It’s Time to Back

Up the Truck for… BONDS

My 3 Picks (Not Individual Bonds, ETFs or

Mutual Funds) Have Juiced Yields With

Massive Upside Potential

Dear Reader,

Investing at – or near – market bottoms is next to impossible.

We’ve all read quotes from legendary investors like Baron Rothschild, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch preaching that buying stocks when things seem the bleakest is the right thing to do.

One of my favorite quotes on this topic comes from an investment conference I attended several years ago. Morgan Creek Capital’s Mark Yusko, who ran endowment funds for Notre Dame and UNC, said:

“If you make an investment and feel good, it’s generally a bad investment. If you make an investment and feel a little sick, it’s generally a good investment.”

Over time, contrarian investors have landed their biggest winners during times of market turmoil.

The problem is that timing the bottom – or at least getting near it – is incredibly difficult.

And even if you’re lucky and are able to spot a bottom, emotions make it incredibly difficult for you to act as a contrarian.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

The Roller Coaster of Investor Emotions

Source: Finance News Network

The average investor buys at market tops and sells at market bottoms – the opposite of what they should do.

What investing greats don’t tell you is that the same theory – buying low with stocks – also applies to bonds.

In fact, that’s our opportunity today: The bond market has passed the bottom, and it’s ready for its next jump.

From my experience studying centuries of market history… investing my own money for decades… and writing about and researching all kinds of income investments for the last 12 years…

I know it’s true.

And that means we have an opportunity to make serious money in the bond market if we act now.

Let me explain…

The Bond Market Is a Different Animal

In the bond market, it’s much easier to detect bottoms and invest in them.

First, bond math is easy compared to stocks.

When evaluating a stock, you need to forecast a company’s future sales, earnings and cash flows.

But even if you do that correctly, there’s no guarantee the stock will perform as you expect.

A myriad of general market factors could move that stock one way or the other, irrespective of your calculations.

When evaluating a bond, you generally need to know the coupon, maturity and the solvency of the issuer.

For example, if you buy a bond with a 5% coupon, you’ll get 5% interest annually and your principal back at maturity (assuming no default and that you buy it at par).

Now, if you sell that bond before its maturity, its price is susceptible to rate changes.

Second, the bond market has been pulverized in recent years.

US Treasury bonds that mature in 10 years or more plummeted almost 50% from March 2020 to their trough in October 2023.

To put that in perspective, that plunge is similar to what happened to US stocks in the dot-com bust and Great Financial Crisis!

Yes, some areas of the bond market have seen their prices chopped in half.

And the Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index (known as the “Agg”), the world’s most popular benchmark for bonds, recently had its ugliest stretch ever.

It had never posted back-to-back calendar years of negative returns since its 1976 inception. That is until 2021 and 2022 broke that streak.

Heck, even 2023 was in the red through October! And it remains well below its 2021 highs.

It’s been the worst bear market for bonds EVER.

And third, bonds just had a huge reversal.

In November, the Agg jumped almost 2%. And the rally continued in December, though it has more or less moved sideways so far in 2024.

Why has the popular bond benchmark jumped? Easy: The Fed signaled that rate cuts are coming (even if they’ve recently delayed the bulk of them into 2025).

Bond yields and prices move in opposite directions. The direction, for prices, is clearly higher.

To sum it all up, bonds are cheap… they’re hated… and they’re shifting into a longer-term uptrend.

You Could Make a Small Fortune in Bonds

Bonds are also experiencing some of their highest yields in the last 12+ years.

The Agg, with an SEC yield (which reflects the interest earned, minus expenses, by an investor over the last 30 days) yields around 4.7% today, well up from where it was just three years ago. And the Fed is beginning to turn dovish, meaning rates are going to move lower in the next couple years– and bond prices are going higher.

Therefore you’ll want to lock in these higher rates before they disappear.

And again, as rates go lower, bond prices go higher. That’s a powerful combo that most investors don’t think about when it comes to the bond market.

