5 “Pullback-Proof”

Dividends Paying Up

to 8.4%

REVEALED: A blockbuster portfolio that gives you safe gains—and HUGE cash payouts—in any market

Fellow Investor,

Stop me if this has happened to you:

You buy a stock with a “generous” 4% dividend yield like, say, General Mills (GIS).

You’re happily collecting your quarterly payout (which, by the way is far from generous compared to the 5 incredible income plays I’ll show you shortly).

Then the bottom drops out:

10 Years of Dividends Go POOF!

That’s what happened to the poor folks who bought GIS in early 2018. They paid a frightful price—a massive 34% hit!—for its so-called “safe” 4% dividend.

So much for safety!

That amounts to more than 10 years’ worth of dividends, based on General Mills’ current payout.

A total disaster! Especially for anyone in, or nearing, retirement.

Other so-called “safe” stocks have hammered regular folks’ portfolios hard, too.

Like Target Corp. (TGT), which flopped 19% in less than 5 months starting on September 10, 2018:

Target’s “Wile E. Coyote” Stock

That flameout cost everyday Americans trying to scrape together enough cash for a decent retirement almost 7 years’ worth of Target’s dividend payouts!

That’s another devastating loss—and the company’s ho-hum 3.4% current yield does little to make up for it.

Introducing the “Pullback-Proof”

Income Portfolio

Dividend disasters like these are why I put together my 5-stock “Pullback-Proof” portfolio, which I’m going to GIVE you today.

These 5 income wonders deliver 2 things blue-chip pretenders like General Mills and Target never could:

  1. Rock-solid (and growing) 7.5% average cash dividends.
  2. A share price that doesn’t crumble beneath your feet while you’re collecting these massive payouts. In fact, you can bank on 7% to 15% yearly price upside from these 5“steady Eddie” picks.

With the Dow regularly lurching a stomach-churning 1,000 points (or more) in a single day, I’m sure a safe—and growing—7.5% every single year would have a lot of appeal.

And remember, 7.5% is just the average! One of these titans pays a SAFE 8.4%.

Think about that for a second: buy this incredible stock now and every single year, more than 8% of your original buy boomerangs straight back to you in CASH.

If that’s not the very definition of safety, I don’t know what is.

These 5 stout stocks have sailed through meltdown after meltdown, doling out huge cash dividends the entire time.

I’ll reveal 5 “pullback-proof” dividends in a moment. First, let’s talk about why I’m showing you them to you today …

Winter Is Coming

Here’s the truth: a recession is lurking around the corner.

How do I know?

Because behind all the breathless reporting about booming GDP numbers, job gains and rising corporate earnings, there are 2 proven indicators that have called meltdown after meltdown throughout history.

And both are blaring red as I write this.

The first? The dreaded “inverted yield curve.”

We don’t have to get into the weeds, but a so-called “inversion” happens when the yield on a shorter-term Treasury—say the 3-month—jumps ahead of the yield on a longer-term Treasury—say the 10-year note.

And this very “inversion”—which preceded the 2008, 2001 and 1991 meltdowns—showed up just weeks ago:

Recession Alert

Sure, the natural order has returned—but not by much. When investors are demanding the same payback on their cash for three months as they would for locking it away for an entire decade, you know there’s lots of hand-wringing going on out there.

That’s not even the biggest reason why I’m worried about your portfolio now.

Classic Contrarian Indicator Turns Red

The truth is, the “dumb money” hasn’t been this confident of further stock-market gains since January 2018. Dumb was dumber, because the stock market proceeded to crash swiftly back then:

(Most individual investors would be categorized as the “dumb money” because they get greedy when markets are hot and tend to buy high. Professionals—and savvy contrarian income-seekers like us, of course—smartly buy the dips.)

To me, this positive sentiment among classic “contrarian” indicators is scarier than any bond-yield-curve inversion.

Heads You Win, Tails You Win

This does not mean I recommend going to cash.

With your mattress heavy, you’re doomed to sit there grinding your teeth when the markets turn higher, wondering when to get back in … if you should get back in … and if the next pullback could come along and wipe you out the moment you do.

You’ve likely experienced that feeling before. I know I don’t have to tell you that it’s a one-way ticket to madness.

