“If You Ignore These

7.3%+ Payouts Now, You’ll

Miss Out on MASSIVE Gains!”

In this special report, you’ll discover:

  • The most reliable profit indicator you’ll ever find in investing. Buy when it flashes and get set for quick DOUBLE-DIGIT PROFITS!
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  • 4 incredible fund picks with amazing yields more than 5 TIMES HIGHER than the S&P 500 average!

Dear Fellow Investor,

I’ll get straight to the point.

I’ve found a proven way for you to bag double-digit price gains – year in and year out – in your income portfolio.

And you won’t have to sacrifice a single cent of dividend income to do it. In fact, you’ll be pocketing payouts more than 5 times greater than what the average S&P 500 investor is forced to take today.

I’m talking SAFE 7.3% dividend payouts (and in many cases higher than that).

I’m not making that 7.3% figure up. It’s the average payout on 4 completely ignored investments I’ll show you in just a moment.

Plus, this weird group of funds delivers predictable market-crushing capital gains too!

Just how much can we expect here?

How does 20%+ price upside in the next 12 months sound?

Add that to their outsized dividend payouts and you could be looking at an EASY 27% TOTAL RETURN by this time next year!

And even if we do get another big pullback, I expect these bargain-priced funds to simply trade sideways – and we’ll still enjoy their massive 7.3% payouts.

This is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a win-win in investing – and that’s something we can all use in times like these.

Here’s the funny thing, though: You won’t hear a peep about these stealth funds from Wall Street or the mainstream media.

But some of the world’s richest people know them very well.

Bill Gates has been quietly profiting from them for years. So have Jeffrey Gundlach – the legendary Bond God – and famed investor Bill Ackman, too.

And today I’m going to show you exactly how to profit right alongside these investment heavyweights.

Clobber the Market. Retire Rich.

One of these unusual funds handed investors a stunning 53% gain (including dividends) in just 8 months – nearly tripling the market’s return.

That’s amazing enough on its own!

But here’s the critical piece of the puzzle: folks “in the know” had a dead-giveaway signal that it was about to make this stunning upward move, leaving the S&P 500 in the dust as it did.

This high-yielding fund (current yield: 6%) is called the Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund (RQI). It’s part of a powerful (but little-known) group of funds called closed-end funds.

If you haven’t heard of CEFs, don’t worry. You’re far from alone. There are only 500 or so of these low-key income machines out there, so most Wall Street analysts don’t even bother covering them.

That’s great for us because CEFs routinely hand investors safe 6% to 12% dividend yields and FAST double-digit gains, too!

And since they get so little attention from journalists and the suits on Wall Street, we can pick up these income wonders at spectacular discounts, as I’ll show you in a moment.

So if you’re at or near retirement – or just looking to grab some extra cash to pay the bills or bulk up your savings, these unsung funds are EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

The best part? You can use that dead-giveaway signal I mentioned earlier – the same one our lucky RQI investors used – to forecast when these funds will make their next upward move.

Let me explain.

The profit alarm I’m talking about is a crucial figure called the discount to net asset value (NAV).

We don’t have to get into the weeds here. Suffice it to say, it’s the difference between the fund’s market price and the value of its portfolio. It’s a common number that’s simple to find on any fund screener.

Here’s the key thing to know: these discounts are basically free money!

Let’s go back to RQI.

Back on December 27, 2018, it was trading at a ridiculous 13% discount to NAV.

So buying then meant you got every dollar of the fund’s assets for just $0.87!

Absurd discounts like this don’t exist anywhere else in the investing world. But they happen all the time with CEFs.

There’s more, though.

Because these discounts are hands-down the clearest contrarian indicators I’ve ever seen – an “early warning system” of BIG market-crushing gains ahead.

You see, the more investors dislike a fund’s strategy, the greater the discount they’ll likely demand.

The irony? Most people spend their time chasing recent performance, which means they’re more likely to sell a fund at the very moment it’s due for a turnaround.

