An Emergency Briefing From America’s #1 Income Investor:

Stocks & Bonds Are Crashing

– And These 5 “Hidden Yield”

Stocks Are Getting

Set to Soar

My research indicates these 5 “recession-resistant” dividends

are set to deliver big, consistent returns for years to

come – no matter what the market does next.

Dear Reader,

Now, more than ever before, I believe retirees, investors nearing retirement and just about anyone else looking to live off income from their portfolio needs to know the secret of “Hidden Yields.”

You see, while every major market was whipsawing investors in 2022, while portfolios were cratering, and while all the darlings of the stock market were getting crushed … a small, overlooked basket of “recession-resistant” stocks were getting set to take off on their next profitable run.

I call them “Hidden Yields.”

They’re the perfect play right now, with strong cash flows and soaring dividends that help stabilize them in a crash – and set them up for gains in the long run.

That’s right, even if the Dow collapses 1,000, 2,000, even 5,000 points from here, I’d still consider buying these Hidden Yield investments …

And today I want to share them with you.

Now usually, details like this would be exclusively reserved for members of my private research service, but given the magnitude of recent events, I’m going to pull back the curtain for you today.

Better yet, I’ll also show you how …

These 5 Hidden Yield Investments Could

Deliver 15% Total Returns Per Year Through

Booms, Busts and Everything in Between

I believe this is one of the most urgent messages I’ve ever shared …

It could be the difference between your retirement savings being absolutely decimated, leaving you and your family struggling in the years to come … versus being one of the savvy investors whose wealth actually grows during a crisis.

Because remember, it’s during times of maximum pessimism – like we see sweeping across the world today – that top investors get excited.

Today I’m going to show you how to best position yourself through this crisis for big gains in the coming months and years.

But first, let me briefly introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Brett Owens.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist of Contrarian Outlook.

Today I’m writing to you from sunny Sacramento, which is growing, mainly thanks to massive investments in AI.

You may have seen me on CNBC, Yahoo Finance or NASDAQ, where I’ve been called on to share my methodology for collecting consistent, predictable and reliable dividend income without making any wild, speculative bets that keep you up at night.

You see, I take a strategically contrarian approach to the markets.

And for the past several years, I’ve helped thousands of readers fund their retirement thanks to what I call “Hidden Yield Stocks.”

For example:

148% on Texas Instruments in just over 4 years

82% on Progressive Corp. in Just Under 3 years

65% on Packaging Corp. of America in 15 Months

83% on Synnex Corp. in 24 Months

Now, I know these aren’t the huge 500% … 1,000% … or 5,000% overnight gains you hear other gurus CLAIMING they can get you.

But—as you’ll see in just a moment—outrageous claims like these are nothing more than overhyped promises designed to separate YOU from your money.

And to be clear, not all recommendations play out as well as the four examples above. Investing in the stock market is inherently risky, and some recommendations have lost money.

So we level-headed contrarians don’t chase unicorns.

We don’t listen to smiling swindlers.

We don’t put our family’s futures in jeopardy.

Instead, my readers and I focus on …

Doubling Our Money Every 5 Years with

15% Total Returns Per Year on Little-Known

“Hidden Yield Stocks”

However, this is just one small part of what I do.

My real aim is to help investors safeguard their retirement from recessions with low-volatility—but highly lucrative—investments that consistently pay you, whatever direction the market goes.

This method lies very close to my heart and ethics.

You see, my first experience in the markets was brutal …

It was 2003, and I’d recently graduated from Cornell University and was designing computer systems for Fortune 500 companies. For the first time in my life, I was making money. So I decided to hire a broker to help grow my savings.

This guy had countless credentials and certifications, years of experience, and he talked a great game.

Without hesitation, I hired him.

The result?

Just one year later, this so-called expert had literally lost nearly ALL my money. Everything. Years of saving and investing, gone.

As you can imagine, I was furious. However, thanks to this experience, I came to a huge breakthrough. I realized that nobody is EVER going to care about MY money, MY future, MY retirement and MY family as much as I do.

And, I realized, if I wanted to retire rich, I needed to take control of my money.

Anyway, with this realization, I decided to learn everything I could about investing. I was absolutely relentless. And after a few bumps in the road, it paid off, starting with a measly $2,000 that I turned into $154,000 in just 48 months!