It’s also why most perma-bears lose money—because they stay out of the market too long!

We need to keep our income and our nest egg growing. Which is where my 5 “pullback-proof” plays come in. Thanks to their bargain valuations, massive (and growing) dividends (up to 8.4%!) and records of surfing through previous meltdowns, they’re perfect additions to your portfolio now.

Here’s the best part: even if I’m wrong about a looming recession and the market skyrockets from here, these bargain “pullback-proof” plays are locked in to soar even higher.

Think about that for a moment: you’re getting built-in upside, downside “insurance” and a 7.5% average dividend here. That’s roughly what the market returns over the long term—and you’re getting it paid upfront, in CASH!

These 5 stocks are, hands down, the closest thing I’ve seen to “can’t-lose” plays in my entire investing career. And there’s never been a better time to buy them than right now.

Why do I say that?

Because every day the market continues to defy gravity and edge a little bit higher, these 5 ironclad plays gap up, too—slowly chipping away at that downside protection we need—while their yields slowly tick lower.

The time to buy is now!

I’ll give you the full scoop on these 5 “pullback-proof” plays in a few seconds more. First, I want to show you how you can protect and grow your nest egg with my best contrarian “action plan” for when a meltdown eventually does hit. Let’s start with …

The 1 Thing You Must NOT Do in a

Market Grease Fire

“Buy when there’s blood in the streets,” they say.

“Be greedy when others are fearful,” they say.

These are great slogans—I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve had them drilled into our heads as investors.

But let’s cut to the chase: when stocks go up in smoke and you’re watching your nest egg collapse 2%, 4% or more in a single day, you need superhuman strength to click the “buy” button—and potentially set yourself up for even worse losses!

That’s because doing so flies in the face of our No. 1 instinct: self-preservation.

But here’s the rub: it isn’t buying in a selloff that will crush your nest egg. It’s selling.

Imagine for a second if you’d sold on any of the scares we’ve seen in the last 10 years (maybe you don’t even have to imagine).

It’s worth revisiting this rogue’s gallery when markets turn ugly, to remind ourselves that things have been as bad (and far worse) many times before:

  • The 2008–09 financial crisis
  • The 2010 Greek debt crisis
  • The 2010 flash crash
  • The Chinese stock-market crash of early 2016
  • The correction of February 2018
  • The pullback of late 2018

But if you’d pulled the ripcord on these occasions, you would have missed some (or all) of this monstrous gain (not to mention dividend payouts):

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Shot at Getting Rich—Lost

And if you’d bought at the absolute trough of these meltdowns, you’d be sitting on some very nice gains today.

Heck, even folks who bought when the market tanked as recently as Christmas Eve 2018 found themselves with a HUGE return by mid-April.

Smart Contrarians Bag a Fast 24% GAIN

Look, I won’t tell you that pulling the trigger in a market storm is easy. And I won’t lie to you and say that doing so will nail down a fast gain like this every time.

(In fact, if you run across anyone who says they know for certain which way the market will go in the future, I suggest you run the other way fast.)

So today we’re going to do the next best thing. We’re going to invest in the 5 low-risk buys I mentioned earlier.

These 5 “pullback-proof” wonders give you the best of both worlds: a 7.5% CASH dividend that jumps year in and year out (forever), with your feet firmly planted on a share price that holds steady in a market inferno and floats higher when stocks go Zen.

Your Retirement Income Worries—Solved

You’re probably wondering where we’ll find these stable, high-paying “unicorns.”

The truth is, there are 2 stock-market vehicles hiding in plain sight that pay reliable yields of 6%, 7% and even 8% or higher.

I’m talking about investments with market caps between $1 billion and $3 billion. They’re plenty liquid enough for you and me, but not for the big institutional investors who hold two-thirds of all shares in public stocks.

Combined, they make up only a fraction of the stock market’s total capitalization, so they don’t get much coverage from the financial media.

And that makes these ignored corners of the market perfect for us to find high, safe, “pullback-proof” payouts.

I’ll give you the specifics on stock names and tickers to buy in a couple seconds more. But first, a bit about myself—and why you should trust me when I say the dividend payers I recommend really are pullback-proof.

