Special bulletin from the analyst who called the 2022 market crash …

The 3X Dividend Solution

This “stealth” stock-picking strategy unleashed the power of dividends for 61%, 112%, even 148% returns — in ALL markets.

These could be the next 5 winners …

Hi, I’m Brett Owens.

Few folks know it, but there’s a simple, underappreciated way that a company’s dividend payout can tell you exactly when the share price is about to rocket higher.

And not just a little higher, either.

In one case, this indicator flashed green and the company’s share price ran up an incredible 130% in five years, generating a tight 148% total return!

In another, this signal marked a 92% total return in less than four years.

When you see what this strategy is, I guarantee you’ll be nodding along, wondering how you didn’t consider it earlier. (I’ll show you exactly how we’ll work together to put ourselves in position for surging dividends and price gains a little further on.)

What I’m about to reveal is especially important now, with interest rates topping out and set to move lower. Because as Jay Powell takes his foot off the gas (even if stubborn inflation lets him do so only gradually), stocks are primed to take off.

That means we’ve got a perfect—but time limited—opportunity to wring maximum gains out of this strategy.

Heck, to be honest, it’ll give you a big edge in any market. But add in a rate-driven price gain, and you’re looking at a shot at truly exceptional gains indeed!

And right now we’re aiming straight at 5 overlooked dividend stocks poised to DOUBLE in 5 years or less, while their dividend payouts TRIPLE.

Read on and I’ll show you exactly how.

Enter the “Dividend Magnet”

My Dividend Magnet strategy consists of 3 “pillars.”

If a stock shows all three of these telltale signs, it’s time to BUY … then ride along as the company’s dividend grows and its share price screams higher.

And today I’m going to show you, step by step, exactly how the Dividend Magnet delivered that stout 148% return I mentioned a second ago.

Then we’ll discuss those 5 stocks my research indicates are set to soar far ahead of the market in the coming years.

Personally, I think triple-digit gains are squarely on the table with these 5 hidden gems.

But conservative sort that I am, I’m forecasting steady 15%+ annualized returns for the long haul.

That’s enough to double our investment every five years and triple our income stream, too. We’ll happily take that deal! Especially with the low volatility these 5 stocks offer.

Before we go further, though, I should take a moment to tell you a bit more about myself.

Today I’m writing to you from sunny Sacramento, where I’ve lived with my wife and kids since my early days as the founder of a number of tech startups.

But my real passion is dividend investing. You may have seen me on CNBC, Yahoo Finance or NASDAQ, where I’ve been called on to share my methodology for collecting consistent, predictable and reliable retirement income.

My readers and I don’t go anywhere near profitless techs, penny stocks or other gambles you can’t tell your spouse about.

Safety is my No. 1 priority. Always has been. Always will be.

You see, I take a strategically contrarian approach to the markets.

And for the past several years, I’ve helped thousands of readers fund their retirement thanks to what I call “Hidden Yield stocks.”

That includes some of the very worst months of the pandemic and the 2022 dumpster fire.

For example, in late 2021, ALL the signals I use to take the market’s pulse started flashing red.

Every single one.

So I began urging premium members to close out their positions—some of which we’d held for more than five years—and rotate into cash.

Look at some of the total returns we booked as we did:

TD Synnex (SNX): Sold in October 2021 for an 83% Return

Concentrix (CNXC): Sold in December 2021 for a 111.8% Return

Popular (BPOP): Sold in April 2022 for a 61.3% Return

Of course we both know investing in the stock market does come with some risk, so while we’d like every stock to go up, some recommendations do decline from time to time.

But seeing the writing on the wall allowed us to book a “low-drama” 48% average return on these sales!

To be sure, it’s gratifying to have seen this mess coming … and to have protected my readers’ hard-earned wealth throughout.

Our move to the sidelines left us sitting on a healthy cash pile.

Now, as we move into the middle of 2024, we’re deploying that cash using my Dividend Magnet system. And it’s not too late for you to join us.