Obviously, this sort of performance doesn’t go unnoticed …

Shortly afterward, I was invited to join a famous financial publication as an editor.

At first it was great. We helped our readers take home huge profits, exponentially grow their portfolios and finally create the financial freedom they’d been chasing their whole life.

However, as time passed, things started to change …

Instead of focusing on secure, safe stocks with huge upside, they started recommending all sorts of highly speculative, high-risk “investments” like obscure cryptocurrencies, volatile penny stocks and many other questionable opportunities.

Anyway, this didn’t sit well with me.

I believe financial analysts like me have an ethical and moral duty to help our readers safely grow their money—not recklessly gamble it away on some pie-in-the-sky idea.

Which is why I decided to set up my own research firm—Contrarian Outlook.

Since inception, the goal of Contrarian Outlook has been simple:

All without making any highly speculative bets you can’t tell your spouse about … without trying to time the markets … without the can’t-sleep-at-night worries … and without putting your retirement at risk!

Today I want to share five of my recession-resistant “Hidden Yield Stocks” with you.

My research indicates each of these investments could deliver 15% total returns per year – even as we stumble towards a recession.

As you can see in the chart below, that’s enough to double your money every 5 years!

15% Average Annual Return on $10,000 Compounded Over 5 Years

Still skeptical?

Good. I would be, too.

Which is why I don’t expect you to just take my word for this.

Instead, I’m going to prove everything to you.

I’ll walk you through my investment approach. I’ll show you how to identify these “Hidden Yield Stocks.” And I’ll give you the cold-hard evidence that proves you can double—even triple—your portfolio without any high-risk bets.

Then I’ll give you 5 of my favorite recession-resistant “Hidden Yield Stocks” to buy now.

Here’s the Time-Tested Way to Make

15% Per Year From Stocks

There’s an untapped portion of the market few people know about …

It’s filled with stocks that seem “boring” to the uninformed investor

Companies that rarely get coverage from the mainstream media …

Contrarian investments that are hiding their true potential …

However, if you look below the surface and read between the lines, these “Hidden Yield Stocks” offer intelligent investors the opportunity to deliver 15% total returns per year—no matter what the wider market does.


Well, the answer lies in what I call “The Three Pillars.”

Pillar #1 – Consistent Dividend Hikes

Pillar #2 – Lagging Stock Price

Pillar #3 – Stock Buybacks

Together, these three pillars allow us to identify the stocks that are undervalued … overlooked … recession-resistant … and primed for major growth.

And by investing exclusively in these “Hidden Yield Stocks,” we can enjoy massive upside with very little downside … plus collect regular, reliable income through healthy dividend payouts!

As I said, today, I want to give you 5 of my favorite “Hidden Yield Stocks.”

But first, let me briefly explain each of the Three Pillars and show you how it helps to predict—with pinpoint accuracy—the direction a stock is going to take.

Pillar #1 – Consistent Dividend Hikes

Most investors approach dividend paying stocks backward.

Here’s how it usually works …

An investor will scan the markets looking for stocks paying a high dividend. After all, if a company is currently paying a high yield, it’s a great investment, right?

Dead wrong!

In fact, looking at the CURRENT yield is one of the slowest ways to grow your money.

You see, if you’re focused on current yields, you’re too late to the party. All the major gains have already been made. You’ll need to settle for earning a paltry 4%, 5%, maybe 6% per year … with minimal stock-price appreciation, too.

Sure, chasing high current yields will provide you with instant gratification, but it won’t give you the recession-resistant income … or the 15% year on year returns we want.

Instead, you need to focus on consistent dividend hikes.

In my opinion, selecting companies with a proven track of increasing their dividend payments is one of the safest, most reliable ways to get rich in the stock market. You see, every time a company raises its dividend, you start earning more from your original investment.

For example:

On a $1,000 initial investment, $30 in dividends equals a 3% return. Later, if the dividends go up to $40 a year, you are effectively earning 4% on your initial $1,000 investment.

As this trend continues, you could easily be earning 10%, 15%, even 20% per year just from rising dividends, as your initial investment never changes.

However, this ever-growing income from dividend hikes is just ONE part of the puzzle. To engineer real growth and quickly double an initial investment, we must combine Pillar #1 with the next two pillars of “Hidden Yield Stocks.”