So when a fund’s discount drops below its historical average, that’s the time to put it on your watch list. And when that discount gets unusually wide – say double the historical pattern … that’s the time to strike.

The result?

When the herd realizes its mistake and piles back in, you’ll be sitting pretty with an early position.

Then you sit back and watch as that discount window slams shut – squeezing the fund’s price to a double-digit gain!

And don’t forget, CEFs are income vehicles, so we’ll collect their fat dividends the whole time.

This is exactly what happened with RQI: over the following 8 months, its discount bubbled away, closing from 13% to just 0.4% – propelling the fund’s market price to that mammoth return – 53% in just 8 months! – I showed you earlier.

Take a look:

Source: CEF Connect

And history is set to repeat with the 7.3%-average payers I’ll show you in a moment. All four of these overlooked funds are trading at bargain levels that just can’t last. As investors catch on, these funds will flip into premium territory and those premiums will swell, catapulting their prices to fast double-digit gains!

“Profit Alarm” Goes Off, Buy, Repeat

Still not convinced?

Here’s another example that delivered a quick profit hit – with much of the gain in CASH – to members of my CEF Insider service:

On March 27, 2017, I pounded the table on the Nuveen California Quality Municipal Income Fund (NAC), urging CEF Insider members to jump on the fund’s absurd 6.5% discount right away.

At the time, it also boasted a fat 7% dividend yield.

Here’s what happened to NAC’s discount:

Source: CEF Connect

Less than four months later, the gap had closed to just 1% – and we rode NAC to a quick 10.5% in gains and dividends, crushing the S&P 500!

That’s something a so-called “sleepy” municipal-bond fund simply isn’t supposed to do. But there it is.

As I said, seemingly impossible discounts like this happen all the time in the CEF universe.

By now I’m sure you’re seeing the pattern here.

  1. Buy.
  2. Wait for the discount to NAV to close.
  3. Repeat.

It really is that simple.

The Last True Bargains

My name is Michael Foster, and I’m the only analyst in the world who is 100% devoted to CEFs with market caps under $1 billion.

Why less than $1 billion?

Because this is where the biggest discounts in the CEF universe live. And it’s also a pond that’s strictly off limits to the big guys, so we have these juicy income – and capital gain – opportunities to ourselves!

Think about it: if a big investment house with, say, a $20-billion market cap bought every single share of a CEF with a $500-million market cap and that CEF doubled, it would only boost the buyer’s market cap by a measly 2.6%.

It’s just not worth the hassle!

But you and I don’t have that problem.

I can’t wait to tell you all about these under-the-radar cash machines – the same ones I used to dump my grinding 80-hour work week as a research professor, boost my net worth and build an income stream that easily covers my bills.

That’s the kind of punch these high-yield funds pack. And now it’s time for me to show you the 4 CEFs that can do the same for you, starting with…

Bargain CEF Play #1: A 7.4%

Payout and 20% Upside

My first pick hands us a hefty 7.4% cash dividend as I write this, and unlike pretty well any stock on the S&P 500, it pays out that dividend every single month.

What’s more, this fund holds the very best investments for the COVID-19 crisis and beyond: utilities and real estate investment trusts providing services that will be in demand now and as the crisis eases. And these holdings all throw off high, reliable payouts no matter what!

The team at the top has carefully calibrated its biggest holdings to focus on the infrastructure that will be in the highest demand as the 21st century continues to unfold.

These days, it’s focusing on the safest, highest-yielding electrical utilities, as well as pipeline operators who are profiting as the economic reopening fuels energy demand.

Now is a terrific time to buy – because this fund trades at a totally undeserved 7% discount!

That’s an insult to management, which has kept this fund’s outsized dividend rolling out to investors who depend on it throughout this crisis.

But the herd is catching on: this fund’s markdown has already started to move up and it will continue to do so as bottomless infrastructure demand drives new investors in.