Whatever your investing goal, my Dividend Magnet strategy, and the 5 dividend growers I’ll tell you about in a moment, MUST be at the heart of your investment plan.

As you might guess by this point, the humble dividend is the key to our Dividend Magnet approach—but not in the way most folks think.

How Dividends Drove a 51,087% Gain

Dividends really are the “Rodney Dangerfields” of the investing world—they get no respect!

But they should, because growing dividends are the key to thriving through any market.

And if you roll your dividends back into your portfolio, the power of compounding takes over and delivers the sort of growth that tech fanboys (and girls) can only dream of.

Here’s the proof, from our friends at Hartford Funds.

Hartford looked at the years between 1960 and 2023, which included everything: the inflation of the ’70s, economic crashes in 2001 and 2008 and, of course, the pandemic.

Here’s what they found: if you’d put $10,000 in the S&P 500 in 1960, you would have had $796,432 at the end of the period, based solely on price gains.

That’s not bad: a 7,864% increase.

It shows you why most folks only think about share prices when they invest. After all, with a gain like that, it’s tough to get excited about a dividend that dribbles a few cents your way every quarter.

But here’s the thing: when you reinvest your dividends, the magic of compounding kicks in. The difference is shocking: your $10,000 would have grown to $5,118,735, or more than $4.3 million more than you’d have booked on price gains alone!

That’s a 51,087% profit.

It’s a crystal clear example of how critical dividends are. And you can grab stronger profits if you buy stocks whose dividends aren’t just growing but accelerating.

Which is exactly what we’re going to do in the first step of my 3-part Dividend Magnet strategy …

Step 1: Buy an “Accelerating Dividend”

(for Growth, Income and High Yields)

Thanks to Jay Powell and the Fed, we have a terrific opportunity to buy accelerating dividends cheap right now.

To see what I mean, think back to late 2018. Then, like now, rapid economic growth kept the Fed busy raising rates and shrinking its balance sheet.

And the market threw a fit as Powell & Co. mopped up excess liquidity in the system.

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) proceeded to plunge:

The Fed Sent Stocks Lower in ’18 …

Sound familiar? That’s because in 2022 we lived through the VERY same setup. The result was the same for America’s ticker:

… And in ’22

The 2018 plunge turned out to be a terrific opportunity for members of my Hidden Yields dividend-growth service.

I see history repeating now, even though we’re more than a year out from the 2022 mess.

That’s because even though Jay Powell is talking tough, he’s quietly providing ample liquidity to the financial markets in the background. He simply won’t allow another banking crisis. He looked into that particular abyss in March 2023—and blinked.

Jay says he’s tightening the balance sheet, but he’s really not. Just look at what he’s done. Crypto, AI stocks, the tech-heavy NASDAQ and even the S&P 500 are through the roof!

The stock-market tape doesn’t lie. And this brings me back to November 2018, a similar time as now, with Jay talking tough but about to “roll over” on his hawkish stance.

That month, we picked up cell-tower landlord American Tower (AMT), a REIT whose “tenants” include AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ).

We liked AMT because it’s a classic “tollbooth” play.

The company charges its clients for using its tower network, then hands that cash to investors as a steadily rising dividend. Buying AMT is a much better move than trying to pick winners among the big telcos.

You can see that in AMT’s performance during our holding period: it crushed Verizon, America’s biggest telecom provider. (Verizon’s market leadership was no help to its shareholders in this period—they actually lost money, even with the company’s storied dividend included):

Even better, unlike pretty well any other stock, AMT raises its payout every single quarter!

That rising payout acted like a “Dividend Magnet,” pulling up the share price in lockstep. AMT kept the hikes rolling through the pandemic, “magnetizing” the shares and sending that 57% total return our way when we sold in March 2022:

AMT Rides Its Dividend Through the COVID Disaster

65% dividend hikes and 57% total return!

That’s the “Dividend Magnet” in action—I’ve seen it work its magic on share prices time and time again. Like with our next stock, a chipmaker founded way back in 1930.