My name is Brett Owens and I’m the chief investment strategist for Contrarian Income Report—a publication that uncovers secure, high-yielding investments for thousands of investors.

Right now, our portfolio throws off an outsized 7.3% dividend—and many of my picks deliver even bigger cash streams, like 9.3%, 10.1% and even 12.0%.

Plus, my subscribers have grabbed a steady 10% average yearly return since launch in 2015—so our stock prices have consistently ticked higher, through boom and bust, while my readers cashed those ballooning dividend checks.

With returns like that, you could retire on dividends alone on just $500K!

Now let’s get back to the 2 ignored corners of the market I want to introduce you to for massive “pullback-proof” dividends…

“Pullback-Proof” Play #1: Closed-End Funds

Instead of settling for classic 3% or 4% payers, you can double your payouts (or better) right now by moving to closed-end funds, or CEFs.

In fact, you can often make the switch without actually switching investments.

For example, JPMorgan Chase (JPM) investors can potentially trade their 3% yields for the Gabelli Dividend & Income Fund’s (GDV) 6.2% payout. JPM is GDV’s largest holding among a list of blue chip dividend payers, plus dividend growers like Honeywell International (HON) and American Express (AXP).

Superstar money manager Mario Gabelli runs his namesake GDV. He combines his holdings’ dividends with growth and a dash of leverage to create his outsized yield—which he delivers investors every single month, to boot.

Sounds like a sweet deal, right? His investors get the benefit of a legendary money mind, along with his access to ideas and cheap money.

There are funds that deliver even more “alpha” than GDV—which means they pay more and offer more potential upside. I’ll highlight 2 of my favorite plays in a moment.

These “slam dunk” income buys pay dividends as high as 7.2%.

And here’s where their “pullback-proof” safety valve comes in—because each one trades at a steep discount to their net asset value (NAV) today.

Which means they’re perfect for your retirement portfolio because your downside risk is minimal. Even if the market takes a tumble, these top-notch funds will simply trade flat … and we’ll enjoy those yields up to 7.2%.

But they’ll most likely jump 10% or more to close the discount … and we’ll still collect those fat dividends!

I’ll give you instant access to my 2 favorite CEFs in a minute—but let’s get into our next strategy.

“Pullback-Proof” Play #2: Battle-Proven REITs

How about 3 real estate investment trusts (REITs) yielding up to 8.4% that have a long record of crushing the markets in good times and bad?

The IRS lets REITs avoid paying income taxes if they pay out most of their earnings to shareholders. As a result, these firms collect rent checks, pay their bills and send the rest to us as dividends.

The result is higher payouts than the broader market. The benchmark Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ) pays 4% today, more than double the S&P 500.

Too bad most folks blindly pile into VNQ (or the blue chip REITs the ETF holds). Reason being, most of these “first-level” investors and money managers don’t know the individual names that well.

As a result, they’re missing the true hidden dividend gems in the space. Soon enough they’ll smarten up and start throwing their billions into the real values, like my favorite commercial landlord, the 8.4%-yielder I just mentioned.

The amazing thing about this battle-tested REIT is that its incredible 8.4% payout is growing, having DOUBLED in just the last four years.

Oh, and management also shoveled a $0.15 special dividend out the door in December 2018.

You read that right: this company is begging us to take cash off its hands!

The stock’s mammoth 8.4% dividend is easily covered by cash flow. And its diverse revenue stream backs up that ironclad payout (and supports the stock price):

A “Dividend Deflector Shield”

This firm is a conservative lender with stellar loan performance. Its growing portfolio will drive higher profits—inspiring the next dividend hike. The time to buy is now, as it makes investments that will drive its payout and share price higher.

Same for another REIT favorite of mine, one of those “unicorns” you hear people talk about but rarely see yourself: another 8.4% payer with a dividend that’s growing like a weed! (With 3 “bonus” cash payouts tossed in for good measure.)

A Surging Payout—and a Yearly Cash “Bonus”

A payout like that keeps investors loyal, even when the broader market throws a fit, like it did in 2018, a year most investors would like to forget—but not owners of this fireproof dividend play:

A “Pullback-Proof” Superstar in Action

This commercial lender boasts some of the sharpest minds in the business, and you can bet they’ll be working with us, because they’ve got a lot of skin in the game: insiders own $239 million of equity, or about 12% of the company.