If you want to set yourself up for a 20% GAIN in addition to your 7.4% dividend, you need to act fast! I’ll show you how in just a few seconds more.

Bargain CEF Play #2: A 7.5% Payer

With Totally Ignored Upside!

My second pick is a high-yield bond fund that’s crushing its benchmark, and its post-pandemic recovery is just getting started.

A Benchmark Beater With a Wide Open Buy Window

This one’s only primed to soar from here because it holds issues from security firms, energy companies and healthcare providers, all of which are lined up to gain as more businesses reopen and the economy continues to find its footing.

That’s made its huge 7.5% dividend safe, and we can look forward to payout growth here, too!

Huge premiums are in the cards for this pick, but the crowd hasn’t yet caught on, giving us a chance to buy in, grab that big payout and get paid handsomely to wait as our shares slingshot higher.

Bargain CEF Play #3: A Solid 7.4%

Dividend No One’s Talking

About (for now)

Our next fund throws off a huge 7.4% payout and trades at a nice 5.5% discount, too.

Its real secret is that it focuses on convertible bonds – “chameleon” plays that let management flip from a debt holder to an investor if a certain target price is met.

That’s a very underappreciated source of upside, and our pick has the team to make it happen: this group of pros knows when to make this switch – a critical skill in the convertible world – and that’s driven them well past the corporate-bond benchmark in the last five years.

A Surging Outperformer

The time to buy this fund is now, before its price surges higher still. I’ll show you precisely how to do so in just a few seconds more (we’re almost there!). First, let me introduce our final fund …

Bargain CEF Play #4: A Monster

7.1% Dividend From an

Overlooked Sector

Our fourth and final pick holds top-notch industrial stocks that are just starting out on their next leg up as the recovery continues to take hold.

As that happens, I expect the current valuation on this fund (right around par) to go deep into premium territory, multiplying our price gain as its smartly crafted portfolio takes off.

This fund is also beautifully diversified, which helps cut our risk while we enjoy it’s outsized 7.1% payout. In addition to industrial cash cows like heavy-equipment maker Deere & Co. and conglomerate Honeywell, it holds well-established names from other sectors, like telecom mainstay Verizon and cash-rich tech plays like Cisco Systems.

To sum it up, we’ve got a fund with a fast-growing portfolio, a downside hedge and a dividend that’s more than 5 TIMES the S&P 500 average. It’s a no-brainer what to do.

To give you the full story on all these picks and everything you need to know to reap big, safe profits from CEFs, I’ve prepared 3 in-depth guides, starting with:

Special Report #1 (a $99 value):

My first report, “4 Great CEFs to Buy Now: 7.3% Yields and 20% Upside Ahead,” gives you all the profitable details on my top 4 CEF picks.

You’ll get:

  • Names, ticker symbols and all the nitty-gritty you need to know before you buy.
  • Full details on how each fund makes its money, what’s behind its unusual discount and why that gap is set to slam shut, propelling us to 20%+ price gains – and more – in the next 12 months!
  • In-depth analysis of the people behind each of these funds. This is something too many investors ignore but is vital for safe CEF profits. Since CEFs are all I cover, I spend my days studying the moves of these investment pros. And yes, that includes personally phoning them up and putting them on the hot seat.
  • And much more!

Your 3-part CEF library also includes…

Special Report #2 (a $99 value):

Your source for all things CEF, “The Ultimate Guide to CEFs” gives you everything you need to know to reap maximum profit from your own CEF picks, including:

  • How CEFs can pay outsized dividend yields – and a simple way to make sure your fund’s payout is sustainable.
  • The relationship between CEF performance and management fees (it’s not what you think!)
  • The simple trick CEF managers regularly use to keep their funds’ discounts from getting too wide (this unique “insurance” simply doesn’t exist in stocks, bonds or ETFs).
  • The surprising reason why the liquidation of a CEF is actually good news for investors.

Special Report #3 (a $99 value):

The third guide is called “5 Toxic CEFs That Could Ruin Your Retirement.”