TXN’s “Accelerating” Dividend Powered

Us to a 148% Return

Texas Instruments (TXN) isn’t the stodgy calculator peddler it was 30 years ago. Today its analog chips power everything from appliances to industrial sensors.

It’s a free-cash-flow machine, and management doles out that cash to investors on the regular. Those payouts, in turn, have powered the stock’s Dividend Magnet.

TXN’s dividend soared 120% over the 5 years we held it starting in early June 2017, helping us bag that 148% total return I mentioned earlier.

It was all thanks to the Dividend Magnet, which you can see pulling up TXN’s share price:

TXN’s Dividend Magnet Fires Up

130% dividend hikes. 120% price gains!

Add those payouts and gains together and you get that stellar 148% total return.

The two “dividends up, share price up” patterns we just saw were no coincidence.

Look at the return of insurer Assurant (AIZ), which I recommended to premium readers from September 2015 until December 2019.

The stock nearly doubled in that time, delivering a 92% total return. You can see how the rising dividend threw a floor under the share price and paced it higher, hike by hike:

Assurant’s Dividend Secures Its Share Price—Then Sends It Soaring

Do all of our calls work out like this? Of course not. I wouldn’t insult your intelligence and say they do. Investing in the stock market involves some risk, even with top-quality large-cap names like these, and you can lose money.

But I think you can see where I’m going here: we buy accelerating dividends, ride them higher and collect bigger payouts and price gains over time. This gives us a huge built-in advantage over investors who rely on traditional measures like earnings per share (EPS) growth, P/E ratios or whatever.

One final note: See how AIZ’s stock got way ahead of the dividend on the right side of the chart above? That was our sell signal, and it paid off: since then, AIZ’s share price has trailed far behind the S&P 500.

Now that we’ve seen how the Dividend Magnet can tell us to buy (and sell), let’s boost our payout-powered gains with a (wrongfully!) disrespected share-price driver: share buybacks.

Step 2: Toss in a Buyback “Afterburner”

Buybacks get a bad rap but they shouldn’t, because when done right (i.e., when a stock is cheap), they can light a fire under share prices.

They work by cutting the number of shares outstanding, which boosts EPS and, in turn, share prices. They also boost our dividends because they reduce the number of shares on which a company has to pay out.

And when you combine a solid buyback program with an accelerating dividend, you get something very special indeed!

To see what I mean, let’s loop back to Texas Instruments. The company backstopped its Dividend Magnet with a steady buyback program during our holding period.

That took nearly 7% of its shares off the market:

TXN’s Buybacks Give Its Stock an Extra Kick

As you can see, the company’s Dividend Magnet is humming along beautifully, pulling the share price up as it goes.

Meantime, the buybacks kicked in an extra boost, pushing the shares ahead of TXN’s dividend growth!

Step 3: Use This Powerful Indicator for

Extra Dividend (and Share Price) Safety

Finally, we’re going to safeguard our gains and dividends by purchasing stocks with low beta ratings.

Beta what?

Don’t get too hung up on the jargon here.

Beta is a measure of volatility that you’ve probably seen on your favorite stock screener. A stock with a beta of 1 moves at roughly the same speed as the market (up or down). Betas below 1 are less volatile; those above 1 are more volatile.

For example, consider food maker Mondelez International (MDLZ), whose sturdy business results in a steady stock price.

MDLZ has a 5-year beta of 0.56, which means it’s 44% less volatile than the S&P 500.

In other words, on days when the S&P 500 is down 3%, this stock should be down less than 2%.

That’s the theory.

In reality, it’s even better.

Mondelez is one of a tiny group of equities that actually gained through the 2022 mess:

MDLZ Gains When the Market Flops

Plus, this stock has a potent Dividend Magnet!

In the last six years, during which we’ve seen rate hikes, rate cuts, a global pandemic and surging inflation, Mondelez has sent its payout (orange line below) up a fit 93%, driving a 63% gain in the share price.

MDLZ’s Dividend Magnet Drives Steady GAINS

Despite COVID, Inflation and an Aggressive Fed

Though we’re not recommending it today, the gap between the price and dividend growth on the right side of that chart shows that MDLZ is currently undervalued.