Any serious dividend investor should own this stock, for 3 simple reasons:

  1. It’s a screaming bargain now—but that won’t last, pullback or no—so you’ll want to act now if you don’t want to miss out.
  2. It survives (and thrives) when market storms hit.
  3. It yields a fat 8.4% dividend that’s surging (and regularly giving us extra “surprise” cash hits).
  4. Its payout is easily covered by cash flow.

Now let’s discuss how you’ll get exclusive “members-only access to my complete “Pullback-Proof Portfolio” today, including stock names, tickers and buy prices.

Cash Payouts Up to 8.5%, With Upside

It’s only a matter of time before other investors ditch their paltry 3% and 4% payers and find their way over to these “slam dunk” income plays, so the time to buy is now, while they still trade at deep discounts to NAV and cash flow.

That’s why I’ve prepared a brand new in-depth Special Report giving you full details on all 5 stout buys in my new “Pullback-Proof” portfolio …

Yours FREE: “5 ‘Pullback-Proof’ Dividends Paying Up to 8.5%”

Inside you’ll find the ticker symbol, my buy-up-to price and in-depth backstory on each of these 5 recession-proof buys.

It all starts with the 2 REITs I just showed you, throwing off rock-solid (and growing) dividends up to 8.4%.

PLUS you also get …

  • The closed-end fund trading at a bizarre 10% discount that throws a cement floor under the share price while we pocket its outsized 6.7% dividend!
  • This REIT is a cash machine! It pays 5.8% and is generating so much cash that management dropped 3 special dividends on investors in just over two years! No wonder this one bounced back far faster than the market this year and is still crushing stocks today. And that’s just Act 1: this gem still trades at a mere 10-times cash flow, so we’re looking at easy 20%+ gains here. The time to buy is now.
  • Another “recession-resistant” CEF paying a safe 7.2%. I. This one has a potent “on switch” management can throw to keep the fund’s discount from getting too wide—cushioning its market price in the process!

I’d normally sell this new report for $99, but you’ll pay $0 if you act today.

That’s right: you can grab all 5 of these dividend “triple plays”—which outperform in a strong market, hold their own in a meltdown and pay you a gaudy 7.5% in cash either way—free right now.

And these 5 are just the start. Because this exclusive Special Report comes your way when you take my Contrarian Income Report service (and its portfolio of nearly 20 high-yield income plays) flor a quick, no-risk “test drive.”

Every new investment I recommend pays 6% or better, including 6 stocks in the service’s portfolio that each deliver over 8% income now. And as I said earlier, our entire portfolio sports an average yield of 7.3%.

Meanwhile, the S&P 500 pays a meager 1.9% on average, and the 10-year Treasury bond barely 2%. So just by purchasing the “average” stock in our portfolio, most investors could double—or even triple—their income overnight.

And the whole wealth-building package (including the names of every single 6%+ yieldier in its portfolio) is just waiting for you to try it out—with no risk and no obligation whatsoever.

When you do, you’ll join thousands of other investors who’ve tapped my cash-rich picks for life-changing income and market-crushing gains.

Investors like:

B.E. from Alaska said:

“Instead of paying [my advisor] $16,000 a year to invest my money, I am receiving $86,000 per year in dividends in my IRA, and $24,000 tax free dividends in our taxable account. I very much appreciate all the work that you guys do.”

Craig R. from Pennsylvania told us:

“Just wanted to write and let you know I’m very pleased with my subscription to your services… Keep up the good work! I sleep better at night not worrying about the daily gyrations of the market. I’m very glad I found your service.”

Tom I. from Florida told us:

“I’m very happy with your service. It solved my retirement income dilemma which is an incredible relief. Thank You!”

