess of our Stamford pros. Buy VIP Shares through their fund, which we’ll talk about further in a moment, and you’ll drive your yield up more, to that outsized 6.5% I mentioned a second ago:

Huge “Stamford Secret” Dividend Reigns Supreme

Add our two pros’ big dividend payout to the price upside they’ve seen in the last decade, and you get that market-beating total return I talked about: they’ve clobbered the benchmark!

Team Stamford Crushes Its Benchmark

So what are the VIP Shares our team buys, anyway?

Well, they’re a preferred (hint!) type of stock that boasts three things holders of “common” shares can only dream of:

  • BIG dividends that dwarf those of regular stocks and government bonds.
  • A “Dividend Shield” that helps protect your payouts from an unexpected cut (more on this in a second), and …
  • Pullback resistance: These VIP Shares have price stability that helps them hold their own in a market panic and bounce back faster than normal stocks. I think of them as the “dividend rubber duckies” of the investment world.

The funny thing about these VIP Shares is they’re sitting right out in the open, but few folks have taken the time to look into them. You may have heard them called by their actual name: preferred shares.

Here’s how they work:

When you buy the likes of Apple (AAPL) or Amazon (AMZN), you’re buying what’s called a “common stock.”

They’re all roughly the same: you enjoy price appreciation, depending on the company’s fortunes. Maybe you get a dividend, maybe you don’t.

Preferred shares are different. They give you most of your return in the form of big, fat and stable dividends.

This is where that “Dividend Shield” I mentioned a second ago comes in — it helps protect your income if a company does happen to run up on the rocks.

That’s because many preferred shares are “cumulative,” meaning that if you do have the misfortune of holding a company that misses a dividend payment, it has to restart payouts — and repay any missed payouts — to preferred shareowners before “common” shareholders see another penny of dividends.

A good way to think of preferreds is as stock/bond hybrids. They trade around a par value and dole out a set regular payment, like a bond, but they can also trade on an exchange, like any common stock.

That means you’ll often have to trade off some upside to get preferreds’ high dividends. But in a levitating market like this one, this is a deal most folks would gladly take — especially as it gives us most of our return in safe dividend cash.

The best part is, when you buy preferreds through the “Stamford Secret” fund I’ll show you in a second, you won’t even have to make this tradeoff!

That’s because our two pros give us the best of all worlds: a history of outperformance, price stability and high, steady dividends your friends can only dream of.

Stick with me as we go further into these powerful investments.

But before we do, let me take a second to tell you a bit about myself and how I can help you multiply your portfolio’s dividend stream and steadily build your nest egg without taking heart-stopping risks. And without paying outrageous commissions to your advisor, either.

How I Beat Wall Street — and Turned $2,000

Into a $154,000 Windfall

You see, I’ve learned the hard way that no one is going to care for my family and my financial security more than me.

The year was 2003, and I’d recently graduated from Cornell University. I’d landed a job designing computer systems for Fortune 500 companies. For the first time in my life, I was making money. So I decided to hire a “professional” to help grow my savings.

This guy had countless credentials and certifications, years of experience, and he talked a great game.

Without hesitation, I hired him.

The result?

Just one year later, this so-called expert had literally lost all my money.

Everything. Years of saving and investing, gone.

As you can imagine, I was furious. However, thanks to this experience, I came to a breakthrough. If I wanted to give my family the financial security they deserve and retire comfortably, I needed to take control of my money.

With this realization, I decided to learn everything I could about investing. I was absolutely relentless. And, after a few bumps in the road, it paid off … I started with a measly $2,000 and turned it into $154,000 in just 48 months!

Obviously, this sort of performance doesn’t go unnoticed …

Shortly afterward, I was invited to join a famous financial publication as an editor.

At first, it was great. We helped our readers take home huge profits, exponentially grow their portfolios and create the financial freedom they’d been chasing their whole lives.

However, as time passed, things started to change …

Instead of focusing on secure stocks with strong upside, they started recommending all sorts of highly speculative, high-risk “investments” like obscure cryptocurrencies, penny stocks and other volatile assets.

This didn’t sit well with me.

I believe financial analysts like me have an ethical and moral duty to help readers safely grow their money — not recklessly gamble it away on some pie-in-the-sky idea.

Which is why I decided to set up my own research firm — Contrarian Outlook.

From the beginning, the goal of Contrarian Outlook has been simple:

And we do it without making ANY highly speculative bets …

Without recommending anything that will have you lying awake at night, worried sick about your portfolio’s rollercoaster performance …

Most importantly, we do it without putting your retirement, your way of life or your income at risk.