Include its buyback program, which took 9% of its shares off the market in that time, and you can clearly see the gains a rising dividend and steady buyback program can generate: including dividends, MDLZ nearly doubled, with a total return of 93%.

Those two benefits already give this one plenty of downside protection, before we even talk about its low beta rating, which makes it a true “recession-proof” dividend.

But enough with the past.

We contrarians are interested in the next Texas Instruments, Assurants and Mondelez Internationals.

So let’s get right into them with…

My Top 5 Dividend Magnet Stocks

to Buy Now

As I said earlier, my Dividend Magnet strategy has uncovered 5 stocks that will pay healthy—and growing—dividends for years to come.

And they boast stock prices primed for major increases in the coming years, pushed by their dividends and buybacks.

Here’s a quick peek.

Hidden Yield Stock #1

The House’s Landlord Yields 6.7%

Since our first pick was spun off from its parent company in 2013, it has delivered an impressive 193% total return, mostly in dividends.

As a REIT, this casino operator enjoys a privileged payout status. Uncle Sam gives it a hall pass on corporate taxes so long as it pays out 90% of its profits as dividends. That means higher payouts for us, which we can see in Pick No. 1’s sky-high 6.7% current yield.

There’s more, too, because this firm signs up its tenants to “triple-net” leases, which assign basically all the upkeep to them. It’s a good thing, too. Can you imagine what this electricity bill looks like?

This one has been a sure and steady dividend hiker, too. Its initial quarterly payout has increased 46%.

Lower rates, even if they arrive only gradually, will make room in consumers’ budgets for things like gaming.

And if we get a recession? No problem. This company has minimal exposure to Las Vegas, with its 62 properties spread across 19 states. When a recession hits, people cancel their Vegas trips but they still gamble at their local casino.

And a recession, if it comes, will likely be short-lived. The demographic crunch we’re facing means unemployment will stay low. Tricky for the Fed, but great for people who work—and gamble their wages. Great for investors in this high-yielding dividend-grower, too!

Hidden Yield Stock #2

Death, Taxes and…

Death, taxes and the cyclical nature of natural gas are the only three rules of life. Natural gas is low today but it always bounces back. The cure for low prices is low prices.

And that means Stock #2 is set to soar.

The reason for this is simply supply and demand. When natural gas prices are low, producers stop producing. Which means less supply.

Natural gas companies can cut (“shut in”) production quickly. They do it out of self-preservation—to save money so that they can live to see another “up cycle” in prices.

Of course they all cut at once! Which crimps supply. Which ensures rising prices that eventually test the ceiling, because it takes years to bring back higher supply. These firms cut quickly and ramp slowly.

When natural gas is low and due to rally, Stock #2 is my “go to” stock.

Even with natural gas trading below $2.00 and set to move higher, it’s sitting on nearly 4,000 drilling locations on proven reserves, literally decades of inventory!

And it trades for a cheap six-times free cash flow (FCF) as I write.

But this dirt-cheap opportunity is about to get even better because FCF is set to soar. Over the next five years, the company will generate about $14 billion in free cash!

This is notable because Stock #2 trades for a market cap around $16 billion today. Which means we can buy it here and get mostly paid back by the end of 2028.

We could easily double our money because its stock price is due to climb. For months and even a few years, tickers can meander independently of their dividends. But eventually, they follow their payouts higher like a puppy dog:

This Dividend Magnet is Due

Let’s listen to this cash cow, which is imploring us to buy it—before Wall Street catches on.

Hidden Yield Stock #3

628% Dividend Growth in a Decade

Our next stock is another pure play on higher energy prices. It has the largest drill-permit portfolio in the entire industry.

The producer owns thousands of federal onshore-drilling permits. More than any other company. It’s also the number-one permit holder in the flush Permian Basin, which is known for its high-quality oil reserves and favorable fracking landscape.

Stock #3 has been good at pulling oil and dishing dividends to shareholders for the last ten years, which encompass a bear and bull cycle.