But that’s not all, because…

Safe Yields Are Just the Start

In addition to my favorite high-yield REITs and CEFs, your risk-free trial includes a lot more…

  • You’ll have immediate access to all of the picks in the members-only portfolio, including my buy and sell recommendations and buy-under prices.
  • New income-investing ideas on stocks I’ve been watching and analysis of major market events delivered straight to your inbox every single week.
  • Never worry about missing breaking news on our portfolio stocks. I’ll have an eye on all of them 24/7 and will send a flash alert right away if there’s any change in our position.
  • On the first Friday of each month you’ll receive my monthly research bulletin, including new portfolio additions, updates on existing positions and an overview of trends and events that may affect our holdings.
  • Each quarter, join me for a live, members-only webinar where we’ll run through the latest news on current portfolio recommendations and I’ll personally answer member questions.

Now, the regular member price to join Contrarian Income Report is $99 per year.

With everything that’s included I’m sure you’ll agree it’s well worth the cost. Heck, the Special Report you’ll get absolutely FREE is worth that on its own.

And even a small position in any of the picks mentioned above will easily cover that in just the first few months.

Imagine 7%, 8%, even 9% dividends rolling in from these picks, then watching their share prices take off as mainstream investors realize what they’re missing and pile in.

But it’s important that I earn your trust and you have the chance to see exactly how profitable this service can be, so I’ve arranged for a small number of investors to take 60% off the regular price and try out Contrarian Income Report for just $39.

And to ensure you have no reason not to try this service out, I’m going to include 2 more FREE bonus reports just for giving it a shot…

Special Report #2: “Monthly Dividend Superstars: 8% Yields With 10% Upside”

Inside you’ll find the ticker, my buy-up-to price and the in-depth backstory on 3 CEFs that pay you every single month!

These monthly dividend machines include:

  • An 8.1% payer that’s set to rake in big profits in an artificially depressed sector.
  • The brainchild of one of the top fund managers on the planet that pays an incredible 9.1%.
  • And a rock-steady 6.9% dividend trading at a massive discount to NAV.

That’s not all, because I’m going to throw in one MORE free report:

Special Report #3: “Preferred Shares: Looking Past Common Dividends for 6.9% Income”

Preferred shares are manna for your retirement portfolio, but few folks pay much attention to them.

That’s too bad, because these steady income payers (which often throw off cash streams of 6%+) are wonderful hybrids: they can trade on a market, just like stocks, but they do so around a par value, like a bond.

You can amp up your gains if you buy preferreds through a CEF, like my favorite preferred-stock fund, which pays a rock-solid 6.9% today.

The high yield is great, but its best quality may be its lack of correlation with the stock market, giving you an extra layer of diversification (and safety).

The shares this fund owns are preferred in every sense—meaning it gets paid its fat dividends no matter what the broader market does.

Now there’s just one more thing I’d like to include…

Our Ironclad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll enjoy (and profit from) this service that I’m going to give you 60 days to try Contrarian Income Report absolutely risk-free.

Here’s how it works…

Start your membership today. Download your special reports, read the latest issue and start tracking a few winners in the portfolio that catch your interest.

Then sit back and enjoy the next couple issues of Contrarian Income Report, check out my weekly column and all of the other member benefits.

If, after nearly 2 months, you don’t feel the advice has more than covered your cost, or if it’s just not right for you, simply let me know and I’ll issue a full refund.

That’s 100% of your money back, no questions asked. Plus you’re welcome to keep all 3 special reports with my thanks for trying it out.

So, you get a 60% membership discount, my 3 latest investment reports, weekly email updates and alerts and a 100% money back guarantee.

I don’t see how you can lose here, as I’m the one taking all the risk. So go ahead and click the button below to get started now.

In the coming months, many investors will worry that the next signal from Washington or the Fed could send stocks tumbling—wiping out any income they get from their paltry 2% and 3% payers.

But my Contrarian Income Report readers and I will rest easy thanks to our super-safe “Pullback-Proof” portfolio and enjoy massive dividends with 7% to 15% gains (or more!) over the next 12 months.

Are you going to join us?

Yours in profits,

Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Contrarian Income Report

P.S. Since my recommendations are contrary to popular beliefs, they have a habit of rallying quickly as soon as the mainstream herd catches on to what they’re missing. I encourage you to get started now so you can get in at a good price!

P.P.S. Remember, your risk-free membership comes with the names and full details on my top REITs and funds throwing off yields into the double digits. Even a small position in any of these picks will easily cover a full year’s membership … most likely before your 60-day trial ends!





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