Here’s an example of what different segments of the bond market could return if rates move JUST 1%…

Impact of a 1% Rise or Fall in Interest Rates

Source: JPMorgan Asset Management

As you can see, bonds can make big moves when rates change. (Generally, the longer a bond’s duration, the more its price will move when interest rates change.)

And even though only one rate cut is expected for the rest of 2024, some Fed members project rate cuts of 2.5% or even 3% from 2024 to 2026, not a mere 1% move like you can see in the chart above. Therefore, the upside is actually multiples of the gains in the blue bars you see here.

And a handful of experts are predicting the Fed will have to cut rates more – and in a quicker fashion – than expected. If that happens, even more appreciation in bond prices is in store.

But wait, it gets better…

In the above chart, you can see that it’s possible to lock in a roughly 4% yield with a 10-Year Treasury now, with 12.6% upside from even a 1% cut in rates.

But the upside potential with my three recommendations is much greater: With these three picks, you could lock in a 9.3% average yield…

Sources: FDIC, US Department of the Treasury, iShares/BlackRock, Contrarian Income Report Portfolio

And the potential for 15% annualized upside off each one from a 1% reduction in rates…

Sources: JPMorgan Asset Management, Contrarian Income Report Portfolio

Even better…

Remember, some at the Fed project that rates could be cut by as much as 2.5% or even 3%. So there’s a multiplier effect on those return projections, if the central bank follows through.

This means that each one of my bond picks could deliver as much as 40% or 50% total returns through the Fed’s next rate-cutting cycle.

Sources: JPMorgan Asset Management, Contrarian Income Report Portfolio

And what if rates are slashed all the way back down to zero (cutting 5%+), as has happened in the past?

While this is an unlikely scenario, I’ve learned to “never say never” when it comes to the Fed.

So let’s just say that in a rate-cut bonanza, my bond plays could do even better than above.

In the end, I’m talking about the possibility of 40% or even 50% TOTAL RETURNS FROM MY TRIO OF BOND PLAYS, without having to worry about what the stock market is doing!

No matter how you slice it, the future is bright for bonds.

By acting today, you’ll get in close to a bond-market bottom. And you’ll set yourself up for a generous income stream and stock-like profits in the years ahead, too.

For the record, I’m not the only one who likes bonds right now.

The World’s Top Asset Managers

Love Bonds, Too

Some of the world’s largest asset managers have recently published hush-hush reports touting bonds, especially now that the overdone calls for immediate rate cuts we saw back in late 2023 have cooled a little, giving us contrarians a nice access point…

Capital Group, one of the world’s oldest and largest investment managers, states: “Bond investors were too exuberant about rate cuts at the start of the year, but now that markets aren’t aggressively priced for cuts, yields in fixed income are more attractive.”

PIMCO says “Today’s yields and a stabilizing inflation outlook are enabling bonds to reassert their fundamental advantages.” PIMCO believes “… a diversified bond allocation offers the potential for long-term equity-like returns [italics are mine].”

These titans have been investing in the markets for decades and manage over $4 trillion in total assets. I like to think they know a thing or two about the outlook for bonds.

If things go the way the Fed, the biggest investment firms and I think…

Astute investors could make a boatload of money in the bond market in the coming years.

But as I mentioned, I have an alternative way to play the coming bull market in bonds.

And you have the potential to make a lot more money using my route than going with traditional investments.

Wall Street’s “Secret Market” Will

Magnify Our Returns

My play doesn’t involve calling your broker to buy individual bonds. It’s not buying index-hugging ETFs. Nor is it investing in the dying breed of mutual funds.

And it’s a good thing you’re reading my bulletin today…

Because you won’t hear about this particular security type from your broker, financial advisor, financial media outlet, the fund families themselves or editors at your typical investment advisory.

Either they don’t know about them, don’t market them or don’t want to do the extra research.

This obscure market, in terms of assets, is just 1% of the size of the US mutual-fund market and only 3% of the size of the US ETF market.

To say it’s off the beaten track is a gross understatement.

But that’s great for us!

This ignorance gives us the opportunity to zero in on this hidden market of undetected opportunities and scoop up prized assets.

I’m talking about closed-end funds (CEFs).