The first six years, from 2014 to 2020, was a brutal bear market in oil.

Crude dropped from above $100 in 2014 to below zero in 2020. (If we weren’t there to see it, we wouldn’t believe it.) Yet, during this tough environment, the company kept on paying and raising its dividend:

The oil market began to flip from brutal to favorable in late 2020. Uncle Sam sent out a bunch of economic stimulus (“stimmy”) checks to juice the economy. Americans started traveling—and burning oil—again. Good times were back, baby.

They went from good to great for shareholders. Check out those post-2020 dividends! The big bars that you see, by the way, are special payouts, possible thanks to the massive permit portfolio and high prices. The company returns roughly 70% of its cash flow to investors via regular and special dividends every year.

The “long view” of the payout is equally impressive. Its payout has marched steadily higher since inception, including an outsized 628% in increases in the last decade alone.

Since 2014, the oil price required by this company to achieve 10% return on capital (ROC) has dropped from $86 per barrel to just $42:

Oil Price Needs for 10% ROC

Stock #3 can handle oil all the way down to the $40s, which isn’t going to happen because other producers will take supply offline to save themselves.

Meanwhile, it is clear to keep on pumping and paying investors.

Buying now sets us up to enjoy price gains as oil bounces off its lows.

Plus we have more dividend growth and possible special payouts ahead, too.

Here Are My Specific Instructions on How to Buy These 3 Stocks (Plus 2 More) for Rising Income and 100%+ Profit Potential …

At this point, I’ve given you the highlights on 3 of my favorite “hidden yield” stocks. But you still need the names … the ticker symbols … and my specific instructions on how much to pay for these investments, when to consider taking profits and other important details.

That’s why my team and I prepared an in-depth report on all five of these must-own companies.

It’s called “Hidden Yields – 5 Recession-Proof Dividend Stocks With 100% Upside.”

After sifting through thousands of stocks from across the globe, we narrowed our buy list down to these five particular income gushers … and in our report, we give you detailed profiles on each of them … along with ticker symbols and my buy-up-to prices.

In short, you’ll understand the rationale behind each recommendation and you’ll know exactly how to profit the most from each of them.

This report has a cover price of $99, and I actually think it’s worth far more than that … especially since any one of the five stocks I profile could potentially hand you many times that amount with your very first dividend check!

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All that I ask is that you accept a risk-free, no-obligation trial of Hidden Yields today, and I’ll send you a free copy of this new report, plus several other bonus research reports I’ll tell you about in just a moment.

The Best Way to Put My Dividend Magnet

to Work on Your Portfolio

Even though my 3-step Dividend Magnet strategy sounds simple, it actually takes a lot of work to execute. You’ll need expensive charting tools to track dividend movements and stock prices, not to mention the number of shares outstanding.

Those features just aren’t available on free screeners like Yahoo! and Google Finance.

And while you can find beta ratings on some of the free screeners, these tend to be all over the place for a specific stock, depending on the service you use.

My professional charting tools, however, provide this data consistently and in real time, minute by minute.

And even if these powerful tools were freely available, you’d still have to spend hours finding potential Dividend Magnet winners, then carefully slimming down your list to get to the best of the best.

That’s why you’re far better off letting me do the legwork for you; at the very least it’ll give you a big head start in narrowing down the accelerating dividends that are best for your portfolio.

All you need to do is give Hidden Yields a try through the no-risk 60-day trial I’m offering you today, with zero risk and zero obligation.

More on how this exclusive deal works in a moment. First, let me tell you a little bit more about Hidden Yields.

Grow Your Portfolio and Dividend

Income With My Favorite Hidden Yielders

If you’re still on the sidelines waiting for the volatility to settle back down …

If you’re worried about Jay Powell and the Fed sending us all into a recession …

If you’re sick and tired of highly speculative stocks and swing-for-the-fences strategies …

If you’ve had enough of smiling swindlers promising you 5,000%+ overnight returns …

If you couldn’t care less about the latest cryptocurrency, penny stock or (Heaven forbid) meme stock …

I get it.