Since starting Contrarian Outlook, I’ve racked up an impressive record. And I’m thrilled to say that I’ve helped thousands of readers earn exponentially more investment income and grow their wealth fast, while safeguarding their money and retirement.

We’ve enjoyed huge profits like these:

A 146% Return on ONEOK Inc. (OKE) in 20 Months!

An Infrastructure Fund That Returned 95% in Under 4 Years!

A 176% Return on Synovus Financial Since April 2020!

Best of all, we’ve achieved our record of success while getting a big slice of our returns in SAFE dividend cash.

In fact, all of the three picks above boasted outsized dividends when I recommended them, with yields ranging from 7.2% all the way up to 11.8%.

The really satisfying part of these winning calls for me and my team is when we hear about how they’re changing our readers’ lives. Here are a few of the things they’ve told us:

And the truth is, I’m expecting big returns like the three examples I just showed you from the two preferred-stock funds I’ll reveal in a few seconds.

First, though, we need to talk about a common blunder that rookie preferred-share buyers make. Fall into this trap and you’re guaranteed to leave 50% or more of your profits on the table.

The Right Way to Buy Preferred Shares

(for Big 6.5%+ Dividends)

As you may have guessed by now, the preferred-stock market is small and tough to access for individual investors.

I’ll be honest: buying preferreds on your own involves hours parked in front of a computer — time I’m sure you’d rather spend doing just about anything else.

That’s why buying preferreds through a fund is the way to go. And that leads most folks to an exchange traded fund like the iShares Preferred & Income Securities ETF (PFF).

It sounds like a no-brainer: PFF pays 4.4%, more than triple the yield on the average stock, and charges just 0.46% in management fees — a pretty good deal by any investor’s standard.

So you figure what the heck and put in your buy order.

BIG mistake.

Because buying preferred shares through an ETF is a one-way ticket to thousands of dollars in missed gains and dividends.

And the longer your cash languishes in a fund like this, the bigger this “profit hole” gets.

This may come as a surprise to you, because in “common” stocks, we’re constantly hearing that active managers never beat the market. So a low-fee ETF is the way to go.

But preferred shares are NOT the same as their “common” cousins. In this corner of the market, in-depth research is critical, and it’s absolutely essential to have a pro — or better yet two pros, like we get with our Stamford duo — at the helm.

That’s something a computer-controlled ETF just can’t match. It’s tied to an index, so it can’t switch direction when its managers see an opportunity pop up.

And like the Titanic, it can’t steer its way around a looming iceberg. It has to represent the entire index, so it can’t sell a certain company or industry, even if its managers know there’s trouble ahead.

The bottom line is that when it comes to preferred shares, an ETF is NOT the way to go.

Instead, we’re going to buy our preferreds through another investment called a closed-end fund, or a CEF.

Unlike ETFs, CEFs are run by professionals who know the preferred-stock market inside and out. They also have deep connections, which, in the tiny world of preferred shares, is vital.

That’s because, like our Stamford-based duo, they’re first in line to get a call when a new preferred stock hits the market. This is a huge edge over their colleagues in the “regular” stock market, which is, of course, much larger and a lot harder to “front run.”

You can see this advantage play out in the 146% return our “Stamford Secret” fund has delivered in the last decade.

So if you really want to make out like a bandit in preferreds, with the biggest monthly dividends, the biggest upside and the SAFEST gains …

… doing it through a CEF is your best route.

There’s something else that helps CEFs lock in this outperformance, too. It has to do with how these funds are built.

We don’t need to go into the weeds here, but CEFs have one of the most predictable “gain indicators” I’ve ever seen.

It goes like this:

A CEF, once it’s launched, can’t issue new shares to new investors, except under very rare circumstances.

That sounds like an obscure fact, but it results in a highly profitable “disconnect” you and I can jump on. It’s called the discount to net asset value (NAV), and you can spot it on any fund screener worth its salt.

It simply means a CEF can — and often does — trade for less than the value of its portfolio.

This is something you NEVER see in ETFs, which always trade at par.

It also makes our profit plan simple: buy our CEFs at a big discount, then collect our profits as the “discount window” closes, driving the fund’s market price higher as it does.

CEF Discounts: “Close the Window”

I’ve seen it happen over and over again! And it’s yet another reason why, when it comes to preferred stocks, a CEF, not an ETF, is the way to go.