We don’t have to go deep into the weeds on CEFs. But let’s run through some of their key advantages:

  • After their IPO, CEFs don’t typically issue new shares to new investors. That means they often trade at a discount to the value of their portfolios (called net asset value, or NAV).
  • They pay MUCH higher distributions – with an average yield of about 8% – than comparable mutual funds and ETFs.
  • They offer broad diversification across sectors, geographies and asset classes.
  • They provide access to superstar managers without the egregious “2 and 20” fees and hefty minimum investments charged by hedge funds.
  • And they boast total returns that frequently outperform their ETF and mutual-fund counterparts over the long term.

Those are the CEF basics you need to know. (Don’t worry. If you want to learn more about CEFs, I have something that will suit your fancy in a bit.)

Perhaps renowned CEF investor Boaz Weinstein said it best, calling CEFs “a rare corner of the market where retail investors can get an edge over institutions.”

I couldn’t agree with him more.

But at this point, you’re probably wondering who I am and why you should listen to me…

So, before I tell you about how to access my three favorite CEFs, let me introduce myself…

My name is Brett Owens.

You may have seen me on CNBC, Yahoo Finance or, where I’m regularly called on to share my system for collecting consistent, predictable and reliable income… without making any wild, speculative bets that keep you up at night.

Sure, I keep my eye on all the major markets.

But the truth is, I’m an unabashed dividend investor.

Ever since my days at Cornell University and through my years as a startup founder in Silicon Valley, I’ve hunted down safe, stable, outsized yields in the markets.

I’ve been investing my startup profits and finding 5%, 10%, even 15%+ dividends with plenty of double-digit gains along the way.

For well over a decade, I’ve been writing about the methods I use to generate these high levels of income.

Today I serve as chief investment strategist for Contrarian Income Report – a publication that uncovers secure, high-yielding investments for thousands of investors.

It’s my full-time job to find innovative ways for my subscribers to obtain income independence.

And due to my contrarian approach…

My newsletter portfolio boasts an average yield of 8% as I write this (with some dividends as high as 11 TIMES the S&P 500 average) and has booked healthy gains since its inception!

Here’s how some of my top picks have performed in recent years…

An Equity CEF Rallied 44% in Just 16 Months…

A Specialty Chemical Stock Delivered a 90% Return in 16 Months…

A Bank Recommendation Returned 143% in 25 Months…

An Oil and Gas Pick Handed Us a 111% Return in 20 Months…

A Natural Gas Play Skyrocketed 183% in 41 months…

Of course, not all recommendations have played out this well. Investing in the markets can be risky, and some of my recommendations have lost money.

To be fair…

The average return of all my CIR recommendations (open and closed, both winners and losers) since 2015 is 19.2%.

Not too shabby when you consider the average ETF investor makes a measly 3.6% per year, according to JPMorgan.

Look, if you know how to navigate the income space like I do, you can earn these types of returns and collect fat dividends along the way – just as my subscribers have for several years.

In turn, you may never have to tap into your retirement savings to pay your bills. You could just live off the juicy income stream while letting your nest egg continue to grow.

And the three CEFs I mentioned will kickstart your income in a big way.

Getting started is super easy.

I’ve put everything you need into a special report. And I want to send it to you today for FREE…

Ride the Bond Bull: 3 CEFs With Yields up to 12% and Massive Upside Potential

Inside I’ll introduce you to three incredible income plays most people don’t know about – because they’re closed-end funds.

They’re among my favorite investments to keep your nest egg safe while paying a generous dividend EVERY SINGLE MONTH, including:

  • A fund run by the “Bond God” that’s perfectly set up for today’s rate environment – and it has a towering 9% yield.
  • The brainchild of one of the top fund managers on the planet that’s throwing off a monster 11.5% yield.
  • And a rock-steady 7.3%-payer whose stellar management team has guided it to an astonishing 1,200% total return since inception.

And because these big dividends each pay monthly, you get your money faster. Or you can reinvest it for quicker compounding to turbocharge your net worth.

Instead of the S&P 500’s 1.2% yield, you’ll nearly 8 TIMES that…

That’s an average yield of 9.4%, with 40% to 50% total returns possible.

