This system could help you bank an extra $112,000 every year …

“The Dividend Accelerator”

How to turn a 2% paying stock market into a 20% annual cash flow machine. Collect an entire year’s worth of dividends in a month…

Without actually having to buy an underlying stock!

Fellow Income Investor,

In late 2007, Citigroup (C) insiders – who should have known better – comforted themselves with a security blanket that, in hindsight, was better fit for a Goodwill donation.

“The dividend’s as safe as the next board meeting,” they told themselves as the yield on their shares climbed well above 10%. On a trailing basis, that is.

Next board meeting, their payout was chopped – and their shares dropped more than 90%.

Stock yields of 10%, 11%, 12% or more are usually too good to be true. Citigroup reminded us why ten years ago, and telecom disaster Frontier Communications (FTR) reinforces the point today. (Its shares, which I warned readers about, are down 83% over the past year).

I get why you might be tempted by the 10% and 12% payers. They turn a million bucks into $100,000 to $120,000 in annual income. Now that’s some retirement cash flow!

And I’m not telling you these double-digit cash yields aren’t achievable. They are with the right strategy – which I’ll explain in a minute.

The wrong strategy is buying a dividend dog like Frontier or this BDC, which eats through its capital as fast as it pays dividends:

Avoid 10%+ Payers Like These

But, by using the right strategy, you can actually bank the entire annual dividend stream – in cash – in just one month. Let me show you exactly how to do it.

Trading in “Buy and Hope” for 20% Cash Flow

Most investors buy stocks and hope they go up in price. Dividend-minded folks, who tend to be more sophisticated thanks to their cash flow requirements, tend to buy stocks for their payouts – and hope they don’t go down in price (or maybe secretly hope they do appreciate a little bit).

When it comes to retirement, there is just one big problem with ordinary dividends though that most investors never even think about…

No matter how high the yield is, you’re only getting paid four times a year.

Do your expenses and bills happen every single month? If so, quarterly income may be a problem.

Getting paid every 90 days is simply not often enough. Nor is a 2%, 3% or even 5% yield high enough to sufficiently fund retirement on most nest eggs.

This is why I developed my dividend accelerator system for retirees (and soon-to-be retirees) who need cash yields now. And need meaningful payouts to boot.

The 20% Dividend Accelerator

Consider, for example, a $10,000 investment in the airplane manufacturer, Boeing, which typically yields about 2.5% to 3%.

Over the course of a year, you collect $300, about $75 a quarter.

While that’s far better than most stocks, you’re not going to pay the bills in retirement without selling more shares each time the postman comes around.

So, let me ask you this:

What if, instead of waiting for each quarter to come around, you could collect that dividend anytime you wanted?

I’m talking dividends on demand.

You could retire years earlier than you ever planned or, if you’re already retired, hand you tens of thousands of dollars of extra income to spend however you please.

I know what you’re thinking, “OK Brett, that sounds great but that’s not possible.”

That’s exactly why I created this special briefing – because it is.

With something I call, the Dividend Accelerator.

This is a special investment system that allows you to collect “instant dividends” worth 5X, 10X, even 30X more than the yields listed to the public.

Without even owning the underlying stock!

And in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how early adopters of this system we’re able to collect $2,820 in just one day from Boeing…

…turning its 3% yield at the time into a 27% gusher!

That’s nine times more income, collected in one day instead of waiting an entire year.

And it only takes 10 minutes a week to collect payments like…

  • $820 from Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) – We turned a 1.9% dividend yield into an outsized 33% cash gusher.
  • $1,020 from Gilead Sciences (GILD) – A 2.8% yield became an 18% payday.
  • $1,150 from NextEra Energy, Inc. (NEE) – A 2.5% yield jumped to 18.7%.
  • $2,400 from Assurant, Inc. (AIZ) – A 2.2% soared all the way up to 26.3%.
  • $1,240 from Deere & Co (DE) – A 1.6% transformed into a remarkable 46%.