Which brings me to the first preferred-stock CEF I want to talk to you about today. It’s the one run by our Stamford-based pros …

Preferred-Stock CEF No. 1: Our “Stamford

Secret” Pick Pays 6.5% — and

Could Double Your Money

The first member of the two-man team at the top of our “Stamford Secret” fund has been working the fixed-income markets since the 1980s, and today he’s the firm’s chief investment officer. Our second manager actually founded the firm back in 1987.

From their unassuming offices off the Merritt Parkway in Stamford, they run their fund on behalf of one of the leading names in the CEF business. And as I showed you earlier, they’ve delivered, more than doubling their investors’ money and crushing the benchmark’s return in the last decade.

Team Stamford’s Easy “Triple Double”

This is truly a fund you can buy now, tuck away forever and simply sit back and collect your nice monthly 6.5% dividend!

Our duo has a very nice risk/reward setup happening for us that comes in three parts. First, they’ve built their base on some ultra-stable investment-grade bonds and preferred shares, which give the fund’s portfolio some nice ballast.

Then they work outward, buying preferreds with coupon rates averaging around 6.5%, then rolling those healthy payouts our way in the form of the fund’s sweet monthly dividend!

There’s one more driver of our upside and dividends you need to know about: this fund recently changed its mandate to allow it to invest in convertible securities, bonds that can be switched over to stocks if management sees upside ahead for one of their convertible-bond holdings.

That fits our managers’ skill sets to a T — and I expect it to add a big slice of “bonus” upside to an investment made today.

Given its spotless history and solid monthly 6.5% payout, this fund should be trading at a huge premium to net asset value (NAV) — something it’s just not doing as I write this. That’s a mistake investors will inevitably correct, especially in today’s zero-point-nothing interest rate world. And it’s why we need to jump in now.

Preferred-Stock CEF No. 2: A 6.9% Dividend

That Soared Through a Crisis

Our second CEF has such a strong track record that I can’t believe how ignored it is.

To start, it pays us a 6.9% dividend, and it pays us every month.

And get this: it actually raised its payout through COVID-19 market crash — a time when many big-name dividend stocks were rushing to slash their already meager payouts!

Dividend Grows Through a Once-in-a-Generation Crisis

This fact alone tells us this management team has swagger.

And with good reason.

This fund is run by a seven-person squad captained by a manager who started his own company solely to manage preferred-stock portfolios more than 38 years ago!

Few people know the preferred-stock market better than this grizzled vet.

He’s managed this success by “avoiding strikeouts rather than hitting home runs.” They shoot for “attractive levels of income” while balancing credit, liquidity and interest-rate risks.

It’s a savvy strategy that’s well-supported by his company’s expertise: his crew has, at their command, a powerful database that gives them instant access to the specific terms and interest rates on each and every preferred security on the planet.

Their approach has delivered: since the fund rolled off the line in May 2013, it’s manhandled the hapless ETF!

Another CEF Clobbers the Index

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I’m sure you can see by now that buying preferreds through an ETF is a losing strategy — in fact, the lousy performance of the benchmark preferred-stock ETF is one reason why a lot of folks think preferred shares are just not worth the hassle!

Nothing could be further from the truth, as this superb 6.9%-paying CEF shows. Let’s grab our position now, before its price races away from us.

To help you do just that, I’ve prepared an in-depth guide giving you all the details on the two funds we’ve just discussed.

Special Report #1: 2 “Preferred” Dividends

That Could Triple Your Payouts Immediately

That brings me to my new free special report, which I’ve prepared to give you all the details on my two favorite preferred-stock funds.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to know to buy these two funds today — and start tapping their 6.5%+ dividends now.

You’ll get full details on their management teams, dividend histories and everything else you need to know about their proven strategies for driving big gains in preferred shares.

And, of course, because these payouts roll your way monthly, they line up perfectly with your bills. That, plus their high yields, could put you on the path to retiring on dividends alone on a relatively modest investment.

And that’s not all I have for you today. I’m also going to give you …

Special Report #2: Monthly Dividend Superstars:

Yields Up to 8.1% With Double-Digit Upside

This report is the perfect companion to our two preferred-stock CEFs. It gives you the full details on three other CEFs that hold the best corporate bonds from the US and around the world. Best of all, they pay yields up to 8.1% that come your way every month.

Inside you’ll find the ticker symbol, in-depth backstory and my rationale behind recommending each of these stout monthly payers, including:

  • A well-hedged 8.1% payer in one of the most in-demand sectors right now,
  • The brainchild of one of the top fund managers on the planet that pays an outsized 7.8%,
  • And a rock-steady fund yielding 6.3% whose managers personally own large stakes. We love to see this because it nicely aligns management’s goals with our own.

