Contrarian Income Report
The suits at Merrill Lynch say you need at least $738,400 to retire well.
But they’re dead wrong. You’ll actually need a lot less than that.
In fact, I’ve got a simple way that could let you bankroll your retirement on 32% less.
That’s right: I’m talking about a fully paid for retirement for around $500,000.
Got more? Great. This plan could let you retire very comfortably on $1 million, $2 million or even more!
Contrarian Income Report delivers an “8% Monthly Payer Portfolio” that lets you live on dividends alone, without selling a single share to generate extra cash.
These high yielders are a must if you want to set yourself up for price upside and safeguard your retirement when a market storm hits.

Hidden Yields
Imagine growing your portfolio by 15% (or more) every single year… doubling every few years… while creating bigger and bigger potential income streams along the way.
In his Hidden Yields monthly research service, Brett Owens follows his time-tested strategy for tapping into overlooked dividend plays that can make your portfolio more resistant to recessions and other market panics and pack on consistent gains for years to come.

CEF Insider
CEFs are, hands down, the most overlooked income plays on the market today . With their outsized dividends (many CEFs yield 8%+, and more than half of them pay monthly, too), they give you the reliable income you need, often paid out right in line with your bills.
And that’s only half of the profit story here: CEFs, which trade on the open market like any stock, also offer stock-like upside to go along with their big, often monthly payouts.
Our “CEF professor,” Michael Foster, gives readers his latest research on CEFs every month in CEF Insider. The recommendations he serves up are handpicked with the goal of delivering safe 8%+ yields and 20%+ total returns in 12 months or less!
And that’s just the start.
CEF Insider members also get access to the password-protected CEF Insider website, home to the service’s full portfolio and Michael’s proprietary CEF Screener, which sifts through every CEF that matters and clearly separates the screaming buys from the pretenders. You also get the CEF Index Tracker, a unique tool that lets you quickly and easily spot overvalued CEFs … and bargains that could be primed to soar.
You’ll also get a full library of special reports on everything from CEF basics to 4 of Michael’s top picks now (average yield: 10.2%), plus his “watch list” of the 20+ CEFs he keeps under close scrutiny. Each of these stealth funds trades at a ridiculous discount and throws off a gigantic yield that puts your average S&P 500 stock to shame!
But a word of warning: CEF Insider enrollment is capped at 2,000 members, and only a few of those seats remain. Don’t wait! CLICK HERE to reserve your spot and start profiting today.

Dividend Swing Trader
Brett Owens’ #1 investment system for banking 20% returns (and sky high payouts) from safe dividend stocks year after year…
You won’t need to buy or sell options, gamble on risky sectors or spend countless hours learning some advanced trading technique.
It’s just a simple way to maximize your returns by “swinging” from dividend to dividend.

Income Calendar
Income Calendar is our brand new dividend forecasting tool for 2023!
Built by Contrarian Outlook’s own in-house software development team, this one-of-a-kind app helps project your dividend income by month.
With just a few clicks you can easily sync up holdings from any of your Contrarian Outlook premium subscriptions, add in other tickers you may have in your portfolio, and adjust share counts for a fully customized income projection.
It is a dream for almost any dividend investor!