All in all, the Dividend Accelerator could help you to generate $69,000 or more a year in safe, additional income.

And this isn’t some back-tested system with a theoretical track-record.

Each of these trades were recommended in real time to real investors like you.

Now, when you’re generating higher income like this, most investors think they’ll inevitably have to sacrifice safety.

Or take on high amounts of risk.

Not with the Dividend Accelerator.

In fact, since I started sending out live recommendations to early users in October 2016, this system has achieved a lifetime winning percentage of 91%.

That kind of win-rate is almost unheard-of in any publication.

Much less a research service that’s generating double-digit returns and 4 figure instant income payments 3-4 times (or more) every single month.

I’ll explain exactly how I achieved this in a moment.

More importantly, I’ll also reveal how you can successfully use the Dividend Accelerator in your own portfolio to take your dividend yields to the next level.

Plus, at the end of this briefing, you’ll be able to download 2 LIVE “instant income” payments I’m currently recommending that could potentially hand you $2,250 in the next few minutes.

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Brett Owens

You may recognize me from my appearances on various media outlets like CNBC, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, Forbes and NASDAQ where I’ve introduced innovative and under the radar retirement and income strategies.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist here at Contrarian Outlook.

A little bit about me: I actually began my career as an engineer, graduating Cum Laude from the Ivy League school, Cornell University with a degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering.

After college, I worked for the fortune 500 company General Electric and one of the world’s leading software companies, Planisware.

I then went on to found several successful Silicon Valley tech companies which I still run today.

I’ve used my Operations Research and Information Engineering expertise to find great stocks and dividends before the rest of the market.

A lot of people say the market is too efficient. There are no secrets… That most of the known information about a company is already priced into its shares…

That it’s harder for ordinary folks like you and I to profit these days…

But that’s simply not true.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been uncovering hidden market opportunities before Wall Street and the mass media caught on.

People who followed my recommendations had the chance to make a killing as a result of this “secret” information.

For instance…

  • In 2009, my system pointed me to a rally in three common – yet often ignored – commodities: cotton, sugar and orange juice. All three at least doubled after my recommendation. Cotton soared 304%.
  • I called the 00’s gold bull market as early as 2005 with great success. One particular gold investment I recommended soared over 278%.
  • I also discovered an under-the-radar software company who developed a program essential to a number of the largest insurance companies in America. Those who followed my recommendation have nearly doubled their money in less than a year and a half.

Most recently I’ve been helping thousands of investors fund their retirement with my investment newsletter Contrarian Income Report.

In this publication, I teach everyday investors my “No Withdrawal” approach – a special retirement strategy that allows you to live off safe high-yields without ever having to draw down capital.

We’ve easily quadrupled the S&P 500’s paltry 1.9% dividend with a portfolio-wide average yield of 7.7%.

But 7.7% isn’t enough for some income investors. I understand why you’re probably looking for ways to earn 10%, 15% and even 20% yields. That means, if you have a million bucks, you can earn up to $200,000 in cash flow on it every year!

Now that’s some retirement cash flow!

But most stocks that yield 10% or more are train wrecks. Fortunately, there’s a safer – and better – two-fold path to 20% income:

  1. Pick the strongest dividend stocks, and
  2. Accelerate their dividends – so that you collect an entire year’s worth of payouts in just a few months.

If you do things right, you can actually bank an entire annual dividend stream – in cash – in just one month using my Dividend Accelerator. Here’s how…

How to Collect “Instant Income”

for 20% Yearly Returns in Cash

from Every Trade You Make

The beauty of the Dividend Accelerator is that you can collect “instant income” on every trade.

Which means you can make exponentially higher returns than what’s possible from just traditional dividends.

To give you a sense of how powerful accelerating your dividends can be, just consider a real trade recommendation I sent out on November 16th, 2017.