Special Report #3: The Perfect Income Portfolio:

Safely 4X Your Income Today

Inside your third exclusive report, you’ll get all the details on what I like to call my Perfect Income Portfolio.

Step by step, I’ll show you exactly how to set up your portfolio for maximum income with minimum risk.

And if you follow the simple steps laid out, I’m confident you’ll be able to double, triple and even quadruple the income you get from S&P 500 stocks by adding these investments yielding up to 7% a year.

It all comes down to three overlooked asset classes few investors pay attention to. I’ll take you through them and give you the name and ticker of my favorite investment within each one.

These are investments that have passed my strict due-diligence process and that my research reveals could deliver reliable total returns of 10% or more per year — in bull and bear markets.

I’ll walk you through each recommendation, giving you a clear, concise, easy-to-understand breakdown of exactly why these are “perfect” income plays.

All this and more is waiting for you inside your third Special Report — and …

With Your Permission, I Want to Send You All

3 Reports Absolutely Free

This entire 3-report library of my very best high-yield picks — 2 “Preferred” Dividends That Can Triple Your Income Immediately, Monthly Dividend Superstars and the Perfect Income Portfolio — comes your way FREE when you take my Contrarian Income Report high-yield service for a no-risk, no obligation 60-day test spin.

These reports normally sell for $99 each, so you’re getting nearly $300 of value here! And you’re getting access to stocks and funds that could easily pay you 4X that amount in dividends every month on a reasonable upfront investment.

And it’s all yours FREE.

And that doesn’t even account for the 20+ high-yield stocks and funds you get in the Contrarian Income Report portfolio. This service is my life’s work, and you’ll enjoy the next two issues and exclusive access to its portfolio for the next 60 days.

I created Contrarian Income Report to help self-directed investors uncover under-appreciated income plays before Wall Street and the mainstream herd bid them up.

The stocks and funds we hold are all criminally overlooked (for now!) plays like, yes, preferred-stock CEFs.

Every new investment you get in Contrarian Income Report aims for one simple thing: a SAFE dividend of 6% — or better.

And some holdings in our portfolio go way further than that, delivering 8%+ income right now.

So just by “swapping out” your blue chips for these high-powered dividend stars, you could give your income stream a big boost. And you could do it TODAY!

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of my subscribers have to say about these recommendations:

Colleen W. from California emailed to tell us:

“When I started with Brett a few years ago my income was about $1,200 a month. I loved his “No Withdrawal Portfolio” theory as I was selling stock to live on. Since then, I now get about $3,500-$4,000 a month in dividends & haven’t sold any stock to live on since joining… I’m 61 & retired. This has changed my life & investing strategy. I also feel comfortable that I will stay retired & this way of investing is definitely my route to success.”

B.E. from from Alaska said:

“Instead of paying [my advisor] $16,000 a year to invest my money, I am receiving $86,000 per year in dividends in my IRA, and $24,000 tax free dividends in our taxable account. I very much appreciate all the work that you guys do.”

J.C. in California wrote:

“I love your insights and as a financial advisor the way I invest my clients’ money many of your newsletters provide me with new ideas to explore and work hand in hand with my value approach. You make my job easier and I appreciate that.”

Scott G. from Indiana said:

“We have been extremely pleased with Brett’s Contrarian recommendations and have friends getting ready to join! We are lifers!”

Richard W. from Massachusetts wrote in to say:

“I have subscribed to several of the biggest advisory services (a couple are even ‘lifetime’ subscriptions) but those from Contrarian Outlook are my favorites and the only ones I actually act on these days.”

Scott G. from Utah told us:

“As I near retirement, your advice and stock recommendations are extremely helpful. Don’t ever stop what you are doing and keep picking winners!!”

But that’s not all, because…

Safe Yields Are Only the Beginning

In addition to my favorite preferred-stock funds with 6.5%+ dividends, and CEFs and monthly dividend stocks yielding just as much (and more!), your risk-free trial includes …

  • Immediate access to all of the picks in the members-only portfolio, including my exact buy and sell recommendations and buy-under prices.
  • New income investing ideas on stocks I’ve been watching, plus analysis of major market events delivered straight to your inbox every single week.
  • Never having to worry about missing out on breaking news on our portfolio stocks. I’ll have an eye on all of them 24/7 and will send a flash alert right away if there’s ever any change in our position.
  • On the first Friday of each month, you’ll receive my monthly research bulletin, including new portfolio additions, updates on existing positions and an overview of trends and events that may affect our holdings.
  • Day or night, you can always log into our password-protected members-only website to access all of our resources, archives, special reports and the full portfolio.
  • Each quarter, you can join me for a live, members-only webinar, where we’ll run through the latest news on current portfolio recommendations and I’ll personally answer member questions.
  • If you ever have questions about your subscription, you can email our customer service team anytime, or call our New York office during regular business hours, or leave a message after hours and someone will get right back to you.
  • You won’t need to spend hours in front of a computer screen researching stocks. I’ll take care of all the work and send out new recommendations as they become worthy of your investment dollars, as well as keep you up to date on our existing holdings.