On top of that, two of three funds can be bought at a discount to their net asset value (NAV). One is teetering between a small premium and small discount, so maybe it’s all three – depending on when you pull the trigger.

(These discounts, by the way, are ONLY available with CEFs and are simply not possible with mutual funds or ETFs.)

Plus, for maximum comfort, these funds are managed by the crème de la crème of the bond universe.

With all that in mind, I’m sure you can see how my Ride the Bond Bull: 3 CEFs With Yields up to 12% and Massive Upside Potential report could make securing your retirement a heck of a lot easier!

That’s why I suggest you click below to claim this free report:

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8 Rules for 8% Yields (or More)

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In this special report: 8 Rules for 8% Yields (or More) in Closed-End Funds, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of the CEF market.

I’ll clearly explain all the tricky stuff: premiums and discounts… different yield calculations… how to analyze price charts… the fee enigma… and more. You’ll almost instantly become more knowledgeable on CEFs.

I don’t know of any report like this in the marketplace.

Why is that?

Fund families spend practically zero dollars to market CEFs. They focus all their energy and marketing money on ETFs and mutual funds.

That’s a crying shame for the everyday investor because…

The average CEF yields around 8%, while the average conventional fund yields only 1% to 2%.

That’s a huge gap. Say you have a million bucks to invest. The difference we’re talking about here could be an annual income of $15,000 vs. $80,000.

Inside this report I’ll also reveal my exclusive strategy for digging up some of the very best CEFs – with rich yields and bargain-basement prices.

I want to make sure you get your copy of both of these FREE reports.

This way you can load up your portfolio with my three bond CEF superstars (with an average yield of 9.4% and the potential for 40% or 50% total returns from each)… and amp up your knowledge of this covert space.

How to Download Both FREE Reports

Normally the two reports I just told you about – Ride the Bond Bull: 3 CEFs With Yields up to 12% and Massive Upside Potential and 8 Rules for 8% Yields (or More) in Closed-End Funds – would sell for $198 on their own.

But as promised, you can download both for FREE right now.

Better yet, they’re just the beginning of what I want to give you.

Even if you think everything is rosy in the markets after a solid year of performance, I’d caution against that line of thinking. Consider…

  • The stock market is richly valued, mainly driven by tech stocks attracting interest from folks worried about missing out on the AI boom.
  • Mortgage rates are still crowding a nosebleed 7%.
  • We still haven’t gotten the “all-clear” when it comes to avoiding a recession.
  • Two major wars are going on.
  • And consumers burned through their pandemic stimulus handouts a long time ago.

That’s just a shortlist of potential problems that could throw a wrench in the works.

Suffice it to say, there’s going to be a lot of uncertainty in the months and years ahead.

And having an expert who’s solely focused on finding safe, outsized income working for you is more important than ever.

Let me be your guide through these challenging times…

I want to send you my two free reports.

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Bonus Report #1:

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks

to Sell Now

I’ve seen it again and again…

Yield chasers hold on to what they think is a darling dividend payer, only to have it turn around and stab them in the back when their stock’s price craters to the extent that its dividend is a non-factor.

In cases like that, a high yield is a warning sign of a stock in trouble.

And I’ve detected a dozen “dividend doozies” I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

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Some of those in danger are well-known, popular stocks…

  • One has been a Dow Jones Industrial Average constituent for 20+ years.
  • Another is a well-known electronics retailer whose customers already updated all their gizmos during the pandemic. It’ll be a long time before many are ready to upgrade again.
  • And yet another is a “sin stock” whose business is on the verge of a demographic-driven wipeout.

This report gives you all the names and tickers of these 12 doomed stocks – with a breakdown of why they could implode any day now, wiping out billions of dollars in value.

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Second-Level Investing:

Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine

Many superstar investors agree that you’ll never beat the market by following the herd.

They plug the virtues of contrary thinking.

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Millions of Americans are playing roulette with their retirements.

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It’s typical investor behavior like this that ends badly.

Don’t be one of them. Choose a safer path…

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Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist

Contrarian Income Report

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