I’d identified a good entry point in Bank of New York Mellon, also known as Warren Buffett’s favorite bank.

Bank of New York Mellon pays a modest 1.9% dividend, and management has been a diligent buyer of its own shares.

They’ve repurchased 8.4% of the company over the last three years – a great sign.

Whenever a company buys back its own stock, it is basically improving every single “per share” metric that investors watch – earnings … free cash flow … book value … etc.

This stock has had Warren Buffett’s attention for awhile too.

He owns more than $2 billion in Bank of New York Mellon stock and has watched the lender double its earnings per share (EPS) over the last four years.

Profits Up, Payouts Up

Management believes it can continue growing earnings by 12% to 15% per year thanks to current growth initiatives such as ETF servicing and alternative investments.

For shareholders, they were certainly thrilled!

But I wasn’t going to wait years to collect a measly 1.9% in the meantime.

Using the Dividend Accelerator, my readers were able to secure an “instant income” payment of $560.

We were able to turn Bank of New York Mellon’s wimpy 1.9% dividend up to an eye-popping 18% on the spot.

That’s about 9 times the profit, and we didn’t even need to buy the stock!

Are you starting to see why accelerating your dividends is so powerful?

This recommendation is just one example too.

Take the 3% yield from the energy behemoth, Phillips 66.

Not bad for a regular dividend, right?

But we got paid $900 on November 2nd, turning Phillips 66 yield all the way up to 28%!

That’s 8 times more dividends.

You’re really going to love this next one.

On June 8th, instead of a 3.2% payout from Altria Group, my readers secured an incredible 52% win.

That was “instant income” of $840, or more than 16 times the income of holding the stock.

I mean, have you ever even heard of a 52% dividend payout before the Dividend Accelerator?

And I show my readers how to collect 3-4 of these “instant income” payments every single month.

Imagine if you could do this all year long.

You could pocket an extra $69,000 in income per year — or $5,750 on average every month — money that you’d be free to spend on whatever you want.

My point is simple.

If you’re looking to generate even more income —without sacrificing safety— you need to start accelerating your dividends.

As I mentioned earlier, at the end of this briefing I’m going to show two current Dividend Accelerator recommendations you can enter into your online brokerage within the next few minutes…

And start collecting your very first “instant income” payments.

But first, let me show you exactly how I using this strategy to generate such high amounts of income while still maintaining a bulletproof 91% win-rate

It starts with …

Selling Options

Now, you hear options and the hair on the back of your neck stands up.

I get it.

Who hasn’t been burned by a silver-tongued options buying guru promising you 1,000% winners?

But, that’s buying options.

The truth is most options buyers don’t know what they’re doing and end up losing money because of the extreme leverage they’re playing with.

Or they’re making big, swing-for-the-fences bets hoping one of them will pay off huge.

In fact, many experts believe 80% of options buyers lose.

But, think about it.

If the options buyers are losing the money…

Who’s making the money?

The options sellers.

And I’m here to show you why selling options is the safest, most profitable way to generate more income from your portfolio…

No matter if you have decades of experience in the market trading or if you’ve never used options before in your life.

Because unlike risky options buying, options selling gives you a secure and reliable way to pocket more cash month in and month out.

Selling options is much cheaper, offers better protection, and is more resistant to the chaos of the news than buying options.

In case you’re not already familiar, an option is simply a contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a stock at a specific price on or before a certain date.

Like all markets, the options market has buyers and sellers.

When an option buyer purchases a contract, they pay the seller—us—cash up front.

Meaning, we get instant cash the second we place a trade.

This is the main reason why I prefer selling options to buying them.

It’s almost like being paid to trade.

Thinks of this way…

Options buyers are like gamblers looking to hit the jackpot. (RISK)

However, as options sellers, we’re like “the house.”

Slowly generating more and more profits from the buyers/gamblers.

And you know what they say, the house always wins.