Now, the regular member price to join Contrarian Income Report is $99 per year. With everything that’s included I’m sure you’ll agree it’s well worth the cost. Heck, the three reports you’ll get absolutely free are worth three times that much.

And even a small position in any one of the picks mentioned above will easily cover that in just the first few months.

Imagine 6%, 7%, even 9% dividends rolling in from these picks, and then watching them appreciate as mainstream investors realize what they’ve been missing and pile in.

But it’s important that I earn your trust and you have the chance to see exactly how profitable this service can be.

So I’ve arranged for a small number of investors to take 60% off the regular price and try out Contrarian Income Report for just $39.

And to ensure you have no reason not to try this service out, I’m going to include 2 MORE BONUS REPORTS, which you’ll get just for giving it a shot…

Bonus #4: The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend

Stocks to Sell Now

High yields can be a warning sign of a stock in trouble.

Just ask the investors who chased the high yields of oil and gas producer Occidental Petroleum.

In 2019, the company marked 16 years of dividend increases, and investors were further tempted by its high yield, which broke over 8% late in the year.

Then the COVID-19 crisis hit and management slashed the payout from $0.79 quarterly to just a penny!

The stock dropped further in the following weeks and is still well off its pre-pandemic levels, with little hope of getting back, now that income-focused investors have flown the coop.

It’s easy to spot a tragedy like this in hindsight, but when one is unfolding, people put their blinders on and stick with their stocks because of the dividend.

Big mistake. And in this report, I’ll reveal 12 popular income stocks you should dump right now.

Next, you’ll get your very own copy of my personal playbook …

Bonus #5: Second-Level Investing: Your Guide

to the Contrarian Money Machine

Many super-investors agree that you’ll never beat the market by following the herd. They tout the virtues of contrary thinking, but I’ve yet to hear any one of them specifically outline how they go about finding under-appreciated stocks with low valuations.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this step-by-step contrarian guide.

For the past decade, I’ve been refining a system that identifies and selects the top contrarian candidates for investment. By following these steps, you’ll be able to find the types of stocks that Warren Buffett, George Soros, Howard Marks and many other greats only wish they could invest in.

Now there’s just one more thing I’d like to include …

Our Ironclad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll enjoy (and profit from) this service that, as I mentioned a second ago, I’m going to give you 60 days to try Contrarian Income Report absolutely risk-free.

Here’s how this unique offer works …

Start your membership today. Download your special reports, read the latest issue and start tracking a few winners in the portfolio that catch your interest.

Then sit back and enjoy the next couple issues of Contrarian Income Report, check out my weekly column and all of the other member benefits.

If, after nearly two months, you don’t feel the advice has more than covered your cost, or if it’s just not right for you, simply let me know and I’ll issue a full refund.

That’s 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Plus you’re welcome to keep all 5 special reports with my thanks for trying Contrarian Income Report out.

So, you get a 60% membership discount, my 5 latest investment reports — including my 2 best preferred-stock funds for today’s volatile market — weekly email updates and alerts and a 100% money-back guarantee!

I don’t see how you can lose here, so go ahead and click the button below to get started right now.

In the coming months, many investors will struggle to get by on their paltry 2% and 3% payers, worrying and waiting for the next selloff.

But my Contrarian Income Report readers and I will rest easy, thanks to our super-safe stocks and funds in the service’s portfolio, enjoying 6%+ dividends with 10% gains (or more!) over the next 12 months.

Are you going to join us?

Yours in profits,

Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Contrarian Income Report

P.S. Since my recommendations are contrary to prevailing popular beliefs, they have a habit of rallying quickly as soon as the mainstream herd catches on to what they’ve been missing. I encourage you to get started right now so that you can get in at a good price!

P.P.S. Remember, your risk-free membership comes with the names and full details of my 2 top preferred-stock funds, my top 3 closed-end funds paying up to 8.1% monthly dividends and more. Even a small position in any one of these recommendations will easily cover a full year’s membership … most likely before your 60-day trial even ends!





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