These 5 funds look attractive but contain hidden traps waiting to snap on the unwary, including:

  • Outrageously high fees hidden deep in the fine print (in one case, management is snagging an obscene 44% of the fund’s investment income for itself!).
  • Way too much leverage: one of these funds uses borrowed cash to fill its portfolio with other CEFs that are propped up by borrowed cash themselves. That’s far too aggressive, and it leaves this fund particularly vulnerable in the next downturn.
  • Dangerous dividends, like the ridiculous 15% yields two of these funds pay. But because these CEFs trade at ridiculous premiums, they need to vastly out-earn their huge yields in the market, year in and year out, just to keep the dividend going. You and I both know that’s impossible.

How to Get Your 3 Special

Reports FREE

To get your copy of “4 Great CEFs to Buy Now,” “The Ultimate Guide to CEFs” and “5 Toxic CEFs That Could Ruin Your Retirement,” I simply ask that you take a risk-free trial to the research service I mentioned earlier.

It’s called CEF Insider, and I’ve designed it specifically for investors who aren’t afraid of snagging double-digit price gains like the ones I’ve showed you throughout this report, year in and year out, in their income portfolios.

And that’s to say nothing of the outsized dividend yields I’ll bring you every single month!

Sounds great, right?

After all, who wouldn’t want double-digit gains from their dividend investments? Given that most people look to these holdings for income alone, this is basically free money!

Even so, CEF Insider isn’t for everyone.

It’s a unique service I’ve custom built for folks who want to go further than the average investor to get in on the very best CEFs for high, safe income and massive upside.

Because I’ve bulked it up with a set of wealth-building tools you won’t find anywhere else, starting with …

Your Secret Weapon for

Big Profits in CEFs

Our streamlined CEF Screener lets you sort through the more than 500 funds in the CEF universe worth your consideration at the click of a mouse.

Sort by ticker symbol, asset class or discount/premium to NAV and you’ll instantly see how each CEF stacks up to its peers.

This one-of-a-kind fund-picking tool is backed by a rigorous 6-point assessment that judges each CEF by its current and historical NAV, 10-year return, fees, yield on NAV (the best measure of dividend safety) and much more.

That’s not all. You also get our one-of-a-kind “CEF Insider Heat Map,” which instantly separates attractive funds (green) from dangerous pretenders (red).

It’s like having me personally guide you to the CEFs worth further consideration for your portfolio.

I’d normally charge $99 a month for access to the Screener alone – but you get it absolutely FREE when you try CEF Insider.

PLUS you also get…

A 100% Proven Tool for Sniffing Out

CEF Bargains … and Ripoffs Too!

Our easy-to-use CEF Index Tracker lets you instantly compare the performance of practically any CEF to any other CEF and stack up as many funds as you like to our proprietary CEF indexes.

At a glance, you can see which CEFs have outperformed (and may be overpriced) and which have underperformed (and may be screaming bargains)!

There isn’t another CEF tracker anywhere on the Web—paid or free—that lets you do this, which is why I just added this revolutionary tool to your CEF Insider trial membership.

A $99-a-month value, you also get the Index Tracker FREE as part of your CEF Insider subscription.

Steady 7%+ Yields and Big Gains

Are Just the Start

In addition to the CEF Screener, the CEF Index Tracker and your 3 reports with my very best picks for 7.3% income and double-digit upside, your risk-free trial contains a whole lot more, including:

  • Your CEF Watch List: This “shortlist” builds on our CEF Screener by giving you the Top 20+ CEFs I’ve got my eye on – the ones I’ve handpicked and personally safety checked. Each one offers outsized yields and bigger-than-average discounts, so they’ve got plenty of built-in upside, too. But they don’t yet qualify for our…
  • Members-Only Portfolio: These are the “best of the best” – my top CEF picks for high, safe income and big gains right now. All of them are laid out in an easy-to-read portfolio that includes my up-to-the minute recommendations, buy-under prices, current yields, discounts to NAV and much more.
  • Monthly Issues: On the fourth Friday of each month, you’ll get my latest analysis of the ever-changing CEF space right in your inbox. I’ll include detailed analysis on new fund recommendations, updates on existing positions and an overview of trends and events that may affect your holdings.
  • Weekly Analysis: Sent straight from my desk to your inbox, you’ll get my weekly investing ideas on CEFs I’ve been watching and analysis of major market events.
  • Flash Alerts: You’ll never have to worry about missing out on breaking news on the CEFs in our portfolio. I’ll have an eye on all of them 24/7 and will email you right away if there’s ever any change in our position.
  • Unlimited Access to the Members-Only Website: Day or night, you can log into our password-protected website, where you’ll find easy access to all of our resources, including the CEF Screener, Index Tracker, CEF Watch List and the full portfolio. You also get a complete archive of our monthly issues, special reports and Flash Alerts, so you can see how our recommendations have changed over time.

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you think these high-yield funds may be a good fit for your portfolio.

But I also understand that you may still be hesitant to try a new service, and I want you to be certain this is worth your time, so there’s one more thing I’d like to add…

My Ironclad 100%

Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll profit from my research that I’m going to give you 60 days to try CEF Insider absolutely RISK-FREE.

Simply click here to start your Charter Membership today. Download your special reports, read the latest issue, kick the tires on our CEF Screener and Index Tracker and start following one or two picks from the portfolio.

Then enjoy the next couple issues of CEF Insider, my weekly column and all the other benefits of your full Charter Membership.

If after nearly two months you don’t feel the advice has more than covered your cost, or if it’s just not right for you, simply let me know and I’ll issue a full refund of your membership fee. That’s 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Plus you’re welcome to keep the FREE special reports as my thanks for trying the service out.

But I have to tell you something here. I’ve built CEF Insider for people who truly understand the explosive gains and double-digit yields these ignored funds offer.

So if you’re okay with trying a new way of investing …

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If that sounds like you…

Then taking me up on a risk-free road test of CEF Insider is a no-brainer!

Which brings me to my next point.

As I mentioned, CEF Insider is a totally unique service, so it’s vital that we keep our group small.

How small?

I’m only letting in 2,000 members to CEF Insider in total.

You read that right: just 2,000 people, and just over 1,700 have already snagged spots!

So once we hit that 2,000-person limit, I’m closing the doors. If you try to sign up after that, your name will go on a waiting list, and you’ll only be able to get in when another member drops out.

I expect those remaining spots to go fast, especially when folks see the eye-popping gains and outsized income we’re talking about here.

I don’t want you to miss out, which is why I’m urging you to start your no-obligation road test right now … while this is in front of you.

To recap, you get a full Charter Membership, with full access to our powerful CEF Screener (a $198 value) and Index Tracker (a $198 value). Plus you also get the CEF Watch List, the complete CEF Insider portfolio and ALL of our premium research.

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And it’s all completely RISK-FREE.

I don’t see how you can lose here, because I’m the one taking all the risk. All you have to do is click the button below to get started right now.

In the coming months, many investors will still be on the sidelines, worried about another flare-up of the virus, a spike in inflation or further tension between the US and North Korea or China.

Meantime, our CEF Insider members will be quietly pocketing their 7.3%+ CASH payouts and watching their funds’ prices start their relentless upward climb as their unusual discounts swing shut. Don’t be left on the sidelines. Start your no-risk trial to CEF Insider now.

Yours in profits,

Michael Foster

Investment Strategist

CEF Insider

P.S. As soon as you join CEF Insider, you’ll have immediate access to our CEF Screener, Index Tracker, Watch List, the complete portfolio, your 3 special reports and your first issue. The 3 reports and two months’ access to the Screener and Index Tracker alone are worth $693.00, but they’re yours free as a new CEF Insider member.

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