Collecting “Instant Income” from Stocks

You Don’t Even Own

Remember how in the beginning of this briefing I told you how my readers collected $2,820 in “instant income” from Boeing without evening owning the stock?

We achieved this by selling “put” options.

A “put” option gives the right for someone to sell us a stock if its price falls below a certain level by a certain date (called the “strike price”).

You would choose to sell a put option if your outlook on the underlying security is that it was going to rise or trade sideways, as opposed to a put buyer whose outlook is bearish.

If the underlying stock is still above the strike price by the expiration date, we also collect the money we’re owed for the price gain.

For example, last year investors were fretting about Boeing’s sales prospects before earnings season.

But, that didn’t make much sense, given its incredible sales backlog and history of raising its dividend.

Over the previous year, Boeing reduced its share count by 6.8% and raised its dividend by 30%.

Share Count Down, Price and Dividend Up

So, I knew it would be the right time to get in while the doubters fled.

I sent an alert to my readers to sell puts on Boeing.

Boeing’s backlog then increased even further with orders for another 100 airplanes, taking the total to 5,715 planes.

Those pre-orders were valued at $416 billion – about 5 years’ worth of sales.

The company was so confident in its cash flows that its board approved another stock repurchase plan and my readers cashed out big time.

The recommendation paid out $2,820 in “instant income” on January 26th, turning a humble 3% payer at the time into a 27% cash machine.

And this is just one trade.

The Dividend Accelerator routinely hands out “instant income” like:

  • $1,830 from CVS Corp. (CVS)
  • $1,360 from AbbVie (ABBV)
  • $1,530 from Valero Energy (VLO)
  • $1,250 from Realty Income (O)
  • $$2,400 from Assurant, Inc. (AIZ)
  • $1,480 from JPMorgan Chase (JPM)

And many more…

We’re able to collect these types of safe, high income payments by only targeting the highest probability plays.

You see, selecting companies with long histories of dividend hikes is the safest and most reliable way to become wealthy investing in stocks over the long-term.

But in the short-term, it’s a near perfect strategy to secure easy income from selling options to investors doubting these spectacular companies.

That’s because trading options is all about the movement of the underlying stock.

And plenty of studies have shown that dividend growers not only outperform the market over time, they do so with much less volatility than other kinds of stocks.

A stock is unlikely to go down and stay down when it always pays its investors more money.

And when it comes to selling options for income, that’s all we care about.

That gives us a predictability that, as put sellers, we can take full advantage of.

For example, Corning has paid about 2% for years now, but they increase their dividend payout by double-digits annually.

When investors see the yield % increase, they buy in and bid the price back up, which drives the yield back down to around 2%.

This cycle repeats itself over and over again, resulting in the steady growth of a stock and great buying opportunities when the yield is driven down.

The “Dividend Accelerator” only targets these types of opportunities, which is one of the reasons it’s been able to post an 91% win-rate over a lifetime of real recommendations…

And why this system could help you bank an extra $69,000 in 2018!

I’m not just going to talk about the winners though, because I’m sure you’re wondering, what about that 9% of the time we “lose.”

As incredible as the Dividend Accelerator track record is, there are rare occasions where things don’t go as planned.

No one wins ALL the time.

That’s the reality of investing and anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or doing something illegal.

Thankfully, selling options gives you a huge advantage even when you “lose.”

That may sound like an oxymoron, but this is why I love selling options, because when you lose, you can still win!


A Built in Safety Valve

When you’re selling put options, there’s always a small chance the underlying stock price will fall below your strike price when your trade expires.

When this happens, you still get to keep the cash you collected upfront.

But, you’re required to buy the underlying stock.

Here’s how this is still a win for you and your overall portfolio.

You have to buy the underlying stock, but you get to buy it at the price when you first placed the options trade.

I call it the “Dividend Discounter” because you get to buy dividend growth stocks you already love at a MAJOR discount!