Pillar #2 – Lagging Stock Price

After years of active investing, I’ve only ever found one surefire way to predict whether a stock will go up or down.

I call it the “Dividend Magnet,” and here’s how it works …

After you’ve identified stocks that are built on the foundations of Pillar #1 (consistently hiking their dividends), you want to narrow your search to companies whose share price LAGS behind the rate of dividend increase.

Why? Well, it’s simple really …

Share prices almost always increase as dividends increase.

This is because as a company hikes its dividend, mainstream investors tend to flock to the stock, chasing the new, higher yields. And this inevitably bids up the share price.

Let me give you a few examples where the dividend acts like a floor to keep bumping the share price higher:

General Mills: Dividend Up 44% Share Price Gains 37%

Mastercard: Dividend Up 500%, Share Price Gains 520%

Cisco Systems: Dividend Up 111%, Share Price Gains 100%

As you can see in these examples, the stock price lags behind the dividend increases at some point in time …

However, as more investors notice the company’s soaring dividend and buy in, the price lag closes—sending the share price soaring.

So, by investing in the right companies whose share prices have fallen behind despite consistent dividend hikes, you can buy the stock, safe in the knowledge the Dividend Magnet will eventually pull the price up.

Now, investing with Pillar No. 1 and No. 2 alone would stand you in great stead.

However, there’s one final Pillar of a “Hidden Yield Stock” that can rapidly accelerate both the share price and dividend payouts …

Pillar #3 – Stock Buybacks

Uncovering companies that are buying back their stocks is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your gains.

You see, when a company buys back its stock, it is improving every single “per share” metric investors watch (earnings, free cash flow, book value, etc.).

After all, if a company reduces the number of its shares by 50%, its earnings per share will automatically DOUBLE without any actual increase in profits. And I probably don’t need to tell you what will happen next …

Investors quickly bid up the stock’s price to bring it back in line with the value it was trading at before. Indeed, my research shows that simply investing in stocks that are reducing their share counts can help you beat the broader market’s performance.

And it’s important to bear in mind that S&P 500 companies are sitting on huge piles of CASH (more than $1 trillion in all!). They’re rolling out fresh buybacks amid continued economic growth post-pandemic, and they’re getting a nice upside kick in return.

You can see this just by looking at the shares of Union Pacific (UNP), which has taken an impressive 33% of its stock off the market in the last 10 years, helping drive a 166% gain in the share price!

And that’s just one example. By targeting cash-rich companies that either continue to buy back shares now or have a long record of doing so (even if they’re holding off today), you can set yourself up for HUGE price gains.

In short …

Combine the Three Pillars … Buybacks,

Dividend Hikes and Price Lags, and Your

Yearly Returns Can Be Absolutely Astounding

For example, in May 2019, I recommended Puerto Rican bank Popular Bank (BPOP) because it looked cheap … was consistently growing its dividend payments … and management was aggressively buying back shares.

These three pillars told me the stock would skyrocket. And just take a look at what happened …

Popular reduced its share count by 20.9% (blue line in the chart above) while raising its dividend a whopping 83% (orange line).

The market quickly responded, and the stock delivered a 61% total return (purple line) by the time I recommended selling in April 2022.

That’s a 61% return in just 3 years from a relatively boring (at the time!) company.

Of course not all of my recommendations work out exactly like this one … some better, some worse… and I’m no longer recommending BPOP in the current interest-rate environment.

But this example shows you that you don’t always need to take big risks or invest in things you don’t understand. All you need to do is sniff out these “Hidden Yield” stocks before the mainstream crowd catches on.

With These 3 Pillars, Uncovering Safe,

Secure Stocks Set to Return 15% Per Year

Is Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

However, it still takes a lot of work …

You see, although these three pillars can help you beat the market, double your portfolio and enjoy true security in your retirement, you also need to analyze these “Hidden Yield Stocks” in excruciating detail before investing.

Not a prospect too many people look forward to …

Fortunately for you, I love this sort of in-depth financial research!

And, right now, I want to tell you about …

5 Hidden Yield Stocks to Buy Now

My research shows they will not only pay a healthy—and continually growing—dividend, but their stock prices are primed for major increases over the coming years.