We’re in uncharted waters, and the last few years of market chaos have already capsized many retirement portfolios.

But if you’re still looking for stocks with consistent upside …

Without making any higher-risk investments …

Without worrying about another financial crash …

Without the “can’t-get-to-sleep” worries …

Without investing in something you don’t understand …

Then Hidden Yields might be right for you.

Can I guarantee my stock recommendations will always be right?

Of course not! I’d never suggest that.

Nobody has a magic 8-ball, and no investor is correct 100% of the time. Investing in the stock market always carries some degree of risk and you can lose money.

But Hidden Yields members have booked plenty of big profits in the market meltdown, like …

TD Synnex (SNX): Sold in October 2021 for an 83% Return

Concentrix (CNXC): Sold in December 2021 for a 111.8% Return

Popular (BPOP): Sold in April 2022 for a 61.3% Return

Overall, we booked 48% average returns on these sales as we pivoted to cash while “buy-and-hold” investors rode their portfolios to a sickening 20%+ loss.

Now we’re deploying our cash hoard, and as a member of Hidden Yields, you’ll ride along as we continue to snap up cheap dividend after cheap dividend, methodically securing the recession-resistant stocks I believe are set to charge higher year after year.

Remember, this isn’t about collecting paltry quarterly payouts from the stocks every other investor is buying.

It’s about finding the little-known Dividend Magnet stocks everyone else is overlooking.

And I’m working tirelessly to find these winners for nearly 5,000 premium members already.

Just take a look at what some of them are saying …

Of course, not everyone follows my recommendations at the exact same time or in the same way. Each member’s personal financial situation is different and your experience may also be different.

So today I want to invite you to join these happy investors—without risking a single cent.

Here’s How It Works

Every month you’ll receive my latest Hidden Yields report.

Inside this monthly report, I’ll brief you on the wider markets. I’ll give you my analysis of what’s happening and what I expect. I’ll also update you on our current Hidden Yields portfolio. And most importantly, when the timing is right, I aim to give you at least one new Hidden Yields recommendation.

This will be an investment I’ve been carefully monitoring.

And if I’m bringing it to you, rest assured it has passed my stringent analysis with flying colors.

I’ll give you my full analysis and rationale into why I believe it will return 15% per year, along with my exact “Buy Up To” price.

As I said, I’m exclusively looking for companies that …

  1. Pay REGULAR INCOME through generous dividend payouts.
  2. Promise to INCREASE THEIR DIVIDENDS year after year after year—ideally in an accelerating fashion.
  3. Boost our return with smartly timed buybacks (i.e., ONLY when their shares are cheap).
  4. Are RECESSION-RESISTANT and will provide predictable growth—bull or bear. That includes “low beta” plays like Mondelez International, which we discussed earlier.

Now, as you can imagine, finding these Hidden Yields companies, analyzing their books, studying their historical performance and predicting their future growth takes a LOT of intense work.

However, as a Hidden Yields member, you can sit back and relax as I do all the heavy lifting for you.

But this monthly report is just ONE part of what’s waiting for you inside Hidden Yields.

You’ll also get instant access to …

This private, password-protected website is the “home” of Hidden Yields.

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It’s all laid out in an easy-to-navigate members’ portal you can access from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Now, along with each new issue of Hidden Yields, I’m also going to give you ALL the back issues, too.

This rich library stretches back to September 2015 and has a real-world paper-and-ink value of several hundred dollars.

However, you’re getting them all free when you join Hidden Yields today.

The Hidden Yields Portfolio

As a new member of Hidden Yields, you’ll get ALL my top investment recommendations.

Any time I uncover a company that looks set to deliver safe, secure yearly returns of 15%+, you’ll be among the first to know about it.

As I said, I aim to find one of these companies every month, so over time, you’ll have the opportunity to build an incredibly resilient, recession-resistant portfolio of income producers.

You’ll get a detailed analysis of the investment, including why I think it’s a great opportunity and what price to buy up to.