For example, this past July I sent out a recommendation to sell put contracts on refiner Valero Energy (VLO).

Refineries are big sprawling facilities that nobody wants in their own backyards. There hasn’t been a major facility built on American soil since 1976, and more than half of all U.S. refineries have been shut down in the last 25 years!

The Bear Market in U.S. Refineries

Existing refiners have benefited from their own scarcity, and they should continue to do so. It may be next-to-impossible to build a new refinery, but it is much easier to get approval to expand an existing facility.

And blue chip Valero already owned the “beachfront properties.” Plus, the firm has a great management team that knows how to make money – for the company and us investors – no matter what happens with energy prices.

Over the last five years the company rewarded investors with a cumulative 250% dividend raise.

However, it’s stock price was still playing “catch up” with its payout:

The Bear Market in U.S. Refineries

When I made the recommendation, Valero was trading around $66.34 and boasted a 3.4% dividend yield.

However, these underlying factors presented an even better opportunity to generate up to 10 times as much income, simply by selling options trading below Valero’s current share price.

Options buyers were willing to pay $0.97 per share (or $97 per 100-share options contract) for the right to sell Valero to us if it closed below $66 in about 2 weeks.

In this trade, the price stayed above $66 and we were able to secure $970 in “instant income” – turning this 3.4% yield into 36%.

But, what if we lost the trade and were required to buy the underlying stock?

In that scenario we would have gladly taken the shares.

We would have still kept the initial $0.97 per share we earned, which means our cost basis for the stock would have been just $65.03 per share – a 2% discount to where the stock had dropped to.

You would have “lost,” but in addition to the $970 of “instant income” you collected, you also added an incredible dividend growth play to your portfolio that will pay you handsomely for years to come.

And things get even better.

You see, once you own the underlying stock you can sell a “call option.”

A call option is a contract that gives its buyer the right, but not the obligation, to purchase a stock from the seller for a certain price within a certain period.

For that right, the buyer pays the seller – us – a sum upfront.

In a nutshell, call buyers are putting up cash now betting that a stock’s price will rise.

I think of this as the safety valve of the Dividend Accelerator.

We prefer selling puts because we don’t need to own the stock.

But when a trade doesn’t go our way and we take on the ownership of a stock, we can now just sell calls on it to make even more money from here on out!

And this is all while holding a long-term dividend grower that we can start collecting regular dividends from as well.

This ability to play both the buyers and the sellers of the market is the key to why the Dividend Accelerator has been so successful.


Profit Whether the Market is Going

Up, Down or Sideways

Arguably the greatest achievement of the Dividend Accelerator is the 91% win-rate since inception.

The secret to this kind of success lies in my system’s ability to make money regardless of whether the market moves up or down.

And that’s without ever having to short a stock!

You’re never at the mercy of the market like most investors, because you can adapt on the fly to ever-changing momentum.

For example, …

I love Texas Instruments.

The firm’s technology chips power the booming electronics market.

And the company treats its shareholders quite well – its dividend has not only increased 850% over the past decade, but it’s actually accelerating higher.

In early 2017 this looked like a no brainer buy.

And over the past year Texas Instruments is up nearly 50%.

But for a few months last summer the stock traded sideways.

Texas Instruments longs weren’t making any money at the time – but investors using the Dividend Accelerator could have cashed in handsomely.

By selling both puts and calls we played both sides of the market for an incredible income play.

We generated $472 in income per contract from Texas Instruments shares in three months, or $4,720 for every 10 contracts traded!

No Rally, No Problem

That’s how we tip a sideways market in our favor.

And it’s almost impossible to lose a trade when you’re following a system like the Dividend Accelerator.

On the surface this can seem confusing and like a lot of work.

But I created the Dividend Accelerator to be as hands off as possible.

Let the system do the heavy lifting for you so you can sit back, relax, and watch the potential five figure extra income roll in.