Of course, no one has a crystal ball or can claim 100% certainty that any of their recommendations will play out exactly as they say, so let me explain why I’m so bullish on these stocks, even in these uncertain times …

But first, let me explain why I’m so bullish on these stocks, even in these uncertain times …

Hidden Yield Stock #1

A Great Deal on a “Megatrend” Dividend

Our first stock is one of the major cell-tower landlords in America and a real estate investment trust (REIT). It collects rent via its 40,000 towers from carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. Think of it as a “toll bridge” for cell phone traffic.

It’s popular, so it’s never quite cheap enough to include on our shortlist. But the recent interest rate earthquake sure took care of that!

Higher rates are the reason this stock—and really all REITs—are undervalued as I write this. As they receive more “rate competition” from bonds, investors move their money elsewhere.

Today it appears quite cheap and yields 6.1%, not far from its all-time high of around 7%. The company has hiked its dividend by a fit 39% over the past five years, but the market still treated it like a bond, selling it off as rates rose.

Now, with Jay Powell himself saying rate cuts are coming, is the time to scoop up megatrend-powered cell tower REITs like Hidden Yield stock #1. Prior to 2022, the stock was always expensive. But thanks to the rate increases we’ve seen since, it’s cheap.

Long-term rates have dropped, and they should continue lower as we head into a recession. Not a cheery view, I know, unless you control the cell-phone towers. Because no matter what happens in the economy, Americans are NOT giving up their phones.

Hidden Yield Stock #2

Death, Taxes and…

Death, taxes and the cyclical nature of natural gas are the only three rules of life. Natural gas is low today but it always bounces back. The cure for low prices is low prices and Powell’s Fed has stoked the flames.

And that means Stock #2 is set to soar.

The reason for this is simply supply and demand. When natural gas prices are low, producers stop producing. Which means less supply.

Natural gas companies can cut (“shut in”) production quickly. They do it out of self-preservation—to save money so that they can live to see another “up cycle” in prices.

Of course they all cut at once! Which crimps supply. Which ensures rising prices that eventually test the ceiling, because it takes years to bring back higher supply. These firms cut quickly and ramp slowly.

When natural gas is low and due to rally, Stock #2 is my “go to” stock.

Even with natural gas trading below $2.00 and set to move higher, it’s sitting on nearly 4,000 drilling locations on proven reserves, literally decades of inventory!

And it trades for a cheap six-times free cash flow (FCF) as I write.

But this dirt cheap opportunity is about to get even better because FCF is set to soar. Over the next five years, the company will generate about $14 billion in free cash!

This is notable because Stock #2 trades for a market cap around $16 billion today. Which means we can buy it here and get mostly paid back by the end of 2028.

We could easily double our money because its stock price is due to climb. For months and even a few years, tickers can meander independently of their dividends. But eventually, they follow their payouts higher like a puppy dog:

This Dividend Magnet is Due

Let’s listen to this cash cow, which is imploring us to buy it—before Wall Street catches on.

Hidden Yield Stock #3

34% Dividend Growth per Year, Every Year

Our next stock is another pure play on higher energy prices. It has the largest drill-permit portfolio in the entire industry.

The producer owns thousands of federal onshore-drilling permits. More than any other company. It’s also the number-one permit holder in the flush Permian basin, which is known for its high-quality oil reserves and favorable fracking landscape.

Stock #3 has been good at pulling oil and dishing dividends to shareholders for the last 10 years, which encompass a bear and bull cycle.

The first six years, from 2014 to 2020, was a brutal bear market in oil.

Crude dropped from above $100 in 2014 to below zero in 2020. (If we weren’t there to see it, we wouldn’t believe it.) Yet during this tough environment, the company kept on paying and raising its dividend:

The oil market began to flip from brutal to favorable in late 2020. Uncle Sam sent out a bunch of economic stimulus (“stimmy”) checks to juice the economy. Americans started traveling—and burning oil—again. Good times were back, baby.

They went from good to great for shareholders. Check out those post-2020 dividends! The big bars that you see, by the way, are special payouts, possible thanks to the massive permit portfolio and high prices. The company returns roughly 75% of its cash flow to investors via regular and special dividends every year.

