The Contrarian Income Report
Most financial advisors are quick to encourage retired (and near-retired) clients to invest in a handful of well-known dividend payers for 2% or 3% income, and then withdraw 4% of capital each year to supplement living expenses.
It’s a cookie cutter approach might be fine for some, but there’s no reason you should settle for mediocre returns and a dwindling nest egg. There are plenty of bigger, safer yields out there; you simply need to know where to look.
Brett Owens’ Contrarian Income Report takes a “No Withdrawal” approach to income investing delivering safe, under-the-radar dividends of 7%, 8%, even 9% or more!
For example, two of his favorite funds right now pay 7.1% and 7.4% respectively. They’re excellent bargains and sell at huge discounts to net asset value (NAV).
Investors irrationally sold any and all funds of this type down to silly bargain prices in recent months, thanks to overblown Fed rate hike worries. Some deservedly so, but these two high quality plays – with excellent management teams and track records – were swept away by the hysteria.
Low prices mean higher yields, along with great upside as these funds gradually close their discount windows. And these 7% and 7.5% yields net us 27% more income than their ETF counterparts.
Why rely on stock price appreciation in an inflated market when there are secure, high paying dividends you can simply live off of and keep your capital intact?
Most investors know this is the right approach to retirement. Problem is, they don’t know how to find 8% and 9% yields to fund their lives.
The Contrarian Income Report is laser-focused on stable, high-income opportunities so you never have to worry about outliving your principal. Click here to learn more about the no withdrawal approach, as well as the names, tickers and buy prices of Brett’s two favorite funds for 7%, 8% and even 9% yields.

Hidden Yields
There’s a crushing truth on Wall Street that most self-directed investors have yet to accept: the party’s over.
Declining profits, shifting demographics and slow global growth have turned the 7.9% average annual yields of the last 30 years into a fading memory.
According to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute, most investors will need to “lower their expectations” and prepare for returns as low as 4% over the next 20 years.
Fortunately, with Hidden Yields you don’t need to settle for mediocre returns. Chief Strategist Brett Owens will show you how to uncover double-digit dividends and triple-digit gains, in spite of the grinding slowdown ahead.

Options Income Alert
Options Income Alert is a conservative options trading service for serious investors looking to generate annualized income of 25% or more. Brett Owens’ weekly recommendations – with easy to follow instructions – will hand you instant cash payouts of $1,300 or more every single month.
Enrollment in Options Income Alert is limited and we are unable to accept new membership applications at this time. If you’d like to get your name on the wait list, please email us at

CEF Insider
Michael Foster’s CEF Insider reveals how you can safely (and easily) secure 7.6%+ yields and 20% gains from closed-end funds.
An avid (and very successful) CEF investor for many years now, Michael delivers regular monthly commentary on funds to buy/avoid, an active portfolio of his very best buys, as well as a proprietary rating system that scores every CEF worth your consideration.
CEF Insider is strictly limited to 300 members and only a few seats are still available. Click here to reserve your spot and start profiting today.