Peace of Mind

At the beginning of this special briefing, I told you there was a way to generate significantly more income from dividends, while keeping the safety your used to from other conservative investment strategies.

The Dividend Accelerator and its “instant income” payments like $900, $1,250, and $1,530 are undeniable proof.

Like I said earlier, all the numbers I’m giving you are actual published recommendations I made in real time, not some back-tested track record.

So, every one of our readers who received these recommendations had the chance to use them to collect tens of thousands of dollars of extra income.

You see, I’ve been testing and re-tooling this for a while.

Originally, my publisher desperately wanted me to release it back in August 2015.

But I wanted to “keep it in the lab” to make sure the profitable trades it was cranking out kept coming.

So, I held off for more than a year, testing it under dozens of different market conditions and making microscopic adjustments the whole time … till October 2016, when I decided it was finally ready.

I then invited a small group of 150 investors to come try it out as first adopters.

Since then, the Dividend Accelerator has closed out 64 trades, and they’ve handed us an average cash payout of $1,380 each!

Meaning, you could have easily generated $69,000 per year!

Simply put, this blows any other conventional conservative investment approach out of the water.

With my system, we routinely return bigger and faster gains than any trading technique you have ever seen, while maintaining safety and security.

But don’t just take my word for it.

It’s all about results.

To summarize, this strategy has returned an average payout of $1,380 while posting a winning percentage rate of 91% since October 2016 by accelerating dividends for “instant income.”

It gives you the ability to put safe cash in your pocket… the chance to multiply your dividends by 5X 10X and even 30X… and yet NEVER requires you to take on unlimited risk.

Truly, this strategy could change your life.

That’s why I just put the finishing touches on a full action plan that lays out this strategy in full detail…

More importantly, how you can start using it successfully in your own portfolio.

Your Dividend Accelerator Action Plan

Step #1: “Start Here: A Beginner’s Guide to Options”

Although buying and selling options is relatively easy to do, and I’ve covered some of the basic ideas already, the topic deserves more attention than I can possibly convey in this short briefing.

The first part of your action plan is an exclusive report called “Start Here: A Beginner’s Guide to Options” and it explains everything you need to know to start using our options strategies in your own account.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A plain English explanation of how to sell options inside your online brokerage account.
  • How to know exactly what the risks and rewards are before you do anything
  • I’ll take you inside my favorite option-trading strategy and show you exactly how it generates reliable weekly “instant income” of $900, $1,250, $1,530 and more from stocks you own … and even stocks you don’t!
  • How to use the “Dividend Discounter” to buy the stocks you like at 10% to 15% discounts off today’s price – time and time again!
  • How options are valued, and how we can take advantage of their price movements to generate maximum income with maximum safety.
  • Options lingo. From puts and calls to strike prices, options have a language all their own. This section lets you master it with ease.

Step #2: “How to Set Up Your Brokerage

Account for Options”

Just because you have an existing brokerage account doesn’t mean you’re authorized to trade options.

But don’t worry. Getting authorization is easy; usually a five-minute process if you’re opening a new account. For an existing account, you typically have to request an upgrade and fill out a short form.

This report shows you, step by step, how to make sure your account is setup for options.

Once that’s done, we can start banking extra income in your account right away!

Step #3: “Your Blueprint to Selling Options

for Income (A Step-by-Step Guide)”

My third report reveals two LIVE option trades I am currently recommending that could put $2,400 in your pocket right now.

We’ll go step-by-step through each trade, showing you exactly how to collect your first “extra dividends.:

One of these trades will instantly boost he yield on an 8.5% payer by 76% and hand you $850 upfront today (on a 10-contract sale).

Another will take a 9.6% payer and turn it into an 18% income juggernaut while giving you a $1,550 cash payout today (also on 10 contracts).

That’s a total of $2,400 in cash that will show up in your brokerage account immediately after you enter these trades!