The “long view” of the payout is equally impressive. Its payout has marched steadily higher since inception, including an incredible 628% in increases in the last decade alone:

The Permit King’s Gushing Payout Growth

Since 2014, the oil price required by this company to achieve 10% return on capital (ROC) has dropped from $86 per barrel to just $42:

Oil Price Needs for 10% ROC

Stock #3 can handle oil all the way down to the $40s, which isn’t going to happen because other producers will take supply offline to save themselves.

Meanwhile, it is clear to keep on pumping and paying investors.

Buying now sets us up to enjoy price gains as oil bounces off its lows.

Plus we have more dividend growth and possible special payouts ahead, too.

These 3 Stocks, Plus 2 Others, Are All Revealed Inside My New Report:

Hidden Yields – 5 Recession-Resistant Dividend Stocks With 100% Upside

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But first, let me tell you a little more about Hidden Yields.

Grow Your Portfolio and Dividend Income

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If you’re sick and tired of highly speculative stocks … if you’ve had enough of smiling swindlers promising you 5,000%+ overnight returns … and if you couldn’t care less about the latest cryptocurrency, penny stock or marijuana play …

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By carefully analyzing the markets, digging through mountains of paperwork and running every opportunity through my “Three Pillars,” I will show you the secure stocks I believe are set to return an annualized 15% per year.

As we discussed earlier, that’s enough to double your retirement every 5 years …

Without making any higher-risk investments … without worrying about another financial crash … without the “can’t-get-to-sleep” worries … and without investing in something you don’t understand.

Can I guarantee my stock recommendations will always be right?

Of course not! I’d never insult your intelligence by suggesting that.

Nobody has a magic 8-ball, and no investor is correct 100% of the time. But as I showed you earlier, Hidden Yields members have had their share of winners with investments like…

148% on Texas Instruments in over 4 years

82% on Progressive Corp. in just under 3 years

65% on Packaging Corp. of America in 15 Months

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As a member of Hidden Yields, you’ll discover how you too can get the names of the safe, secure and recession-resistant stocks I believe are set to return 15% every year.

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And I’ll be working tirelessly to find these winners.

Just take a look at what some of our members are saying …

Of course, not everyone follows my recommendations at the exact same time or in the same way. Each member’s personal financial situation is different and your experience may also be different.

So today I want to invite you to join these happy investors—without risking a single cent.

Here’s How It Works

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This will be an investment I’ve been carefully monitoring. And if I’m bringing it to you, rest assured it has passed my stringent analysis with flying colors. I’ll give you my full analysis and rationale into why I believe it will return 15% per year, along with my exact “Buy Up To” price.

As I said, I’m exclusively looking for companies that …

  1. Pay REGULAR INCOME through generous dividend payouts.

  2. INCREASE THEIR DIVIDENDS year after year after year.

  3. Are RECESSION-RESISTANT and are poised to provide predictable growth—bull or bear.

Now, as you can imagine, finding these Hidden Yields companies, analyzing their books, studying their historical performance and predicting their future growth takes a LOT of intense work.

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Plus, if you’ve got any questions, you can simply hit “reply” and my team will pass your message on to me. Now, please note that I can’t give out personal investing advice, but I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the stocks we recommend.

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And for every company that is increasing its payouts, there’s another that is slashing dividend payments.

Many companies with great track records of dividend payouts often have to cut their dividends due to rough economic times, poor business decisions or a multitude of other factors.

Any investor holding these stocks when the “surprise” cut is announced could suffer losses of 20% to 50%. You see, the Dividend Magnet doesn’t just pull stock prices higher, it can also drag stock prices down.

This is why it’s crucially important to study the financial health of each company you invest in. You want to ensure their free cash flow is strong, revenues are growing and payout ratios are healthy.

Of course, this takes a lot of time and effort – time I’m sure you’d rather spend with the grandkids, on the golf course or in the garden. Which is why I’ve done all the hard work for you …

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How to Identify Double-Digit

Returns From Buybacks

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You see, many companies make the mistake of spending more on buybacks than they have in free cash flow. Worse still, many buy back their stock without making sure it’s a good value first. This absolutely destroys shareholder value and can send a stock into freefall.

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As I said, usually one-year membership to Hidden Yields (including 12 monthly reports, access to our online members’ hub, bonus training material, weekly email digests, the Hidden Yields portfolio and much more) costs $179.00 per year.

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