Plus I’ll always keep you updated on the stock, advising you when to buy more, sell or hold.

The Hidden Yields Market Watch

In addition to your monthly report, I’ll keep you updated on the pulse of the markets with my weekly email update.

Every Wednesday I’ll send you a detailed update on what’s going on in the markets, major stories you need to know about, buy or sell recommendations you might want to consider, updates on the companies I’m looking at and more.

Plus, if you’ve got any questions, you can simply hit “reply” and my team will pass your message on to me. Now, please note that I can’t give out personal investing advice, but I’m more than happy to answer any general questions you may have.

All This and More Is Waiting for

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Free Bonus #1

Behind the 8-Ball:

8 Popular Dividends Set for a Cut

Today I talked about the importance of investing in companies that are consistently hiking their dividend payouts (Step 1 in our Dividend Magnet strategy).

However, there’s a flipside to this, too …

For every company that is increasing its payouts, there’s usually another that is slashing dividend payments.

Many companies with great track records of dividend payouts often have to cut their dividends due to rough economic times, poor business decisions or a multitude of other factors.

Any investor holding these stocks when the “surprise” cut is announced could suffer losses of 20% to 50%. You see, as we discussed earlier, the Dividend Magnet doesn’t just pull stock prices higher, it can also drag stock prices down.

This is why it’s crucially important to study the financial health of each company you invest in. You want to ensure their free cash flow is strong, revenues are growing and payout ratios are healthy.

Of course, this takes a lot of time and effort – time I’m sure you’d rather spend traveling, perhaps, or maybe on your favorite hobby. Which is why I’ve done the hard work for you …

Inside your free report—Behind the 8 Ball—you’ll discover 8 popular dividend payers set for a cut. By using an analysis model built on 7 fundamental factors, my research shows these 8 mainstream companies are set to slash dividend payouts.

If you’re holding any of these well-known companies—now is the time to get out.

Inside this free report, I give you their names, as well as my take on why I believe they’re set to slash dividend payments soon.

Free Bonus #2

Shareholder Yield:

How to Identify Double-Digit

Returns From Buybacks

In Step 2 of my Dividend Magnet strategy, you learned that share buybacks are one of the fastest ways to accelerate the growth of your investment. Again, however, there’s a flipside to this strategy.

You see, many companies make the mistake of spending more on buybacks than they have in free cash flow. Worse still, many buy back their stock without making sure it’s a good value first. This absolutely destroys shareholder value and can send a stock into freefall.

Inside this free report—Shareholder Yield—you’ll learn how to make sure the companies you invest in are buying back shares the right way—not simply burning up cash that would be better used as dividends or to develop revolutionary new products.

Free Bonus #3

3 Great Retirement Investments and

2 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid

In this short report, I reveal the single biggest risk you face in your retirement.

But don’t worry, because I also show you how to clobber that risk and set yourself up for $50,000 in dividend cash in every year of your retirement.

How? Well, the answer lies in three investments I believe every retiree should consider … and the “ticking time bombs” you must avoid if you want to protect your income, security and peace of mind.

Free Bonus #4

Second-Level Investing: Your Guide

to the Contrarian Money Machine

Today you’ve discovered how contrarians like me are able to find the little-known stocks other investors overlook.

You’ve discovered why I believe my Dividend Magnet stocks could return 15% per year—without worrying about major market swings or making wild and risky bets.

However, I’ve only just scratched the surface …

You see, most people believe contrarians simply bet against the mainstream, but this isn’t true. Being a contrarian involves a deep understanding of “second level” thought. And in this free report, I want to walk you through the concept of “Second Level Investing.”

Once you know this approach to the markets, you’ll start spotting highly lucrative “sure thing” investments everywhere you look.

Plus, when you combine the step-by-step instructions inside this report with Hidden Yields—and all your other free bonuses—you’ll have a much deeper understanding and greater confidence in the stocks I recommend.

All these bonuses and more can be yours.

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  • Free Bonus #3: 3 Great Retirement Investments and 2 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid
  • Free Bonus #4: Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine

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