Step #4: “7 Secure Stocks for Annual Income of Up to 25%”

Your fourth report goes further, showing you how to adapt our strategy to double up the yields of literally hundreds of mid-cap and large-cap stocks!

You won’t believe the number of opportunities there are to generate extra income, and this one-of-a-kind report reveals 7 of my favorites, including…

  • The largest developer of renewables in North America whose yield will jump from 2.5% to a sturdy 15% or more,
  • A Wall Street darling whose recent 16.7% dividend hike throws a floor under its share price and gives it massive upside potential. Get ready to collect 18%+ annually on this one!
  • The tech stalwart whose repurchased 30% of outstanding float over the past decade. It’s hiked its dividend 520% over the same period, and we’re going to hike it even further, taking its 2.3% yield up to a safe 20% annually in cash!

I Created Options Income Alert To

Help You Generate Even More

Income For Your Retirement

After over a year of rock solid results, I’ve decided to open access once again for a limited time to the Dividend Accelerator system as part of my premium trading service, Options Income Alert.

I like to think of Options Income Alert as my “inner circle” of elite Contrarian Outlook members – serious investors seeking top-level access to the powerful option strategies I use to build my own personal income stream.

Because, while entering the trades in your online brokerage is easy, the research and market analysis is not.

It’s taken me years to develop this options selling system on top of prior decades of investing experience.

Let me do the hard work for you so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to add more income to your portfolio.

Just think about it…

The only work you need to do on your end is take 10 minutes out of your week to enter trades from a system proven to payout an average $1,380 of extra income.

While at the same time maintaining a 91% win rate for complete peace of mind.

Income Investing is my passion… and I know that I have a fountain of knowledge that can help a lot of people who’ve been fooled by Wall Street into thinking higher income isn’t possible without taking big risks.

That’s why today I’m going to give you the next 60 days to test drive Options Income Alert risk free.

This is my personal satisfaction guarantee.

Start your membership today. Download and review your special reports and collect the instant $2,400 in cash you’ll receive in the 2 bonus trades.

Then get ready for even more cash payouts as I send you 3 to 4 (or more) trades a month.

After all that, if you decide over the next 2 months that Options Income Alert isn’t right for you, no problem. Simply let me know and I’ll issue a full refund.

That’s 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Plus, you get to keep all 4 special reports with my thanks just for trying Options Income Alert out.

If you choose to take my risk free membership trial of Options Income Alert, you will instantly receive all the great benefits my system offers.


Access to the Dividend Accelerator System

As soon as you join, you’ll receive instant access to my highest-level income generation strategy. The Dividend Accelerator is a proven and safe strategy to begin generating over $69,000 a year in more income from stocks you don’t even have to own.

Each week, I will search the markets for these “instant income” payments…and when I find one, I’ll send you an email alert with the trade instructions that could put cash in your pocket in as little as 10 minutes.


Access to my “Dividend Discounter” Strategy

You’ll receive my “Dividend Discounter” strategy to buy high dividend stocks at a steep discount to what normal investors would pay.

This could give you a winning edge that could boost your returns 2-times,3-times, even 5-times higher than other investors who pay “retail.” Plus, you’ll be able to sell covered calls to make extra cash from these long-term plays.


You’ll Receive Options Income Alert Briefings

and Trade Alerts

You never have to worry about researching new trades or watching the stock tickers all day to check on your positions. Instead, I will scour the markets looking for the best trading ideas … and will send them to you at least 3-4 times a month. Then I will monitor each position 24 hours a day and provide you with any updates you need to know.

Every time I recommend a move you’ll get a “BUY” or “SELL” alert sent instantly to your email inbox that you can follow at your earliest convenience.

Each alert will include …

  • Why we’re recommending the trade …
  • The name and ticker symbol of the stock we’re buying or selling …
  • When you should execute the trade …
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Remember, this isn’t day trading or a system that requires you be on your toes at all times.

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Options Income Alert

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